tagGay MaleNoah's Starship Ch. 16

Noah's Starship Ch. 16


[Six questions and a future]

+{Noah's Starship}+

-+-[Ch. 16]-+-

+++ Noah +++

"Son," a strange voice said to me and a hand found my shoulder. I blinked up at a police officer with a yawn. I realized what I was looking at and jumped in the car seat. Navid had been the one to touch me, but the officer was looking at me strangely from the driver's side window.

"Everything ok, son?" he asked with a look of concern.

"He is fine, he sleeps," Navid said softly with a deflated tone.

"Yes sir," I nodded and felt my heart racing.

"Ok... well the detour isn't too far out of the way, and it'll put you with a nice view of San Simeon," the officer said, his concern softening.

"Thank you," Navid said and then added, "I am sorry your world is on fire."

"Thank you... you enjoy your trip," the officer said and went towards the car behind us. Navid did a turn around and headed back up the small mountain road.

"Were we in trouble?" I asked and laid my head back against his shoulder.

"We are avoiding trouble with detour... There is wildfires and he makes us on a detour around them. I hope to get soon to the resort. We have much planned," Navid said and slid a warm arm around me. It was a cold June afternoon, the kind unique to the California coast. I wasn't sure where we were, but the Pacific Ocean was now to our left to indicate we were headed north.

"Did he make you wake me up? He sounded concerned," I noted.

"It is nothing, sweet Noah. You don't need to know of the ugly things," he said dismissively and turned up his music again.

"But he asked if I was ok. Why did he do that? What was wrong?" I asked, prodding past his admonishment. I didn't understand what we had done.

Navid sighed. "Nothing was wrong, Noah..."

He drummed his fingers on the steering wheel a few times before continuing, "When they see a strong Persian man with a beard, dark skin, an accent, a nice car, and a well-kept blonde boy passed out in his passenger seat, they think the worst."

"Oh... they thought... Oh that's not right! That's racist! I should report him! Did you get his name? My dad knows highway patrol captains!" I got suddenly angry. We'd had a few, small incidents before, but never in our safe bubble of Los Angeles. It was those little things that I wouldn't have thought twice about before I met Navid and saw those things for the first time.

"He is your people, sweet one. They do not need to be fair when protecting their own. It is not to feel good... It is passed. Finished. I never want you to know of these things. It is between men... We have beautiful weekend, let us not be upset by this. His world is on fire... in many, many ways," Navid noted.

I saw a plume of smoke off in the distance. It looked like a gray funnel that went up to the ceiling of clouds and then took a sharp left.

I let it go. He was right, we were here to enjoy our weekend. I didn't want to ruin what he had planned for our romantic weekend. I settled into his chest as he took on the winding mountain roads.

I opened his phone to the questions app we liked to use at night when we were together in bed in the dark. His phone has all the best apps organized into neat folders. He is a very organized and precise businessman.

"Oh! They have questions for lovers! Should we try it?" I asked excitedly.

"Sure, Noah... we can try this," Navid said with one raised eyebrow. I noted the tension had left him.

"Ok! First question! How do I make you feel strong?" I read number one and turned to see his eyes focused intently on the curvy, narrow road.

"I feel strong when... I know you are safe, when you have problem and I can fix this for you. I see you happy making food or nap in bed or see you at ease in our home I provide for you. You are safe and without concerns. It makes me feel like protector, my baby is ok... I am strong. What about you?" Navid turned to me quickly and gave my shoulder a squeeze.

"When I'm in your arms I feel strong... When we're out with your friends, like just your Persian friends and me. You're so happy and they all look up to you. I'm with the leader of the group I feel like nothing can hurt me. I used to hate running into people from the past who didn't like me or made fun of me in school. But when I'm with you I don't even think about it... nothing can hurt me," I said.

"I will never permit that anyone shall hurt you, Noah," Navid assured and ruffled my hair. This was helping him relax.

"Number two... What do I do that makes you feel special?" I asked.

Navid just laughed.

"And don't say suck your cock!" I yelled and poked his side.

"No? But I love it... ok... special... Oh! You get this smile, this look when I come home and tell you I make a sale or close a deal. Is a look of pride like you are always on my team to cheer me on... or like I just slay a beast who is terrorizing your village. It makes me to know you are on my side. Also when I have bad day and you can tell before I even say something. You come to me, put your head on my chest and let me hold you to recharge my dead battery. You make me special dinner or insist I watch the soccer games or sports shows I like. You make it just about me... You know me and always know what I need so I can feel better... And when you beg for sex.. What man does not like this from his love?," Navid laughed.

