tagGroup SexNoodles Ch. 03

Noodles Ch. 03


(This takes place directly after Noodles 2. If you don't read Noodles 1 and 2, you may not be able to catch on as easily.)

Marsha finally allowed George off the bed after the last explosion in her mouth. As she seductively smiled at her naked prisoner, she asked him softly what the plan was for that day. After all, she reasoned that both she and George would be alone until at least the next night while her husband and his wife were off to a hotel somewhere in the District of Columbia to fuck each other's brains out. Surely she thought the two of them could do something interesting.

The first thought that crossed George's mind besides the remembrance of Marsha's mouth on his worn out member was that his stomach was completely empty. This meant lunch and that meant they had to get dressed. Marsha's eyes lit up at the mention of lunch. One of the things both of these spurned spouses had in common was a love for seafood and being only an hour away from the Chesapeke Bay, George knew that there was a local crab place nearby where he could get a bushel of the bay's finest for a very modest sum. As George slipped on a t shirt, Marsha walked up to him and slowly ran her fingers up his inside thigh. George moaned in pleasure as Marsha then stepped away and slowly picked out a very tight sundress.

George could tell that Marsha was going to go without undergarments. The last night and that morning seemed to have invigorated her in ways unknown to George although he loved the way she was teasing him. George decided to forego his briefs for this trip also and slipped on a pair of khaki shorts and a pair of sandals just to get to the crab place.

At the crab place, George and Marsha walked in amid the stares of the attendants. George they recognized from his previous visits for the different parties they provided the seafood for. However they didn't recognize the Welsh goddess next to him wearing little more than fabric over her curves. As they weighed out the crabs and the pound of peel and eat shrimp he ordered, some of the male attendants kept stealing glances at Marsha. George felt a pang of jealousy, but he also felt a swell of pride inside as none of the attendants ever seemed to steal glances at Sue.

As he reached inside his wallet for his credit card, one of the attendants let him know the bushel and shrimp were on the house since his new girlfriend gave them all a thrill. George was smiling from ear to ear until he noticed that Marsha was following a couple of the attendants to the back room. As George followed, he heard the sound of Marsha moan. He watched as Marsha's dress became a crumpled heap on the floor and two of the attendants cocks were out and solid, one in each of her hands.

George was initially shocked as Marsha looked at him and smiled before taking the head of one of those cocks into her mouth. She began to noisily slurp as her hand forcibly stroked the other. The remaining two attendants were egging her on as they undid their pants and allowed their dicks to come into view. George was still in total shock as Marsha stopped slurping long enough to tell him to sit back and watch. In his mind, he was already getting massively turned on watching his goddess in such a slutty position.

One of the attendants slipped onto the floor under her pussy and began to roughly finger her as he started to lick it roughly. George could hear her moans as she now alternated between three cocks at her face until she begged for all three to cum on her tits like the slut she was. It wasn't long until Marsha was on her hands and knees, one cock in her pussy and another fucking her mouth as the other two cheered them on.

George was wishing he had a camera until he saw her purse open and her digital camera appeared in plain sight. Rather than let the chance slip by, he grabbed it and put it in movie mode as one of the attendants slipped under her to give her a dose of a double penetration. Her pussy was being pounded hard and stretched as her moans kept being muffled by the attendant receiving her oral attention. It wasn't long before the guys felt the urge to cover her in cum as she got up and centered herself between all four of them, their cocks aimed at her face as they stroked them. It wasn't long until her face was covered by their seed as George recorded it for her personal and his personal enjoyment later.

As she recovered, the attendants handed her a few towels to help her clean herself up as George was treated to some hand shakes and some high fives.George was extremely turned on after he put the bushel in the trunk. As he got into the driver's seat, he saw Marsha with her skirt up touching her worn out pussy while looking at the footage. The sight of her engorged labia was already making his shorts tight as she smiled at him. As she began to play in front of him, he had a hard time remembering that they were in the parking lot until she teased him by telling him that they had to get home right then.

George started the car and headed towards home while Marsha began to tease her pussy even more. When they arrived at the house, it took only a few moments for them to run in straight towards George's bedroom. They saw the sheets all scattered around no doubt from their spouses' exploits the night before. Before either had a chance to think about it, Marsha's dress was down again and she was on the bed in front of George rubbing her cum filled pussy in front of him. George's member was already hard, he entered into her in one stroke and started pumping furiously as she rubbed her clit watching. George saw the goddess before him as he fucked her and was thinking about how slutty she looked with the stranger's cum dripping off of her face and it inspired him to fill her full of his flow again. Her scream was loud as her pussy clamped onto his exploding cock. They sat there for a few minutes breathing heavily as they pondered whether they had the energy to grab the crabs out of the car.

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