Normal Ch. 13-15


I dreamed of a pressure that's not a pressure in my head.

* * *

I woke up with my head cleared, and wondered what I was thinking yesterday. Was this really what I wanted? I mean, don't get me wrong. Getting my pussy and cock played with simultaneously is awesome, and incredibly intense. But on a regular basis it's almost too much, and Ms. Miller has an obsessive fetish for it. And the talk... being her bitch? Was she going to make me display myself every time, to strangers? On the one hand... yes, I made Amanda do it. But I stopped. And the past three times with Ms. Miller... well. Let's just say I was worried about the trend I thought I was seeing.

On the hand, I thought as I felt her mount me and slide down onto my cock, if I get wake-up sex every day, maybe it will be worth it. Her pussy felt amazing, nestled around me, and somehow different. Not as tight as normal. And, actually, she was heavier. And her pubic hair was shorter, and...

My eyes shot open. I had never seen the woman riding me before in my life. She had just taken my full length sheathed in her, and she had her eyes closed and her mouth open as she gave a little sigh of pleasure. She opened her eyes, and they were... wrong. I'd seen that look before. In churches. She looked at me worshipfully, then started rolling her hips. She moaned. "Oh, Goddess, your rod feels so good." And I mean, I like to think I'm pretty good in bed at this point. I know how to fuck, how to make my partner feel pleasure. But I was lying there, I wasn't using my hands at all or even moving, and she was acting like my dick was giving her the best orgasm of her life. She reached her hands up and grabbed her tits, then started really moving, bouncing up and down. "Oh, Goddess. Take me! Fill me!" And then her cunt clamped down on me as she came, hard and long.

She was attractive. Brunette, white, young, in shape, and her tits were really nice. But for the first time in my life, I was staring at them without feeling lust. Because the tattoo across her breasts, which I could just make out as she bounced on top of me, filled me with horror. It was short and simple:

Sally's Breeding Slut #2

And then, of course, Ms. Miller's voice to tie everything together: "Merry Christmas, Sally. I hope you like her."

Chapter 15

I think my original reaction, back when all this started, sums it up the best:

What. The. Fuck.

I turned my head to look at Ms. Miller, and got the second shock of the morning. Because of course she hadn't just stopped at one. Two woman - one at each side of her, kneeling, looking at me adoringly (I say woman, but the one on the left looked disturbingly like jailbait). I could just make out the #3 and the top of the #5 across their breasts. One with her tongue buried in Ms. Miller's pussy, eating her out. And - yes, a fourth. Behind Ms. Miller, face buried in her ass, going at it with apparent enthusiasm. I took a moment to wonder if she'd bothered cleaning up first, then put it out of my mind. I took a deep breath and tried to order my thoughts. And asked Ms. Miller, as calmly as I could, what was going on. I think it came out something like: "What the - what the hell is this?! Who are they? And what the fuck is up with the tattoos?!"

Ms. Miller reached out and caressed the heads of the two on each side, and they leaned into her touch, and transferred those gazes from me to her. My skin crawled. She'd turned them into... pets. And... oh. Oh fuck. She'd used me to do it. Pressure in my head. Last week, this weekend, and the memory of a dream. "Ms. Miller", I whispered, horrorstruck. "Judy. What did you do?"

She smiled at me and strode to the bed. And then without warning, leaned down and kissed me. And it was a kiss filled with passion, with love, which made everything else even harder to understand. I struggled a bit, but I couldn't help but get turned on, and I heard #2 moan and start riding me again as I reacted to Ms. Miller's kiss. Ms. Miller broke it off, still smiling down to me, and she was beaming at me, like I'd done a particularly good trick. "Sally, my Sally. You don't know yet, but you'll understand. You're a goddess, Sally. A real, honest, worthy, goddess. All I have to do is tell them about you, what you can do, and will do to them, and they were eager to serve you. To serve us." Idly, one of her hands came down and circled my tit. And squeezed, making me cry out. "And therefore" she whispered, "because you belong to me, Sally. My goddess. That means they all belong to me too."

It was hard to think, with #2 bouncing on my cock and Ms. Miller playing with my breasts. But... no. Numbers were bad. Inhumanizing, they made it easier to accept this, to just go along. "Names." I made it as much of a demand as I could. "Tell me their names. Please." I added, when she looked like she was getting angry at me.

Ms. Miller looked at me, but finally shrugged. "I don't see why it matters - they're just for us to use as we see fit, Sally." She indicated the woman riding me. "This is Carly. She was just a bartender, but she has a magnificent rack, don't you think? She was the first one... I was having a drink, and I told her about us, you know? How good it was, Sally. How perfect. And she said she wished she had something in her life like that, and well. One thing led to another. That's why she's the first to get the gift of your seed." There was something wrong with that - wasn't she #2? - but my attention was dragged to the next. The girl on the left - #3. "This is Kaley. I used to teach her last year, and once I realized what our purpose was, I remembered her. She's wonderful, isn't she?" And then the next, the woman who had been eating her out, #4. "Miriam here is one of your neighbors - I was going to go to your house a week ago, but I chickened out, and she came out to see what was wrong. She's married, of course, but her husband can't have kids. But you, Sally. You can give her your gift. I knew it was meant to be." And then #5. I caught the name - Jenny - but the rest faded away, because I was staring past them. At the girl who'd been happily, enthusiastically eating out Ms. Miller's asshole. Amanda.

