tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNora Jane's Revenge

Nora Jane's Revenge


Nora Jane took a long drag from her cigarette. She hated everything about that afternoon. She hated the taste of the cigarette, the insipid remarks of her mother-in-law's friends, and the itch of her hose. Not to mention her engorged clit, throbbing like a fiery brand between her legs. She'd tried as best she could to clean herself up, but couldn't quite shake the sense that cum was oozing out of her pussy. Now some leathery-faced dowager was talking at the side of her head.

She set about smoothing her hair behind her shoulders. God, what an experience that had been. A surprise fuck fest unlike anything she'd ever experienced in her life. Sitting at this tea party, barely in control of the emotions battling within her, Nora Jane felt almost as if she were another person. The bad feelings that swelled within her: anger, frustration, and humilation, brought her to a fevered state as they clashed with the surprise, exhiliration, and arousal that the gangbang had caused. Nora Jane was an intelligent, well-bred, and elegant young woman, but she'd been nothing short of a filthy slut that afternoon.

Good God, it's like she was dreaming! What was she going to do? Let this slide? Tell her husband, Carl? Go back home and blow those lowlife's brains out?!

A platter of cakes passed her and she plucked one, stuffing it whole in her mouth. A few of the older ladies gazed at her with haughty surprise. Nora Jane flashed them a crumbly smile and rose from the table.

Something had to be done, she knew. But what? If it hadn't been so good, she would have reported them, maybe told Carl to have them killed, maybe relished sending them to hell herself. But it was good. That was the problem, she thought, flicking ashes absentmindedly. She'd been outraged and pissed, sure, but it had started to feel good. Really good. When was the last time a real man fucked her brains out, huh? She sure as hell couldn't remember. And three at once?

She strode along a flower-lined path, chewing on her thumb nail and thinking. That guy, the leader, he'd treated her appallingly. Humiliated her, used her, called her unthinkable names. And she'd liked it. What did that mean?

And why was she still alive? Was taking her a completely compulsive act and they had no plan? What if they killed her when she went home? They could kill her and get rid of her body. What if that was their plan? Or were they simply so sure of their sexual prowess that they believed she enjoyed it too much to report them? She had enjoyed it. Immensely, even.

Pleasure like that was long-gone dream since her marriage to Carl. He pumped inside her feebly for two minutes, apologized for his cum, and then scurried into the bathroom for a shower. Any pleasure Nora Jane took from him was merely accidental. On top of that, he never spent any time with her.

A new flush of anger rose within her. Her god damned husband was a prissy, weak, pathetic little prick. And this afternoon, well, that was all his fault. It had to be his fault. He knowingly left her by herself with three young guys and didn't even care. Never checked on her. Why, she'd been humiliated and degraded because of him!

Nora Jane stamped her foot with irritation. This was too much to be borne! Not only had she been raped, as good as it may have been, but in her own home! The home in which she and her husband lived together. The home he left her in, by herself, every morning to go play golf with his ridiculous friends.

As much as she tried to stifle the feeling, it hurt that Carl cared so little for her. She'd offered him her youth, her body, and her companionship in exchange for empty promises. He'd made good on the promise of luxury, but that was all. Where was the affection and love? The children he'd talked about? The respect?

And now she'd been taken against her will by a couple of uneducated workers. As much as she prided herself on being strong, Nora Jane felt let down. Carl was her husband, yet this horrible thing happened to her. He didn't protect her, he wasn't even aware she'd been raped.

Nora Jane wanted revenge.


"You're one crazy housewife, you know that?"

God, it was electrifying just standing in the same room with them. Nora Jane faced the three of them courageously, one hand on her hip, an expression of determination across her face.

"Crazy? You mean crazy like fucking my husband's wife in her own house? Ganging up on her and fucking her like a ragdoll?"

An amused sneer turned up the Leader's lips. He jammed his hands in his pockets and shrugged, "You come around looking the way you do, it's not easy to control ourselves. Although I can't say you'd know any better, what with that cocksucking husband of yours..."

His eyes raked up and down her body, "What are you back here for, anyway? You ready for another round, baby?"

Trent chuckled deeply, rubbing his hand down his crotch, "I don't think she got enough the first time."

"I want you to fuck me, yes... but not until my husband gets home. Which should be soon."

Nora Jane could tell this surprised them. The Leader stared at her for a moment before smirking, "You pulling our leg or what?"

She shook her head. "I want revenge. What happened to me today, it made me realize just how fucked up our relationship really is... I don't blame any of you. In fact, I look at this whole thing as a blessing. If you can believe it, I needed a wakeup call.'

"My husband doesn't even care enough about me to protect me from a couple of trashy workers. No offense meant, of course," she looked at all three of them quickly, "but I come from a nice family. And getting fucked by the rabble, well.... that's simply ludicrous. But my husband doesn't even know this has happened!"

