tagMind ControlNormal Ch. 13-15

Normal Ch. 13-15


Chapter 13

I managed to catch Amanda before she went home and got her dressed. Normally just the thought of her walking around with no pants on, my seed running down her leg, would have gotten me hard. Excited. But today, barely a twinge. My thoughts were consumed with what had happened earlier. The physical sensations had been intense, but it was the situation that got to me. The feeling of being dominated, that other side of what I'd done to Amanda and Nancy. And the fact that Ms. Miller was smaller, weaker than me, somehow made it... better. More kinky. I was the one with the super power, but she had me in the palm of her hand, and I knew it. And I knew that she knew it, and it made me both afraid and even more aroused.

Later that night, I was laying in bed, halfheartedly trying to study. I knew I was likely going to fail all my classes at this point - I just wasn't motivated enough to work at classes when I had the ability to do other things at will. But I went through the motions, even though I was constantly being distracted. I'd be halfway through an essay on what "good" means and the next thing I knew I was masturbating to the feel of Amanda's pussy working my cock with Ms. Miller's fingers buried in my pussy. And during that I felt it. That pressure that's not really a pressure in my head, that my power was active - pushing someone past their boundaries. It confused me - I mean, no one was around. But I guessed that maybe I'd made too much noise, and it had been required to keep my parents or sister from getting worried. So I put it out of my mind.

* * *

I stood outside Ms. Miller's class, waiting for the bell to ring. And fidgeted. The dress that had given me such confidence last week felt like the thinnest of armors today. I was practically naked, at her command. I wanted to walk away, to call it off, to stop our affair. Maybe I could be happy with just Amanda. But my stiff cock and wet panties told me I was going to walk in the door and do whatever Ms. Miller told me to do.

Finally, the bell rang and her first period class filed out, their faces passing me in a blur. I think a few said hi, but I ignored them. And finally there was no one left to help me procrastinate. I closed my eyes, to prepare myself for walking into this, when I heard an amused, "ahem." My eyes shot open, startled, and Oh. My. God.

It's the middle of December and she's wearing a short, short skirt, hose and high heels. Definitely not proper teacher attire. A blouse that covered enough, but looked like it might be transparent if the light was right. Her nipples poking through it told me she wasn't wearing a bra. And she'd spent some time on her makeup - it wasn't the proper makeup, the "look nice, but not nice nice" kind of bullshit that most professional women have to deal with. It was date makeup. She looked like a $1,000/hour hooker. Well, ok, I'm a high school student. I don't know what actual hookers look like. But she could have played one on TV.

Her eyes took me in, and I couldn't breathe. Couldn't look away. She said only one word - "Good" - and then turned, beckoning me with a finger. I followed her in with my heart in my throat. I hadn't expected the outfit, and was finding it hard to think with her ass swaying from side to side in front of me. She led me to the chair behind her desk, and I got my second shock as my eyes wandered over it. There were tiny cuffs on each of the arms - they didn't look very strong, so I wasn't sure what they were for - but what blew me away was the dildo standing straight up the middle. It wasn't extremely large, maybe a little smaller than I was, but just the sight of it drew a small sound from my throat. I felt shame burst over me at how I was reacting, but I couldn't help it.

She turned and looked at me again, and I could see her responding to my desire. The lust in her eyes reflecting my own. "God Sally," she breathed, stepping right up to me, "You're such a fucking sexy slut." And then she kissed me. Deeply, aggressively, and I melted into her, letting her take control, the situation and the kick of being called a slut making me helpless before her. At the end I felt even more dazed, and more horny. She stepped back and held out her hand. "Panties." A one worded demand, and I meekly complied. The freedom I'd felt last week when I was like this was completely gone - I was entirely at her mercy. I put them in her hand, and she stepped forward and felt me up. I groaned and tried to push into her hand, almost read to cum, but she pulled back. Smiled at me. "Just making sure you're ready. Take a seat." And a nod at the chair, the dildo standing proud, as I watched her lick my nectar off her fingers. The makeup smeared across her face from our kiss would have normally made her look ridiculous, but to me she'd never seemed more commanding.

