tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNo Way Out Ch. 08

No Way Out Ch. 08


Hello all, I want to thank everyone who has commented and voted for my story. This is the next to last chapter. The purpose of this series was how the students trapped and enslave their teacher. I may continue it at a later time. All participants are over 18. As I have stated before, this is a work of fantasy. As such this could never happen in school. However this story contains non-consensual sex and other perversions. I welcome all comments both positive and negative, but is you just want to bitch about it move on. Please vote!

Kimmy drove to the school. She slumped down in the seat as she was leaving later than usual and traffic was much heavier. When she pulled into the parking lot there were several more cars and two cars followed her in. Not wanting to be seen dressing, she pulled to the far side away from the door. As soon as she stopped the car, she grabbed her top and put it on. As least she didn't appear naked any longer. As she was trying to put on the skirt she saw Alice Smith walking towards her. She was another teacher in the math department. Kimmy was starting to panic as she was getting closer to her car. Kimmy finally managed to get it buttoned and smoothed it down. Just before Alice got to her, Kimmy opened her door, it blocking Alice's view, jumped out of the car and finished pulling it down.

"Kim, why are you parking all the way over here?" Alice gasped as her eyes were drawn to the black collar attached to the obviously nervous teacher.

"Good Morning Alice, please call me Kimmy. I decided to try to walk more and every step helps." Kim answered as she stepped from behind the car door and shut it. She heard Alice gasp and looked down at her clothes. Kimmy groaned when she looked down and realized that she didn't button the skirt up properly. She had missed the top two buttons and now one side of her skirt was almost exposing her most private area.

"Kimmy, did you not look in the mirror before you left? God you're showing everything you have and what's with the collar? That's very strange thing to wear to teach kids. "

"Oh God, I'm sorry. I was running late and didn't notice." Kim quickly turned around and started to unbutton her skirt, being careful not to show the chastity belt to her co-worker. When she finally turned to face Alice again, she had a strange look on her face.

"I don't want to pry but why are you dressed like that. I mean the skirt is too short, the blouse is very shear and I can tell you're not wearing a bra. Are you trying to get written up? The new administration is very strict and you could lose your job."

"I guess you're right. I have a date right after school and didn't want to change. I might have made a mistake."

"Well, I would suggest you stay in your room and don't wander the halls. It's bad enough that your classes will see you without broadcasting to the entire student population." Alice turned and walked away. She didn't want to be seen with Kimmy dressed like a slut.

Kimmy was blushing and trying not to breakdown and cry. Her body was already on sensory overload. She slowly walked towards the door. Soon it became apparent that the dildos in her body didn't need to be on to affect her arousal. After just a few steps her cunt was dripping and her body flushed. By the time she got to the door, she had to stop and wait for a minute for her body to calm down. Now all she had to do was walk across the entire school and up two flights of stairs to her room, praying she didn't orgasm at least once before she arrived.

Although it took her almost 15 minutes to get to her room, she managed to make it without climaxing and even better, she didn't pass anyone and have to explain her outfit. As soon as she sat down her cell buzzed. She pulled it out and read the text.

'You are to stand for each class and walk around the room'

Kimmy just sat there looking at the text. It was hard enough to get to her room, now she had to stand and walk during each class. It was going to be a very long day.

The text didn't say she had to stand when there wasn't a class, so Kimmy concentrated on calming her body down before her first class. When the bell rang, her heart jumped and her body reacted as her cunt pulsed. She stood and waited for the students to arrive.

The first class went surprisingly well. Even though her students gave her strange looks staring directly at her slave collar. She soon discovered that standing was okay and walking excited her, but if she walked slowly she was able to maintain control. When the bell rang to end the first period, Kimmy sat down quickly to work on calming her body once again.

Second period started off well with several students commenting about her new look, but about ten minutes before the end of class, the anal plug started to vibrate. Kimmy didn't want it to be heard and quickly walked to the front of the class. Feeling her body starting to betray her, she assigned some problems and stood waiting for the end of the period. As she looked over the class, one of the students in the back of the class raised his hand. "Miss Watson come back here and explain this problem to me, I don't understand it?"

