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Noriko Talks Dirty


My wife Noriko and I are making love in bed after a returning from a Christmas Party at a friend's house. She drank too many glasses of cognac; and, as is the case when she's drunk, she becomes insatiably horny.

We've been married 20 years. She's 42 and I'm 48. I met her when stationed in Japan, while serving in the Air Force. Like with so many Japanese women, she's petite... about 5' 1" and weighs 110 pounds. She has a killer body, with a tight waist and firm, round ass. She's a wonderful wife, who takes good care of the house and our two sons... Barry 16 and Don 17. She also takes care of me, especially in the sex department. She never refuses a good fuck whether in the morning, afternoon or night; and when she's drunk, she'll do anything I ask.

Furthermore, she has remarkable control over her vaginal muscles and gives blowjobs any guy would pay big bucks to experience. Her nipples are extremely sensitive. In fact, just a quick lick and suck makes her pussy dripping wet.

Lying on my side, I have her leg lifted over my hip as my cock slowly slides in and out of her soaking cunt. Between licks on her nipples, I talk to her, "You love to have a man suck and lick your nipples, don't you?" She immediately corrects me, "I only like for you to kiss my tits!"

I tease her, "If another man was in bed with us right now and he started sucking your nips, you would spread your legs and let him fuck you." She pretends to be upset, "What kind of wife do you think I am. How could I let another man stick his dick inside of me or play with my breasts?"

I laugh, "A horny wife, who loves a big hard cock in her twat. Once you feel that fat tip push into your cunt, you'll do anything he asks." She starts to breath heavy, "Why do you think I'm such a bad wife? Why do you think I would let another man do that?"

I laugh again, "You can't help it. You're addicted to sex. You can't stop fucking once a hard, long shaft is inside you. After he starts pumping, you'll lift your ass off the bed and pump him back. You'll beg him to go faster and push it in harder." She moans, "Do you really think I would do that?" I look into her eyes and smile, "I know you would."

Take Harry for example. Tonight you kissed him under the mistletoe three times. You didn't know I was watching. One time, he pushed his crotch close against you. If he was here right now, licking your nipples, you'd be very excited. Your legs would be stretched open and he'd be flicking your clit with his finger." She touches my face and asks, "But you would be here too. Wouldn't you stop him?"

I give her a loving smile, "No. I love you. I want you to feel what you desire so much... hard cocks. I would encourage you to suck his penis and then get up on him and treat him to one of your fantastic Asian cowgirl rides."

She sighs, "I don't understand. You're my husband. Won't you be jealous? How can you let Harry have sex with me?" I shove my cock all the way in her tight snatch, "Because you want it. You want to fuck Harry. You want to fuck other handsome men with big cocks. You want to go wild with naughty, nasty, endless sex until you can't move anymore."

She moans louder, "Yes, I want it. I want Harry. Yes, I will fuck any man who plays with my nipples and sticks his cock in me... yes, I'm a nymph... a slut wife... even if you watch, I'd do him... I'll do them."

I suck her entire 34-B breast into my mouth. After a few seconds, I pop it loose, "What will you do to Harry?" Noriko is filled will sexual energy, "First, I'll suck his cock and balls... long licks up the shaft. I'll take him all the way down my throat and twirl my tongue around his hot, hard rod. Then I'll bend him back and stick my tongue in his asshole, while pumping his fat, hard cock with my hand. Just when I sense he is going to come, I'll pinch the tip of his dick and stop his orgasm. After French kissing his mouth, I'll start again on his cock... licking slurping, sucking until he can't stand it. Then I'll start begging him to cum. I'll tell him how bad I want to taste his semen. How I'm going to suck out every drop and swallow it. That will send him over the top. He'll shoot gobs of sperm in my mouth and all over my face. I'll swallow it and scoop the rest off of my face and eat it too."

Noriko's body starts shaking. She's screams with pleasure as a massive orgasm pulsates through her body. I feel her vagina squeezing my cock with a strong grip. Her juices are spurting around my shaft and seeping onto the sheet. This sends me into a climatic spasm. I shoot volley after volley of cum into her tight muff.

"Oh God, Noriko, that's so sexy. He will be so excited and satisfied. He'll want more. Not just today, but every day." She's really into the fantasy, "Oh yes, he can have me whenever he wants me. He can come over for breakfast and I suck him off in the kitchen. He can come over for lunch, and I'll fuck him on the dining table. He can come over at night, and I let him drill my ass until he fills me with hot cum."

For the next two minutes, we lie there breathing heavy and floating in post orgasmic bliss. When I finally recover, I reach over to the side table next to the bed. In the bottom drawer, I find the large, nine-inch black dildo inside my overnight shaving kit. I placed it there several days ago, anticipating a situation like this.

Pushing her legs back until her knees touch her shoulders, I start to rub the large, bulbous head against her clit. "How would you like a big black cock sliding up and down your slit, like this?' Her eyes open wide, "I've never been with a black man. Where did you get that? Do you want me to fuck a black man too?"

I slyly send the question back to her, "Do you?" She stutters with confusion, "Honey, we don't know any black men. Who are you thinking about? I mean, we know Harry; but who would be my black lover?"

I push the thick, black, phallic tool deeper inside her soaking wet cunt. "Let's call him, "Denzel". You really like Denzel Washington movies. You said he's very handsome and sexy. Imagine this is Denzel Washington pumping his cock into your tight little pussy."

She starts rocking her hips forward and back to my rhythm, "Oh yes, I can imagine him doing me right now. It's so exciting. If he were here, I'd let him do anything!" I repeated her words, "Anything?"

She looks at me with lust in her eyes, "Yes, anything. Whatever position or sexual desire he requested, I would grant it." I decide to challenge her, "What if he asked you to get in his car, with you being totally naked, and suck his cock while he drove through town?" She smiles, "For sure!" "What if he invited two of his black friends over and shared you with them?" She raises her ass until the entire dildo is inserted in her hungry cunt, "Oh yes, Baby, I'd fuck all three of them until they were exhausted.

I'd do them one-at-a-time, two-on-one, then three-on-one... Denzel in my pussy, and his friends in my ass and mouth. I'd drink their cum, and let them play with me like their very own sex toy."

I start pumping her full speed, as fast as I can, "It sounds like you're ready for the real thing?" She laughs, "If you can get Denzel Washington to come to our house and fuck me... yea I'm ready. Until then, you best be satisfied with fantasies!"

I pull out the dildo and begin ramming my cock into her until we both come together.

As I said, when she's drunk, my sexy Japanese wife will do ALMOST anything I ask!

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