tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Way Out Ch. 05

No Way Out Ch. 05


Thanks to all who took the time to comment and vote on the last chapter. I even had a couple of volunteers to edit this chapter. Hopefully the next few chapters are released in a timely manner. Please be aware this story contains acts against women that should never happen. This is only a fantasy and in no way do I condone this type of conduct. If this is not your preference please move on.


Tom watched as Kimmy jumped out of the car and ran to her door. When she rushed in and dropped to the floor he hit the send button. Seconds later her computer dinged. He watched in fascination when Kimmy didn't stand up but crawled naked to her computer. He smiled as he knew that she was accepting that she was now owned. When she open her mail and she gasped he knew they got her punishment right.

Kim stared at the message. She barely got through the day today and tomorrow was going to be even worse. Kim never felt so alone. 'Why haven't my friends called? I feel so alone. I don't know what to do but do as I'm told.' Kim sat on the floor and read the message again.


You've failed again. You didn't complete your task. You were not allowed to button your blouse and skirt once they were opened. You also broke rule 3. You are not allowed to piss without permission. You obviously need training and discipline to follow all rules regardless of anything else. You will learn. Because you failed twice today, I have decided to not use your punishment list but something that fits the failure.

Here are your punishments:

  1. Seeing as you can't wear your clothes as directed, you will throw out all your bras. You are no longer allowed to wear a bra.

  2. Because you can't hold your water and do not ask permission, you lose toilet privileges. You will do your business in the back yard. Each morning you will crawl out your back door and to the back fence. You will dig a hole in the garden, do your business then bury it. If you need to pee, you go out to the middle of the yard and piss there. If you splash yourself or need to clean up, use the garden hose. If you are allowed to go while away from home, you will not sit on the seat but squat above it. This will continue until you've proved you can control your body and learn to ask for permission for anything.

  3. You will only play with you cunt for 10 minutes on the hour from the time you leave school till midnight each night and from 6 am till you leave for school. You will need your sleep to do your tasks.

Your task tomorrow will arrive at 6 am. DO NOT BE LATE!

Your Owner

Kim couldn't believe what she'd read. 'Going to the bathroom outside, god any of the neighbors can see me, and not wearing a bra everyone will know. Most of the new blouses are semi-shear to almost transparent. At least I don't have to masturbate all night though.' Kim sat for a minute when her phone alarm went off. It was time to masturbate. Kim had forgotten about that. She rushed up the stairs and grabbed her vibrator. For the next 10 minutes she furiously fucked her cunt. Her body was out of control. Everything that happened today, although humiliating, excited her terribly. Now all she could think of was shoving the vibrator deeper and deeper into her core. Her body over ruling her brain; her body needed relief. If her mind doesn't stop her hands, she would be punished even more.

It took Kim almost 20 minutes to get control over her body once again. But now she was even more aroused and desperately needed an orgasm. As soon as she managed to gain control over her arms and legs, Kim crawled to the kitchen. She needed to eat something. It felt like forever since she ate last. She was kneeling in front of the open refrigerator when she realized she was still on her knees. She blushed because no one told her to crawl, she could just as easily been walking. Kim slowly stood and touched her collar, she looked around as if she expected her owner to send a message to keep crawling like a slave should. When her computer didn't ding, she grabbed some leftover meatloaf and fixed herself a sandwich. By the time she finished eating, her phone went off again and Kim grabbed her vibrator and started the process again.

Kim groaned as she finished masturbating for the fifth time tonight. Her mind was a jumbled mess. The only thing going through her mind was how to please her owner and pray he would let her have an orgasm: the same orgasm that was lurking just beneath the surface for what seemed days. She lay in bed trying to calm down her body before she had to do it again. She finally drifted off into a restless sleep with erotic dreams filling her head.

