tagHumor & SatireNorm the Demon Ch. 02

Norm the Demon Ch. 02

byNigel Debonnaire©

The succubus phase was over and I'd have to switch to incubus to finish the job. It's always easier to have a demon that can shape change do Spawning duty. There's a few succubi and incubi that can't shapechange, but the process of passing the seed between them is incredibly ugly and I won't bore you with the details. If you're really bad and end up in Hell, I'll give you a self-guided tour.

The convention was the best idea I'd had for a few hundred years: I'd spotted my next victim already and I didn't have to leave the hotel. She was cruising the exhibits the same time Greg was, ignoring the nerd disdainfully as she passed him by. Higher standards meant more effort in my part, but for my plan to work I needed someone with brains and her particular looks. I was lucky to find someone so perfectly suited for the role I wanted, and almost thanked Lady Luck for my good fortune. She was after my ass as well, and calling her attention to me would be a huge mistake.

The transformation was incredibly painful, since I became a handsome man in perfect physical shape with a dark goatee, wearing a grey turtleneck and dark slacks. My black hair was slicked back, and my blue eyes burned with flame. A blink, and I exited the rest room of the hotel bar, taking a stool at the end, and ordering a martini. I would have liked a beer, it's the only reason I ever want to come to earth, but my prey thought martini drinking was part of a true stallion's makeup, and so it was the shaken-not-stirred version of the popular mixed drink.

She was at the end of the bar, a little chubby, with dark hair and dark skin. Wearing a black, spaghetti strapped dress with deep cleavage, and a pentagram around her neck, she was a dead ringer for Miriam that Ace longed for so desperately. I'd read her mind and her eyes found me ten seconds after she came up to the bar. It wasn't easy to find a witch, but here she was. A sharp cookie, too bright, but someone who'd enjoy double crossing Satan if she could. I'd let her come close.

I looked away and scanned the bar full of people, and found her moving my direction, her large brown eyes drinking in my appearance. Damn, probably got her ideal looking man too right. Anyway, she came up with a question on her lips that I cut off abruptly in a cold voice: "Sylvia."

She shook her head and her smile dropped for a moment. "Yes?"

"Sylvia. I know you, and you know me. I have a proposition for you."

It took her aback, the directness and the ability to see through her. She enjoyed being in control and I'd already taken that away from her. Recovering herself quickly, she emulated my directness: "You're clairvoyant. You have the gift."

"So do you. I'm the man you've been looking for your whole life, and I have an offer for you. Help me, and I can reward you."

"Oh? Say more."

I took a sip from my drink and put it down, creating a space around us that was safe from eavesdropping. "Help me summon a creature from Hell, confine him to a magic circle and humiliate him. Do this, and you'll get a Wish of the first category, anything short of ruling the world."

She shook her head and took this in. "Anything I want except ruling the world? Why not ruling the world?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "It wouldn't be worth it. Think of all the hassle, all the time lost making decisions that people may or may not understand. Having everyone looking to you for everything, every moment of the day, no rest, no privacy, no end. And the crowning glory: all those mountains of paperwork. Do you think anybody could rule the world without paperwork?"

"Shit, sounds awful. All right, I'm fine with making a wish that isn't about ruling the world. What do I have to do?"

I sized her up and waited a moment before proceeding. "I'll teach you how to summon the creature from Hell. You know the theory, correct?"

"Correct. Studied the Rite, but never had the nerve to try it. Hellish beasts are too tricky, and it has to be perfect."

"I'll mentor you, you'll get it right. Then, you let me fuck you while he watches."

A gasp and a hand went to her throat. "Fuck me? Are you kidding? I don't work that side of the street. Not unless you're a double dicked demon."

Blinking, I adjusted my lower anatomy and put her hand in my crotch. "Any more questions?"

"Yes," she said, gasping and swallowing awkwardly. "Why do I have to let you fuck me, other than creating some Demonspawn?"

"It'll drive the jerk crazy, and I'll make it worth your while," Damn, I thought to myself, she's almost too smart. I didn't want to move on, but she looked so right for the part I couldn't stop. "You look just like a woman he's lusted after for centuries, a carbon copy, and watching someone who looks like her get fucked like crazy will be agony for him."

"Yes? Just to piss him off?"

"It's what we double dicked demons do for a living." I took a sip of my martini and grimaced, and silently struck the bartender with a week's impotence. "You get a major Wish for all this, and you don't have to use it right away. Take your time and word it exactly the way you want it, figure out all the ways we could cheat you in advance, and make it specific enough. I'll even give you a little friendly advice."

