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Nocturnal Emissions


I was fast asleep, when it all went down. I heard noises coming from down stairs and was startled awake. Thinking it was just my imagination, or possibly just a dream, I settled back down into the comfort of my 3 pillows. I can still feel the effects of the alcohol from the party that night. Man, what a party, I drank way too much. And I am sure that I may have gone too far flirting with several of my female friends. I just smile as I start to replay the kisses, the groping, the near fucking, as I am drifting off to guiltless sleep again. It was a little harmless fun after all, right?

My drunken slumber was filled with dreams of her, the one that got away. Just as my dream was starting to get interesting, I realize the feeling of her mouth on my cock feels amazingly real for a dream. Too real. I wake again with a start, hands tied down above my head using some sort of cloth, eyes covered also by some sort of soft cloth. My blankets are pulled down exposing my naked body to the cool night air of my bedroom, and my very hard cock deep in someones mouth. I feel not one, not two, but three separate pairs of hands on my body. One pair playing with my cock and balls as that mouth worked its magic. The second pair was rubbing my leg and stomach as a second set of lips started to kiss side. The third set of hands held my shoulder and rubbed my head as the third mouth started sucking on my ear and whispered for me to just relax and let it happen. The moan escaping from the mouth wrapped around my cock, the whisper in my ear, and the giggle from my side all betrayed my home invaders. Each one of them I would never have expected to be doing this, not with me anyway.

The one rubbing my head knows full well that she has control of me right now, she has my off button in her hands. As she sucked on my ears, neck, cheek, and lips, she let up a little on my hair, so that I could enjoy the fucking awesome blow-job I was receiving from a very enthusiastic and naked young woman at the bottom of my bed. I could tell she was naked, or at least topless, due to very ample breasts swaying back and forth, nipples brushing up against my thighs as she continued to massage my balls and sucking my cock deep down into her throat. This was quite possibly the best blow-job I have ever received. The second girl to my side continued to rub my body all over, and eventually got up onto the bed and straddled my chest reverse, as the third woman whispered encouragements into my ear.

"Come on sweetheart, go ahead and cum for her. She wants you to cum for her, go ahead and cum in her mouth. She wants to taste you, so badly, cum for her baby." Her encouragement, was too much for me to hold back any more than I already was. My body tightened up, my legs rigid, cock pulsing deep in her throat, I let go with a torrent of cum. The mouth surrounding my hardness pulled back so that just the head of my cock was in her mouth, lips sealed tight around my head. She moaned in ecstasy around me, as she herself seemed to be experiencing an orgasm. "Mmm, see that? You made her cum too." the whisper continued at my ear. "Now its my turn for a taste, while you recover enough for what I really want."

That fine mouth finally and, I could, reluctantly released it hold on my now deflating penis. The body straddling my chest started to scoot back and offered up her pussy to my hungering mouth. The sweet taste was a delicacy I have long missed. My tongue quickly found its mark, flicking back and forth over the sweet nectar covered button of this obviously horny girl. It wasn't very long before I felt the soft licks of a tongue on my now re-hardening penis. As the warm mouth engulfed me for the second time tonight, my tongue deep in the pussy smothering my face, I felt the light flood the room even through the blindfold.

"Hell, if I can't fuck him, I am at least going to watch you fuck him darling." The voice came from my left side by the light switch.

My now hard cock was released from its warm and wet embrace as two whispered voices each went "Shhhhhh!!!"

An embarrassed, "Oops," followed very quickly from the left. "Well, fuck too late now, probably knows who I am now, so no need for me to whisper."

Suddenly the mouth that was around my cock was replaced with the soft, smooth, wet, hot and tight sensations that could only be the pussy of a very excited and ready to fuck woman. With my arms tied down, I could do nothing to help raise her up and down my cock, but she seemed to know exactly what and how she wanted my cock. Her body rose and fell hard against me, causing my cock to pump deep into her wanton pussy. The feeling on my dick was so incredible that I momentarily forgot that I was suppose to be eating the sweet tasting pussy that was now pressing itself deeper onto my face looking for its own pleasurable release. I quickly started to administer a more vigorous tonguing of the fine pussy that was dripping its juices on my chin.

I hear a whisper from above me, "Look...Looks like...she brought her a friend...with her." The distinct sounds of a vibrator now filled the room between the grunts and moans.

"Mmm...uh...oh...she...should've...just...gone ahead...and fucked him...mmm...it's...wonder...ful."

"Fuck that, I had my taste...now I am just going to enjoy the show darlin'." The familiar voice said from over by my dresser bench.

The body below me was now starting to tense up as she raised up and down the shaft. I could tell her organism was close. I myself, was going to come very soon too. I felt my balls begin to tighten signaling my approaching orgasm. I started to squirm, the girl smothering my face, could Sense my rising frustration. She raised herself up, off of my face as she started to hear my muffled statements. "Mmph..MMM..I...am...gonna...cum...You better get off..."

