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Non-Artificial Insemination


My wife Candace and I had been trying to get pregnant for well over a year. We were both 32 and should have been nearing the prime of our sexual fertility, but after many doctors appointments, pokes, prods, and embarrassing sperm donations the doctors had determined that my sperm were unable to swim well enough to impregnate her. It was a tremendous blow to hear that I could not give my wife the very thing she wanted so much in life; to be a mommy.

We looked into artificial insemination, discussing it with multiple doctors but the $25,000 price tag for the procedure was far too much for us to afford. Besides, the thought of another man's sperm inside my wife gave me nightmares at night knowing some faceless stranger was essentially doing for my wife what I couldn't and that she would proudly carry his baby for nine months.

One night Candace had emerged from the bathroom looking like an angel. She was 5'6" and 125lbs with a white sheer baby doll nighty hanging over her petite body, giving me an only slightly impeded view of her small but firm breasts. Her nipples, which had always had a size and length that embarrassed her and tantalized me, were already hard and poking at the fabric to form the most delightful little points. Her dark blond hair flowing over her shoulders and covering the thin straps of the baby doll, with only her silver loop earrings poking between the locks of her head. Her blue eyes looking at me with a touch of nervousness but desire as I stare at her beautiful figure silhouetted by the transparent white gown. Underneath I can see she is only wearing a small silk thong, hiding the mystery of her delicious womanhood just enough to make me want to reveal it fully.

I bounded off the bed and walked to her, kissing her tiny red lips and looking into her lightly freckled face as she looks into mine. Our tongues slowly caressing each others as we kissed and I slowly slide my hand down her back to gently caress her tight firm buttocks.

I layed back in the bed gently pulling her on top of me. She brushed her hair back from her face on one side as she looked down at me with a knowing and loving smile. Her legs straddling my body, her knees up around my hips as she rhythmically begins to slide herself up and down trying to entice my cock into her.

Suddenly I feel the warmth accept my head and Candace lets out a cute little soft sigh pushing her hips down and enveloping my entire shaft in the moist warm folds of her pussy. "Oh god baby," I moan feeling all of my cock inside my wife's amazing body. She put her hands on my chest lifting her shoulders up and slowly and seductively begins to slide herself up and down over my aching penis.

Stricken with lust I reach up and cup and lovingly fondle her breasts with my hands as she rides me, feeling them heave through the soft mesh fabric. She closes her eyes as I gently pinch the erect nipples on the tip of her breasts and then lift her gown to put my mouth on each and suckle it gently between my lips.

The feeling of her pussy's warm embrace becomes to much for me and I begin to moan as she rocks her hips so gently and purposefully working me in and out of her. I felt my balls tighten underneath her body and my cock swell as I began to release my cum into her inviting mound. As she feels the warmth of my semen flooding her body she too begins to pant heavily and moan along with me. Her body shivers and her back arches as she lays on top of me kissing me deeply as she orgasms. I reach down to hold her firm small ass tightly, holding myself in her as she spasms on my cock.

As she lays on top of me, both of us breathless Candace looks down at me and nervously begins to speak. Her voice waivers as she says, "Troy we've been trying this for months. I don't think its going to work, and I really want a baby."

"I know honey, but there's no way we have the money for that." I respond, "Besides its awfully fun to keep trying..." I say with a smile.

"Yes...I guess it is," she responds unconvincingly. "But Troy, I heard of a place in town that offers insemination for only $200..."

"$200!" I respond incredulously, "Candace that's insane! Even if it were true it can't be legal, and who knows what kind of sperm donor you'd be getting!"

Candace pulls herself from my arms, beginning to pace the room nervously, "I know it sounds too good to be true, but I thought it was at least worth investigating honey. Please, I really want a baby and we can at least just go down and talk to them. In fact...I made us an appointment for tomorrow afternoon."

"Candace we don't even know if this place is legit!" I continued to protest, "And you're making appointme........"

Candace cut me off cooing, "Honey just trust me and go with it," as she crawled on the bed and gently began sucking my cock, her warm mouth and tongue making me forget any disagreement.

