tagLoving WivesNoriko Finally Does Other Guys

Noriko Finally Does Other Guys


When I last wrote about my hot, sexy, Japanese wife, Noriko; she had started talking dirty during sex. Although she wouldn't even consider actually fucking other men, she was more than willing to fantasize about doing it with our friend Bill or Denzel Washington, the movie actor.

In fact, during our pillow talk sessions, she would vividly describe screwing and sucking off Denzel and two of his black friends at the same time. We even got around to giving his two friends names: Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson.

She gets really excited, while describing those three chocolate cocks taking her in every hole.

Last month, we escalated our sexual activities to role play. In bed, she pretends to be a prostitute or a neighborhood 'hottie'; and even the popular Chinese actress Bai Ling. When our two teenage sons are staying with friends overnight, she dresses up and uses our poolside bar as a scene for pretending to pick up strangers at a nightclub.

However, despite all the details and passion, she still refuses to discuss actually having sex with other men. I've resigned myself to a life of fantasy; even though deep inside, I have a strong desire to watch her perform her sensual magic on other guys.

Last night, however, something changed. Our boys, Barry 16 and Don 17, were asleep. Noriko was naked, cuddled up next to me. I was also totally nude. She was stroking on my cock with her soft, petite hand; while licking and sucking on my nipples.

She changed the flow of our usual foreplay dialogue by asking me, "Honey, do you read any of those online porno stories?" I'm always honest with her, so I confessed that while on business trips, alone in a hotel room, I would click on a few sites and check out the stories. When at home, I am far too occupied with my over-sexed wife.

She pressed further, "Were there any stories than really turned you on... something you'd like to share with me?" While filing through my memory, I remembered a question I wanted to ask her. "Baby, before I stimulate your imagination with one of those stories, I have a serious question."

She stopped pumping my cock, "Does it have anything to do with sex?" I quickly replied, "Yes, it definitely involves sex!" She smiled and started stroking again, "OK then... what's the question?"

I started off by establishing context, "You are Japanese and lived in Japan up until we got married. So, I was wondering. While scanning the story index on one of the sites, I spotted some titles about Japanese Mothers who have sex with their sons, in order to motivate them toward better grades or learn about how to seduce girls." Noriko's hand froze. She immediately released my rock, hard dick.

Thinking that she was focusing more closely on my question, I continued, "I know that not all Japanese Mothers do that; but do you know of or have you ever heard about this kind of family incest in Japan? I find the stories hard to believe."

Noriko didn't reply. I waited longer, assuming she was considering her answer. Finally, I rose up and looked at her. Tears were running down her cheeks. A look of guilt covered her usual happy face. "What's wrong, Baby? Why are you crying?"

She looked up and stared into my eyes, "Honey, I have a horrible confession to make. I know I should have told you. I always tell you everything that happens to me; but this was embarrassing and I thought you might get angry and divorce me."

I still hadn't connected my question to her sudden change in mood. In fact, I thought she was about to confess to an affair with Harry or someone else we knew or didn't know.

"Honey, it started 6 months ago. I was in the kitchen making cookies. You had taken Barry to his High School baseball game. As usual, Don was upstairs in his room studying for his final exam. Even though he has already earned a four-year scholarship to college, he wanted to finish high school with a perfect 4-point average. Anyhow, I always feel sorry for him, since he concentrates on school so much. He never dates or enjoys going out with friends. Unlike Barry, who has a different girlfriend every week and spends most of his time playing sports or dating his endless supply of young ladies... some of whom are in college. I'm sorry... I'm rambling ."

I patted her head and began stroking her hair. She looked at me with love in her eyes, "So, I took some cookies and milk up to Don, thinking he needed a break. He really loves my chocolate chip cookies, you know. I wanted to surprise him, so I quietly opened his bedroom door. His back was to me, so he didn't see or hear me come in. I silently walked towards his desk. Suddenly, I saw what he was doing. I almost dropped the tray with milk and cookies."

