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Nobody Has to Know


The last thing I expected to see when I got home was my girlfriend naked on our bed, her legs spread wide, her own tits in her hands and her fingers pinching her nipples. The most surprising part of it, though, was that face down in her crotch was a guy that wasn't me.

He was eating her madly, his hands under her ass, holding her to him. His jaw worked strong and fast. His tongue flicked and flopped and fucked her. She coiled and stretched under him, moaning sounds, but not words. She also had her eyes open and was looking right at me. I wanted to think anything else, but I couldn't deny that she looked beautiful as she curled her bottom lip inward and bit on it gently as another moan escaped her.

There was music playing. It reminded me of that Bjork crap, but this was more soothing. And loud. It was why the guy still didn't know I was there.

I might have grabbed him right then; choked him, punched him, and threw him out on his naked ass. But then there was something else I didn't expect to see: boxes. The bedroom was emptier than when I'd left it. My stuff was gone. In the boxes. She was kicking me out.

I deserved this, and I was actually surprised it had taken her this long to get around to throwing me out. I'd cheated on her with her best friend. The worst part was that she'd watched me do it, watched me do all the things to her friend that she would never let me do to her. And it wasn't because she refused to do those things, but because she wanted to save things like that for when we were married, so we'd still have surprises to look forward to. Eva--that's her name--she considered that "quality". I was more for the quantity, and occasionally reduced myself to begging for those things. When I cheated, I just kind of snapped and went all out.

Well, it didn't look like that was going to be an issue anymore.

Eva stopped moaning and made a look like she was going to say something to me, but I guess she couldn't think of what to say. Then she nodded toward me. Toward my hand. I looked down, forgot I was holding my cell phone. I looked back at her, saw her reach under the pillow, grab her own phone, and push a button.

My phone vibrated. Text message. Something she'd obviously already written, and was just waiting for me to get home to send it so she could see the look on my face when I read it, no doubt.

Eva went back to moaning, and the guy slurped away at her pussy. Besides wanting to kill him, I envied him. Here I was, about to get a Dear John letter, while he was getting a taste of the hottest pussy on the planet. I recalled having cum several times just from the pleasure of eating Eva out. From what I could see poking beyond his thigh, the guy was at least halfway there himself.

I opened my phone and the message.

'Don't blame him,' read the first sentence. I remembered "him" then, Patrick, I think, from her work. I'd met him once briefly.

'U know what this is,' read the next line. 'Do I?' I thought, and looked to her with that question in my eyes. She just stared back, until Patrick took a moment to breathe and began kissing up her left thigh. It gave me a glimpse of that favorite spot of mine. Her pussy lips were puffy, swollen, glistening with saliva. She'd shaved herself bare. I'd never seen her that way before.

I knew her message meant it was over between us, and that she was moving on in a big way. But we had been together for three years. I felt I was owed a more sophisticated break up than this, even if I had cheated first. But still I read on.

'U know what I want. U can stop this anytime.'

I wasn't getting it. And with that bare pussy of hers still on full display, it was all I could do to keep looking her in the eye when I wasn't reading the message.

'I think it's a little late to stop anything, don't you?' I thought angrily, wishing she could read my thoughts. I hated that I was being quiet about this. But she'd gone to these lengths to make sure I didn't disturb Patrick, and I was still so shocked by it all that I just took what she gave me. I had to admit, it worked. I'd been in the presence of this guy eating out my girl for over a minute now and I hadn't punched him out. He didn't even know I was there.

'I'm fucking Patrick regardless,' the message continued. 'But you can stop me from throwing U out.'

Eye for an eye, I thought. And what was I supposed to do to keep from getting thrown out? I had cheated on her, and now she was cheating on me. Sure, I did it first, but I hadn't planned on doing it, and I'd been drinking. She was sober and, if they had just started, she obviously had planned this so I would be home in time to see everything. We should be squared.

And then I knew what Eva wanted.

'Oh, Eva you can't be serious,' I thought. My face communicated this as best it could.

She looked back with a look that said, 'Yes, I am'.

I shook my head. No way. I knew why we weren't even. I had cheated, and now so was she. Eye for an eye. But I had also done things during my brief affair that Eva had always said no to. I had fulfilled my greatest fantasies with someone other than her, and that had meant a lot to her.