My legs felt like jelly, but I walked over to the chair. The dildo was attached with some sort of strap system, and it looked a lot bigger from here than before. But I knew what she wanted. I turned around and eased myself down, until I felt the head of it brush my clit. A little further, to line up the head. And then I started pushing down and the dildo filled me, spread me. But I was wet enough that there was no resistance, and I moaned as it filled me up, feeling incredibly big. I wanted to go slow but my legs were shaking, so I hurried it, and finally, finally I felt the chair beneath my ass, and I let myself collapse down. I felt undone, my legs trembling, on the edge of orgasm. And then Ms. Miller reached down and grabbed my cock, pulling it out from under my dress. And stroked it, gently, softly. "Cum for me, Sally." Her eyes drilled into mine. "Cum for me." And I did.

My pussy felt like a vise around the dildo, squeezing and releasing it in waves. And my cock was spurting, the build up of two days taking over as load after load shot out. And all through it Ms. Miller's hand, stroking, and directing. I realized dimly that she had pulled a cup from somewhere, that she was collecting my spunk in it as I came and came and came. But finally it was over. I sat back in the chair with my eyes closed and tried to recover, to regain something, any control. But my breath was ragged, and my pussy still twitching occasionally around the dildo buried in it.

I heard her walk a few steps back to her desk, and the clink as she set the cup down. Then she walked back, and I felt her pull my arm up onto the arm of the chair, and gently attach the cuff. I opened my eyes and watched her do the other one. I felt... remote. Like I was just an observer, watching her do whatever she wanted to do to me. She cupped my chin, and forced me to meet her eyes. "Sally."

I swallowed. "Y-yes." My words came out breathy. Desperate. Aroused.

She smiled. "I was wondering if you could still talk. We're going to play a game, Sally. I made you cum just now because it wouldn't be fair otherwise." Her other hand reached down lightly to grip my length, and I jumped slightly from the contact. "I'm glad you're still hard. I thought you would be, but it saves some time." Her hand slipped away, and I tried to follow it. A mistake - the feel of the dildo sliding out of me caught me, and I sank back down onto it with a groan. Her smile deepened. "There are two ways you can lose, Sally. The first is if you break these," and her hand circled the cuffs around my wrists. "They're not very strong, so don't move too much. And the other way you can lose," and her hand came back down and trailed down my cock, making it twitch, "is if you cum before the hour is up." I bit down on my lip to keep from making more noise.

I considered the game. I thought... no. I knew I could win. The dildo felt good, sure. But I could stay still for that long, since I'd just had relief. But... "What," I asked cautiously, "are we playing for?"

Her grin turned wicked. "Everything."

* * *

I watched, detached, as her class came in and sat down. I was naked from the waist down in front of them, cock hard and a dildo in my pussy, but it didn't seem to matter. The only important thing was to control myself. To get the upper hand on Ms. Miller again. She got up in front and talked, and I realized that it was a presentation day. And then the end of it: "... Sally will be my assistant today. Oh, and one other thing. Sally was kind enough to make a donation for us." She walked over and held up the glass of my cum. "Any girls who get up and present will need to take a drink of this before they start." And I watched as they smiled and nodded because, of course. Totally normal to drink the teacher's assistant's spunk out of a glass before you talk in front of your classmates, since it's Sally.

It was a nice try, I thought, but not enough. I could feel myself getting hard at the thought of them drinking my essence unwittingly, but I could master it. I could stop it. I felt my determination solidify. I would do this. I would get control back, and I would take Ms. Miller in ways she'd never been taken before. She walked over to her desk and called the first person up - a girl, of course - and then turned her back on me. I smirked - if she was trying to make me lose control, she'd picked the wrong end to tease me with - but I slowly felt my smile fade. The situation felt... familiar. Me in a chair.. her in front of me. Like... oh. Oh, no. Our first time. My mouth was suddenly dry. Ms. Miller turned her head to look at me, and her smile was angelic innocence as she sat back onto my lap. And no, she wasn't wearing panties.

Unfair, I thought, as her lower lips enveloped the head of my cock. Totally, 100% unfair in every single way. I held myself absolutely rigid as she slowly, oh so gently, descended onto me. She was just as tight as the first time, and it seemed to take forever as she sank onto my length. But eventually her ass touched my hips, and I was buried in her for the second time. And god, it was amazing. I'd forgotten how good she felt, how tight and wet. I knew I'd lost. As soon as she moved, she'd have me. So I waited. And waited. Until I realized that she wasn't going to give me the easy way out.