Although, I usually like a good story, I wanted her to get to the point. "So what was he doing?" Her hand reached over and began pumping my cock again, "He had found that album of nude photos that you had taken of me last year. You know the ones which you blew up to large size, with me in all kinds of erotic positions." I nodded my head, yes.

"It was opened to the shot of me with my legs spread like a butterfly and tongue sticking out like I'm licking your dick. But, that's not all. He was masturbating. His pants were down to his ankles and his hand was rapidly stroking his big penis.

If he was reading playboy or some girly magazine, I would have left him alone; but he was staring at my wide open cunt!"

While listening to her story, my cock became harder and seemed to grow a bit. Pre-cum was seeped from the tip. "What did you do?"

Her voice became more excited, "I put down the tray and moved up behind him. Bending down from behind his chair, I grabbed the hand that was stroking his cock and the wrist of the other hand. Then, I whispered in his ear, 'What are you doing looking at my pussy and jacking off'. If I hadn't been holding him, he would have probably jumped out of his chair.

He yelled... I'm sorry Mom. Please forgive me. I found these photos of you in Dad's desk when I was looking for his handheld computer. I'm sorry, Mom... I'm sorry."

Norko's eyes were now wide open and filled with lust. "He slid his hand away from his cock. My hand seemed to automatically grab hold of it. I kept up the pumping action at the same pace he had set. Something came over me, as I stood there bending over the chair, stroking his cock and looking at my naked photos.

Softly, I asked him, 'Don do you like looking at Mommy's naked body?' He didn't say anything; but instead just nodded yes. 'Do you cum while looking at Mommy?' This time he spoke, 'Yes, I shoot it onto your pictures. With this one, I spurt it on your pussy'. He then turned the pages of the album to a photo of me in the doggie position, spreading my ass cheeks so my cunt and rosebud were gapping open. 'This one I shoot all over your beautiful ass. Mom, you're so gorgeous!'

I was overwhelmed by his deep admiration of my body. 'Would you like to see Mommy naked on your bed, posing like this?' He shook his head again, 'Oh Yes Mom. I really would'. 'Would you like to shoot your come all over Mommy's ass and pussy?' He grunted very loud, 'Oh yeah... Please!'

I let go of his dick and stood up. He turned to face me. Sliding my blouse off, I exposed my bare breasts. Then I pulled off my jeans and panties.

Walking to the bed and I got on my hands and knees with my ass facing him. 'Come over her and jerk off on Mommy's Ass... come on. Mommy wants to feel your hot cum on her skin'. Don walked over and started jerking off again.

Within minutes he was groaning. 'Mom, I'm going to cum'. I turned back and smiled, 'Do you want to shoot it on Mommy's ass or her wet cunt?' He didn't hesitate, 'Your pussy'. I rolled onto my back, and as soon as I spread my legs, he grunted and began shooting gobs of thick, white semen all over my clean shaven twat. There was so much of it. I didn't know men could hold that much in their balls.

It was an exciting sensation looking at my son firing volleys of sperm between my legs. When he was finished, he crawled next to me and we cuddled for several minutes, until he went to sleep.

Whenever you and Barry are gone for long periods of time, I go up to Don's room and pose for him naked. He tells me what positions he likes to see me in. He then shoots cum all over me. A few times, he splattered it on my face and even on my tongue."

Noriko was now pumping me so hard that I was on the verge of a climax. I softly mumbled to her, "Did you swallow it?" She was breathing heavily, "Yes. I swallowed it and I kissed and sucked his cock and licked his balls. Honey, I even licked his ass hole and stuck my tongue deep inside. I have been a bad wife and a horrible Mother."

I tried to console her, "Baby, it's OK. I understand. You just wanted to help him. He needed to know what's it's like to be with a woman. He's going away to college next month. You were giving him an education in real life. I'm not mad. In fact, I feel real horny. I think I'm going to cum."

