tagSci-Fi & FantasyNocturnal Emissions

Nocturnal Emissions


Raven lies in bed tossing and turning. She looks very uneasy and restless in her sleep. In the depths of her mind she is somewhere else entirely. She is running through an immense garden labyrinth, running hard and fast like someone or something was chasing her.

She can feel such a strong pull each way. She can feel herself wanting to give in but some force urges her on. Some divine force needs her to keep moving. She's thinking," I can't give in, I can't give in," and at that very moment she stumbles over her own feet. Snakes slither over her and wrap around her, binding her to the ground where she lay.

The divine force urging her on is now gone. As she falls submissive to the serpents, she can feel the divine force suffocating until it was no more. Now she is beginning to be overcome by new feelings of extreme desire and passion. This passion burns deep and pure, so pure the fire was almost blinding.

Suddenly, floating mysteriously above her, appears an enchanting being, too beautiful too be deemed either male or female. This being was pure ionic, androgynous energy and now it didn't seem so threatening. Its eyes seemed to tell the story of the world, and possibly beyond.

Raven had already given in to the shadows, which were grabbing at her. She hadn't even noticed that her temptress had taken the form of a ravishing woman and had silently ordered the snakes away.

Now only this beings eyes were cradling Raven into comfortable submission. Its eyes were pure blue like tropical waters, but there was no solidity to them. They contained endless knowledge and wisdom. The depth of this being was infinite and mortals have lost their lives trying to find its core.

Held in this moment with animalistic lust and pure desire, Raven gives in to her subconscious. This delectable form stands before her, gazing into her eyes, holding her there so tight, in that look.

This wonderful incubus runs her slender, alabaster hands over the nape of Ravens neck, imprisoning her to submission. Raven can no longer control her deep-seeded emotions, grabbing at her, pulling at the crotch of her pants.

At this moment, this nameless beauty grew its fangs, ripped the crotch out of her pants, aggressively twisted her body sideways and teased her with its fangs. It felt so erotic and real that Raven moaned sweetly in the depths of her sleep.

As her back arched in euphoric bliss, her capture swirled her tongue gently over Ravens clit and abruptly spanked her. This made Raven even more wet and she began to quiver silently.

Her capture drew away from Raven and seductively wet its long, slender fingers. Raven's mind reeled as she straddled the first finger and this gorgeous form resumed suckling and flicking her clit with its brilliant tongue. She penetrated her with a soft rocking motion at first, and then began slowly removing her finger, making Raven want it.

Just before Raven thought she could take no more, her siren crammed two fingers inside her, hard and deep. Ravens thighs started to convulse and she could feel her heart stop.

This moment is pure and simple; the most free Raven had felt in a long time. She could no longer see anything. She could only feel, these fingers fucking her harder and deeper and this tongue manipulating her so smoothly. Everything is black and suddenly she explodes, submitting to these hands and this tongue. She realizes she is in the blackness of her own bedroom.

Ravens Vampress

You step out from behind the shadows,
And it seems as if the darkness stays within you.
You suck the life from me and I am reborn,
Sink your teeth in and I feel anew.

Never knew there was light beyond the thick black,
I never thought I could see the world this way.
There was a reason for us to meet up on this night,
I needed you to show me that the world would crumble in dismay.

The world could rock violently beneath me,
And I would still believe it was infinite, as I had before.
Now you are here to hold open my eyes,
And show me that there is so much more.

Thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom,
And you beckon me to hold it all within my being.
So I take you in and become infinite as well,
Only to awaken and realize it has all been a dream.

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