tagIncest/TabooNorma and Jack--Mother and Son

Norma and Jack--Mother and Son


Caution--She is not a double D, He is not 8 1/2 inch plus, They will do no ANAL, there will be no force. They are over 18 and on birth control and STD free.


It was about two one morning while heading to the bathroom for a pee that I noticed my son Jack's door was open. The bed lamp was still on. He was sitting on his bed his back supported by pillows against the headboard. His laptop computer was on his lap. Jack was however sound asleep. I tiptoed in and picked up the computer planning to put it on his desk and then turn it off if I could figure out how.

Moving the computer caused it to come alive. Being naturally nosy I looked to see what he had been looking at. I found it to be a chat room and after a couple of minutes more I found it to be one where people sometimes teamed up for cyber sex. I also figured out that his moniker was ''littlejack'' which had been for a long time his family nickname.

Jack and I had always gotten along great but we often teased and played tricks on one another. Unusual for a mother/son relationship I know. It only took me a few seconds to decide that this was one tease opportunity too good to pass up. I made note of the web address and Jack's screen name then turned off the computer and slipped from the room.

The next morning I dreamed up and posted a profile which pretty much matched the real me but with of course a different real name and location. I called myself 'mommajean'. Jean was my middle name. I did not mention my age. I posted a cartoon picture of a comely female kneeling with her hand between her thighs which I stated was indicative of the real me. I then spent several hours in the chat room getting aquatinted with the key words and the typical lines of chatter.

Perhaps I should take a minute to introduce myself and my son. I am a 47 year old divorcee of some 10 years named Norma. I am 5' 6" and weigh about 125 pounds. My hair is dark brown and my measurements are 34B-28-36. I'm told my legs are sexy. If they are it is the result of a thirty minute run every other evening. My teeth are regular and my skin and features are decent.

As I did this I had no motive other than to tease. Any thought of sex with my son had never even remotely crossed my mind.

Jack was twenty five. He is almost six feet tall and weighs about one hundred eighty pounds. His hair is sandy and after three years in the Infantry is fit and trim. As to the size of his instrument of pleasure I have never measured it. Other than that I won't comment.

He was by no means a male shrinking violet and had bedded his fair share of young ladies. I had never noticed any sign of sexual interest toward me either.

Sexually I've not had many partners. Nine to be exact. Four female and three male including my husband before marriage. One male and one female with whom we had what is usually called 'a swinging relationship'.

Meanwhile I have found an internet source of good quality very effective toys. Since my divorce they had been my main source of sexual pleasure. Actually then it might be true that more of my sex has been with myself than with either sex,

Anyhow it took a couple of days to make contact with ''littlejack'' but I did finally by saying to him something like "I wonder if ''littlejack'' is really little."

His reply was. "That's for me to know and you to find out." With that beginning out of the way we gradually got into some nice discussions. Since it seemed to be important to him I soon let him know my age. That seemed to peak his interest in me.

He introduced me to Literotica and I found myself becoming quite interested in the incest tales. Soon I realized that I was seeking out the mother son stories. A few days later as we were getting bolder with our innuendoes I asked about his mother.

He spoke first of my hair and weight and age then a day or so later about my body. He loved my tits he said along with my near perfect ass and mentioned that my legs went right up to there. A few days later he admitted that while not obsessed with his mom that he would by no means 'kick her out of my bed'.

I replied. "I certainly hope that if the time came that I ended up in my son's bed I certainly hope that he would not kick me out of bed, unless we needed the extra room that the floor provides. Ha. Ha."

As I heard him speak of an apparent sexual interest in me I began to contemplate what sex with my son might be like.

As time went on we discussed our histories and our unfulfilled desires. He loved the fact that I had done the girl on girl stuff and that my brother and I had once copulated several times.

"Do you have hope of ending up in your son's bed?" He asked.

"Hope? Not quite the right word. An idea worth considering might be a better way of putting it.

"You your mothers?" It was some time before he replied. Then.

"I would like very much to have any sexual interlude with her, but I can't make the leap in my mind to accept that it is OK to do. After all it is incest."

