tagErotic HorrorNocturnal Lustings Ch. 02

Nocturnal Lustings Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Mina

Night after night I hear her. Her soft voice moaning in what I first took to be pain. I remember the first night I heard it, two weeks ago. I left my bed and ran to her door. I knocked softly, calling her name. When she didn't answer, I pushed it open and peeked inside. Lucy was naked on her bed. Her hands were moving all over her body, touching herself. I still feel the heat that turned my face so red. I knew I should have left, but something made me stay and watch. I couldn't take my eyes away from her or her fingers. She was sliding them between her spread thighs, her fingers rubbing, stoking, caressing the flesh between them. Her moans and gaspings grew louder. I was shocked, embarrassed, but also I felt something I had never felt before. I felt a warm feeling spreading between my own thighs.

I wanted to slide my own hand down to find out what it was, but modesty held me back. I was a proper lady, and proper ladies didn't do things like that. Like what Lucy was doing to herself. She looked like a wanton whore, not the respectable woman she was. How could she....? Why was she....? And what was making her scream like that? Her screams were so loud it was a wonder the servants didn't come running. I thought she would kill herself the way she was thrashing around on her bed. Her whole body was shaking and quivering. I had no idea what was happening to her, but I was enthralled watching her. Whatever it was that was making her scream out with such pleasure was something I wanted too.

I left her door and returned to my own bedroom. I was confused and yet I felt something new. My whole body felt like it was on fire. I wanted to feel, to experience what she had. I wanted to know what had caused such a reaction from her. I lay back under my covers and slowly moved my hands down over my nightclothes. I was shocked to find my nipples standing up hard and pressing against my nightdress. I remember how I moaned when my fingers stroked them. My whole body arched up. I felt the fire spread through my entire body. It seemed to centre between my legs. Every time I squeezed a nipple, I felt the wet warmness spreading there, between my thighs. It was so different from the way I felt when Jonathon kissed me.

His kisses were so unsure, so timid. I felt a brief rush of something, but it was nothing compared to this. His hands always stayed on mine. He was a perfect gentleman. But I wanted more. I wanted to feel what Lucy felt. I wanted to be the whore moaning and begging. I wanted lust and passion, not chaste kisses and poems of love. Could my Jonathon give me that? I was unsure, but I doubted it.

My fingers strayed lower. My pantaloons were wet. I pulled my fingers back and looked at them. They glistened in the candlelight. I touched them, smelt them, then timidly licked my tongue slowly over them. It was good. I wanted more. I slid my hand down again, this time inside my pantaloons. Shyly, I ran my fingers through the soft brown curls that covered my modesty. They were so soft, so damp. I just lay combing my fingers through them. I felt a faint tug between my thighs, and curious to know what it was, I moved my hand lower. I soon found what it was. A little hard piece of flesh. When my finger brushed over it, I thought I would die. I'd never felt anything like it. I couldn't stop myself. I rubbed it with my finger. Such sensations of pleasure ripped through my entire body. I bit my pillow so no-one would hear me. I couldn't stop touching it, stroking it. I just wanted more. More pleasure, more exquisite sensations. Was this what Lucy felt? Was this why she screamed?

My finger slipped lower and was engulfed by the wetness I'd felt. I knew what it was and where it was coming from. I wasn't entirely unknowledgeable about these things. I'd peeked inside Lucy's books, the ones she hid from her mother. I had seen the pictures inside them. The couples contorted in all kinds of ways, the shocking ways the male figure was taking the female one. I am embarrassed to admit it, but I find them intriguing and long to know how it would feel if Jonathon would take me like that. Not the kind of thing a well brought up lady would think about. But I would. I would look at the pictures and then close my eyes and imagine Jonathon and I doing everything like I saw in those books.

I wonder if he knows what I am thinking about when he kisses me. That I want him to touch me like I have seen in the books. That I want him to do those things to me. Would he be shocked that his oh so proper Mina wants to be treated in such a way? Could he ever see me in that way? Or would chaste kisses and gentleness be all I would ever get from Jonathon Harker?

I would watch Lucy every night after that first one. I would feast my eyes on her body and what she did to it imagining I was there with her. Imagining she was doing that to my body too. She wasn't always alone.

The first night I saw him, my heart froze mid-beat. He was everything a man should be. His body was perfect and his hands looked strong as they roamed over Lucy's body. I watched as his mouth trailed after them. I was sure he heard my gasp when his mouth wrapped around one of Lucy's nipples. I couldn't help myself. I was tranfixed by them. I could only watch as he slowly licked, sucked, and kissed his way all over her body. The way she was moaning made me jealous. I longed to feel what she was feeling. I ached to be her.

I couldn't stop myself. My hands almost had a will of their own as they plunged down into my pantaloons and started stroking between my thighs. I was so wet that my fingers slipped and slid all over myself. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming and alerting them to my presence. When he grabbed her ankles and held up her legs so he could bury his head between her thighs, I almost died. The way her body arched up, the way she screamed with delight made me so incredibly jealous. All I could hear was him sucking and licking at her and the moans she made when he did. I'd never seen anything like it. Not even in Lucy's books. I wanted to be her right then. I wanted him to do to me what he was doing to her. I could feel myself breathing faster as my fingers stroked harder. My eyes were locked on them.

He knew I was there. His eyes locked with mine as he raised his head from between her legs and moved his body up hers. My breath caught in my throat as I saw him. Saw his manhood so hard and erect, standing up against his belly. I remember the way he smiled and the way Lucy gasped as he plunged it into her. I watched them for what seemed like hours. She writhed like a common whore beneath him, begging for more and he gave it to her. He held her arms down above her head and thrust himself into her harder and harder until he reached his climax. He kissed her neck and she screamed in pleasure as he did.

Barely able to walk, I made my way back to my bed and lay there lost in thoughts of him and what I wanted him to do to me. I wanted him to use me, to pleasure me like he had Lucy. His eyes were burned into my soul. I felt him with me even though he wasn't. When I touched myself, I felt his hands, his fingers. And when I reached my climax, it was his face I saw above mine, his eyes I saw burning into mine. But I was always alone.

I dream about him every night. Its his lips I feel on mine when Jonathon kisses me. Its him I want.

Lucy grows weaker before my eyes. Its like he is draining the strength from her, but I know she'd never stop him. I know I wouldn't. She doesn't know I watch them in the darkness, and she definately doesn't know my secret desires. That I want him and that I dream about her as well. Her body moaning under mine as I do the things I have seen him doing. I want to be the one making Lucy scream, making her body writhe with passion as my face is the one between her thighs. Making her act like my wanton whore. All the while, I am his. I know my Jonathon will never be the one to make me feel this way, and I am sorry for my adultery to my betrothed, but my flesh is weak and every fibre of my being screams for him. Screams for the one with the dark hypnotic eyes.

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