But Eva had some fantasies of her own. And one in particular she had actually begged me to do, though I always refused. The idea of it got her so hot that a few times she even talked about it while I was fucking her.

That had to be it. Given the seriousness of the situation, there was nothing else.

I never would have considered it for anyone else, but Eva was something special. Besides our wonderful time together, Eva was the most beautiful woman I knew. Her mixed heritage gave her slender body a bronze color, and her long, red hair was almost the same hue. She had big, exotic blue eyes, and the sexiest smile on Earth. Her breasts were nice, barely Cs, and so perky they swooped up at the ends. Her legs were long, and, though 27 years old, she had the same perfect ass she'd had when she was a teenager, years before we got together. Though I had my pick of women, I felt lucky to be with her. And if I had to do something like what she was suggesting to stay with her, well...

I sighed as I began to undress, and for the first time I felt the heat and humidity coming from the adjoining bathroom. The lights and shower were off, but they had been on. So Eva and Patrick had showered together. I wondered what they had done in there. Had they already fucked? Looking at her, Eva's hair was still wet, but her skin was dry, which meant they'd been out of the shower for a good amount of time, but not long enough for either of them to have worked up a sweat.

But then I knew they hadn't fucked. Eva had planned this, and that would've ruined her plot.

The sun was out, but with the shades shut, it was dark in the room. My shadows were slight, and didn't tip off Patrick, who had his face buried in my girlfriend's crotch again. I stripped naked, trying to concentrate on being angry rather than think about what was happening, though I was shaking anyway. And to say my stomach was queasy was a tragic understatement. I climbed slowly on the bed, and as I did, Eva put her hands on Patrick's temples, blinding him in case he opened his eyes. She led his face off of her.

"I want to suck you," she said softly but loud enough for him to hear over the music. "But keep your eyes closed. I want you to picture your big cock going inside me. Now lay back."

Patrick obeyed without suspecting a thing. Eva sat up as he went onto his back, and I crawled across the bed at the same time to mask my movements. Eva crawled on top of him, laid her body on his, and kissed him deep. I sat right next to them, my breathing ragged, my mind telling me that I couldn't do this, but my body willing, so far. I hoped Patrick would open his eyes and see me, freak out, and I'd be off the hook, at least for the moment. But I wasn't that lucky.

Eva reached under herself and grabbed Patrick's dick, pumping it as she kissed him and licked his ear.

"How badly do you want to fuck me?" she whispered.

"So bad."

"Do you want me to blow you?"

A breathy "yes".

"Are you gonna cum in my mouth?"


"...Or all over my face?"

"Oh God! On your face! Yes!"

Eva was jerking him the whole time, but she might as well have been jerking me. Taking a load in the mouth or on the face was a couple of the things she never let me do. It was hot, despite the circumstances, that she was suddenly willing. I was growing hard in spite of my impending task.

"You better last," she said, at last slipping away from his face, kissing his chest. "Or I won't let you do either."

A fretful nod, then a gasped "okay".

Eva let go of his cock, but continued to kiss down his stomach. She grabbed his hands and pushed them up by his head.

"And no touching," she said. "Or I'll stop."

He nodded. Swallowed hard.

Between kisses, Eva looked over at me; my cue. I had to think real hard and real fast about whether she was worth it. Honestly, I didn't want her to be. I wanted to tell her to fuck herself, or to fuck Patrick cause I didn't care, and to make sure she sent my stuff express. But if there was a chance to stay with her, I had to take it.

She said a few last words to Patrick. "And remember, keep those eyes shut...or this is all over."

Well, she was right about that.

With Patrick controlled, now Eva turned her attention to me. Obviously she had to get me started. I wasn't about to just dive in on my own. She grabbed Patrick's legs and pushed them up until he was almost bent in half. His big balls hung so far that they rested on the bed. I wasn't sure what she had in mind by moving his legs up like that, but then I realized it would be easier for us to stealthily switch positions by going under rather than over his legs, where he might feel us and notice a second presence. I scooted closer to her, was wondering why she didn't move away, and then realized she wanted to be here, close to the action. She put her hand on the back of my head and gently led me down.