"Y-Yes baby...we c-can try it..." I moan in response. Despite having just gone, she has me hard again quickly and I cum in only a few seconds as she sucks me. Candace doesn't even bother to pull her face from my cock knowing there won't be very much to swallow. Almost immediately I fall asleep from exhaustion, trying to forget the problems we had.

In the morning we drive to our appointment, with me still very unsure of this idea. Candace directs me to the office, and we quickly realize its in a very bad part of town and looks pretty seedy. "Candace we should just go, this is disgusting," I say to her, my suspicions being confirmed.

Candace insists, "Troy, please lets just get the information at least." With that we go inside.

Once we enter the building we find an empty waiting room with a nurse and doctor waiting for us. They lead us back to the examination room. He ignores me almost completely and stares at Candace as he talks. "Welcome to our facility, sweetheart. Do you have the $200 for the procedure?"

I balk, "We only want a consultation, we're not getting the procedure today."

He responds to me dryly, "Whether we do the procedure or not, everything is up front. I'm sorry there's no other option." Candace interrupts, "We just want to hear about it," and digs into her purse pulling out $200 and giving it to the nurse. "Troy its not that much money and its worth learning about."

They take us back to the examination room, and the doctor has Candace sit up on the examination table. She nervously lays back and is asked to spread her legs, hiking up her dress. The doctor roughly pushes a large finger into her pussy without lubricant and to my surprise I see he didn't need any as Candace lets out a soft little "Uhh.." and his fingers easily slide in. With his fingers still in my wife the doctor continues, "Oh yeah, you're pussy is just fine and fertile. It must be your husband's little white sperm can't get the job done. You're a prime candidate for our procedure."

Candace smiles happily hearing there's a chance he can give her the baby she wants, "Really Doctor!? Oh thank God, I want a baby so badly...how does the procedure work?"

The doctor smiles slyly, "Even though you're only thinking about it, we think its best that candidates have a full walk through to get a feel for what the procedure entails. Once you've walked through it and are prepped you can decide for yourself if you need more time or want to complete the procedure to impregnation. If you'll step into the restroom there nurse Tasha will help you into into the appropriate garb for the procedure."

"Well...O-okay..." Candace responds hopeful but nervously as she hops down from the table and follows the nurse into the dark bathroom and the door closes.

The doctor largely ignored me working on paperwork while Candace was in the bathroom with Nurse Tasha. I begin to get aprehensive, "Wait a minute, what is going on here?? You need to tell us about the sperm donors, how we select them, and about how the procedure works to get her pregnant!"

The doctor looks up at me irritated, "None of that is your decision anymore boy! Your wife can make her own damn decisions now that you're falling down on your obligation to breed that fine woman. She'll get all that information as soon as she wants it, so you can shut the hell up!"

After he talks I can't respond, made nervous by his aggressive words. As I stare at him stunned I can hear Candace's muffled voice from inside the bathroom:

"Isn't there a light in there, I can't see anything we're doing" "Careful you're going to rip my shirt!" "This doesn't feel like a hospital gown, and why are shoes necessary...they feel so tall..." "Makeup?! How does that have to do with a medical procedure. Ow, don't be so rough with my face!" "Ouch, what are you doing to my earrings?!" "Wait, where are my panties?"

The door opened and Candace was pressed by the nurse out of the darkness into the light, seeing herself for the first time just as I did. "W-what is this?" she asked nervously as she looked down at herself in the light. She wasn't in a hospital gown as we both had expected.

I couldn't believe my eyes. As she stepped onto the floor loud clicks echoed into the room as she had been fitted with the tallest platform heels I'd even seen. They were clear with black straps that wrapped up around the calves they sexily forced into a flexed tense state. It also forced her to stand with her back arched and her ass out invitingly. My eyes tracked up her slim sexy calves to her knees and thighs. As she walked they forced her ass to sway seductively. Candace was wearing what could barely be called a skirt, which was skin tight and barely covered her tiny little ass, and as I sat I thought I could almost see the bottom of her cheeks and possibly even her pussy mound as the nurse had not put any panties onto her. She tugged at it nervously trying to keep it down over her ass, but the tugs just brought the short skirt down further on her hips, sexily exposing the the gentle curve of her hip bone. The top was no more conservative. It started an inch above her navel, hugging tightly to her breasts and shoving them upwards and almost making them pop out of the top. I could barely take my eyes off of them expecting her nipple to protrude over the top at any moment. The fabric was only in the front, with the back of the top tied together in a criss-crossing pattern leaving a large gap exposing the lines of her arched back. Her hair flowed down around her neck where she now wore a black choker, which while classy gave her the look of some domesticated pet. Her ears now held large hoop earrings and her face had been heavily made up, her crimson red lips dark and pouty, her eyes dark with liner and lash enhancer, and the eye shadow above them blue and sultry.