If was now 5 am, and Kim was lying in bed with her body still aroused. Her cunt was leaking down her ass and soaking her sheets. She hadn't slept well as her dreams were filled with all the humiliating things she had been forced to do. Kim finally gave up trying to sleep and walked to the bathroom. She stared at the toilet, wishing she could sit down and take a relaxing shit. Instead she rinsed her mouth and washed her face, hoping it would revive her. She turned and walked downstairs and towards the back door.

Kim opened the door and stuck her head out. Her leash was dangling between her tits. She was looking all around for any signs of life. Both homes on either side were dark and it appeared that everyone was still asleep. Kim stepped out on the stoop and dropped to her knees. She carefully crawled out into the yard till she was in clear view for any of her neighbors. Crawling was difficult as the leash hanging from her collar kept getting in the way. Kim's heart was racing and it sent blood directly to her clit that was pulsing with every beat, driving her arousal higher and higher. By the time she reached the garden by the fence, she wasn't sure if she could go without orgasming.

Kim paused by the fence before she started to dig her hole. She looked closely all around her before she started. It took a little longer than she expected. The ground was pretty hard and mud was caked under her nails so she grabbed a stick to help her dig. 'I need to bring a shovel out here next time. This takes too long.' Finally she had a hole big enough and squatted over it. Up till now, Kim's mind was occupied with just getting to this point without being seen. Now the humiliation hit her full force. She felt like an animal, less than human, crawling naked outside wearing a slave collar and shitting in a hole. Kim's entire body shook and her mind went into shock. It spite of her mind's difficulty handling the situation, her body was exploding with sensations. Just her being naked and defecating outside, the possibility of being caught, and knowing that her owner could and probably will be making her do even more depraved acts, pushed her arousal to heights she'd never experienced before. As Kim's bowels released, her body pulsed as she struggled to keep from orgasming. Kim's foggy mind was now only concentrating on her task, but deep in the recesses of her brain something clicked and her fear of being caught dissipated and pleasure flowed out from her mind. Kim never felt more alive and the feeling was washing over her like a wave. It touched her every cell and with it bringing a calm state of being. Kim was accepting her station; to survive, she only had to obey.

Kim finished her business and buried her waste. No longer worried what her neighbors thought, she crawled to the garden hose and rinsed her legs and hands off. Her body tingling with accomplishment, she crawled to the back door and into her house. Once inside she stood and walked to her office to wait for today's task.

When six o'clock arrived, her cell alarm dinged and Kim automatically started to masturbate. She no longer had to run to her room to get a vibrator; she had placed several around the house so one was always in reach. About five minutes later Kim was oblivious to the world when her computer dinged. Without stopping her task and not wanting to, she opened her mail.

Slut Kimmy,

You did well this morning slave. You followed your directions perfectly. So to show you I am a good owner, I will give you a reward. You only have to drive to school naked. You may now dress for your trip home. I wouldn't want you to get busted for indecent exposure.

Your task for today is as follows:

You will dress as normal, no panties and no bra. You will insert your anal plug and also a wireless egg in your sloppy cunt. When you get to school, you will leave the control in locker 521 just down from your room. It has a broken lock so opening it will be no problem. You will take your cell phone and take a picture of your cunt during class each odd numbered periods, and your tits on the even numbered periods. You will send me each picture and save them to your folder when you get home. Enjoy your day teacher slut.

Your Owner,

Kim read the message twice, making sure she understood exactly what she needed to do. Surprisingly she didn't feel apprehension at doing the task. Her mind was working on how she was going to do it and her body was already flushing with excitement. She smiled and walked up to take her shower, all the while envisioning exposing her body in class without getting caught.

It wasn't too long till Kim was ready to go to work. Today she decided to wear the pink collar and leash. Kim hadn't touched the black one since she bought it. That collar scared her as she was afraid if she ever put it on she would never be able to take it off. She had her clothes on hangers and her lunch packed. Her ass was plugged and the wireless egg was firmly embedded in her cunt. Kim's body was already on a hair trigger and her mind was craving the exposure. She opened the front door and strolled out to her car. She didn't look to see if anyone noticed her: her mind was thinking about the day ahead.