The Leader shook his head in disbelief. "Look, honey, I think you better get to the beauty parlor or something. We just needed some pussy and you were it."

"Look, I'm not asking. I'm telling you. You have the opportunity to stick it to the man here! I know my husband's trying to give you guys a raw deal for this work. I know he's acted like a pompous jerk. I also know you hate his guts. Well, I hate him too."

"That goes without saying, but---"

"If you're worried about getting into more trouble, don't. He won't go to the police, I promise you that. And besides," she smiled impishly, moistening her lips with her tongue, "I'm dying for another taste of you guys."

The Leader looked at his buddies, each nodding his consent. Nora Jane laughed and smiled, clasping her hands together.

"Ok, boys. Let's give him a real show, huh?"


Carl Lancaster pushed his key into the lock and opened the front door. The main hall was shadowed in the waning daylight, but it looked as if the workers were making a fraction of progress. They'd better hurry the hell up, he thought to himself. I'm not paying them to sit on their asses and eyeball my wife.

He yawned. The day had been hot and sunny, plus his arm ached and ruined his golf swing. All in all, he'd not performed well and was tired. On top of that, his stomach rumbled with hunger. Unfortunately, he could detect no smells of food cooking.

"Leave it to Nora Jane to be completely self-absorbed. Would it kill her to whip something up for me?"

He grumbled to himself as he mounted the stairs and headed for the bedroom. God, he needed to take a leak. Maybe he would call in a pizza after that. Why was the house so dark? Did her little tea party run over or what?

"Nora Jane, sweetie, how was the tea part-" he was conked in the back of the head and fell to darkness, but not before he felt strong arms manuevering him inside the bedroom.


"Wake up."

It was Nora Jane's voice. He opened his eyes slowly, blinking away the confusion and trying to get the room into focus. Was Nora Jane standing in front of him in lingerie? There were other shapes moving around near her.

"Wake up, Carl. Wake up, you sonofabitch!"

He stared up at his wife and immediately jerked, but was unable to move from a chair. His hands were tied tightly behind him. She stood before him in her black bra and panties, her hands on her tapering waist, one angular hip jutted out. A smile curved her lips.

"Nora Ja--, what-what is this? Why am I tied down? Who the hell are they?" He motioned with his head towards the three men standing behind her. Recognition dawned on him and he cursed, "You motherfuckers. I knew you looked like trouble. What the fuck is going on here?"

"These men, darling, are the first good dose of cock I've had in years... The first taste of real men I've enjoyed since before I fell into this lousy marriage. But you know what? They forced themselves on me this afternoon, under your own roof, while you were off at the golf course."

"I don't understand... What?!"

She leaned forward and stared at him with angry intensity, her chin quivering. "I was fucked in both holes, Carl. Fucked like a filthy slut. And where were you? In fact, why wasn't it you fucking me today? Why did it take a couple of rednecks to show me what I've been missing all this time?!"

He shook his head. "Baby, you're talking crazy. We have a great marriage. I just—"

She stamped her foot, "Both holes, Carl!"

Carl looked at the workers warily before returning his attention to her and whispering, "Nora Jane, I've tried to initiate anal sex with you. You wouldn't have it."

She laughed then, tossing her head back and cackling like a madwoman. She turned and strode along the carpet. "Why should I let a pompous little shit like you fuck me in the ass when you're such a lousy husband? And furthermore, they took what they wanted! They didn't ask for it."

Indignance flared within him and he yelled, "What the hell do you want? Do you want me to rape you? Force you to do things you don't want to do?!"

"I want you to have passion for me! I want you to be alive with me, to want to feel things!"

He shooked his head, "You're crazy."

She stopped. Turning to the Leader, Nora Jane ran a hand along his stomach and purred. Her hand rubbed lower, then over the crotch of his pants. She moaned, rubbing herself up and down him.

"Nora Jane, stop it!"

Jake stepped forward and popped him across the face. "Shut up, man. Your girl knows real men when she sees them."

Meanwhile, Nora Jane unbuckled the Leader's pants and sunk to her knees. She reached inside his fly and gingerly plucked his dick out, coaxing him into hardness. Staring at her husband out of the corner of her eye, she suckled wetly along his shaft. The Leader moaned and then popped his mushroom head inside her mouth. The others had their own cocks out and were moving in on her.

Carl could hardly believe what was happening in front of him. This was insanity. "Baby please don't do this!" he begged, straining futilely against his bindings.

"Mmmm!" she moaned.

The Leader pulled his cock from her mouth and grasped one of his balls, pushing it towards her face. She eagerly lapped at it with her tongue, going at it like it was a candy she couldn't get enough of.

"You like those balls, slut? 'Course you do. Now, suck on the other one like a good little whore."