"Yes." I replied "But it would be between two consenting adults."

"There is that." My son replied. "I will have to think on it. On the other hand it's all academic, I certainly have no reason to think that she has any interest in sex with me."

When I had started this little farce, as I stated earlier, I did not have any sexual interest in my son either. However each day I found myself looking more and more looking forward to the contact. As I began to think about our conversations and think about what it might be like I found myself often walking around with a wet pussy. I thought for a minute then typed back.

"How do you know? If she does there are undoubtedly clues around that you have missed. For example how does she dress around you? Something sexy out of context would be a clue. How about her masturbation. What does she do for excitment? What does she look at? Porno? Young men your age?" Become a spy.

"Meanwhile." I asked. "Have you done anything to show her that you have some interest in that direction?"

"No. I guess not. Just how might I do that?"

"Well. Just pretend that she is not your mother. That it is a woman who is close and toward whom you have developed some desire. Need I say more?"

He didn't answer for a couple of long minutes then he answered.

"No. I get it. Thanks." With that we signed off. It was about eleven PM.

Although this had started as a prank as each day passed I was beginning to find myself seriously considering it and it's ramifications. I got into my bed that night naked holding a penis shaped dildo in my hand. It entered me without effort and as I fucked myself with it Jack's face was attached to it.

The next morning I was naked under my nylon robe as I served Jack his breakfast. He did not comment on my dress but when he kissed me good-bye he had his hand on my side just below my waist. My lack of underwear should have been very apparent to him.

From the divorce I received about two million in cash. It having been properly invested I am now a middle aged lady of leisure. I had a tennis date with some friends but I definitely was not on my game that day. At lunch I got some sharp questions as to the chance that there was now a lover in my life.

I spent the afternoon in contemplation ending up with a decision to 'push the envelope' a bit. When Jack got home I was dressed a bit more daringly with an extra button on my blouse undone showing another inch or two of my unconfined boobs. Even more should I bend over. I also left a porn video tossed casually on my bed.

I didn't go on-line that evening but Jack managed to touch me a half dozen times once on my ass. It being early July it didn't get dark till late. Jack disappeared into his room early so when it got dark I got into our pool in my altogether. When Jack came down fifteen minutes or so later ready to swim and noted my nakedness. I explained myself by saying that I thought that he had gone out.

After a few minutes Jack said. "OK. There is plan A and plan B. Plan A is that I get naked and skinny dip with you. Plan B is that you get your suit on."

I hesitated a proper amount of time then said. "Let's go with plan A."

Jack turned his back then dropped his trunks to the ground and dove into the pool giving me only a very brief glance at his privates. He swam past me to the far end of the pool then turned swam to the deep end then returned to where I was in the five foot section.

He stood looked at me smiled then did one of those hand squirts some people know how to do. The water squirted me right in the eye. Naturally I couldn't let that go so I did an open palm splash in revenge and we were off. Suddenly he disappeared under water.

I knew what was coming and tried to escape but he managed to catch then trip me up so seconds later we were wrestling. We were howling with laughter as our naked slippery bodies were rubbing together. I don't think either of us was trying very hard to escape.

We both managed to cop a few feels as we wrestled. Eventually we paused and stood panting with excitment before reluctantly letting go the other's body part.

Finally my senses returned. Just as Jack reached to take me in his arms I said to him between gasps.

"No Jack. Not tonight. We've gone quite far enough for tonight. Sometime maybe, possibly, but not tonight. Let's make sure that we both want this. OK?"

It took my son a while to answer then he said. "OK mom. After all, 'mother knows best'. Right?"

"Right." I said as I hurried off to my room to solve the problem of my throbbing cunt. I brought myself to a monstrous orgasm then a lesser one before calming my body with a hot/cool shower. Later I sat at my computer to see if 'littlejack' was active.

He was. After a few greetings I asked. "Anything new with you?"

"Nothing major. I've been searching and spying and found some interesting things. I've been a little 'touchy-feely' and met no resistance which I consider a good sign. How about you."