Kimmy took a deep breath; this was the first student to use her name. She didn't know if her owner was in this class and said, "Class I have an announcement, from now on please address me as Miss Kimmy in school. I think a little less formality is better. Yes Bill I'll be right there."

Kimmy slowly walked down the row as each student watched her closely. When she arrived at his desk, he pointed at a problem. Kimmy, in order to read the fine print, had to bend over to see what he needed.

Bill was shocked when Miss Kimmy bent down to look at his paper. He had a clear view of the black collar. He looked past it and down her blouse and her braless tits. His cock shot up like a rocket and his eyes were locked on her fabulous tits. Kimmy looked at his face and blushed knowing what she was showing. But if she called him out she would draw more attention to her dress and would make the situation worse. Her only recourse was to answer his question and head back to her desk.

As soon as she finished with Bill, Martin who sat on the other side of the aisle put up his hand. He had been treated to a wonderful view of Miss Kimmy's legs almost up to her ass. He also noticed that when she walked down the aisle her tits bounced freely. He had to sneak a peek.

Kimmy moaned quietly and turned to answer Martin's question. But he wouldn't let her off that easy and finally she had to bend over again to look at the problem on his page. Again she knew she was exposing her tits, but she had no other choice. When she finished with Martin, Kimmy hurried to the front of the room praying that the bell would ring before there were any more questions. Luckily it did and she sat down at her desk to again calm her body.

The students quickly filed out of the room and Kimmy was trying to not climax when the other dildo started to vibrate. Kim gasped as now it was serious if this keeps up for more than a minute she was going to orgasm just as the next class arrived.

Kimmy was holding on to her desk and students were walking past her when both vibrators stopped. She breathed a sigh of relief when the bell rang. Kimmy slowly stood and started the class. She managed to get through third period and the vibrators were quiet. It was when fourth period started when things started to get out of hand. Word had spread that Miss Kimmy wasn't wearing a bra and when she bent over you could see all her tits. Kimmy tried to maintain control but soon it was one question after another. By the end of the period she had exposed her tits to almost every guy in class and even a few of the girls.

By the time she got to Wendy's class, it was the talk of the school, and every class was the same, question after question. Kimmy tried to maintain control, but after the fourth period both vibrators vibrated her body the entire time between classes. She now got no relief and her body's excitement level kept climbing. Now as she exposed her tits to her students, instead of embarrassment it only added to her excitement.

Wendy walked into her fifth period class with Miss Kimmy. The first thing she noticed was her nipples were threatening to poke holes in her blouse. She was also flushed and panting slightly. Wendy walked up to her and grinned. Kimmy, are you being punished again? I love the collar, black suits you." She whispered.

"No Miss Wendy, I'm just trying to get through the day without breaking any rules." Kimmy answered quietly.

"Well if not orgasming in front of the class is a rule, I'm not sure you're going to make it. Look at your legs, you're dripping down to your knees and you smell like pussy."

"Oh god no, I can't let that happen," she groaned. As soon as the class sat down, Kimmy called up an honor student to the front of the room. "Helen, please watch over the class while I run an errand. Class I want you to do the problems on page 45, numbers 1 through 25. I'll be right back," As she rushed to the door and headed for the nearest restroom.

By the time she walked into the stall and sat down, it was everything she could do not to orgasm. It was then her phone buzzed again.

'Anytime you enter a restroom, you must strip completely including shoes and stay naked till you leave, you have 15 seconds to strip.'

Kimmy knew she didn't have time to waste and pulled her blouse over her head and her skirt down her legs. In seconds she was sitting on the toilet naked holding her clothes in front of her. Kimmy felt a tear slide down her cheek and tried to calm her body knowing that so far she was lucky no one else was in the room.

It took Kimmy almost ten minutes to calm herself till she wasn't on the brink of an enormous orgasm. She concentrated on cleaning her legs up and dabbed perfume on her cunt to cover her smell. Knowing that at any minute someone would walk into the restroom, Kimmy quickly dressed and headed back to her class. As with the last period, she spent it going from student to student flashing her tits. When the bell finally rang she collapsed into her chair praying that the infernal belt locked on her body would give her a reprieve.