My fuck partner showed no signs of slowing down or any hesitation in her working of my cock in and out of her now smoldering hot pussy. In fact, I am almost certain that she started fuck me harder, her whispers no longer controlled, her grunts and moans of ecstasy cluing me in to her own orgasm beginning.

"before...I...cum" her pussy now clamping down hard on my cock, my every fiber resisting letting go, of my own orgasm. "in...side...you...oh...fuck...I...can't...hold...on..."

Her body collapses into mine, her pussy still in spasms, she kisses me, still fucking me, she half grunts, half husky whisper, "go ahead...cu..cummmmm...in me...I want you...inside...me"

Hearing that, the floodgates open, and my soul pours into her unprotected pussy. I moan in agony as my entire body stiffens with the earth-shattering experience. Our bodies are tight together as she slows her movements. She is now hugging me, her breasts tightly squeezed between us, her lips hungrily seeking mine.

As she broke the kiss, and lifted herself up onto my chest with her arms. "Mmm, I needed that." she whispered, to who I couldn't tell. After a few moments, she raised herself up, reluctantly I could tell, off of, my again deflating, penis. She then collapsed against me on the bed. I don't know how I could tell, but I was certain she was smiling.

"Here." a now spoken voice said, as some sort of glass was put to my lips, "take a hit."

"I know that smell." I said just before taking a deep hit off the pipe. "And that voice." I followed up as I exhaled.

"I know what you like," the voice said, as she gave me a kiss, her mouth filled with smoke meant for me to breathe in. "Just a little something to relax you while you recoup." My arm restraints were loosened as the voice continued, "and I think we are done with these for now."

The first thing I did with my newly released arms was wrap my right arm around the naked and still writhing form next to me. My left hand was guided by the second form on my left to a very soft breast. The body to my right hugged me tighter, and her hand fell to my penis. Her hand wrapped itself around my now limp member, and started to stroke it up and down in an attempt to get me hard yet again.

My left hand was then directed down the front of the girl on my left so that it was pressed against a very wet and hot and shaved pussy. "See how hot that tongue of yours has made me? Mmm, finger me, and get that cock ready...I want you to fuck me from behind." The buzz of the vibrator still humming along muffled by the pussy across the room. "Take another hit." as the pipe was put to my lips again, and take a hit I did.

The faint sounds of a wrapper being opened came from my right, and the unmistakeable feeling of a condom being rolled down my newly hardened dick. "Sorry Luv, no more bare back. That was only for me."

"Fine with me," I smirk as I exhale. My fingers on both hands now deep in a pussy on both sides. the one on my right much wetter do to the copious amounts of my cum now drizzling out slowly.

"Okay luv," the voice on my right says as she releases herself from my fingers and starts to raise me up off the bed. "You need to get up, so you can get fucked again." I work myself up to my knees, my cock pointing strait out in front of me. My left hand is then extricated from the tight pussy to my left, and brought behind my back along with my right hand. As I feel the tie again wrapping around both of my hands I realize I am not going to get to use my hands to fuck this next tight little body.

"How am I going to get good leverage if I can't hold on to her?"

"Don't worry," says the voice behind me. "She...will...manage..." the voice across the room finished as I felt the heat of a body in front of me getting closer and eventually impaling itself on my condom covered cock. The body behind me pressed itself up against me, her pussy strategically placed at my tied hands, arms reaching around me and pulling the tight ass deeper into me, my cock reaching deeper into the tight squeeze of the girl to my front. My fingers working the cum drenched woman behind me, my cock pumping in and out of the tight little body being forced onto it from the arms around me, and the rising sounds of pleasure from in front of me and across the room, all led to my excitement building much quicker than I ever imagined after have cum twice already. I struggled momentarily against my bindings, and freed my right hand and reached around to get even better leverage against this sweet little fuck in front of me. As she felt my hand reach her hip, she let out a deep moan, and her pussy clamped down on my cock so hard that I was having a hard time pushing back in. My left hand then let go of the pussy behind and grasped the hip in front, and I slammed my cock back into the now spasmodic pussy. The body behind me pressed even closer to me, her breasts flattened up against my back, her arms grasping my chest. The vibrator across the room alternating quickly between loud and muffled buzzing, signaled to me that our voyeur was close to her orgasm too.

My body, finally let go of my last orgasm, as I slammed back into the pussy in front of me as she collapsed forward, her ass still high in the air. I collapsed forward and to the left myself my cock popping out of the now well fucked hole. At this point the effects of that pipe started to take effect.

It wasn't long before I was back to sleeping soundly. The next thing I knew, my alarm was blaring in my ear, telling me it was time to wake up. At first I thought it was all just a fucking awesome dream, but then I smelled the distinct odor of pot. There was also a used condom, tied shut, resting on my bed table, and the lipstick kisses of three separate lips on my chest, and hickeys all over my body....But I don't really know when those happened...

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