tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Way Out Ch. 06

No Way Out Ch. 06


Thanks to all who have commented and provided feedback. Again I'm submitting without an editor's review. Hopefully it will pass, and the grammar police will be kind. This story contains non-consensual sex and is a fantasy and as such some liberties with real life situations are taken. No one should do this to anyone male or female. If this offends you please move on to another story. All persons depicted in this story are of legal age, 18 and older. Any similarities to persons living or dead are strictly coincidental. Please enjoy and send me any feedback both positive and negative.


Kim crawled back into her house. She had stripped naked again on her porch. Since school started, it seemed like she was naked more than clothed. Now she was crawling after one of her students, getting ready to seduce her for her owner and each day was worse. Not only is she being blackmailed by an unknown person. He or she is forcing her into ever increasingly humiliating situations. But Wendy would also have control over her after tonight. And don't forget Tom. She still had to show up at his house naked later tonight.

Kim dropped her head and followed Wendy's shoes into her own house. When Kim crawled past the door, Wendy pushed it closed and laughed. "Wow who would have guessed, Miss Watson is a slut slave, and now she needs me. I think tonight is going to be a great night."

Kim cringed as Wendy's words cut through her like a sharp knife. That and the closing of the door caused her chest feel like there was an enormous weight crushing her spirit and crippling her mind. She looked up at the suddenly dominate young woman towering over her.

"Please Miss Wendy?"

"Please, please what Kimmy?"

"Please may I pleasure you Miss Wendy?" Kim breathed, her body falling deeper into submission with each word.

Wendy laughed at the submissive teacher cowering at her feet. Begging to "Pleasure Me" was so pathetic. "God you are pathetic teach. Didn't your parents teach you anything? You can't just crawl up to me and beg to lick my pussy. Have some class slut." Wendy spat out at Kimmy kneeling and looking at the floor.

"If you want some of this pussy, you're going to have to ask permission, and not from me either. My mother is very particular at who I'm allowed to date. You have to go to my house and ask her for permission to date my ass. I might suggest you dress first. She might get the wrong impression if you show up on your knees naked."

Kim gasped as her head shot up and looked at Wendy. "Oh god Miss Wendy, I can't do that. How could I ever ask if I can date you? God she would think I'm some kind of child molester."

"Hey but isn't that exactly what you are? Who knows she might surprise you. Besides I hope you're smarter than that. I'm sure you can figure out something to talk her into letting me go with you. If not I'm afraid your owner isn't going to be happy. So let's go upstairs and find you something to wear. Then we can walk over to my house and you can ask Mommy if I can let you 'pleasure me'." Wendy beamed as she bent over and grabbed Kimmy's leash and headed for the stairs.

Kim's mind was locked, it could only think of what Miss Wendy just said. Offering no resistance, she simply crawled after the girl that controlled her future. If she didn't seduce her, her owner would punish her or even worse, release the pictures and video.

Wendy confidently walked into Kim's room. To Kim it seemed like she already knew where everything was. But Kim just knelt on the floor in the middle of the room. Soon Wendy walked out of her closet with some clothes. "Here let's see how these look." She called out tossing the skirt and blouse on the floor in front of her.

Kim looked at the garments, she wondered if her owner would punish her if she dressed as Miss Wendy ordered. The thought of another punishment send waves of fear down her spine, but as soon as it hit her cunt, out coursed waves of arousal straight to her brain. Kim stared blankly at the clothes until Wendy barked. "Get dressed slut, we haven't got all day."

Kim jumped but quickly grabbed the blouse and slipped it on, then slid the skirt up her legs and fastened the top.

"Stand up and let's take a look," Wendy ordered as she watched Kimmy jump to her command.

Kim stood in front of her student and looked down at the floor. Then she noticed what Wendy had picked out for her to wear. Wendy had laid out a plain white button down oxford shirt, and a red plaid skirt that barely reached mid-thigh. Kim realized that she would look like a school girl wanna be. It was almost more humiliating wearing this than being naked.

Wendy wasn't done yet. She tugged on Kimmy's leash and pulled her to her vanity bench. Kim sat on the bench and waited for instructions. Wendy grabbed a brush and started to work on Kim's hair. In a few minutes she pulled her face up and started to do Kim's makeup too. Ten minutes later, she leaned back and looked at the results and giggled, "Perfect."

Kim grabbed Kim's leash and pulled her to her feet. She reached out and started to unbutton her shirt. When all the buttons were open, she grabbed the shirt tails and tied them together just below Kim's tits.