She looked at me with sultry eyes. "You really want to get this guy, don't you?"

I nodded, and so did she. "Let's step over to the corner and I'll take us somewhere more appropriate."

Taking my hand, she followed me into the back hallway that led to the restrooms and then we were in her workroom. There was shelves upon shelves of magic junk, but they held the necessary ingredients for a Greater Summoning and there was enough floor space to inscribe a Magic Circle as well as accomplish what I wanted. I snapped my fingers and the candles lit; a cheap trick that impressed Sylvia anyway. She was very sharp, and it didn't take long for her to follow my instructions for setting everything up. When she finished, I told her the Ace's true name and followed up: "You have to take an oath before I let you start the Rite."


"He'll probably call me by my true name as we taunt him. You must swear never to summon me by that name or teach anyone else how to summon me by any means, ever."

A thought crossed her mind and she smiled. "You'll protect me from Him, right?" I nodded wordlessly and she persisted: "And if I don't swear?"

"You'd like to know the banishment rite, wouldn't you?" I cocked an eyebrow and let her imagine Ace's wrath.

"Point made. I swear by all that is Unholy I will never summon you or teach anyone else how to summon you by any means, ever."

"Good." Now it was time for the fun.

Sylvia went through the incantations perfectly and Ace, the aging hippie, appeared in the center of the circle. He was pissed. "Damn you, bitch, you took me out of Bayreuth just before the Ride of the Valkyries. This had better be good."

She smiled evilly and said: "We apologize for the inconvenience."

"Good cynicism." He materialized a lounger to sit on and put his feet up. "Now what do you want?"

"I want you to watch a little show. That's all."

"That's all? You summon me, the AntiChrist, just to watch a little show? Don't want to sell me your soul so you can gain the whole world and all that is in it? You're so smart you're an idiot. Why don't you stroll on down to Hell to light a cigarette while you're at it?"

"I don't smoke."

I stepped out of the shadows and came up to stand behind her, putting my hand on her shoulder, causing her to gasp. "Hi, boss."

"You! What the fuck are you doing here, Norm?"

"Oh, I thought we could entertain you a little tonight. It's been a while since I was able to entertain you, and I've got an idea that positively devilish." I slipped one of the straps off her shoulder and stroked her skin. "Does she look like anyone we know?"

He squinted and after a moment nodded. "Yes, she's a dead ringer for. . .someone we know."

"Someone you have the hots for, someone you'd like to have your way with." I slipped the other strap off and edged the dress down her body a little, increasing her cleavage and exposing a thin crescent of nipple. "Someone you'd like to have here, now, doing what I'm doing." She was into earlobe licking, so I traced the ridges and ran my tongue around, making her shudder. Then, I gathered her breasts into my hands, kneading them and playing with them. She moaned and leaned back into me, grinding her ass into my hardening cocks. "We're going to give you a show, Ace. We're going to make your dream come true, we're going to do how you'd like to do Miriam. And all you can do is watch."

He screamed, and I told Sylvia how to silence him. Fortunately, I hadn't aroused her enough to become incoherent, and before she began I'd taught her how to isolate part of her Will so she could maintain the Magic Circle while her other senses got lost in passion. He was more pissed to find he couldn't make a sound, and stormed around the Circle, looking for weakness. I continued to maul her and stoke her fires as he discovered she did her job too well. Finally he stomped back to the center and sat down on his recliner, crossing his arms in frustration.

The danger was he'd close his eyes and look away, but I knew he couldn't do that. She looked too much like Miriam, and he was too horny for her. I slipped the dress down, exposing her breasts, and started pinching her nipples. His mouth was a tight line and his eyebrows were dueling caterpillars.

She moaned and ground back into me harder, and it was time to strip her completely. One hand went down to her crotch, which parted enough to welcome my probing fingers. "You're a virgin, aren't you?" I murmured into her ear.

I knew her answer, but it wasn't for my sake I asked. "Yes," she gasped, "I've never been used like this, never known the heat of a man's passion. Or a woman's, either. My God, what are you doing to me?"

"I'm getting ready to fuck you for the first time. You'd like that, wouldn't you?'

Sylvia knew how to play the role, even though there was some truth to what she was saying. "Yes, yes, please take me. I can't say no to you, you demonic stud. I want your cocks, both of them."

