tagGroup SexNoodles Ch. 04

Noodles Ch. 04


George was busy spreading newspaper out over a card table in his back yard while Marsha was making a few dishes of melted butter in order to enjoy the crabs they received earlier that day. George was wearing little more than his khaki shorts since during their torrid love making earlier, he lost track of his underwear. As he started to dump out the bushel, his Welsh love goddess chimed in from the back door asking if he had all the necessary tools. He quickly took his mind out of the gutter and told her that they needed the wooden mallets and nut crackers.

Then Marsha appeared in the doorway with a tray with bowls of melted butter, the necessary tools and surprisingly, a couple of cold beers. All George could do was stare for Marsha slipped back into her wrinkled sun dress, a dress that had been on the floor or ground more than it was on her so far that day. They agreed after the last session that they should take it easy since they were both famished beyond belief. They both sat and began messing with the steamed crabs and the package of peel and eat shrimp they received from those wonderful guys at the crab shop.

It wasn't long until their fingers were sticky with crab juice and they were giggling as they drank their beers. As Marsha had her first taste of Atlantic seafood, George was enjoying the sight of her face smeared with crab juice. It didn't beat the image from earlier that day with the collective seed of those four crab guys. As he stared, she smiled meekly knowing full well that there was more in store later.

At least they thought so until they both heard the door slam. As George froze in horror, he heard a familiar voice yelling his name. In an instant, the blond form of his lovely wife walked into the back yard with mascara smearing down her face. It was apparent that either Jacob wasn't with her or he was being very quiet.

George rose quickly and ran over with compassion in his eyes as he held his wife close to him for the first time in a few days. Inside his heart he felt troubled based on all the deviancy that he had participated in the last day or so. But right now his heart was in tune as Sue began to cry on his shoulder.

Marsha was also shaken. Based on that morning's conversation, she surmised that Sue and Jacob would continue their exploration of each other up in DC at one of the finer hotels. Yet here she was crying on George's shoulder. It was then that Marsha saw what attracted her to George in the first place. Marsha knew based on their conversations over Instant Messenger that George had the biggest heart of anyone and that nothing or no one could change that.

As George brought Sue over to the table to enjoy some crabs, Marsha attempted to excuse herself. Sue stopped her, saying that she was a guest and besides George couldn't finish all this by himself.The conversation went slowly from forced due to the circumstances to more easy flowing as the girls lightened up around each other while George mused on how quickly his fantasies had ended. It was uncertain if he would feel Marsha's mouth on him again. He was also having doubts as to what Sue's condition was. After all, she spent the first three days of this week fucking Marsha's husband as much as possible. George wasn't even sure if Sue still loved him anymore. As the girls sat there smiling and laughing over the seafood, George was remarkably quiet.

It didn't take long for Marsha to notice George's lack of conversation. As she looked at him, it was clear that George was conflicted over the last few days and wasn't sure what was going on. It was then Sue spoke up and talked about the floozy Jacob picked up at the zoo and how she was dismissed like some cheap harlot. Marsha feigned shock, but in her heart wasn't surprised based on Jacob's actions back home where a different trollop was there it seemed every single night.

Marsha's mind went reeling.She then confessed to Sue that her and George was not so innocent either. George's eyes went wide as Marsha confessed that they had slept together. Sue's face wasn't the shock that George expected. Her response was more of a finally sort of attitude. Her grin was more genuine that George expected. After all, George reasoned in his mind that Sue would have been totally angry that he had been unfaithful even though her faithfulness was compromised these past six months or so. Surely Sue would have instantly asked for divorce and such.

Sue then dropped a bombshell. She asked how it was. George's beer flew out of his mouth like an explosion as the question hit his ears, beer flying all over the remaining crab shells and out into the grass. Both girls began to laugh in earnest as George scrambled to find the paper towels to wipe his face. It was then that the girls looked at each other. Marsha then told Sue that they should go in the house to compare notes while George cleaned up the mess. Sue agreed and as they walked off like old buddies, George began to clean up. This was becoming more complicated by the minute.

It was about ten minutes as George kept busy folding down the card table and throwing the shells into the garbage. As he walked back into the house to wash his hands, he didn't hear any sign of the girls. This anomaly rang in his head because the way they were laughing, you would think he could hear them. It was then he heard the shower running. He decided to play it cool, but his curiosity got the best of him. So he walked upstairs to see what was going on.

The door to the bathroom was wide open and George could hear someone humming in th shower. As he turned to walk back to the bedroom to put on a shirt, he heard his name called. He turned to see the shower curtain open and both Sue and Marsha under the shower head smiling at him. Both were glistening under the cascading water and both beckoned him to come hither. George was under the siren's spell as he walked towards the bathroom. As he moved closer, Marsha allowed her hand to slowly brush down Sue's tanned curves. Sue's body was already cleaned off, her nipples standing at full attention. It was then that it was revealed to George's wandering eyes that Sue sported a fully shaven labia, something that George had never seen before on Sue. Obviously, Jacob had her shave it in the last few days.

As George moved closer, Marsha allowed Sue's hand to reach down and tease her own shaven labia. George's eyes bulged as large as his package did inside his shorts. It was then that Marsha recommended that they go to the bedroom. As they both left the shower, each grabbed a towel and began drying off each other to George's delight. Marsha could see how this was affecting George and was loving the teasing. Marsha herself had not been with another woman for a few years, yet this experience presented itself almost too easily.

As Sue laid on the bed with legs spread, George quickly plunged his tongue straight into her exposed labia. Sue's mouth opened almost immediately as George began to lick her more vigorously than she had ever been licked. Marsha slinked up next to Sue and began to lightly kiss her lips. Sue was feeling so passionate from the rubbing and George's tongue, she penetrated Marsha's closed lips with her own tongue as her hands reached back to touch Marsha's back. A moan escaped her lips into Marsha's mouth as George began to slide a finger in as he licked. Marsha was shocked when Sue begged for her to sit on her face. As Marsha straddled above Sue, Sue's hands pulled Marsha down until Sue's tongue penetrated Marsha. Marsha let out a loud moan as Sue's inexperienced tongue began to probe around. As George watched this spectacle from his vantage point, he saw Sue's fingers begin to probe around Marsha's rear as Marsha ground herself against Sue. George rose up and slid his cock into Sue as Marsha's moans revealed how close her orgasm was. George began to pound his wife with more force than ever as Marsha fell to the bed. Sue then had a straight shot looking at George as she told him to fuck her harder than he ever did. Sue's legs surrounded George as his dick plunged deep inside her.

Marsha got up from the bed and went next to George as her hands found Sue's clit. She began to rub it vigorously as her mouth found George's. Sue was getting really close to cumming as George's member grew inside her. Sue's backed arched as she cried a loud moan as her cum coated George's shaft. As George pulled out, Marsha's mouth was already sucking his dick, her eyes looking at him as if they were smiling. Sue recovered enough to get on her knees before him and began to kiss around until her tongue grazed the underside of his shaft. George began to say that he was close, but didn't have the chance as Sue began to pump his shaft hard until it exploded all over Marsha's and her face. George's knees went weak as it was his turn to hit the bed while Marsha and Sue began to lick his seed off of each other.

It was a couple more minutes before both ladies slipped into bed next to George, each with a hand around his waist. As George looked at both at them inquisitively, he wondered what was going on and did the week have to end so soon. A few kisses from both helped him slowly slip off into sleep.

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