Wendy stepped back and admired her work. Suddenly she rushed back into the closet and rummaged till she walked out with a pair of stiletto heels. "Put these on Kimmy."

Kim gasped, she hadn't seen those shoes in several years. She had forgotten she even had them. She had bought them for a Halloween costume. They had six inch heels and hurt like hell, but grabbed the shoes and slipped them on. Wendy smiled and pulled Kimmy over to a full length mirror mounted on the inside of the closet.

Kim's legs almost gave way when she saw her reflection. Standing in the mirror wasn't a successful young teacher, but a slutty school girl wearing a dog collar and leash, complete with pigtails, who looked more like a whore than a student. "Please Miss Wendy, I can't go talk to your mother dressed like this." She pleaded with her student and shoved her face in her hands and started to cry, her pigtails on either side of her face.

"Stop crying teach, you'll ruin your makeup. Now let's get going mom is going out tonight." Wendy grabbed the leash and pulled the slave out of the room and down the stairs.

Brenda Miller sat in her living room waiting for her daughter to return home. Brenda was only 38 years old and still in good shape. She was divorced from Wendy's dad and had been for several years. She got the house and pretty good alimony until recently. When Wendy hit 18 the child support and alimony stopped. Wendy was now getting weekly checks from her dad and was using it to control the house. Brenda remembered when Bill her ex called her and told her she was cut off and what he was doing for Wendy. It wasn't long after that when one day Wendy walked into her bed room and took over the house. Brenda had not found work and they were in danger of losing everything. Brenda remembered her exact words, "I'm in charge now. If you don't want to be homeless you will do everything I say. If that's unacceptable then you're out on your ass.

It was now four months later and Wendy controlled everything. She controlled the checking accounts, owned the house, taken over the master bedroom and Brenda was sleeping in a small room in the basement. She even controlled what she wore and just last week she was to be naked around the house. As each day passed Brenda fell a little deeper into submission to her daughter. She wondered when Wendy would tell her friends about her new status as her daughter's submissive.

Brenda blushed as she sat waiting. She was glad she was allowed to wear something today. Wendy told her that she was bringing her teacher over and what she was to do. Brenda trembled at the thought of fucking this up. Wendy made it clear that her new room just might be out in the kennel with the dogs if she fucked up.

Brenda peeked out the window and gasped when she saw Wendy and her teacher dressed like a slutty school girl walk across the street. 'Oh my god what happened to Miss Watson?'

Brenda turned and picked up a magazine, pretending to read when they walked in. Wendy smiled a vicious smile at her making it plain the repercussions of not doing as instructed.

Brenda stood as soon as she saw Kim, "Oh my Kim what in the world are you wearing." Brenda demanded as she walked over to the nervous teacher. "What are you doing here with Wendy?"

Kim had trouble finding her voice, "A...A...A I need Wendy to help me with a project. It might take a while and she wanted me to ask you for permission to stay out a little later tonight." Kim stuttered.

"Well it is a school night, but what kind of project has you dressed like ...like this?"

"I...I...I haven't done laundry for a while and I just threw this on. Please excuse my dress. I'm sorry if I offended you."

"Well look at you, your tits are falling out of your blouse, your skirt is up to your ass and those heels. If I didn't know better I'd think you're trying to seduce my little girl. Is that what you're doing?" Brenda was now in character and glaring at Kim.

Kim was now cowering and didn't have an answer as her mind was locking up. Simply looked down and shook her head.

Brenda looked at Wendy who nodded to keep it up. She stepped closer to Kim, reached out and pinched her nipple, causing Kim to squeal.

"Please Ms Miller I'm sorry please let go, I'll change if that makes you happy. Please I really need her help."

Brenda smiled as this was exactly what Wendy said would happen. So Brenda followed the script Wendy demanded her and said, "Well dressed like a catholic school girl slut won't cut it around here. If you want her to help you, I'm going to insist you change into something different. Something that suits you and lets everyone recognize exactly who you are."

Kim was now afraid of what was happening. Ms Miller was standing right beside her and still pinching her nipple. The pain was shooting down her body and exploding in her core. Brenda grabbed Kim's collar and pulled her face up to within an inch of hers and scowled, "Get out of those clothes and dress like the child molesting slut you are, WHORE!"