The first girl ended with obligatory applause, and then Ms. Miller, slowly, oh so slowly, stood up. Sliding smoothly up and off of my cock. I barely held it together, trying to think of anything else, but I couldn't help my gasp as I finally slipped out of her. She called the next name - Amanda's friend Tina - and then came back. God help me. She timed it so I entered her just as Tina took a drink of my cum, and I honestly can't tell you how I kept from cumming right then and there. And then down, slowly again, relentless, until she was back in my lap, my entire length in her. I don't think I've ever been as hard as I was that day.

I held out until the end of the third presentation. I'm not sure how. I thought about everything else - anything else. I tried baseball. D&D 4th Edition rules. Old people. Wars, murders. But nothing worked. And my heart wasn't really in it. I wanted to surrender to her. I wanted Ms. Miller to take me, to make me hers. I could hear her say that "Everything", and I was ready to give it up. To let her have control.

And part of me thought it might be better this way. Safer. Easier to have Ms. Miller in control. I was dangerous, I changed people. I'd taken Amanda's life and made a child with her. I was a bad person, a weak person. But if Ms. Miller controlled me, if she made the decisions, I wouldn't have to worry about that. We'd just have lots of sex, and satisfy her kinks, and everything would work out.

My orgasm caught me when she was standing up to announce the 4th presenter. She slid up, and her pussy squeezed the head of my cock, and it was too much. I was coming. I ripped my arms out of the cuffs and grabbed her hips, pulling her down and myself up, burying myself in her as I blew my load. I heard her soft cry of pain from the violence of my penetration, but I didn't care. And then the dildo sliding out set off my pussy and that was coming as well. I was caught, torn apart between the two, as I ground into myself and Ms. Miller and tried to cum and oh god oh god oh god. And a part of me knew I had lost control in front of 20 of my classmates, and reveled in the shame of it.

Eventually, finally, it was over. I felt limp all over. Ms. Miller stood up, and I was glad that her legs were unsteady too. I couldn't remember enough to know if she'd come, though.

She ignored me the rest of the class, and I just sat there. I felt... relaxed. The weight of not making more decisions about sex was a giant load off of my shoulders, and I just watched the rest of it contentedly. A tiny part of me deep inside liked watching her walk around with my cum dripping down her leg, ruining her hose, but most of me knew who had really done the owning here.

Finally, it was over, and, and everyone left. I watched Ms. Miller stalk over to me, and I knew I was her prey. She put one finger to my lips, and I sucked it reflexively. Her tone was reflective. "You seem to have lost, Sally. In both ways."

I nodded, letting her finger slip from my mouth. Having her stand over me like this was starting to get me aroused again, my pussy tingling and my cock rising up from between my legs. "Yes. You won, Judy." I swallowed hard. "You won... me."

She nodded. Then got in the chair, kneeling on either side of me. It was a tight fit, but she was just small enough to make it work. She sat back, pussy just touching my cock, making me want to push up into her. But something told me to hold back. "If that's the case, Sally, then I think we need to change one thing." My breath was hard and fast as she reached down and causally groped one of my breasts, and I moaned and twisted. "I think if I won you, you should call me Ms. Miller, and not Judy." She stopped moving but left her hand where it was, waiting on my answer.

I licked my lips. "Y-yes. Yes, Ms. Miller." And she rewarded me with another grope.

She smiled down at me, then sunk another inch of my cock into her, making sure I couldn't get away. "Good girl. Now make me cum as many times as you can. And be gentle this time."

I got to work.

Chapter 14

Ms. Miller left me limp and exhausted, totally spent, with an envelope on my chest and a dildo up my cunt.

I was full of vying emotions. I felt sexy. I felt embarrassed. I felt used. Simultaneously abused, and loved, and very, very confused. But the biggest emotion, the central one that I kept coming back to, was overwhelming relief. I didn't have to try anymore. I hadn't realized how much my power was weighing on me until I had the option of giving it up. I didn't have to decide anymore that it was better to abuse Amanda than to risk raping one of my classmates. I didn't have to worry about my morals slowly slipping away until I found myself taking and fucking on a whim, because I felt like it, with no regards to consequences or feelings. So on top of that relief, I felt grateful to Ms. Miller for taking those decisions away from me. All I had to do was give up my sexual freedom, but that wasn't so bad. I enjoyed it, didn't I? I mean, I didn't like all of it, but I deserved it after what I put Nancy and Amanda through. This was my penance, and it would work out best for everyone.