When the last kid finally left the room and her belt was quiet, she finally breathed a sigh of relief. Kimmy made it through sixth period and as with the last few classes she answered all questions and flashed her tits. But this time she was under control and actually kind of enjoyed making the boys cock's hard and uncomfortable sitting at their desks.

By the time Kimmy finished with Tom's class Kimmy was starting to sashay down the aisles knowing her tits were bouncing and her skirt fluttering. The belt remained off but the exposure kept her on the brink of an orgasm. When ninth period finally finished, Melody walked up to Kimmy's desk and smiled down at her.

"Kimmy, I like the new you and I know every guy in school got a look at your tits today. I wonder if the principle would like to know what you did today."

"Please Miss Melody, don't tell him I know I may have stepped over the line some today, but please let it stay right here."

"I don't know, stepped might be an understatement. If I didn't know better I think you enjoyed flashing everything you have to us."

"Please I'm begging you don't do this, is there anything I can do to persuade you to not tell the principle?"

"Well now that you put it that way, how about stopping by my house after school and we can work something out."

"Yes Miss Melody, I should be there by 4."

"It will be great see you, and I do mean see all of you." Melody said as she strolled out of class.

Kimmy buried her face in her hands and cried. Now she was going to be a slave to another student. She was now a slave to every student on her street. Each day she seemed to fall further and further under someone's control. First her owner, then Wendy, then Tom, then this cursed belt, and now Melody. At this rate she would be the town slave by the time school got out next spring. She sat quietly for a few minutes before she gathered her things and headed for her car.

Kimmy drove slowly home. She was in no hurry to get there. All that meant was she had to go to Melody's house and follow her every command. If she didn't she would tell the principle about her day. It wouldn't take much to confirm her story. Someone else might have already told on her. But if not, she had to keep Melody from telling. Kimmy pulled into the driveway and walked up to her door. She glanced around, seeing no one; she stripped and walked in the door. Kimmy stood by the door and wondered why she wasn't instructed to open the third envelope. She walked to the kitchen and poured herself a drink. She had a feeling it was going to be a long night and a little liquid courage just might help.

Kim glanced at the clock and saw she only had a few minutes to get across the street to Melody's house. She gulped down the drink and poured another. She pounded the second drink and headed for the door when her phone buzzed. She glanced down and read the text.

"Open envelope 3'

Kim moaned but pulled the envelope out of her purse. She waited a moment before she tore it open.

Kimmy Slut,

You are to drive to 8901 Clark Ave. Make sure you are there at 10:00. You are to tell them your name. They are expecting you. You are to follow their instructions. Do not fail or hesitate.

Your Owner

Kimmy felt a little nauseous after downing the two shots and then reading the task, her stomach turned and she thought she might throw up. Kimmy had no idea of what was to happen, but she was certain she would be humiliated. She stood still and waited for a minute and settled her stomach. She took a deep breath, walked out on the porch, dressed, and strolled across the street. Kimmy stepped up to the door and knocked.

Melody was so excited about finally getting a piece of Kimmy. Both Wendy and Tom both used her yesterday. Now it was her turn and she was going to take full advantage of her opportunity. She watched as Kimmy dressed on her porch and headed towards her house. She waited till she heard the knock and rushed to the door. She looked at the frightened teacher cowering on her porch. She smiled at her and said, "Calm down Kimmy, I'm not going to kill you. You're just going to do what you do best. Be a slut. Now get out of those clothes and step inside. We're going to have lots of fun."

Kimmy cringed when she heard to strip, but Melody's smile and calm demeanor settled her down. She smiled back at her student, pulled her blouse over her head and dropped her skirt. Now naked on her neighbor's porch, she looked around and stepped through the door. Melody looked the slave over and commented, "Nice belt slut, can't keep your hands out of it? Is that why your owner put it there?"