Kim gasped but quickly untied her shirt and dropped it to the floor. Her skirt quickly followed it. Now she was standing in the middle of Wendy's living room naked while her mother was trying to pull her nipple off her tit.

"Please Ms Miller, I've taken my clothes off please let my nipple go." She begged.

Brenda smiled an evil smile, turned to Wendy and said, "Do you think you can find this slut something to wear?"

"Sure Mommy, I can handle that, and while I'm doing that, go into the kitchen and dress as normal. I will be back in a while. I'll call you if I need you."

Brenda nodded and walked out of the room. Kimmy didn't notice but just before she was out of sight, her dress slid off her shoulders.

Wendy laughed at Kimmy standing naked and afraid wearing only her collar and heels. Wendy clipped on her leash and pulled her up the stairs. Fifteen minutes later Wendy walked back into the living room with Kimmy in tow. Kim was now wearing a halter top that consisted of two small triangles of sheer material that barely covered her nipples. The skirt was more like a belt, seeing as it was only six inches wide. Kim had to push it so low to cover her ass that it sat below her hip bones and was constantly sliding down her legs. The collar and heels finished the prostitute look. Wendy kept the pigtails as it made her look so much younger. Kim was afraid Miss Wendy's mother would come back out and see her that she looked up at her student and begged, "Please Mistress let's get out of here."

Wendy did a double take when Kim called her Mistress. She looked at the submissive teacher and realized that she didn't even know she did it. Wendy wondered if it was a slip of the tongue or if she would do it again.

Wendy thought about exposing her mother's submission but decided to wait until Kimmy finally accepted her slavery. She pulled on the leash and walked out the front door, pulling Kim behind her.

Kim followed Wendy off the porch and almost died of humiliation. The school girl outfit was bad enough, but at least she was covered. Her slut clothes left nothing to the imagination. Kim just looked at the street not wanting to know if anyone watched them go to her house. As soon as they arrived at her door, Wendy opened it and started to walk in but Kim stopped. Wendy turned and looked at her teacher as she removed her clothes and followed her in. She smiled as her training was taking root. You might as well crawl slave. What else does your owner have you do?

"Kim dropped to her knees when her cell alarm chirped. Kim groaned and crawled to an end table, grabbed a vibrator and started to masturbate. Kim could hardly talk as she plunged the vibrator deep into her cunt while telling Mistress Wendy her rules. Wendy listened as the teacher couldn't resist obeying and telling her everything she asked. Kim was no longer able to speak as only gibberish was spewing out her mouth as her mind and body was concentrating on not orgasming before the chime sounded to quit.

Kim collapsed to the floor when her phone finally signaled to stop. Her body was so close to rapture she screamed in frustration. Wendy dropped her hand down and lightly stroked Kim's face. "Don't worry slave, you will compete your task. She then walked over to the couch, pulled up her skirt and opened her legs. "Come slave, make me happy."

Kim squealed and crawled over and shoved her face into Wendy's core and feasted on her essence. Nothing in the world tasted so good. She was happy and felt at home on her knees and serving her Mistress.

Kim was feasting on Wendy's sweet tasting pussy when she remembered she was to record her punishment. She pulled back and quietly asked, "Mistress Wendy, may I speak?"

Wendy smiled when she heard how Kimmy addressed her, "Yes slut speak."

"Mistress Wendy, my owner requires me to record me seducing you. Please may I start my cell camera and record me pleasuring you?" She said without looking up. Her submission was really taking hold of her mind and looking up at her betters was a sign of defiance.

"Go ahead slut and do what your owner requires, but you will do as I tell you when we start."

"Yes Mistress," Kim answered as she crawled to her purse and pulled out her cell. It took a minute or so before she had it placed to get everything on the couch. "I'm ready to start Mistress."

"Slut, I can't have a video out there showing me dominating you. I have my reputation to think of. So here is what is going to happen. I want you to go and put on the outfit you had on at school today. When you start the video I want you to walk into the frame and order me to open my legs and let you eat my pussy. You will tell me that unless I do this you will flunk me and make me eat your ass. If I cry or try to stop you I want you to force me let you have your way with me. I want it to show you are the aggressor by forcing yourself on me. I want the video showing you being your true self a pedophile."

Kim gasped and she collapsed to the floor, "Please Mistress Wendy don't make me do this. If the video would ever be seen by anyone I would end up in prison. Please have mercy on this slut slave."