As I gawked at my wife I couldn't help but find myself sexually aroused even as I was horrified and confused. She looked like raw sex on two feet. "What is going on here! What kind of procedure is this for?!" I exclaimed now fearing even more what we had gotten ourselves into.

Before I could continue the nurse stabbed an injection into Candace's arm, "You'll be ovulating in the next hour," she said dryly. The doctor then pushed us both out a door at the back of the room where we found ourselves in a long trashy alley. Candace stumbled on her enormous heels and I steadied her.

The doctor stood in the doorway, "Now head down to the right. There's a door there at the end if you decide you're ready to go through with the procedure today. I'll call 'em and let them know you're on your way." He added evilly, "And damn I hope you do, I may have to head down there to assist...don't forget, when you do get pregnant my fee is good for all your OBGYN visits. I'd love to keep taking care of that pussy."

With that he closed the door and there was no way back in. "Oh my god Troy, what are we going to do!?" Candace plead, "Someone's going to see me and think I'm...I'm...a whore!"

"I know Candace, I told you we shouldn't have done this!" I snapped back as I tried desperately to find something I could use to cover her up. Suddenly we heard a voice from behind Candace, "Damn I ain't seen you working this hood before. That is one fine ass you've got there. How much baby?"

Startled by the large black man that had walked up to her in the alley she turned and nervously tried to explain and deny his advances, "I-I'm not like that...I'm not a p-prostitute."

"You sure as hell look like one," he replied stepping towards her beginning to grope her breasts and ass, "Whats wrong girl, my money not green enough for a little white slut like you? Why don't we go over between those dumpsters and let me show you how much I got in my pants, and you can show me whats under that little skirt"

I saw Candace had lost control of the situation as he began to take her between two filthy dumpsters in the alley, "Hey that's my wife! We were just here to get some help having a baby and that jerk doctor did this to us. Let her go so we can get out of here!"

The man threw a wad of bills at me as he unzipped his fly, Candace backed into the corner between the alley wall and two dumpsters, "Well now you're her pimp...and a little sissy one at that. Now let me see if I can teach you how you're supposed to get your little wifey pregnant"

"Oh God Troy help!" Candace yelped as she saw the huge cock pointing at her. The man was turning her around and pressing her back forward making her rest her hands on the filthy alley wall as she tried to maintain her balance on the ridiculously tall heels.

"That's it girl, now just spread those legs for me," he went on as he stepped in behind my wife. Her skirt immediately hiked up as she was bent forward exposing her ass and pussy, "Damn look at that tight little white ass and pussy" he said squeezing her ass cheeks, "Don't worry with this fine little thing this won't take long."

With that he pressed forward and I could hear Candace cry out as this strange man's cock penetrated her little cunt. "No sir please I'm not this kind of girl!"

The man grunted as he kept working his cock back and forth in my wife's pussy, "The way your sweet little cunt is grabbing my cock says different. Now tell me this big black dick isn't about to make you cum."

With that Candace's eyes began to roll back into her head and her groans and grunts of fear and pain began to turn into moans and squeals of pleasure and lust, "Oh god it feels so goo..." before she could finish her sentence she began to cry out in ecstasy as her body convulsed on his big cock. The spasming of her pussy was too much for the man as well as he grunted loudly and began to cum inside my wife! Oh god was this going to be the father of my child!?

I couldn't believe my eyes as my wife had an orgasm while bent forward over bags of garbage with a strange black man in her cunt. As he pulled himself out of her she turned around to see the huge cock between her "John's" legs. She was suprised to see it sheathed in a condom now full of what seemed like a gallon of cum. He pulled the condom off and its contents splattered onto the ground as he buckled his pants.

