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None So Blind


Certain sexual activities that may be depicted in this story are safe only in fictional literature.


This story is a work of total fiction. Any resemblance to real people, dead or living is purely coincidental.

All Feedback is appreciated.


At 29 years of age and dreading the thought of soon being 30 years old and still unattached emotionally, I began to search for one thing that would define the beginning of my third decade. Something big, that I would always remember, but it had to fit within the limitations of my vacation time and of course my budget. I wouldn't be flying around the world to climb Kilimanjaro or water skiing the Amazon. I had to focus on more practical exploits.

I am Ted Bagley, a soon to be 30 year old single male, I recently broke up with my girlfriend of four years, She wanted to get married, I didn't, relationship over. It has been three months now since Caroline and I had parted company, I have been out on a few dates (less than ten) but I had not hit it off with anyone in a way that made me want to keep seeing her. My best friend Adam and I usually went out to a club or bar on weekends, on the pull as the Brits say. We weren't very successful at that either.

I was bemoaning my sorry state of being single again and facing the big 'three o' with one of my lady friends at work. She sympathized with me especially the turning 30 bit as she had done it a few months ago. She pulled a card from her handbag and held it out to me.

"Teddy, get your skinny ass to the gym and get yourself a new body. It will do wonders for you physically and more importantly, mentally. You've seen what it did for me!"

Immediately I remembered that she had a full makeover as her gift to herself. She joined a gym, lost almost 20 pounds, had a cosmetic makeover too and she looked wonderful now. Self confident and dating regularly. The change in her was dramatic and she seems so much happier as a person than before. Several of the other ladies and begun similar programs after Jeanne's success. I decided I would do it and went straight to the gym after work, giving Jeanne's name as a referral got her a free month at the club too.

My best friend and confidant, Adam Anthony had moved away six months ago for a big promotion with his company. Adam and I met in preschool and have been best friends since. We played sports together starting off in T-Ball and progressed to Pee Wee League sports then to high school baseball and wrestling. Adam excelled in wrestling and got a scholarship to our state university to wrestle. While I was better at baseball, though not a scholarship athlete I did make our college team as a walk on. With each of us in different sports we were able to see the other's matches and cheer him on, we even managed to room together for the last three years at college. After graduation we both got jobs in the same city and naturally roomed together until Caroline and I got serious and moved in together. Adam got his own place and continued to do the bars and clubs alone. I was absolutely lost when Adam moved to Colorado after 21 years of him in my life.

I wished for the umpteenth time that Adam was here to do the gym rat thing with me. There was nothing for me to do but go it alone. I stopped on my way home from work and talked with an instructor/trainer, signed up and headed to the Sports Store at the Mall for workout gear.

I had just over five and a half months until the big three oh. The trainer assured me that with his program my body would be ripped beyond belief in ninety days, if I followed his instructions and the workout regimen.

That night at home I resolved that I would do this, build a new body and change my outlook on life. I almost cried on my way home from the first workout session, even my hair hurt. I had spent over thirty minutes in the Jacuzzi at the gym but it offered little relief, I fell on my bed and didn't wake until five a.m. I missed my dinner so I was very hungry when I woke.

A huge part of the success of the workout regimen I was on depended upon my diet as well as the exercises. I automatically peeled an Orange, washed off a carrot and threw in about half a mango and turned on the juicer. Next up was my least favorite egg whites. Ugh! I finished off with a protein shake and hit the shower and got ready for work. On the way out the door I stopped to mark of day one on the calendar.

Sometime into the second week I began to feel better, my body no longer screamed at me after a two hour workout. I have even begun to run on the gym's indoor track. Near the end of my first month I caught myself wanting to ditch work and head the the gym. I felt more alive than and any time I can remember. My body was responding and beginning to harden up into muscle. One afternoon I was doing sit ups with my trainer and he stopped me on the rise up and told me to look at the mirror. There on my very own stomach was the outline of a six pack of abdominal muscles. I automatically looked down. It was real! I thanked my trainer and when I got home I know I spent an hour looking in the floor to ceiling mirror I had installed in the spare bedroom which was now my home gym.