Wendy looked down at the cowering slut grasping at her feet. Lavishing kisses on her toes and laughed, "Kimmy you don't have a choice. If you don't do this you fail your task, if you do it you are forever more a slave to your owner and me." Wendy calmly stated as she wiggled her toes in Kimmy's mouth. It took a few minutes before she noticed Kimmy's shoulders slump and knew she had surrendered.

Kim slowly looked up at the dominate student above her and whispered, "Yes Mistress, I will do as you command." Kim rose to her knees and crawled out to the porch to retrieve her outfit from earlier today. When she returned she was dressed. Wendy watched as her slave went into the bathroom and cleaned up her face. When she returned she looked just like at school. Kim went to the phone and started to record.

Wendy sat on the couch and put a scared look on her face, waiting for Kimmy to make her entrance.

Kim stood out of camera range and gathered her thoughts. Her mind was still getting a grasp of what she was to do. Up until now, every task hadn't involved anyone else except for exposing her body. Now she was going to actively participate in videoing her own demise. She wiped a tear away from her cheek and walked into frame.

"Wendy, I noticed that you had trouble with the last assignment. I will fix that but in return you will do what I want." Kim said as forcefully as she could.

Wendy cowered on the couch, "What do you want me to do Miss Watson?"

"You will pull up that cute skirt, pull your panties down your legs and open up and invite me to eat you."

"Oh God Miss Watson, I'm not a lesbian, please don't do this. I'll study harder please don't rape me."

Kim surprised herself and stepped in front of the cowering young woman on her couch. She smiled and swung her hand and smacked Wendy across her face. "You don't have a choice; I'm in charge now do as you're told."

Wendy was surprised with the slap, but quickly recovered and pulled up her skirt. In seconds her panties were on the floor and her legs spread wide. Kim smiled as she dropped to her knees and pushed Wendy's legs back against her chest, exposing all Wendy's treasures. She admired how beautiful her Mistress's cunt and asshole looked. She gently stroked her fingers up and down the students slit, taking time to caress her clit.

Wendy was fully into her submissive role and pleaded again and again for her teacher to stop. But deep inside her body Wendy was out of control. As soon as her teachers tongue touched her cunt, Wendy let out a loud gasp and grabbed her teacher's head. "Oh God Miss Watson, what are you doing to me. Oh please don't, please stop, this is wrong." Wendy pleaded over and over while secretly opening her legs wider to allow her slut easier access.

Kim was lavishing licks all over the teen's cunt when she dipped her head down and licked Wendy's sphincter. Wendy moaned as she felt her slave teacher pushing her long tongue deep in her anal passage. Kim stayed there for a while longer till she worked her way back up till she found Wendy's clit protruding out from its hood. Kim sucked the sensitive bud into her mouth rapidly brushing it with her tongue. Kim heard Wendy's moans grow louder and bit down on her bud.

The reaction was immediate as Wendy screamed out in pleasure and her cunt exploded sending her essence all over the kneeling teacher. Kim however didn't stop as she lapped up any secretions and shoved her tongue deep into the orgasming student.

Wendy was out of control and didn't know where she was as her entire world was centered on her core. Kim noticed that her orgasm was waning and attacked her clit again. Latching onto it and biting down hard. Wendy's entire body went rigid as another orgasm hit her again harder than the last one. Wendy's arms were useless as well as her legs. The only thing that mattered was the mouth clamped on her cunt. Just as her orgasm peaked, Wendy's bladder released and piss shot down Kimmy's throat.

It took a couple of seconds before Kim realized that her student was pissing in her mouth, but the fear of moving kept her in place as she drank her Mistress's fluids.

Kim's mind was disgusted at what her body was doing, the foul liquid was filling her stomach, but she couldn't stop drinking it. Kim's body was different; it was embracing the disgusting task and driving her arousal closer and closer to a massive orgasm. All the edging and no relief for the last few days had perverted her body and every humiliating task, each disgusting thing only fed her body's need for an orgasm. Kim dropped her hand down and pulled up her skirt and shoved two fingers into her dripping cunt rapidly stroking her core and driving her body to the orgasm she craved. As the golden stream slowly decreased, Kim's hand sped up not caring about any rules of not climaxing without permission. She was out of control and didn't care of the consequences. When Wendy dropped her legs and trapped the teacher's head deep in her crotch, Kim attacked her clit again driving Wendy to her third orgasm in ten minutes. Kim's hand was a blur dancing in and out of her cunt when her body finally exploded in a massive orgasm, causing her to pass out on the floor.

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