"I'll always want sex from you. It's... amazing," I laughed.

"You will always have it. And most importantly, my love... you make me feel special because you always believe in me. You look to me like I am great man who can do anything," Navid said and rubbed my leg.

"You're the strongest man I know." I said with total honesty.

"I love you, Noah... and for you? How I make you feel special?" Navid asked.

"When you hold me in front of others. I get this look from people like they wish they could be me and in your arms. It's jealousy... I never had that growing up. I was always getting pity from people. I was the poor kid, the gay kid, the small kid... No one was ever jealous of me... But now... even Karim gets the look when he sees it. You pull me into your lap or just put your arms around me from behind and I'm suddenly special. You're the hottest guy on earth and you're holding me so that must make me pretty special," I said.

"Noah, you are most beautiful boy I ever see. You were always special. Now that you dress nice, have good hairstyle, live without worry, and have nice things... it makes people to see you more, but you were always the diamond. You know they look with jealousy at me because I get to hold you. That is why Karim looks. He has eyes for you. I know he wishes to have you in his lap," Navid said.

"No way! He's so into Mike," I countered.

"This does not mean he cannot fantasize for my boy. He is careful not to say this to me, but I know the way he looks at you... the way other men look at you... it is hunger," Navid looked uncomfortable so I moved onto the next question.

"Number three... Sex with the lights on or off?" I asked.

"With you, always on! I love to see your body, the way your face reacts when I do this good to you. I always love to look at my boy, my pretty Noah," Navid laughed. He slid a hand between my legs and pushed his finger down between my cheeks.

"I like it on too. Your body makes me so hard. The way you move..." I gushed.

"I move like what?" Navid eyed me weirdly.

"When you're naked. Sometimes you come in and get undressed but you're on the phone or answering emails and you just strut around naked without thinking about it. Your cock just swings between your muscled thighs and I just... fuck. It gets me so hard," I admitted.

"I do?" Navid looked as though he didn't understand his power.

"You do... And your bubble butt. It's furry and when you move it just looks like gears on a powerful machine. You never let me play with it though," I said.

"I am 'furry?' Why you want to play with my butt? I do not receive pleasure like you do. You are built for this, a perfect pink hole to pleasure. You get so happy when I play with yours. It is so beautiful and smooth. It fits me so well. Is best one I have ever see, so perfect and full... Ok next question please," Navid said in an urge to change the topic. I noted the growing bulge in his pants.

"Number four... How do you feel when you see me talking to an attractive guy?" I asked.

"Furious! I try to fight this... sometimes the guy is not even attractive, but I worry... Not as much as I used to, but still anger comes. I try to control this. You deserve to have friends. I can not keep you only for myself. But the beast inside me seeks to protect my cub," Navid said.

"I get the same way," I admitted. "When I see a guy look at you and I know what he's thinking."

"You don't need worry for this, Noah, but... I guess it keep us work to build our love, right? We never take this for granted. But I know my heart live inside you and yours in me. There is no space for others to come fill." Navid rubbed my thigh.

Soon we turned back onto the coast highway and went up a few miles into a turnoff that led down to the shore. There was a spanish villa compound of low-rise buildings surrounded on the side towards the road by a tall hedge of greenery.


"Oh it's beautiful! I can see the ocean!" I yelled when we got into our room. Navid set our bags down as I ran to the window. It was open just a bit and I pushed at it as the cold ocean breeze filled our room.

Navid found a remote control on a side table and the fireplace came to life. We had a huge bed and our only view was crisp blue waves. He wasted no time in sliding his arms around me as I looked out over the endless blue.

"It's beautiful for you. Happy first year to know you. I know we have many more," he said and his lips settled into the place on the back of my neck that filled me with chills.

"It's so perfect... Thank you... It's cold," I noted and Navid pushed a hand past me to close the window. I could hear the fire crackle and its warmth began to reach me.

He rubbed my tummy and then pushed his hand to my chest as his lips worked down my neck. One hand slid up my shirt and he pushed it off.