Obviously for some reason he was playing it close. Maybe he was suspicious. I decided to do the same. A little lie on my part seemed to be in order.

"Yes. ............. We kissed. Not a real serious kiss but a mouth to mouth kiss that was soft and gentle and which seemed to make promises." I wrote remembering a first kiss with my college roommate.

"What did you find?"

""Well she likes sexy underwear for one thing. She likes to go around with nothing under some things she wears. A silk robe for instance. Another thing she likes porn. I found a video that she forgot to put away."

He followed up with. "You kissed? How did you feel about that?"

"It sent me to bed with a problem that needed to be solved."

"So did you solve it?" I hesitated to answer but then decided to heat up the exchange."

"Yes I did. With the aid of a wonderful friend that I call 'Red'. I'll leave you to figure out who or what 'Red' might be."

"Damn that's exciting to read. I'm suddenly very hard."

"I'm sure that you know how to solve that problem." I wrote. "Where is your mom? She may have a problem to solve also. Maybe you can solve your problems together."

I quickly shut down my computer and sat in the dark waiting for something to happen. After a few minutes I gave up waiting and went quietly to Jack's door and listened. I could hear sounds of what was obviously some enthusiastic jerking off. I thought for a moment then silently returned to my room.

For the next week or so things at home stayed pretty much the same. Skimpy clothes for me and to some extent by Jack. An increased amount of touching. A noticeable increase in both our private masturbation sessions but no overt sexual passes.

Our computer conversations got bolder. Finally one night about eleven my son asked the most common opening question for beginning computer sex. The 'what are you wearing' question.

"I'm sitting at my computer naked. Along with being naked I'm freshly showered, made up, perfumed, with my hair all done. Why do you ask?"

He immediately responded. "I'm so aroused and I need to masturbate. I'd like to do something different. I was hoping that you might join me."

Long story short. We did. Then we did it again. We did it every night for a week. Then finally one night I decided that the time had come. (Pun intended)

We made contact. After a few opening remarks I asked. "How is it going."

"About the same." He replied. "How about you?"

Before long we had begun another joint masturbation. Then I made my move. I wrote.

"I have a suggestion for you. Why don't you march down the hall to your mother's room and see what might be happening there. Seconds later he was at my open bedroom door.

My son came up behind me, wrapped his arms around me as I stared at his reflection in the monitor screen. His hands took my breasts causing my nipples to jump to attention. His thumbs and forefingers began manipulating them.

Not liking the chair back separating us I untangled us and stood. I urged him over in front of my window so I could watch the stars as my son stood behind me and picked up where we had left off. My nipples grew even longer and harder, just like miniature penises.

The attention to my nipples was sending little jolts of electricity from them to my pussy. Then I took his left hand in mine and slid it across my body to my right breast. Then I took his right hand in mine and guided it downward to my quivering pussy.

I felt no hesitation on his part. In just seconds his middle finger was sliding up and down between my slippery pussy lips. After several ups and downs his finger stopped to pay homage to my clit. By then my knees were weak as my body quivered. I reached behind me then slid my hand between us and at long last took his penis in my hand.

We stood petting each other for a few minutes. His kisses on my shoulder and neck progressed to our first ever adult lovers kiss. We were quivering and trembling with desire when Jack pulled me back several steps turning me around as he did. He came in contact with my king bed.

He turned me around as he sat guiding me around till I sat facing him across his lap. He fell to his back as I drew my knees up to his sides lifting my body till my dripping pussy was poised over his hard cock.

There was no argument from him as I took his penis in my hand holding it still as I guided my cunt opening to it's target. When It's head at the cave's entrance I lowered myself slowly enjoying to the fullest the sensation of my son's hard cock being engulfed by my aching vagina. At that moment Jack thrust himself upward and I felt it touch the entrance to my uterus.

It certainly was not entering virgin territory but it was producing sensations through my body which I had begun to wonder if I would ever feel again. An image flashed across my brain of a glorious fuck years before with my first love in the total privacy of a cabin cruiser floating free in the Long Island Sound.

