tagGay MaleNoah's Starship Ch. 18

Noah's Starship Ch. 18


++ Noah & Navid go to Texas ++

"I hate this. I need to be home and deep inside you, kissing every little inch of the beautiful boy who holds my heart." Navid texted me as we were seated around a large table at a fancy restaurant high above the valley. It was a dinner for some group of investors Navid had helped with a new office building. They were impressed with him enough to invite us to their celebration.

I laughed as I read it under the table, and earned an interested look from one of the guys across the table. Navid didn't like him. He said the guy couldn't take his eyes off of me. I hadn't really noticed it and I felt uneasy at how jealous it made Navid. The guy was maybe 40 and had dark, spiky hair atop an overly tanned face that looked like he was probably hot in his younger days.

Before dinner, he had asked me a few questions while Navid was shaking hands. It was the standard stuff you get when someone doesn't know what to talk about. "You're in school? What are you studying? How long have you two been together? What is it like to date someone so different from 'Our' culture?" I didn't like the way he said 'our' as though Navid had landed from another planet. I answered politely though. Navid's business pays for a nice life and I do my part as the quiet, supportive boyfriend.

"I don't like him," Navid had said when he got me away. "He is disrespecting... He looks at you with bad intention when he knows you are taken boy."

"I think he's just being nice. Maybe he sees I am out of place here and wants me to feel welcome. Why would you be jealous of him anyways?" I whispered back to him as he nodded a fake smile to one of the clients. I didn't understand the jealousy over this guy. The guy was older, and nowhere near Navid's league.

"He is handsome man; successful and very rich. He could easily take care of you and give you more than I could..." Navid trailed off as though he wanted to say more. I knew what more he wanted to say.

"You think you're just a paycheck to me? The only success that matters to me is your happiness and peace. You know I'd share my old bedroom in my dad's apartment and still just as happily be your boy. The lump in your shorts that I couldn't take my eyes off of the first day we met... that wasn't your wallet," I reminded him and put my hand to his chest. His hands came up and cupped the hand that touched his heart. He nodded and then leaned down to kiss me.

The last two months had been crazy. His work was taking off and his workouts had been replaced with business lunches that weren't always healthy. He was making so many deals that Karim had offered him a bigger cut, but the workload was crushing our time together and his prayers. We'd barely had time for dinner and sex when he came home. Most nights he was too exhausted even for sex, but he still got it up, powered through. He knew we needed it.

Exhaustion was taking its toll on his body. He had a bad cold the last week that made his eyes puffier and his nose raw. His muscles were still there but softer, his abs receding from chiseled to a soft plump with the loss of his strict workouts. He still held my heart and starred in all of my fantasies. He would always be my superman. I'd never seen him self conscious or lacking in confidence, but one joke from Aram about eating an extra cookie at our last dinner sent Navid into a quiet storm. I noticed him suck-in when I laid my head on his lap while we watched TV the night before.

I tried everything to build him up, let him know he was still the handsomest, hottest man I'd ever met. I made sure our home was perfectly clean and quiet with the strict protein and vegetable dinners that he liked. I tried my best to be his relaxing force that made him forget about his long days of crazy work. But now, with the thought that he could be jealous over a middle-aged white guy staring me down at a party, I was able to see how bad he felt.

"You are so innocent, so simple. You don't see how men look at you; my perfect, blond, California boy with the best bubble bottom and beautiful seaglass eyes. I must protect you. I know how they are." Navid was really in a spiral.

"Do you think any guy here is even remotely as handsome as you? Do you think any of them could carry me off to bed and have me begging for it? I don't even think about other guys like that, especially not guys my dad's age... yuck," I whispered back fiercely.

"Noah... I love you so much. I do not deserve such perfect prince," Navid laughed and kissed my cheek.

"Princess," I corrected with a laugh. I reminded him of the term I'd spent so long getting out of his system. Now that it was almost gone, I kind of missed it.

"Of course, my beautiful love." Navid kissed me again and I caught the older guy wagging his eyebrows at me as he watched us with interest. He probably wanted to be in the middle.

The dinner went on for another 45 minutes as everyone stood and talked about the progress they were making on their other projects. Navid said it was technically a business meeting so they had to discuss things and they gave him a check during it. He pretended to be surprised and grateful. I noticed he adjusted his tight button-up shirt when he sat back down.