That's what I was thinking. I'm telling you this so you understand why I rationalized things away. Why I ignored the fact that I hadn't seen Amanda at all that Friday. Why I decided that I'd just been making too much noise over the weekend when I felt my power activate - that pressure - four distinct times. Because I'm a goddamn fool.

* * *

The envelope had contained directions, a room number, and a time. So at 5 PM Christmas eve I walked into the fanciest hotel in town, made my way to the honeymoon suite, and knocked with a trembling hand. Ms. Miller opened the door, smiled and kissed me, and swept me inside. And then she pushed me up against the wall and worked my cock and my pussy right to the edge as I clutched at her from the sudden assault. My vision went dark, and all I could think about were the hands working my crotch. And then right as I was about to cum, they... stopped. I protested inarticulately, and Ms. Miller just gave that angelic smile. "Is something wrong, Sally?" Her tone held just a hint of a dangerous edge to it.

I gained control with difficulty. Smiled back. "N-no. No, J- Ms. Miller. It's fine." She studied me for a moment, then nodded, turned, and walked into the bedroom. It was obvious that I was supposed to follow her, so I did.

By this time I'd recovered enough to realize what the game was. So I didn't protest when she put me in a sheer dress that left nothing to the imagination. I nodded when she showed me the first vibrating bulb, and put it gently, lovingly, into my pussy. And I thanked her when she told me to, for attaching the other one to my cock.

Dinner was room service. It came in three different courses, and I was required to answer the door and take it in each time. The human mind is a weird place. I have a superpower. I know that the bellhop (or whatever the hell they're called) didn't actually care that I was practically naked, or that I was literally dripping on the floor. They might enjoy the show, but they wouldn't call the police or think I was crazy, or a slut. But I still felt the shame each time, and it was sharper because I knew I had done exactly this with Amanda.

Other than that, I don't remember much about that dinner. Ms. Miller chatted about inconsequential things. Stories, family, about going to college. I smiled, and asked questions, and nodded in the right places, but my attention was on the goddamn vibrators that wouldn't. Let. Me. Cum. They would build up, and I would get so fucking close... and then they'd die off. And a few seconds later they'd start over. And each time, Ms. Miller smiled knowingly.

I made it through dinner, but then I broke. I begged her to make me cum, to do anything, just to give me relief. And I knew I was walking into the trap she'd left for me, but I didn't care. Nothing could be worse than this.

I cried as the vibrators backed me off from the edge again, and she circled behind me. Her breath was hot on my neck. "You want to cum, Sally?" And I writhed, shuddering just from the feel of her breath.

"Yes." I whispered it, like a prayer. "Please, yes. Oh, god. I'll do anything."

I could hear her smile in her voice. "I'm not the god, Sally. But what I want to know," and she slid her hands up the side of my breasts, maddeningly close, inches from my nipples, "if you're begging me, if you'll do anything to cum, " and they moved up and hovered over my tits, "then what does that make you?" I hesitated, unsure which answer would get her hands on my tits so I could cum the fastest. But it was rhetorical. "I think," and her hands were circling my nipples and fuck I want to cum and god I'm close, "that makes you my bitch. Doesn't it?"

And of course it fucking would, if it would let me cum. So I screamed it, and she slid the vibrators to max and her hands grabbed me and came and came and came. It never seemed to end, pleasure so intense and sharp that it's almost pain, and I begged her, pleaded with her to stop and let me stop. And finally, eventually, the vibrators turned off and she let me down, caressing me gently, telling me how beautiful, how perfect I am. A goddess. Her goddess. And her bitch.

I felt numb. Detached. I simply reacted to whatever she did. We go to the shower, and we clean up. And of course, at some point I found myself on my knees, and I brought her with my mouth over and over until she let me stop. She led me back to bed, and curled up against me, with me lying on my back. "Good night, Sally" she whispered. "Sleep. I have a surprise for you tomorrow." And at some point I drifted off.

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