"I warm you, baby," Navid said. He pulled me back against him and walked backward until we hit the couch. He sat down and pulled me to his lap, kissing down my shoulder and nuzzling his close-cropped beard against my skin.

I reached my hand down between my legs and rubbed his pants where his bulge was beginning to snake down his thigh. He was filling out quickly as I started to grind my ass against it.

"Lap Dance," he whispered with a laugh. He put his hands on my hips as I began to ride him. My arms went back over my head and rubbed his hair as his lips sank into my neck.

I slid off his lap. I wanted to taste him. I stood up and pushed off my shorts. They fell to the floor and I knelt on them to crawl between his legs. Navid knew what I wanted and he laid back against the couch cushions and spread his legs for me. He reached for my hair and guided me to him. I put my lips to his right knee and kissed my way up his thigh until I met the tip of his cock. I lipped it through the material of his pants. I felt it jump as I made my way up to his zipper.

Navid didn't waste time, he opened the button of his pants and pushed at the zipper. I pulled my head up as he pushed off his pants and grabbed his cock through the stretchy boxerbriefs. He gripped the outline and wagged it at me.

I put my lips to the tip of his cock and he gave it a squeeze. A spot of precum formed on the material and I tasted it. I didn't usually get to swallow his cum as he always liked to deposit it inside my hole.

"More please," I said and looked up at him with the blue eyes he couldn't say no to. Our eyes locked and he rubbed his shaft, not taking it out of the boxerbriefs. He pumped it quickly five times and then gave it a tight squeeze and exhaled with a growl. A bigger spot formed and I sucked in more of his salty juice.

"Yesss... ahhh," Navid hissed and pet my hair in approval. He pulled his cock back and pushed down his boxerbriefs. I had soaked them with my eager sucking. He slid them down his thighs and his fat shaft popped up to greet my lips. It loomed in front of me and I quickly dove in to suck him.

"My boy," he praised and his hand rested on my head. He gently brushed back my hair with his fingers and then gripped a chunk of it to guide me onto his cock. He pushed into me until he felt me gag, my throat is never used to his size. He pushed me back and my tongue rubbed back and forth across the underside of his shaft.

"Fuck yes, so good, my baby," Navid hummed as he started to pull me back on his cock and then nudge me away. He let go of my hair and his hand brushed down along my jaw. His thumb rubbed my cheek where his tip pushed it out.

I looked up his chest over his thick bush of dark pubic hair. Navid isn't much for body hair management. He is proud of his body and about the only thing he maintains is trimming his beard. I like his hair. It makes his hard, muscled chest soft to lay my head against. It makes his cheek prickly when he rubs it against me.

"Uhhh huh," Navid rumbled as his breathing picked up. His cock was at full mast and I was doing my best to please it. "So close," he said and started to push me off.

"Come, I need to taste my boy." Navid reached down between his legs and hooked his hands under my armpits. He lifted me up into his lap and I wrapped my arms around him. We kissed as his hands rubbed down to my ass. He gripped my cheeks and squeezed them as his tongue wrestled my own. He slid a finger inside my briefs and slowly rubbed my hole.

"Fuck..." he hissed. "It's always so tight for me. Open to me, Noah. I need you."

"Yes... sir," I whimpered as he started to push inside me.

"Let me help, my love. Lie down on tummy." Navid said as he kissed my neck. He pushed me over gently so I laid ass-up on the couch. I got up on all fours so he could do what he wanted. He pushed down my briefs and slid them off. He leaned into me and I felt his warm tongue slide inside my hole.

"Ahhhh... yes sir!" I yelped as I felt a wave of warmth spread through me. He rubbed my back and then pushed my chest down against the couch so he could get at it better.

"Mmmm," Navid said with his mouth full of me. He wiggled his tongue up into me and then made loops, circles, waves, fireworks with it. He did a full circus act to open my ring and make me melt into the couch cushions.

"Fuck... fuck... uhhhh... daddy... fuck me... yes sir," I mumbled a string of nonsense as I moaned, begged, whimpered at his expert touch. He knew his boy, knew how to make me feel perfection.

"Mmhmm," Navid nodded approval as I felt my cock rage harder and pulse at the waves of pleasure from his tongue. I felt his hand on my cock, he gave it a few soft pumps against his palm until it released its precum. He pushed his hands up to my lips and I slurped it off his palm.