Spinning her around, I gestured and my clothes disappeared, revealing a perfectly muscled body, with two healthy cocks bobbing erect. She went to her knees and took the upper one in her mouth, while mashing her breasts together around the lower one. Her inexperience showed when I felt teeth, but I was getting into it so much I didn't care, as long as she didn't draw blood I'd let her chew my dick a little. Ace bounced out of his chair and came so close to the boundary sparks flew, making him wince, but he strained to watch every moment.

Feeling the moment build, I pulled her off me, stood her up and bent her over. She was slick and dripping, I reached down to collect her cunt juice to lubricate her asshole. For a few moments, I teased her orifices with the heads of my cocks, making her squirm back into me, and making Ace double tent his pants. Shit, much more of this and I could make him cream his jeans. I stroked Sylvia's sides, making her quiver, and asked her: "Do you want it?"


"Do you really this want it?"

"Yes, give it to me, give it to me."

I toyed with her, teasing at entering, and asked again. "What do you want me to do?"

Her voice was irritated and frustrated. "Put them in. Fuck me for the first time. Shove those cocks inside me where they belong. Take my virginity, make me your whore. Fuck me, Damn you!"

With a push, I did it, reaching forward to grab her breasts. She orgasmed at once, and I started humping her repeating a mantra I knew would piss Ace off: "In nomine Patrisi, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti." It was Pope Alex's favorite mantra when he fucked his daughter Lucretia, and I knew the blasphemy would twist the knife for Ace, as well as bring back personal memories he had of that court. It was wonderful, she was so tight in both holes and for a while it was a pure pleasure I hadn't known on Earth before in all the long centuries I'd fucked witches.

A glance at the circle: Ace was almost foaming at the mouth. His eyes were blazing real red; he was losing control of his appearance and reverting to his True Form. I sneered at him and continued my work, thrusting in and out with obvious joy. Just when I thought he was going to lose it completely, he recovered enough for his human form to stabilize, but he could only do it by grasping the arms of the recliner so tightly his knuckles turned white.

She orgasmed again, and I felt the semen building for release. For a moment, I considered pulling out, spinning her around and shooting it all over her face, but that wouldn't accomplish my purpose even thought it would piss Ace off to the ultimate degree. So I settled for bellowing like a foghorn as I sent the black seed into her.

I stayed inside her and slapped her ass a couple of times. "Don't you wish you had this?" I said to Ace. He favored me with an Infernal Glare, two spots on his jeans testifying to the humiliation I put him through.

I let Sylvia recover and catch her breath before she did the Banishment Spell, sending Ace back to Hell. According to the rules, he wouldn't be able to materialize there on his own, and couldn't touch her. We went over to a bed she kept in the corner and she slept for a while in my arms. I had to hold her until the Spawnlings came out, which they did a couple hours later. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't painless; I won't describe it, and I gathered them into a basket for their trip to the pens Below.

Once back in Hell, I went back to Freddie's where His Infernal Majesty met me. We sat at a table, watching the afterlife walk by, and enjoyed a small snack with schnapps. Lucifer was in a better mood than I've seen in ages, and it seemed to overflow the entire block around him. He clapped me on the shoulder and enthused: "Well done, Norm, well done. You put on a great show; I enjoyed every moment of it. Ace needed to be taken down a step or two. Well done."

"Thank you, Eminence. Glad I could be of service."

He pulled a cigar from the Ether and lit it slowly before returning to his discourse. "And in honor of your service to me, I will do you two Great Favors."

"Two, your Eminence?"

"Yes, Two. First, you will never see Ace again and are free from his vengeance. You are under My Protection. That applies to Sylvia as well: she will be rewarded as you promised for her service to my will, and Ace won't be able to touch her, either. Your entertainment was the best I've had for millennia, haven't seen anything this amusing since Belshazzar's Feast."

"Thank you, your Eminence. I knew I could count on you."

"Yes, yes. Second, you are promoted to Wandering Torturer: you may traverse the Pit or any layer of the Ether or Earth and torment anyone you come across any way you wish."

I chuckled to myself; this was better than I hoped. A Wandering Torturer was one step beneath the Great Demonic Council, and had less responsibility. I'd be free from any control save his Eminence, and do anything I wanted to just about anything. At least, anything within the boundaries of our existence. Eternity would almost be bearable; I was as free as any demon could hope to be.

Then I heard Sylvia's voice with her Great Wish and ground my teeth. I thought she was far too smart for her own good, and it was within the legal limits of the Wish. It was poison to my new found freedom, a chain that would bind me regularly, force me into pain beyond my control. My Eternity was once again a March through misery. The words rang in my ears, and I shuddered every time afterward I had to fulfill my obligation until the day she died.

"I wish he would fuck me like that every night."

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