tagErotic CouplingsNoodles Ch. 02

Noodles Ch. 02


(This is the second part of the series I started. If you like it, vote so I can continue it. If you didn't read the first one, you may want to just to see the background on the main characters.)


In the morning, George awoke slowly as the events of the previous night played again in his mind. As he recalled in his mind the feeling of Marsha's body pressed against his, a slow realization came across his face as he realized he was still in the guest bedroom. As he quickly jumped up to hunt around for his trousers, he heard a whistle from the door. He turned around, his face frozen in fear towards the source of the whistle.

At the door in a sun dress was Marsha, smiling at him as his bum stood there exposed. It took him a while before his smile returned to his face and he began to laugh. Both began to laugh more as George slowly realized that he was off the hook so to speak. It was apparent to him that what happened was ok with Marsha and in his mind, Sue would either understand or have to deal with it.

As he slowly slipped back into his pants, Marsha was talking about this morning, about what happened when Jacob and Sue awakened. There was a pause after Marsha mentioned that they went to the zoo. George was shocked.

He asked Marsha if they even wondered where he was. Marsha explained her way of disguising why George was in the guest room although it was simple because Jacob and Sue had the main bedroom as their den of iniquity. It was then that the thought of Marsha's statement hit home.

George realized they were alone at the house. Jacob and Sue left to go to the zoo by themselves.

Apparently, George forgot that they were charged to take the two visitors sight seeing. He began to apologize profusely at Marsha before she placed one of her fingers over his mouth to quiet him, her eyes sparkling at the possibilities. George then understood what she desired, but his mind took over for a second as he called Sue's cell phone to justify himself. He heard it ring four or five times before her voice mail took over.

George hung up the phone before walking closer to Marsha, his eyes looking at her like he was stalking pray in the jungle. Marsha was wearing a flimsy sundress, but it was apparent to his eyes that she neglected the undergarments that day. George gets close enough to where Marsha places her hands over his shoulders and asks him what he wanted to do.

It was only a moment before George leaned in to kiss Marsha. A slow sensual kiss between secret lovers as their lips parted and their tongues dueled between them. George's hands began to rub Marsha's back as he slowly raised up her skirt to reveal her naked bum to his touch. George was more aggressive this time than the last, knowing full well that Marsha desired pleasure with him , that George was desired again by this deity from across the pond.

Both hands lifted her onto him as he then took her to the jumbled mass of blankets and sheets from the night before and set her upon the bed. He pulled up on her sundress again and she was completely nude before him. Her face shown not of shock but of relief as if she had been wanting his affections all morning. His face darted straight for her neck, his kisses beginning the assault before Marsha reached down and undid the button on his pants to let them fall.

George was in awe for just a moment before Marsha placed both hands on his rear and pulled him into her, impaling herself on his member. George was shocked for a moment before he placed his hands above her head and begin thrusting in earnest, his member being caressed by her aggressive walls. Marsha was too polite to tell George that she needed a good fucking this morning and she was too impatient to wait for his shy demeanor to subside.

As she raised her legs up to embrace his, George could feel his impending explosion. He started to say something before her lips interrupted him. She yelled for him to cum inside of her as her legs began to push him in deeper. It wasn't long until George followed her commands, releasing his essence into her as she pulled him in.

Marsha released the hold on him long enough to slide off of him, her lips making contact with his member as he laid on his back on the bed, his legs hanging over the bed. As Marsha began to bring his member back to life, she told George about how much she wanted to wake up with him this morning, to wake him up the way they just fucked. George was stunned when he heard her talk that way, but even more stunned when he watched his member react to her movements as it rose slowly. Marsha had it planned all morning that she wanted to do this special something for George.

Marsha's mouth opened wide as she took his member all the way into her mouth slowly, her eyes with that twinkle that told George she was in total control. Since George allowed her to fellate him to completion the day before, Marsha had wanted to do it again since she reasoned there was only five days left before she went home with her horse dick husband. Marsha took George into her mouth and sucked slowly, his member going past her mouth and partially down her throat when it did.

George couldn't believe the sensation as Marsha continued. She took his member out of her mouth and started to lick his sac underneath. George was in complete awe and wonder as her tongue grazed the area beneath before she took him back in her mouth, her hand grasping the bottom as she sucked him some more. Marsha was playing George's member like a fifty dollar harlot as she kept taunting him, teasing him, almost daring him to shoot off another blast in her mouth.

She wasn't disappointed as it was only a few more moments before George's body went rigid and a shot flew down her throat. It was a moment of inspiration when Marsha took the member out of her mouth in mid orgasm and started to stroke it onto her pretty face as George watched, allowing his seed to hit her cheeks, her neck, her breasts. As the blasts wound down, Marsha allowed her tongue to lick her lips now covered with semen as she purred at her lover. Oh yes, she thought in her head.

She then thought about how much this man would be her sex machine in the next five days and was glad when she suggested that Sam and Jacob stay the next night up in DC. What she had in her mind was probably going to blow George away.

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