He went to do it again. His tongue worked my hole as his hand slowly stroked my cock. He liked when I swallowed my own loads. Boys needed cum. Men needed to feed.

"Ahhh uh huh... yes... please sir... fuck me," I whined as he worked me from both ends. His tongue had loosened me up, but I was ready for the main act. I needed his thick, Persian snake inside me where it belonged. I needed to feel him, sweaty and pounding, in my arms and in my hole.

"Yes, Noah. I fuck you," he said as he slid his tongue out of me. "I give my boy what he begs for."

He raised up and I felt both of his thumbs push slowly inside me. I opened for him. He pulled gently at the ring to open me up. I looked back and up at his face as a long drizzle of spit formed from his lips.

He let it drop and I felt a warm wet glob land inside my hole where his thumbs pried it open. He nodded a smile of victory... bullseye.

He went down again and slurped up his spit as his tongue worked into me between his thumbs.

"Beautiful pussy, my baby," Navid beamed when he finished with me. He gave one quick kiss to my neck and then sat next to me on the couch.

He pulled me back into his lap. I faced him, ready for my prize. I felt his hard cock rising between my cheeks. I reached back and gripped the shaft. I slapped it against my hole and I raised up and down to rub his tip against me. Navid grabbed the little travel bottle of lube and his body gave a few quick jerks as I played with his cock.

"You feel so good, my Noah. I cannot last long at your touch," Navid said. He slicked up his cock and slimed my hole as he rubbed the tip against it.

"Please fuck me," I said and bit my lip while giving him the wide, blue-eye staredown he never rejected.

"Yes, you want this cock to breed you? You need your juicebox?" Navid growled. I laughed at that. He had some strange analogies sometimes.

"Uh huh, yes sir," I whined and pressed my lips into the side of his neck.

"You feel so good, Noah. I love you," he said as his cock began to sink into me. He had done his best and opened me to him so he could claim his prize with minimal resistance.

"Ahhh!" I muffled my pleasure into his shoulder as his thick arms slid around me and his cock forced its way inside. I smelled his cologne and sweat as his hand came to the back of my hair and pushed my deeper into his neck. I moaned against him while he pushed up into me and whispered appreciation into my ear.

"Fuck, Noah. I love this so much, feel so tight and made for me," he growled as he pushed deeper into me.

"Please... fuck... me," I whined as waves of pleasure crashed over me. He stuffed me with no remorse as his animal took over. One hand spread its fingers as it pushed up through my hair and gripped it while the other hand slid down to cup my ass and raise me up so I didn't get too much too soon. He was in control of his boy.

"Uhhhh," I gasped as he let me slide down on his fullness. He mumbled approval and some Persian words as his lips and teeth caressed my jaw.

"Yes, baby. Spread this for me, take me in," Navid growled. He pressed me into his chest, our heartbeats in deep conversation.

"Fuck! Fuck!," I whined each time he raised me up and let me slide back down his pole. I chewed on his shoulder while he supported me.

He kissed up my neck, rubbed his beard along my jaw, and then raised his eyes to meet mine as he started to pound me faster.

"Baby," he hissed as his cock throbbed and pushed inside me. Our lips locked as I bounced on him.

Our tongues wrestled until I pulled away as my cock was ready to fire off.

"I'm so close... I need to..." I whispered and Navid nodded approval.

"Cum for me, baby. Let me fuck the cum out of my boy," he gasped as his lips kissed down to my neck.

"Fuck yes," I moaned as my cock started to fire off. My body twisted and jerked as he pulled me in tightly. I fired a few shots up his stomach as my cock pushed along his furry, chiseled stomach.

"So... good... Fuck me, daddy!" I whined as my throat let out a desperate growl. I coated our chests with my cum as he started to fuck me with urgency. I felt his fat shaft swell bigger and stretch me as he closed in on his target.

"Uhhh Noah... I'm finish too," he said in a low voice. He pushed me down on his cock a little too far and I felt it throb inside me and hot spurts of his juice shoot deep into me. His tongue licked my ear as he howled in pleasure.

"Fuck that's... fuck... good," he admitted as his cock drove in deeper and filled me with his cream. We clung to each other, firing off and rubbing our bodies together in the slick, sticky sheen of my cum.

"Uhhhh," we moaned together as our bodies finished their last few shots.

We collapsed together onto the couch, spent, exhausted, and hungry.

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