I held my breasts to Jack's lips to be suckled as I began to ride that wonderful instrument of pleasure. He did just that for several minutes until my body began to signal it's need to orgasm. I put a hand on each of his shoulders as we adjusted to that wonderful rhythm of intercourse.

The speed of our movements increased as did the length of our strokes. Then as they say we got to the short strokes. Those rapid short strokes which signal the approach of orgasm. A brief moment later I felt Jack's hot cum fill my insides. As my body soaked in the heat of his cum my own orgasm began. My greedy cunt tried to milk the last drop from the end of that wonderful appendage.

We kissed as we came down from our highs then snuggled as sleep almost overcame us. We rearranged ourselves then we fell asleep with our arms and legs intertwined. I awoke to glorious sunshine and found my way to the bathroom to perform my morning ablutions. I showered, as I did I rinsed away the copious amount of cum which had dripped down my legs.

I returned to the bedroom. The sheet had slipped down and Jack's cock was standing straight and hard. The desire to take it into my mouth was almost more than I could bear.

Then I wondered if was a work day before I realized that it was not. I headed to the kitchen for much needed coffee. As I fixed the pot I heard the sounds of the shower echo through the pipes. I returned to the bedroom and straightened out the bed sheets. As I finished Jack came in from the bathroom still naked but acting somewhat bashful.

"Hi mom. You OK?"

"More than OK my handsome son come here and let me see that thing which is rapidly coming erect as we speak."

I held my open hand crotch high as Jack approached the bed. When he was close enough I cupped it in my hand before tightening my hand and pulling him closer.

"Right now I just want you to crawl between my legs and screw me."

By the time my son was in place my pussy felt as if it had caught on fire. As soon as his cock head touched the correct spot I thrust my pelvis forward pushing hard encasing his entire length inside of me. Jack stopped for a moment apparently savoring the feeling before he said.

"God mom. I've never felt anything like this. I feel like my penis is in a pool of hot liquid."

"Some of that are my hot juices some is your own hot cum. I cleaned off the excess that drained out but part of it is still in there."

With that I locked my ankles behind my son's rump and we began fucking. I have a favorite action it's kind of circular. It's round and round and round we go faster and faster until both of us come.

Jack came first. His cock pulsed and my cunt was again cum filled. Just as I felt his final spurt my body reacted. And how it reacted. I trembled and shook and gyrated and made noises which made no sense whatsoever. When we finally were quiet I felt thoroughly and completely fucked for the first time in a long time.

I savored the feeling for a few minutes then still not having had my quota of coffee went to the kitchen to start some. Then put out some cereal and fruit and milk. I spread a kitchen towel under me to protect the chair from my leaking pussy.

Jack had to join some buddies for a fishing outing. I spent the day reviewing things in my mind then making plans for an evening encounter.

He returned home messy and smelly. He prepared the fish then refrigerated them as I prepared for a shower with him. Fifteen minutes later as I had the shower water just right Jack entered the bathroom and joined me. We rinsed and soaped and kissed and petted and sucked and licked until the water began to run cold. I ran from the bathroom to the bedroom ahead of Jack.

When he found his way to the bedroom I was kneeling on the bed with my naked ass in the air. My son was behind me in an instant and a few seconds later his cock was inside and stroking in and out of my hot cunt. I dropped my head to the mattress and let him do all the work. He didn't have to work hard or long.

It was over in seconds, at least our first orgasms were, but that didn't stop us. The second took longer, perhaps five minutes followed by our total collapse side by side across the king size bed.

A couple of hours later I awoke. As I arose to attend to my bodily functions I took a minute to enjoy a look at my son's semi erect penis. I couldn't help myself. I bent intending to kiss the tip but instead took it into my mouth and lick and sucked it to it's full size.

As Jack came awake I greeted him saying. "That's just a promise of things to come. The operative word being come."

Late the next morning we sat naked on the porch sipping coffee as we discussed the days plans. Jack, I noticed, was starting to become erect. The sun had broken out of the clouds and was starting to bathe us it is warmph. Again the urge to pay oral homage to it over took me.

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