"Y-you used a condom?" she asked quizzically knowing her humiliation had been for absolutely nothing now.

"Hell yeah slut. I dunno where you been, but damn I'll be seeing your sweet ass later. Mmmm-mmmmm..." And he casually walked away in the alley.

I was too stunned to stop him as he strode by me. I couldn't believe what was happening. If someone had looked down the alley only moments ago they'd have seen nothing but my beautiful wife's legs and ass being raved by a huge black cock with the rest of her hidden by a dumpster like some common hooker. Plus, I couldn't be sure, but I was terrified that a part of her might have actually liked it!

"Fuck you! I'm not some disease ridden prostitute!" Candace yelled after him as she worked to straighten her clothes and try to make her skirt conceal her now swollen and wet pussy. She looked almost disappointingly at the full and now leaking condom on the ground as if she wanted to pick it up and pour it all into her childless pussy. Then catching herself she looked at me angrily, "Troy why didn't you stop him! He just fucked your wife and you just sat there and did nothing!"

"Candace he had a gun in his belt and he was huge!" I nervously protested as we kept walking down the alley, Candace's ass swaying back and forth as she tried to keep her balance in the filthy alleyway. I tried to hide the erection I was ashamed to have at what I'd just seen and continued, "We'll get you some decent clothes and call the police to file a report..."

Just then we saw a police car park at the end of the alley. "Oh my god Troy they're going to think I'm a hooker and arrest me," Candace whimpered in horror. Beside us was the door the doctor had described, "We have to go in here honey, please!" and she began to stumble on her heels to get inside. As she did I noticed the glowing neon lights above the door which read "BROTHEL"

"Candace wait NO!" I shouted, but it was too late, we were already inside with the door closed behind us.

The inside was smokey and darkly lit. There was a desk with a whorishly dressed woman who looks like she'd been doing this for a good portion of her life. Behind her was a hallway of doors. "You must be my knew 'patient' " she said sarcastically, "You've got the 6pm to 10pm shift down in room 5. We'll settle up after your shift is over" She then turned her gaze to me, "You the husband that can't take care of business? You'll be in Observation room 4" she grinned slyly.

We followed her down the hall still too stunned. As we reached the room Candace turned to me, her sexy pouty lips and amazing body in such a slutty costume was such a contrast to her sweet innocent face. She stood closely to me looking up pleadingly into my eyes, "Troy, I want a baby so much. I know this is disgusting and not the way we'd planned...but...it may be our only chance. I've already had sex with one guy today, so what is one more for the purpose of making "OUR" baby? It'll be hard but I'll just lay there and let him do his thing, and then we can go home and forget how all of this happened..."

"Candace, but we don't even know..." I protested,

"Shhhhh...honey please don't make this harder on me than it is...it'll be over soon....and then we can have our beautiful baby" and with that she kissed me sweetly on my lips. Her tiny skirt rode up her ass as she leaned in to kiss me and all I wanted to do was grab her sweet little ass and hold her, but before I could say another word she slipped into her room and closed the door behind her.

My stomach sank as I walked into the "observation" room wondering what was going on. As I got inside I saw that the wall between Candace and I's room was a one way mirror and I could see inside her room though she could not see me. While her room was furnished, mine had only a small chair and a table with a pump of KY lotion and some tissues. As I watched Candace strutting sexily about the room looking at the toys, lubes and other sexual paraphenelia I heard the deadbolt on the door lock behind me. "HEY!" I yelled out, and only got a reply of "Its for your own safety...daddy..." the woman laughed through the door.

Candace layed herself on the bed, nervously trying to position herself in a sexually inviting way (though everything she did in that outfit was sexually inviting) when suddenly I heard heavy footsteps down the hall and Candace door opened. "My god this can't be happening," I thought to myself as a large black man strutted into the room.

"God damn no wonder they charged me an extra ten bucks for the no condom experience," he exclaimed as he saw Candace laying there. Candace tried to maintain her composure, attempting to play the role of the experienced whore, but it was obvious she was nervous as hell. "Its alright baby," he continued, "I know why you here and what you're really lookin' for...now why don't you get up off that bed and come over here and be really nice to this big black cock, and maybe it'll be nice to you"

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