It was time to buy some new clothes, I didn't fit well into the 27 inch waist pants I wore when I started at the gym. I now wear a 29 inch waist and the next size neck size up for a dress shirt. When I tried on new pants I was amazed when I looked over my shoulder. I had a round bubble butt, I reached my hand back and felt my butt, it was rock hard. The store assistant came up to me as I was trying on the pants and shook his head.

"Those are not fitting you very well Sir. With your permission I suggest we move over to another section of this department to our designer wear. You will want to show off your obvious assets to their best advantage. The cost is a bit more but the clothes will fit and make you stand out. Like the song says 'every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man'."

He flitted off and came back with his arms loaded with clothes. I left the store with three pairs of new pants five new dress shirts, five ties and two pairs of shoes. The next day at work was fun, the word spread like wildfire and there was a parade of women by my desk all day. While I thought it funny a part of me reveled in the attention. Even Jeanne, who had told me to "get my skinny ass to the gym" was impressed and I thought I sensed her 'coming on' to me a bit. But the craziest part to me was the men at work seemed to listen closer when I talked and often deferred to me in decision making. That didn't happen before when I was skinny Teddy.

I was at home Saturday morning preparing to do a run through the neighborhood and the City Park nearby the phone rang and it was Adam, just calling to chat. Memories of him and how I missed him flooded back. The workouts and the gym had kept me from dwelling on our separation. When he asked what I had been up to lately I told him I was building a new body.

Adam started laughing. "Teddy, you expect me to believe you're going to the gym and working out to bulk up that skinny ass body of yours? And without me there to push you to do it. I'll have to see it to believe it bud."

"Yeah, well I can't wait to see the look on your face when we meet up again. I'll bet I could walk right by you without you even knowing who I am."

"Sure man, Like I wouldn't recognize the best friend I've ever had. That's a laugh. I sure would like to see you though. After twenty plus years together this being apart sucks. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't want to tell you something.

Hey Ted, did you ever figure out something to do for our Birthday celebration? All I can think of is getting drunk and crying!"

"I know...the one thing that I keep coming back to is a camping/fishing trip in the mountains. I don't have a clue as to what mountains but I think that would be great fun and something we would always remember."

Adam agreed that it would be memorable then out of the blue he almost shouted.

"Estes Park! We should go to Estes Park in the Rockies just outside of Boulder, Colorado. There few places more beautiful and we can be as secluded or in the open as we want. We can even rent a cabin instead of camping out. Wow! Two weeks together fishing, hiking and playing in the mountains really sounds great."

"Addy, I think you're onto something. That does sound great. You can meet me at the Denver Airport and we can drive to what ever place we rent. I'll carry a sign with 'TED' on it so you'll know who I am."

"Yeah sure. Like I'm not gonna know the love of my life...oh shit...that didn't come out right Ted, but you do know I love you man. I can't imagine you've changed to the point where I wouldn't know you. But even if you have, true the changes are only physical, my Ted is still inside your new body. I know that for sure."

We finished up our conversation and for the rest of the day I thought about Adam he seemed a bit different in a way I couldn't pinpoint. I thought as I ran that I would check out cabin rentals in Estes Park as soon as I got home. The prospect of reuniting with Addy for two whole weeks was exciting, there's been a hole in my life since he moved away.

I managed to run for six miles today, my longest run yet! My goal is to get to ten miles each day. Again I was surprised as I stripped off for the shower and glanced in the mirror. I could hardly believe that was my image in the mirror. Skinny Ted was a memory, this Ted was ripped and toned like an athlete. I would be going to the gym later and was anxious to talk with my trainer about the vacation. Running would not be a problem but two weeks without work outs might not be a good Idea.

After my shower and another few minutes at the mirror I got on the Internet and to my surprise and amazement found a perfect cabin in Allenspark, Co. a little town of 538 people just 12 miles from Estes Park and at a great price. It was a 2 bedroom A-frame without another dwelling in sight. I had to call Adam right away.

He answered on the first ring. "Teddy, what's up man. You okay?"

"Sure but Addy I had to tell you about this place...get on your computer and enter Allenspark, Co. in the Search box and then this. As I gave him the directions he gave a low whistle.