By the time she pulled into the parking lot, her seat was getting wet from her dripping pussy. 'Maybe I shouldn't sit on my skirt today. I'd probably soak it by third period.' Kim couldn't help laughing out loud.

Looking around finally, to see if any coworkers were around and seeing none, she actually stepped out of the car dressed, removed her collar and leash and put them in her purse. Finally she grabbed her things and walked into the door and down the hall.

The rest of the morning went fairly normally. First period she sat at her desk assigned an assignment and waited till everyone was hard at work. She slid her chair back, spread her legs and snapped an upskirt picture making sure she got some of the white board behind her. Just in case she turned slightly and took another getting the wall clock behind her. She had to suppress a smile and had a feeling of accomplishment when the picture was sent. 'One down and eight to go this is going to be a fun day.'

Second period Kim again assigned the same assignment but decided to walk to the back of the room. When she was behind her class, and watching them closely, she turned to the back wall and pretended to adjust something on the wall. With a final glance at the students again, she pulled up her top and snapped a pic. Quickly pulling it down and turning around to see if anyone noticed, she smiled. No one had moved. She glanced at the phone and gasped. It was perfect, it showed both her tits and half the class behind her. Just looking at it almost caused her to climax. She walked back to her desk and sent it to her owner.

Third period was a little different. It started just like the first two periods, but before she could say anything, the egg came to life. Kim jumped as soon as it started and gasped. The entire class jumped with her and the confused looks on their faces caused Kim to blush and her nipples to harden. Now her body was threatening to explode and she needed to function, at least enough to give them the assignment. But just as her body adjusted to the vibrations, it got worse, the vibrations intensified and now she wondered how long she would be able to keep from climaxing.

Kim stood in front of the class, not saying a word and her mind and body was concentrating on only one thing. Right before she surrendered and let the orgasm take over, the egg stopped. This time she moaned but realized that her entire class was staring at her in amazement.

Kim quickly gained control and laughed it off saying that she spaced out for a minute. Soon the class was working diligently, but now each student was sneaking peeks at their teacher. Kim knew that this picture was going to be much harder to take. The answer came to her quickly. She opened a book of riddles and began to write on the board. As soon as the last student finished the assignment Kim called attention to the board. "Everyone, look at what I just wrote on the board. If you can solve the riddle it's worth 10 extra points on your grade. There was general commotion as the students read the riddle and tried to work on the solution. Kim sat on her desk with her back to the class. She spread her legs and palmed her phone. Without moving any more that necessary, she snapped a pic and prayed for what it might show. Kim stood and faced the class. She glanced at the screen on her phone and moaned quietly. It was perfect. It had showed her entire pussy in high def. You could see the moisture and her swollen lips. But the best part of the picture; was that just above her leg was about a third of the class, and they appeared to be looking directly at her back. If this picture ever got out she would surely go straight to jail. Kim instead of being humiliated, felt pride and lust from her perverted act. She clicked send on her phone. She was now helping with her own submission.

As the class ended, Kim opened a couple of buttons on both her blouse and skirt. 'It will be much easier now,' she though, justifying her actions to herself.

Kimmy sat at her desk; it was now the seventh period. So far she had exposed herself in each of the previous periods. Each period she got a little more risky. At first she was scared and nervous, but when the egg started a couple of periods ago she lost all her inhibitions. She sat at her desk waiting for the students to settle down and do the work she just assigned. Her plan for this period was to take her skirt off and take a picture naked from the waist down. Kim's body was fully aroused and just the thought of being almost naked in class just might push her over edge.

Tom sat in his seat stealing glances at his slave teacher. He loved each pictures she had sent him so far and he wondered what she was going to do now. As the classroom fell silent and everyone was working away. Tom noticed that Kimmy's hand was now in her lap. He waited for a second before he turned on the egg. He started at three the highest he had it all day. When he heard a slight groan from in front of him, he slowly slid his hand into his pocket and turned up the intensity. It was now at a level 5. He again stole a glance at his slave and smiled as she was staring out into space with her mouth open and her tongue licking her lips. He noticed that her lower body seemed to be rocking back and forth. He wondered if she would be able to keep from climaxing and again breaking another rule.