It hurt me to realize that my strong, stone pillar of masculine perfection could be subject to the same insecurities I held. He was such a confident steamroller that I sometimes forgot just how human he really was.


"You look so fucking hot in your suit. I always feel so grateful to be yours," I noted as we walked back to the car. I saw him puff up at my compliment and he opened the passenger door for me with a little smile. I meant it too. He looked so grown up and powerful.

"I love you, Noah," he glowed as he kissed me and held the door while I slid in.

We made it back to our side of the valley with my head against his shoulder while he covered my hand with his as I held onto the stick shift. I was falling asleep, lulled by his soft, off-key singing along to a Persian ballad playing on the car stereo.

I woke up as the garage door was closing behind us. Navid had his lips on my forehead while his fingers rubbed through my hair and his palm massaged my head.

"Your hair is growing so long on top, baby," Navid noted as I stirred in his arms. I kept it shaved down on the sides, but it was just enough on top for him to play with when we fucked.

"I'll get it cut on Monday," I yawned. He gripped my hair and pulled it back so my face arched up to look at him. His lips spread into a smile and he shook his head.

"No, I like this is a little long. Is nice to hold onto. You're still a boy, no need to conform just yet. It's just long enough to braid up here. It would look nice with flowers, my pretty princess," he joked.

We headed inside. He checked that everything was locked up and alarmed while I went upstairs. I stripped down to my briefs and put my clothes in the hamper, a habit he had never learned. I flopped down on the bed and waited for him to finish his nightly security guard rounds. We both knew that if he didn't check everything out downstairs then he'd wake up in the middle of the night and think about it before rubbing his eyes and going down to check it out.

"You enjoy yourself tonight?" Navid asked when he came up. He'd loosened his tie and I knew his blazer would be waiting for me on the back of a chair the next morning.

"Sure... I guess... I always like being there when you are making things happen. Everyone respects you. They all looked at you like they wish they were you; young, hot, successful," I said. Navid finished unbuttoning his shirt and tossed it towards the hamper. He struggled out of his pants and then launched himself towards me on the bed.

Navid landed on the bed in his black boxerbriefs and black socks. He growled and rolled over on top of me. He straddled me and paused to reach down and take off his socks. Those got flung somewhere else for me to find the next morning. When he lifted his arm my nose filled with the scent of his sweat from a day's work. He hadn't had time to shower before he took me out for the dinner.

"I am hot?" he growled as he leaned down and nibbled just behind my earlobe where he knew I was ticklish. I tasted his skin as he explored me. I licked the salt of his sweat from his gleaming chest. I squirmed in his arms and pushed against his pecs as my body writhed with giggles.

"Uh huh," I said as I pushed him away. I punched playfully against his chest. He pretended I was stronger than him and he lifted up and rolled over onto his back with a feigned "ouch."

"My baby so strong," he whimpered with fake pain, but then started laughing.

"You like that? You wanna see me breed that ass?" I growled in the lowest voice I could muster.

Navid exploded in laughter, but I quickly pounced on top of him and straddled his lap. I grabbed his hands and our fingers interlaced while he pretended to wrestle with me. He let me pin his arms back against the pillows above his head. I leaned down until our lips met so I could claim my prize. Our lips dropped the charade and he quickly put me back into submission as his expert tongue explored my mouth.

His hands pushed mine away as his arms came up to slide around me and pull me down into his dark, furry chest. He rubbed my back with one hand while the other slid down and beneath the waistband of my briefs. His right hand cupped my ass and a finger rubbed between. I pushed my ass up until his finger slid down to find my hole. Our lips parted and I looked at him expectantly. He knew what I needed.

"You are ready for me, my love?" He asked as I bit my lip and nodded.

"You don't want to beat me up more? Your humble Persian prince?" Navid whispered.

"No, sir," I admitted. I lowered my chin to his and rubbed against his close-trimmed beard.

"I know how to calm my boy's violent side," Navid assured and kissed me again. He lifted me off his chest and set me down on my tummy against the bedspread. He rolled over on top of my back and kissed my neck. He kissed his way down between my shoulder blades and continued down until his lips found the waistband of my briefs. He took it between his teeth and pulled them down my thighs.

