tagGroup SexNoodles Ch. 05

Noodles Ch. 05


George awoke alone in his bed yet again. He understood that even though he took the week off for his guests, he possibly had been sleeping a little too much. As he rose from the bed, he saw his shorts on the floor and little else. He slowly reached over and grabbed them as he strained to hear sounds of life in the rest of the house. He walked slowly as if attempting to hear pins dropping, but heard no sign of life.

It was then he saw the table with a cold omelet and a warm glass of orange juice with a note. The note was from Sue. It told him basically that she took Marsha to the beauty salon in the hopes of having her experience a day of spoiling and that he shouldn't wait up. George felt a little ticked off knowing that he could have had a second session with both his Welsh goddess and his queen. But the thought of when they would arrive home made him smile as he tried to warm his omelet in the microwave and look for some cold juice.

His meal was interrupted by the phone ringing. Thinking it was his wife, he answered sweetly only to have Jacob's rough voice answer the phone. His mind instantly panicked as he was unsure what to do. This asshole was the one who kicked his wife out when he found a tramp to fuck at the zoo. Yet this same asshole was married to Marsha, the woman George spent the last two days fucking. He decided to err on the side of caution.

Jacob explained that he was stuck at Union Station and that he needed a ride back to the house. Knowing that Jacob had no idea how to get home, George agreed to go get him. He started to dress a little more including a new pair of underwear and then called Sue on her cell to let her know what was going on. She didn't answer, but George just left a message on voice mail just to keep her informed.

The drive from George's house to the DC border was about forty five minutes which gave plenty of time for George to ponder how he was going to tell Jacob about fucking Marsha. George felt conflicted because Jacob was given free reign to fuck Sue as much as he desired and chose to tell her to go home. George's mind was distracted.

When Jacob flagged him down by the side of the road near Union Station, George almost missed him. George unlocked the door and watched as Jacob slinked in, a worried smile on his face. Jacob began to ask George if the girls were ok. George responded politely, but chose to leave out the parts of Marsha fucking his brains out. Jacob seemed to ease a little as George started to head towards I-95. As he neared the exit, Jacob asked if George knew of any topless bars or gentleman's clubs around. George thought for a second before he asked if it was a good idea. Jacob answered by grabbing George's cell and calling Sue. From what George could tell, the conversation lasted a good ten minutes while he maneuvered through traffic. It was soon after that Jacob told him to go for it and that the girls were occupied with the girly stuff.

With his mind slightly at ease, George started heading towards this place he knew that he went to a few times for bachelor parties.George and Jacob entered to a very sparse room devoid of patrons except for a few people. The girls were scantily dressed, looking for their money. George reached into his pocket to find his wallet before Jacob stopped him and told him it would be his treat.

They found a booth near the back and watched as the next dancer walked on stage. She was slightly shorter than the girls, yet had a set of breasts that were slightly larger than natural. She coyly began to dance to Joan Jett's "I Love Rock and Roll". George looked as she slowly removed her frilly costume down to her bare breasts and purple G string. As Jacob put a twenty into her G string, he whispered something into her ear while George watched. Jacob walked back to the table as a cute waitress came over with a soda for George and a mixed drink for Jacob.

They began to talk a bit about life and the girls they were watching when the dancer from off stage walked over to them and sat down. George clammed up, but Jacob began to talk even more English as he usually did as the girl began to become entranced. George wasn't sure what to make of Jacob. Here he was talking to this girl even though he had Marsha waiting for him at home. As George determined in his mind whether to comment or not, Jacob leaned over and kissed the dancer. George was stunned. What the hell was he doing?

Jacob then took the dancer by the hand and asked how long it was before she was off. The dancer responded that she was already off. As Jacob took her by the arm, George was still in shock. Then Jacob's voice got his attention. George rose up and followed, hitting his car alarm button to unlock the van. As George stepped into the driver's seat, Jacob and the dancer went to the back. George began to drive and follow the dancer's directions as Jacob began kissing her deeply. The dancer could do little to fend off Jacob's advances and was powerless to stop his fingers from teasing her clit through her unbuttoned jeans. She was moaning softly as she kept giving George directions. George's cock was already hardened in his shorts as he heard Jacob working his magic on this helpless woman.

Sue was far from his thoughts at that moment as the dancer moaned that she needed to stop.George found a park nearby that was deserted as he pulled in. By this time, George lost control of his own body as he parked and stepped out towards the back door of the van. The door slid over and George was treated to the sight of this lithe blond figure bent over, her mouth sliding over Jacob's member as her jeans were already slid off in a heap. There she lay with her purple G string barely concealing her treasure. George was unsure what to do.

Jacob then invited George to taste this forbidden fruit. George slowly leaned down and pulled her G string to the side before hearing her beg. She started to tell George to lick her. George allowed his tongue to touch her quivering quim slowly. The dancer moaned contentedly as George's tongue grew more brazen, burrowing itself deeper inside her. As the dancer attempted to swallow as much of Jacob's cock in her mouth, she switched her positioning so that she was on her knees, allowing George the ability to slide her G string down her long legs.

It was then the George watched as this dancer slid over Jacob's waist and allowed her wet labia to be penetrated by his thick member. George watched as she attempted to stifle her moans as Jacob allowed her to gyrate on him. Her eyes opened wide and George noticed the irises rolling to the back of her head as he watched her ass drop up and down again. From what Sue bragged about Jacob months ago, George knew that Jacob would not cum for a while. George just stood there and watched, his member growing more and more uncomfortable inside his shorts.

He then watched as she slid down again, her chest pressing against the seat as Jacob maneuvered behind her to take her from behind. She then reached for George, begging for him to let her suck him off. George unbuckled his shorts and was surprised to see his dick as hard as it was. The dancer pulled George close to her as her mouth found his dick like a heat seeking missile finding its mark. Her mouth was a black hole to George, his dick hitting the back of her throat as she sucked him.

George's mind was so distracted by her mouth that he didn't notice his cell phone ringing. he didn't even notice Jacob taking out his dick and stroking it until the dancer released her mouth hold on George and told them both to shoot on her face like the slut she was. George immediately started to pull his dick hard as he saw Jacob's member fully erect for the first time. George was amazed that Jacob was able to stuff that much meat into such a tight hole. George almost forgot that there was a blond dancer who just swallowed his cock whole looking up at him awaiting a dose of his ejaculate.

George looked just in time to watch his first shot cross her face. Jacob followed soon after as both covered her face with their sauces. She moaned loudly as they were both drained and she cleaned their cocks off.

It took only a few moments for all three of them to fix themselves up before George went back the the driver's seat. The dancer chose to sit in the passenger seat as Jacob stretched himself out in the back seat. As the dancer and George began to talk, he discovered that she went to the same high school and was only a year apart. It was then that George recognized her as his high school crush. When she realized that George was who he was, she blushed massively and began to talk about all the fun stuff they went through during high school as Jacob snored in the seat behind them

George dropped her off in front of her apartment before she kissed him on the cheek and gave him a slip of paper with her number on it. He smiled at her until she turned slowly and walked away. As George slowly drove towards his home with a snoring Scotsman in his back seat, he suddenly realized that Sue and Marsha were waiting back home. He grabbed his cell only to discover that they called an hour ago. He started freaking out as he called and heard Sue on the other end. After letting her know they'd be home soon, he started driving as fast as legally possible. Yet deep in his heart, George was dreading what was to come.

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