She could only blush and nod. Her voice was gone. Kimmy looked around, the house was nicely decorated, and very clean. She listened carefully to hear if anyone else was around but heard nothing. She followed Melody through the hall and to a door. Melody opened it and walked down the stairs to a large room. Kimmy looked around the room and gasped. It was nothing like anything she had ever seen before. It almost looked like she had walked into another century. It looked like a medieval dungeon. With stone tables complete with rings on the corners, chains on the walls, and a series of hoists everywhere. But what scared her the most; was the entire wall at the end of the room. It was covered in all manner of whips, crops, canes, shackles, plugs, and dildos. She started to run back upstairs but when she turned she ran into Melody's mother, Ginger Baker. Kimmy gasped and tried to cover her tits and pussy, but it was already too late.

"My, my, my what have we here. Miss Kimmy Watson is standing naked in my playroom. Now why in the world would you be down here naked with my daughter? Are you a pedophile? Preying on your students?"

Kimmy turned white as a sheet and dropped to her knees, "Please forgive me Mrs Baker. I'm sorry please I'll leave please..."

"Oh shut up slut. I know why you're here, and right now you're going to do everything we tell you, aren't you slut?" Mrs Baker shouted.

"Yes Mistress." Kimmy head dropped and she cast her eyes at the floor. Her submissive mind was taking hold as she waited to be told what to do.

"Mom you were supposed to wait till I had some fun first. You said you'd wait till I called you."

"I couldn't, when she walked into the house naked, god she's so beautiful I couldn't help it."

"Well don't just stand there help me get the slut strung up. I can't wait to try out the new toys."

It took the two women a few minutes before Kimmy was now chained with her hands high above her head. Her feet attached to rings on the floor. They pulled the chains so tight, she had to stand on her toes to touch the floor. She was blindfolded and there was a ring gag holding her mouth open.

Kimmy's mind was screaming, she couldn't see and every little noise caused her to jump. Then it was silent not a noise to be heard. She strained to hear anything but hearing nothing a thought went through her head that maybe they left. It was the swoosh followed by the crack of the crop landing on her left tit that echoed off the walls. Kimmy let out a scream as the pain exploded across her chest. Then the second crack sounded and shortly later a third. Kimmy's chest was on fire and her body was trying to move anywhere to get away from the viscous blows.

Soon both Ginger and Melody were swinging away, laughing at Kimmy's struggles trying to get away and pleading to do anything to please her new mistresses. The two sadistic women played for about ten minutes before dropping the hysterical teacher to the floor.

"Please Mistress Melody please let me serve you. Please Mistress Ginger let me pleasure you, please don't hit me anymore. I'll do anything you wish."

Melody couldn't wait any longer and commanded her slave to crawl to her voice and feast on her core. Kimmy waited for someone to release her feet and hurried to the sound of Melody's voice, crawling face first into her knees. She stopped for a second but recovered quickly and slid between her legs and planted her face deep in the junction of her legs. She lapped at the sweet tasting cunt and lavished kiss after kiss up and down her slit. It didn't take long before Melody grabbed her ears and started to fuck her face. Kimmy was trying to please her Mistress but there was little she could do. It was Melody shoving her cunt all over her face and using her nose to tickle her clit.

What Kimmy didn't know was Ginger was stepping into a harness and dangling from it was a large dildo. As soon as she finished she knelt beside Melody and waited till she was finished using the slave. When Melody let go of Kimmy's head, Ginger grabbed a handful of hair and pulled her mouth to the large dildo sticking out from her body. Kimmy tried to scream as the intrusion took her totally by surprise and even though the ring kept her mouth open she wasn't ready for anything close to this size. Kim actually thought that her Mistress had shoved a baseball bat into her mouth. The mother daughter team constantly took turns on the helpless teacher slave till they couldn't stand any longer and Kimmy was almost comatose on the floor. Melody's body was totally sated as she looked down at Kimmy. She knew what was in the third envelope, she actually wrote it. But looking down at the quivering mass of female flesh at her feet, she knew there was no way she could finish the day. She walked over to the phone and called Tom.

Tom took the call from Melody and told Wendy what she said. "I knew as soon as her mother got involved it would go bad. Why did she have to include her?" Wendy spat, "she's going to ruin everything." They turned to the camera and watched as Melody and her mother half carried the teacher to her house and tossed her on her bed. Tomorrow's another day. Tom thought about what was planned and decided to give their slave a break.

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