On the way, she whispered into my ear so softly I could barely hear her.

"Make it hot, or you're out. Very, very hot."

She led me the rest of the way down until my nose was inches from Patrick's ball sack. He'd kept his legs in the air, but now they were wavering, tired. Besides making it hot, I also knew I was obligated to ensure Patrick didn't find out what was happening. So I couldn't just pull his legs back down around us. From his perspective, his legs had been put up that way for a reason, presumably for better access to those big, hanging balls. At least, that's what I would've assumed had I been in his position. So I had my target.

I was ready to move forward and do it. But my body wouldn't go. With this being such a big fantasy for Eva, I admit I had occasionally considered if I was able to fulfill it for her. But in my considerations, the answer always came back as big NO. Yet here I was, on the verge.

Suddenly Eva was over my shoulder, moving past me, then pushing her face into Patrick's balls. She sucked them right into her mouth, and he was moaning instantly.

I wondered if she had had a change of heart, or maybe she saw that I was going to do it, and that was good enough for her.

Or, more likely, she knew Patrick was getting suspicious with all this downtime and needed to step in before he looked to see what was wrong.

Eva sucked his balls fast, making wet squishing noises as she lathered them in her mouth. Then she released them, and they plopped out dripping wet. She moved up to suck the tip of his knob. Her saliva was dripping down quickly, thoroughly coating his length. And as I watched, I remembered back to how she had last described this fantasy while I fucked her...

I had been on top, but she was somehow doing most of the work. She had wrapped her arms and legs around me so tight I couldn't have pried her off with a crowbar. I barely had enough room to thrust at all. She kissed me hard, deep.

"I want you to suck a cock for me," she said between gasps. It was the same thing every time she started. "A straight guy's big cock. I want you to seduce him. Make sure he doesn't leave. Make him want it. Make him beg for it. And I want you to beg for it, too. I want to hear my big man begging to suck cock."

She kissed me again, long and hard, rocking against me the whole time.

"I want you to tease him at first. Suck his balls. Get 'em real wet. Then lick his big dick. It'll be so big and hard and veiny. Lick it just how you like to be licked. And suck on it. Hard, baby. Suck it hard for me, baby. Suck him until he fucks your mouth. Until he fucks your throat. And if he doesn't do it, you'll fuck your throat on him."

Still humping against me, somehow she grips me tighter with all four limbs. If I had thought about actually doing these things as she described them, I'd go soft. It happened. So I got used to hearing it, ignoring certain words, and imagining her doing those things to me. And the resulting sex was wonderful. Still, despite my defenses, I wonder how much of what she described entered my subconscious.

"And you'll love it," she'd continue. "I want to hear you love it. Sucking that big man. My big, strong man sucking a dick. Putting your whole body into it, just like you tell me. And moaning on it, just like you like it. You'll take him deep, but when you're not taking him deep you'll jerk the rest of him with your hand. And you'll play with his balls. And you'll make him cum, baby. Not until after a long time of sucking. But you'll make him cum. And you'll swallow it. Swallow all of it right down, moaning like a little slut. Jerking off a big dick right into your mouth. My big man swallowing hot cum for me. Hot, sticky cum. Hot, white jizz . . ."

And that was when she came. When she always came. They were the longest, hardest, wildest orgasms she ever had.

And as I saw Eva pull her lips off Patrick's dick, leaving it hard, throbbing, and coated in her spit, I realized that those were the best orgasms I ever had, too. I always attributed that to her physical reaction. But now, looking at this guy's big, wet cock, I knew her words had gotten to me. Her fantasy had snuck into my mind. I wasn't exactly captivated. But I was intrigued. And I knew I could do it.

I grabbed a hold of Patrick's wet shaft, then ducked under and placed my tongue against this other man's ball sack. It was warm and still wet. Like Eva, he seemed to be freshly shaven down there, and though I had no experience otherwise, I knew I preferred it that way. I curled my tongue under his heavy testicles and cupped them, bringing them into my open mouth, then closing my lips around him. And I sucked.