"Teddy that's perfect but how much?"

"Look up the right top corner Adam."

"What!! Can that be right? Call them now and book it. Try to get it where both our birthdays are in the second week, we're only three days apart. SHIT MAN! This is awesome! Two weeks with my best Bud and all that friggin nature right outside the door. Damn Ted...it's got a hot tub too! It just gets better and better."

"Okay Addy, I'll call and try and book it then I go to the gym. I'll call you back around eight tonight. Be cool dude. Later"

This was meant to be. One call and the place was ours, the last week Adam's birthday was on Monday and mine the following Thursday and we would leave on Saturday. I was high as a kite when I got to the gym. I talked with my trainer and he didn't care for the idea of me not exercising for two weeks but told me to go on with my workout and he would think about it. He did ask where I would be for the two weeks and I told him that Estes Park was only 18 miles away.

As I was drying off from my shower my trainer came back to the locker rooms and told me that he had made arrangements with a guy he Knew in Boulder and I could go there and work out for $15 a session. Well worth it for me. My trainer asked me if I was aware of what next week would be. I didn't have a clue to what he was talking about.

"Ted, next Wednesday will be the end of ninety days. Go on, look at yourself in that mirror."

I did as he said and I was all smiles from ear to ear. Then he pulled out a Polaroid picture of me the first day I came here. "remember this little guy Ted?"

"Good grief I was such a mess."

"You're my poster boy Ted. If all my clients were like you, did as they are told and worked as hard as you do. I'd be king of the trainers around here."

"I can't thank you enough Charlie. I never dreamed I could look like this."

I settled into my routine, running every day (I'm up to 8 miles a day!) and the gym every other day and of course my work. Before I realized it, it was time for our vacation. I was so excited to be seeing Adam again. It has been eight months since I last saw him.

I deplaned at the Denver airport and headed straight to the luggage pick up. I saw Adam immediately standing against the wall looking for me. As I neared him I thought of a joke to play on him. When I stopped in front of him I asked.

"Please excuse me Sir, but are there any restrooms near here."

He started giving me direction and I started laughing and in a couple of heartbeats he caught on.

"TEDDY! JEEZ MAN you look incredible! Holy Crap! I'd still be giving you directions if you hadn't started laughing. When your eyes crinkled up I knew."

He wrapped me in a bear hug, saying quietly near my ear.

"Dear God I've missed you Ted. I've learned some things about myself, about us, since I've been here. God it is good to be with you, I feel whole again now you are here."

"uh..Addy, it feels wonderful but maybe you should let me down."

His bear hug had lifted me off the ground and I was still dangling there.

"Oh, yeah, guess I should, but I may have to hug you more later." He kissed my neck as he let me down.

I stood back and looked at him.

"Addy, looks like I'm not the only one who has changed. You've lost at least 20 pounds , got a new hairstyle and that stubble beard makes you look like a magazine model. You've turned into a hunk Addy."

"Well we'll fight off the ladies together, teddy. You are mine for the next two weeks."

"Yes Sir, and you are mine Adam."

There was a silence as we stood looking at the other, I felt a shudder throughout my body. Adam stared intently at me and I was confused, and adding to this state of confusion and embarrassment, my cock had gotten hard! What The Fuck is going on! I broke away from his stare.

"My bags!" we turned to the carousels and found my bags and started to the parking area. As we walked Adam hip bumped me like we did as kids, I bumped him back and we were snickering and giggling as we made our way to his SUV. As we settled in and buckled our seat belts he turned to me again reached out and put a hand behind my neck and pulled me to him, lightly kissed my lips and said.

"I've never been so glad to see anyone in my entire life as I am to see you. Things are right again now that you are here. This will be two weeks to remember the rest of our lives Teddy, mark my words"

Adam drove straight to Allenspark and the A-frame cabin rental. He told me he had been there twice and learned the way. When we opened the door both of us stood there open mouthed. This place looked like a chalet outside but it was posh luxury inside. The master bedroom had a king sized bed but the second bedroom has twin beds! I gave him a look. He stared right back at me and pointed to the king sized bed.