Kim looked around the room making sure all the kids were engrossed in their work. As soon as she was satisfied no one was watching her, she slid her right hand down to her lap. A couple of periods ago, she'd opened up a couple of buttons to make it easier to take pictures, and it excited her to expose her legs. Her fingers were slowly opening button after button, working her way to the top. Just as she reached the last button, her entire lower body exposed, the egg went off. Kim groaned quietly and opened her legs, slightly relieving the pressure and holding off a climax. Her hand was again sliding up to the last button when the egg's vibrations increased. Not just a little increase but a lot. Her cunt was pulsing and leaking down her slit and over her ass. She knew that unless she moved her skirt she would have a large wet spot on the back. Kim looked around the room again checking to see if anyone was noticing. Not seeing anything out of the ordinary, she quickly opened the last button and her skirt fell open. Although she was naked from the waist down, Kim wanted this picture to be special and quietly raised her ass off the chair and pulled her skirt out.

Kim sat back down and the touch of her bare ass on the chair sent a shot straight from her cunt to her brain. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the experience of being almost naked and teaching a class. With the egg continuing to vibrate and the feeling of her naked ass on the chair Kim gasped and her cunt started to pulse, sending waves of pleasure up and down her body.

Tom was glancing up at his slave more and more. He watched her reactions to the increased vibration levels and her subtle movements and knew she was about to take the picture. He wondered how far she would go. Tom glances grew to more constant looks, only looking down when she looked his way. But at the moment, Kimmy was staring off into space with a flushed look of lust on her face. He thought about increasing the vibration level again, when he noticed her palming her cell phone. He knew that now was the time to strike. When her hand slipped off to the side he knew she was taking the picture, He stood and walked to her desk.

Kim sat at her desk looking out at her class but not seeing anything. Her body was on the razor's edge, any additional stimulus would push her over the cliff and she would orgasm in front of everyone. She sat like that for a minute till she could control herself. She focused again and looked around the room again to see if any students were watching her. As she looked around her hand with the phone slipped off to the side and she pushed the button to capture her nudity, when Tom stood up and walked up to her desk. Kim was so shocked she didn't move. Her skirt was on the floor beside her chair, and her entire lower body was nude. With the phone in one hand and the other holding onto the desk staving off an orgasm her mind went blank. There was no way to explain this. She knew that in seconds her career, her reputation, and maybe even her freedom was about to be stripped away from her.

When Tom stood and walked to Kimmy's desk, he smiled at the expression on her face. It was a mix between abject fear, embarrassment, and lust. Because he was in the front row, it took only a second before he was beside her desk. He looked down on the frightened teacher, everything below her blouse was exposed. He noticed that she tried to speak but nothing came out. He looked at her and watched as she trembled fearing the worse.

"Miss Watson, I do like your outfit today," he said as he moved a little closer to her and stood on her skirt. He watched as she glanced down and knew that she was helpless. There was no way she could cover her body.

"Thank you," she said quietly. She wasn't able to look him in the eye. He looked closely at her face and watched the beads of sweat start sliding down her face. He glanced down further and watched rivers of sweat that were rolling down her neck and between her tits. She finally looked up at him. "Yes, Tom what can I do for you?" Both of them knew exactly that she wasn't asking about his assignment but what he wanted to keep quiet.

Tom bent down next to the blushing teacher and with one hand, pointed at their text book. However with the other hand, he slid it down her front and started to open the bottom buttons on her blouse. Kim didn't move a muscle but looked only at the book, pretending to look at what he was indicating. But as each button opened, Kim's body jumped. When he got to the last button below the desktop, she thought he would quit. But Tom pushed on opening up the next button. There were only two more buttons left unfastened. Kim looked around the room praying no one was noticing, but just in case she grabbed the book and raised it up hiding his hand opening her blouse.

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