"Fuck... That pussy... so perfect, so tight." His hands cupped my cheeks. He kneaded them as his lips kissed back up my thighs. Erik and I had been doing this squat challenge we found online. It was paying off. Navid never walked by me without squeezing my cheeks or appreciating my progress.

"It's yours... It's always yours," I assured as though there had ever been a question.

"You're mine, little hole?" Navid rubbed his nose against my right ass cheek and whispered softly as though talking to a pet. He pushed my briefs down my thighs and slid them off of me. I bounced my ass up a few times excitedly like it was answering affirmatively.

He gave my ass a light smack and then dove in between my cheeks with his tongue out. I felt the warm, wet muscle hit my hole and drive inside me with one, forceful motion.

"Fuck yes," I whined as my body began to shiver in delight. He was so good at that, like he wrote the owner's manual for it. He knew every little spot to make me melt into the covers and chew on the edge of the decorative pillow.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh," I moaned each time he hit the perfect place. I grabbed fistfuls of the covers as my thighs spread on either side of his shoulders. I arched my back and put my ass in the air to give him better access to the canvas he painted so beautifully with his tongue. His hands gripped my cheeks and he kneaded them as his thumbs spread them wider. His thumbs pulled gently at my hole as his tongue lovingly opened it. He wanted me comfortable for his thick, hard cock.

"Fuhhh," I mumbled against the pillow as my face turned to look back at him. Our eyes me, he was looking up from my hole as his tongue pushed in deeper and the scratchy, trimmed beard of his chin scraped my soft skin. My tummy tightened each time a shockwave of delight spread through me.

He slid a hand up the center of my back to push me down and rub me soothingly as the pillow muffled my whines. His dark, wide eyes looked over me to gauge my face for the please he produced. He winked his left eye at me and I knew his lips were spread into a smile at the way he could make my body contort and writhe at his touch. He owned my hole with his loving touch. I couldn't imagine anyone else taking this much pride in pleasing it.

"Fuck that feels so good. I... fuck..." I was whining in ecstasy like a caged man tasting his first bite of freedom. I lost control of myself and committed fully to whatever he wanted to do with me. I could never make myself feel this good. His tongue worked in hard circles as it lit up my runway.

Pleased with his work, he slid his tongue out of me and worked in two fingers to my spit-lubed hole. It brought a whole other set of feelings that had me fighting to keep my eyes open. He pushed inside me and slowly pried me open with his rough fingers and expert touch.

"You want I seed you, baby?" Navid asked in a deep, commanding tone as his fingers explored me. He knew the answer, knew what I needed.

"Yes sir," I sniffled as I rested my face against my arm and looked up at him with pleading eyes.

"You are my needy little princess? You need your protector to claim what is his?" Navid asked.

"Please fuck me. I need you... so bad," I whispered. My eyes locked in on his. He could see the need in mine and it brought back his confidence. This was somewhere he knew he excelled.

"I know you need me, Noah," Navid slid his finger deep inside me and leaned down to kiss the small of my back. "And I need you too, my baby. You are the one who makes it all ok. Every time I see you happy, I know my life is complete."

"Uh huh," I gasped as his fingers hit my prostate and rubbed it until my cock leaked. I should have said something as equally sweet and perfect, but I was too lost in feeling that I was on the edge of either a giant sneeze or an intense orgasm. There's a fine line between the two.

Navid just laughed at my helpless state. As my cock started to leak, he reached his other hand around down there and gripped my shaft. He pulled in a slow, rhythmic stroking as my precum leaked out over his wrist. His lips found the back of my neck as he moved to hover over me from behind.

He nibbled and sucked on the back of my neck as he finger-fucked my hole and milked my cock. I was whining, gasping, and begging for his cock inside me. He was undeterred though in his mission to open me fully. Above any level of desire, Navid is a responsible lover. He knew how my hole needed to be to accommodate his size. He knew to ignore my begging for his cock until I was ready.

"Your heart is bigger than your hole," he'd said one time. He was confusing the old saying; "Eyes bigger than your stomach," which means you eat more than you can handle. I guess it worked though. He wasn't wrong.