"Yes, we're sharing this one. No arguments." Adam stated.

It was no big deal, we've slept together for many nights., even as adults.

"Sure thing, Bud, but I might ought to warn you, it's been months since I've had sex with anyone other than myself." I joked.

"hmmm, well that make for some interesting talk over breakfast."

"you wish! This new body got you hot for me Addy"

He gave me a sobering look.

"I was hot for you when you were a skinny runt. Always have been."


"we might as well get this part over with Ted. Sit down, I have to tell you something. Ted, you're the best friend I've ever known and I've prayed every night that what I've got to say will not change our friendship. This has been going on for years Adam, so it is not a whim or any sort of experimentation.

Ted, I'm gay. I have been for years My first experience with a man was right after you moved in with Caroline, there have been two others for a total of three in a bit over three years. I guess I knew even back in High School but wouldn't admit it."

"Okay, you're pulling my leg here, right. I'm supposed to believe that Adam Anthony, cocks man extraordinaire has switched over and is now playing on the other team! Give me a break! Why are you doing this Adam?"

"Ted, it's true, you remember how I had to wear two jock straps when I wrestled in school. It wasn't because my equipment was so big, it was to hold in my hard-on. I knew I was gay in High School. Remember when we were kids and would lie on those twin beds in your room and jerk off looking at girlie mags? I was watching you jerk off Teddy. I loved the way your face twisted when you shot off."

"Your serious? Gee Addy, that's really a shock, I never had a clue. But really, it doesn't bother me. Lot's of guys have a best friend that's a pervert!

It took a second or two for Adam to get the joke then we both were laughing like crazy. I knew I had to lighten this up or we were in for a gloomy time.

"Adam, it's gonna take a lot more than you being gay to run me away. If, I'm completely honest here, I've had those thoughts too, but only about you. Come to think of it, I've had them more often since you moved away. I've even masturbated thinking about you. Hmmm. I may need to think about this for a while."

"But Teddy, I haven't told you the worst part yet. I'm in love with you. I mean like wanting to make love with you, live with you, for us to be like a couple. I am a real pervert, for sure.

"Addy, we are okay, this does not cause a problem between us. But it is something I never thought we would be discussing. I know you are serious and I think I know how you love me. Part of me loves you the same way. That bear hug at the airport? I got hard when you did that."

He grinned, "I know, I felt it against me and I saw it when I set you down, that gave me the courage to tell you this now. I know you are not gay Ted, don't misunderstand me. I just hope that maybe you could come to feel about me like I do you."

"Addy you know that if I should ever get that particular urge for sex with a man, you're my guy."

"It's a lot more than the sex Teddy, it us together like we've always been but even more and then add the sex and it can be the best feeling in the world." "Come here Adam." I hugged him tightly to me.

"We're okay Addy, don't worry, we're good. I'm going to go out and do my run. When I'm running I think my clearest. I need to think this out. It's me I'm trying to sort out Adam, I haven't really thought about these things I've just admitted to you but I need too. It is a fact that since you moved I've been a very unhappy man."

I felt him shudder as he hugged against me. I leaned back, he looked down and our lips met. It wasn't the least bit odd or strange to me, just our lips together. I gave him a quick peck and I pushed back breaking our hug.

"I gotta change into running shoes and shorts, be right back."

When I came back through the family room to go our to run, Adam was at the kitchen island on a bar stool. I heard him moan.

"Now that's just plain mean Teddy, I pour my heart out telling how I love you and you come out here to go running nearly naked. Holy Shit Ted, you're body is amazing man. I gotta go find a gym soon."

"You don't need much work Adam, you're hot and you know it, too. See ya in a few Bud."

I had run less than a mile when I stopped and just walked. After a bit I saw a large rock not far off the road and I went over and just sat down. My mind was so full of Adam I couldn't run and pace myself. My mind was full of my past sexual thoughts about us together. I didn't tell him that I had sneaked glimpses of him jacking off in my room when we were kids just like he did. I used to get my rocks watch him stroke his cock. I had forgotten how strongly I was attracted to him as a kid.

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