My God, I thought. I was sucking another man's balls. Even more amazing then that was I already felt horny doing it. I wasn't about to dive in, but I was getting hard fast, and my mouth was working without my brain telling it to. I sucked the sack tight, then tumbled the testicles with my tongue. It reminded me of sucking on a jaw breaker, not in the hardness, but in the way I sucked as if I was getting candy flavor off.

"Oh, Jesus," Patrick moaned.

The reality of that should have given me pause, but instead I let escape a little moan of my own. I began slowly stroking his slippery cock with my hand as I continued to suck and tongue his balls. And then I felt a hand on my cock. Eva had found my erection, and had begun to stroke me. She put her other hand on the back of my head, guiding me up until Patrick's balls plopped out from my lips just like she had done. They slapped wetly against his ass.

I moved my hand from his dick, knowing what to do, but letting Eva guide me anyway. I licked the shaft where my hand had been, working my way up, licking the whole way, like it was a big, fleshy lollipop. When I got to the top, I lapped at the sensitive underside just below his head, giving it long, hard strokes like I was eating an ice cream cone. And that wasn't too outrageous an analogy, because Patrick was already so excited he leaked creamy pre-cum like a trickling faucet. The taste was strong, heady, thick, and definitely masculine. But the more I tasted the harder and faster I licked.

Patrick was really groaning now, tossing his head from side to side, wriggling his hips, and then thrusting them, gently, to meet my tongue strokes. Eva kept pumping me, and my balls swung back and forth, slapping against the back of her hand. It was then that I realized that she was moaning, too--too quiet for Patrick to hear--and it didn't seem as though she was faking. She was really getting off on this!

It was one of her sexy, feminine moans that put me over the edge, and I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the tip of a man's hard, pulsing cock.

No sooner had I tightened my lips around him when Eva spoke so loud I almost jumped.

"Patrick, open up!"

Patrick opened his eyes and looked down before I could even realize what Eva had said. He looked at me in horror, then at Eva, then back at me. He tried to sit up but his hands slipped on the bed. I knew I couldn't let him go because it dawned on me at that second that I had overlooked a very important part of Eva's fantasy: seduction. She wanted me to seduce him, and to do that, he had to know it was me blowing him.

"What the fuck?" he exclaimed. "Eva! Shit!"

I grabbed his hip with one hand and his chest with another, holding him down. I had to stop sucking to talk, but I kept my face against him, my lips rubbing his shaft as I spoke.

"Just let me," I said, not knowing what else to say. "Take it easy. I'm just going to suck you." I couldn't believe my own words.

"The fuck you are!" he said, and he grabbed for my head to pull me off.

I knew if he pulled me away, there would be no getting back. I had no chance of convincing this guy to let me blow him. If I was in his position, I'd be the same way: freaked out and ready to grab my clothes and dress on my way out the door. So I did the only thing I knew would stop him.

I took him deep in my mouth, and sucked hard and fast.

Though I'd already tasted him, already had my lips around him, this time it was tougher. Another guy--a straight guy--now knew what I was doing. It was humiliating, and I was angry again for being put in this situation, even if it was indirectly my fault. Sucking Patrick while he was unaware was one thing. But doing it when he knew it was me was something else. I had to really push myself, and in doing that I moaned and growled on his cock, pumping myself up as if I was about to hit the football field in the final seconds of the last quarter.

I was the loudest person in the room as I sucked Patrick with an energy that surprised even me. My growling came from deep within, and I was bobbing on him with such hard strokes that his cock head met my noises right there in my throat. I fucked my face against him, my hands holding his body, my fingers tightening on him as his muscles tightened under me. I was all determination, forgetting, briefly, what it was I was really doing.

I felt his hands on my head, strong and tight at first, pulling at me, but then just holding me.

"Oh God...Oh God!" he groaned.

His breathing came so hard and fast he sounded like he was hyperventilating and I knew I got that way moments before I came. But Eva's fantasy was for me to suck for a long time. I'd only been doing it a couple minutes. I couldn't let him cum yet, or this would have all been for nothing.

I stopped sucking and pulled off of him. I wanted to look up to him and ask if he was cumming, because I would've squeezed his balls to try and hold him off if he was, but I couldn't bring myself to look him in the eye. I grabbed his dick, holding it but not stroking, and kissed and lick his inner thigh, buying time until I could come up with something to say.

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