When he collected enough of my precum, he let go of my cock and slid his fingers out of my hole. I turned expectantly to see what he had planned. He rubbed my juice between my cheeks and pushed it down inside my hole.

"A boy's juice belongs inside him," he noted. He finished filling me with it and then knelt up on the bed beside me. I turned towards him and reached for his cock. It dangled in front of him, hard and ready, too heavy to stand up. I tugged at his cock and looked up to see him nodding approvingly. I licked my lips. I missed its taste.

"Please," I said and bit my lip as I tugged on it. He was busy with pushing his fingers back inside my hole, but he paused to look at me as I begged.

"You want the cock, Noah?" Navid asked as though he was unsure of my need for my favorite thing in the world.

"Yes sir, please, I need it," I whined. I blinked up at him with wide eyes, hoping for pity.

"You need the cock, my baby? You want this daddy cock deep inside you? Your body calls for it, whines and begs for my touch?" He asked calmly in that deep bass that came from the back of his throat and sent shivers through me.

I'm taking a class on world languages and the professor recently gave a lecture on pharyngeal sounds in middle eastern dialects of Arabic. They are produced at the very back of the throat and English doesn't use them. Persian doesn't use them either, but Arabic does. Navid's mother was mixed Arabian-Persian and he spoke both languages fluently.

Somehow those deep, guttural tones had seeped into his English, especially when he was tired or amorous. It wasn't a sound I could produce and it colored many of his words. It sent chills through me as my body felt the ancient, primal needs the tones awakened. It sounds ridiculous; it feels supernatural.

"I need it. I don't know why, but I do," I admitted with pure sincerity. Navid considered me for a second as his fingers rhythmically probed my hole. He reached down with his free hand and took my cheek in his palm. He rubbed his thumb over my lips as though judging their quality.

"Ok. I take care of my boy, yes?" Navid asked as he pushed his thumb through my lips. I sucked on it as he scooted closer to me. He took back his hand and gripped his cock. He placed the tip to my lips and pushed through to my throat until I gagged and sputtered on him. He stretched my lips and throat as he began to gently fuck my face. His hand rubbed up to my hair where he gripped the long, blonde locks between his fingers.

"Fuck, Noah. So good you have become," Navid noted as he pulled my head back to look up at him. My hair was tangled in his fingers as his thick snake probed my throat. I stared up at him with wide, blue eyes that began to water as I sucked in air through my nose and tried to get it down my throat past his intruding monster.

"Is good?" Navid asked to check that I was keeping up all right.

"Mmm hmmm," I assured with my mouth full. He needed to know I was ok. He needed me to know that even as he piston-fucked my face and rammed his fingers up my hole to stretch it for him that behind all of that was a man who loved me deeply and wanted me to enjoy this. He needed to know I was safe, happy, and loving this.

"Oh Noah, I can not last like this. I need for seed you so soon," Navid advised. It had been a long day and we had been edging for most of it. We'd been to busy to make it to the bedroom, so i knew he wouldn't last long once he got inside me.

My cock was rock hard and flopping around as he shoved his fingers into me and stuffed me from both ends. I was twisted in an uncomfortable position, but the waves of pleasure that pulsed through me drowned out any strain to my muscles. I was focused on pleasing my man and allowing him to use me like he needed. He slowed his assault on my throat but I still felt his heavy nuts slap against my chin. I wanted to suck on his balls, but those would have to wait until next time. We both had urgent needs.

"I can fuck you now. Is ready," Navid said as he suddenly went still in my mouth. I knew he was on the edge and any sudden movement could reward my throat with his creamy, Persian seed. I wanted him to bury it in my hole though.

Navid slid his fingers from my hole while his cock sat lodged inside my throat. He went for the lube and squeezed a healthy amount in my hole. I felt it fill me, he was always generous with it. It tingled a little inside me and I squirmed, careful to hold my mouth still.

"Easy, baby," Navid cooed as he slowly slid his cock from me. He laid down next to me and decided I needed some kissing time with him. It wouldn't settle his cock down, but it would pull him back from the edge.

He pulled me over onto his chest and my lips found his while his arms slid around my back. I inhaled the musk of his cologne and sweat. He always smelled so good to me. He held me against his chest as his tongue slid past my lips. I sucked on it as he rubbed me approvingly.

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