She immediately took his other nut in her mouth and reached for one of the cocks poking her in the face. Trent moaned as she moved her hand up and down his pink shaft. Nora Jane began licking and slobbering up and down the Leader's pole again, paying special attention to his head.

"Mmm, that's a big cock!" she uttered around him.

The Leader pulled his meat out of her mouth and offered her his hands, pulling her to her feet and then setting her on the bed.

"Oh please, no! Don't do this! For fuck's sake, don't do this!"

Jake peeled off his shirt and flung it at Carl's head.

The Leader peeled her panties down Nora Jane's legs and went to work lapping at her cunt. "Holy shit," she whispered, arching her back.

She's actually enjoying this, Carl thought. She's grinding her pussy up unto his face like she can't get enough! His wife had always been proud and elitist. Often she talked rudely about maids and workers, people socially lower than her, yet here she was having an orgy with the hired help. Despite the outrage constricting his chest, Carl felt his own dick hardening in his pants and whimpered.

Meanwhile, she was alternating between the other two cocks, moaning and slurping like a bitch in heat. The Leader was going to town on her pussy, sliding two fingers inside her and lapping at her clit like a thirsty dog.

He withdrew his fingers and smelled them, rubbing them together to feel her wetness. "Your wife has one sweet, wet cunt. Too bad you're such a limp-dicked faggot."

Carl's own erection was threatening to bust through his pants and he squirmed uncomfortably, eyes riveted on the sight before him.

The Leader positioned himself between her legs, making sure to spread the leg closest to Carl as wide as possible. He wanted the fool to see his cock split his wife's pussy wide open.

"Here we go!"

Nora Jane screamed as the Leader's huge head popped inside her, her pink lips stretching around his thick length. She'd been fucked that afternoon, but she possessed a little pussy and his entry was as massive as before. He gritted his teeth and rotated his hips, pushing deeper inside her gash.

Carl was sweating buckets as he watched the shameless pillage of his wife's cunt. She panted and whimpered, still paying service to the two studs' cocks, as the Leader began his masterful assault on her pussy.

"Oooh! Ah! Ei! Ai! Ohh—mmmm!" Nora Jane moaned.

The Leader was sliding back and forth inside her, watching with approval as his boys used her mouth like only two big cocks can. When one needed attention, her head was forced towards his piece and she opened her mouth like an obedient whore. That way, both got what he wanted.

The Leader turned his attention to Carl and growled, "See how it's done? I'm gonna cum in your wife's cunt. I'm gonna cum in her hot little cunt. What do you think about that, you piece of shit?"

He looked down to where their bodies met and grimaced as he pumped in and out of her, gritting his teeth angrily. "What if she gets pregnant. Man oh man, what a tragedy. The hired help puts a baby in Mrs. Carl Lancaster's belly."

The Leader pulled out of her, watching her fleshy lips close, then pushed back inside. He pulled out, rubbing his fat head up and down her clit before plunging back inside.

Carl could only close his eyes as the Leader came inside his wife, groaning and holding himself inside her as he deposited his load. He withdrew, only for Trent to take his place, having been left out of her pussy that afternoon. The younger, more inexperienced guy jackhammered her pussy and when he pulled out after losing a considerable amount of cum inside her, he gave her tit a playful slap. Carl turned his head away.

Now Jake got his turn between her legs. He laughed as his meat sunk into her sloppy, cum-oily hole, pumping inside her a few times before pulling out and pushing against her asshole.

"Oh yeah, fuck my ass!"

"God damnit, Nora Jane!" Carl roared at her, unable to control his rage and disgust at the sight of his trophy wife begging for a cock in her ass.

She only giggled and then moaned as Jake's cock, which was well-lubricated from a few pumps in her pussy, pushed inside her tiny butthole. He moved in and out slowly, purposefully, stroking her clit at the same time with a finger. Her pussy was red and raw, split open. Jake worked up a nice one and spit on her open slit.

He sawed his cock deep inside her poop shute, rubbing his fingers along her used pussy, until he too came.

The other guys, meanwhile, had kicked Carl's chair backwards, leaving him face up towards the ceiling. They helped Nora Jane off the bed and she stood over him, shaking her head.

"You really are pathetic. I can tell you've not learned anything from tonight."

He stared up at her. Not true, he thought grimly. I've learned what a worthless whore my wife is.

She sighed and suddenly crouched over him, placing her pussy directly over his face. A drop of something hit his cheek as he stared up into the pink, raw gash that was his wife's cunt. He could see white cum oozing out of her and he began to yell, jerking his head, but he was a second too late. A wad of semen slipped out of her and hit his lower lip.

"Ugghghg!" he cried out, squeezing his eyes and mouth shut.

Nora Jane cackled and stood, staring triumphantly down at her husband. Perhaps he would learn something after all.

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