I no sooner said it than I did it. Long steams of semen flew into the air. Noriko tried to catch some in her mouth, but finally settled on cleaning of my shaft and licking up other remnants from my belly and thighs.

We held each other close, as the shocking reality of my wife's incest settled into my mind. Again I attempted to dissolve her guilt. "It will be fine, Baby. Don will leave for school next month. He will find a girl, or maybe several... after your excellent training; and this will all be forgotten or at least less of a problem."

She looked into my eyes again. More guilt covered her serious frown, "But that's not all." I was puzzled. I asked myself, 'What else could have happened?'

Noriko continued, "Somehow, Barry found the album under Don's mattress. He questioned Don about why he had the photos and what was going on. Don finally confessed to our mutual masturbation sessions. Although Barry swore to his brother not to tell another living soul; that didn't stop him from coming to me.

A few months back, you had driven Don up to State College for that two-day orientation; leaving Barry and me in the house alone. I had just finished taking a shower and as when I stepped out, Barry was there... holding the album. He had a silly grin on his face. 'So, Mom, what's you and big brother Don been doing behind Dad's back?' I was speechless."

"After several moments of silence, Barry spoke again, 'I don't think it's fair, you giving my brother all that personal attention and leaving me out of the action. I feel that you need to share your hot little pussy with both of your sons, equally. Do you love Don more than you love me?'

I sharply replied, 'I'm your mother. Don't talk to me like that. Of course I love you just as much as I love Don. What happened with Don was an accident. We didn't start out to have sex... it sort of just happened naturally'.

Barry grinned, "Well, I'm sure Dad will understand how nature works and forgive you. Or you can start sharing your hot body with me. Don't worry; it will be our little secret. I won't even tell Don. 'So, Mom what will it be... fair play for Barry or explain to Dad how you didn't mean for it to happen?

I was wearing a t-shirt and wrap around skirt. As he was talking, Barry unfastened my skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then he lifted my t-shirt over my head and left me standing there in nothing but my white undies. Dropping to his knees, he moved my panties aside. His tongue found my clit.

He's an expert at fellatio. Obviously he has been having sex with his many girlfriends; but I didn't care. I pushed my vagina against his skillful tongue and let him bring me off to an earth-shattering orgasm.

Then, he lifted me into his arms and carried me to this bed... where you and I are lying right now. Before I knew it, he was naked and between my thighs. Honey, your son has a huge hard cock. I measured once... 9 ½ inches long and 2 ½ thick."

Beyond socked, I asked Noriko, "How many times has Barry fucked you?" She shifted her eyes away from my glare, "At least 20, over the last three months. Once, we did it in his room, while you and Don were downstairs watching a movie on TV.

He's a great fucker. In fact, he's taught me several positions that I didn't know existed. Each time we have sex, he makes me cum 5 or 6 times; sometimes more. When he finishes, I'm exhausted. I know this is not something you want to hear; but Honey, I can't stop myself. I know it's wrong to have sex with both my sons. In fact, I'm even thinking about letting Don fuck me.

Oh! and before I forget... since I am telling you everything. Barry screwed me in the ass four different times. I know that I have not let you do it, thinking it would hurt too much. However, he showed me how to relax and when using gel, it has become very pleasurable. You can do me there any time you want!"

She stared at me with her sexy eyes and pleaded, "Please forgive me. Don't leave me. If you want me to stop, I will. I'll do whatever you ask... but please forgive me."

With a blank expression, I waited at least 60 seconds before speaking, "Well, Noriko, I think from now on the whole family should sleep together... this king size bed is plenty big enough. You tell the boys that Dad wants to share Mommy every night and maybe learn some of those new positions."

She squealed with joy, turning her firm naked ass to me... "Do you want to ream my tight little rosebud?"

My fantasy has come true. Noriko is now fucking other men every night, while I watch and usually participate. Too bad Don has to leave us for awhile; but he'll be home for the summer and holidays.

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