Ms. Miller caught where I was looking. "Of course. I saved her for last, Sally. She's the alpha. But I knew you'd be happy I included her." She went over and pulled Amanda up, caressing her belly. "I saw your purpose, Sally. When you were having sex with her. All of them, Sally, they all want to be yours. To take your seed. And as soon as I explained it to them, it's all they wanted." She nodded at Miriam. "Even her husband understood, once I told them what you were. It's not natural Sally. Don't you see? You are a goddess of fertility and love. It's the only explanation." Her face twisted slightly, fleetingly showing something ugly. Jealously? She turned back to me. "I thought it was me, of course. I told them what I wanted, and what we did together, and I got Carly in bed... and it was glorious. But it was all you in the end, Sally. I had to tell them about you to make it work." She came back to the bed. My breath felt short in my chest - it was too much. Everything that was happening was overwhelming. Her hand caressed my cheek. "That's when I knew I had to have you, Sally. To make me mine. You're a goddess, but you're weak. Flawed. Let me guide you, Sally." Her eyes boring into mine, filled with passion and love. And... control. "And the entire world, all the beautiful vessels for your seed. It will all be ours to use and play with."

I couldn't think. But... no. No. I have to think. I can't just let this go. My vision of myself with no morals had been brought to life early, somehow embodied in Ms. Miller. I had to try something. I forced myself to ignore the physical sensations - to think past Carly riding me, or Ms. Miller back to playing with my tits. "Ms. Miller... Judy... you can't do this. Think about it. They have lives. They're people, not just toys for me to knock up." I stared at her face, and saw only blank confusion. I tried again. "Don't you... don't you think this is wrong? They have families, people who love them..." I trailed off. Ms. Miller patted my head. "I know you don't understand yet, Sally, but you'll see. Nothing we do here can be bad. You know that. You told me so." My turn to stare in confusion. But... fuck. Fuck. That first, damnable day. The words ran through my mind.

You can't get in trouble for having sex for me. And it won't be a bad thing.

And it all came crashing down on me. This was my fault. I had thought I'd turned off Ms. Miller's inhibitions, and I had. But I'd also warped her moral compass. I'd let her justify anything as long as it involved, even remotely, sex with me. And so my power had led her down this road, to sluts - slaves - as Christmas day presents, to girls with numbers whose purpose in life was to give me babies. And she had no way to stop. I'd had trouble with my power, but I knew what was going on, and I'd been able to pull back from the edge. But Ms. Miller didn't know that, didn't realize what was happening. She couldn't think of this as wrong, because I'd told her it wasn't. And at some point she'd discovered what I'd found out with Nancy, that with the proper phrases I - and her, with references to me - could turn people into puppets. I wasn't sure where the mythology had come from, but she was an English teacher, and at some point she must have made a connection and decided that all of this was divine purpose. Because she couldn't see it as anything else.

I struggled, trying to get out from under Carly. I had to fix this. I had to explain to them, to tell them that no, they were people, they weren't just things for my use. To tell Ms. Miller that right vs wrong still applied, that I'd been mistaken before, to somehow undo everything that had happened. I pleaded with Ms. Miller, I tried to tell her, but she just stared at me, and I realized I wasn't using the right words, the right phrasing. I paused to think, and that was a mistake. "Sluts." Ms. Miller's voice was all steel command. "Your goddess is feeling unsure. Make her feel good, show her devotion, that this is the right path." And then she kissed me, cutting me off as I tried to make them stop, and they descended on me.

Some supers get a physical boost, but I was all mental. It was six against one, and I just wasn't strong enough. They were everywhere - lips and fingers, hands and mouths, caressing and sucking me all over, and I shuddered and writhed under their assault. Words flowed out of my mind, and I was left with only sensation and pleasure. But I kept struggling to think. I'd lost why I needed to struggle, but I knew I had to, so kept trying to work past it, to focus through the bodies and sensations that enveloped me.

But it was too much. And I finally felt myself come, my cock spurting inside of Carly, who cried rapturously and thanked me feverishly for impregnating her. And Ms. Miller stopped kissing me to give orders, and so I watched Kaley take her place, sinking herself deep onto me, and she thanked me for the gift of my rod in her as she started moving up and down. And it all started again. And my brain said, Nancy.

I'm not sure what about Kaley reminded me of her. Something with the shape of the face, and the nose. But it lodged in my mind and stuck, even as Ms. Miller descended to kiss me again, and I struggled to make sluggish thoughts move, to understand why Nancy was important. But it was hard to form thoughts, so I sunk into memory. I remembered that first day in the bathroom, with Nancy casually handling my cock. I remembered the classroom, my first blowjob, the very first step of my descent into this madness. And I remembered the second blowjob, where I had taken control and told Nancy how to please me. I remembered what I had to do.

I couldn't speak, couldn't form words, with Ms. Miller devouring my mouth. So I waited it out. I surrendered to their attentions, their lusts, and let myself come in Kaley's pussy, possibly knocking up my second girl of the day. It's funny - if Ms. Miller hadn't been tormenting me the past weeks, I wouldn't have been able to do it. But she'd taught me enough control that I could keep a hold of myself now, even through all six of them pleasuring me. And when Ms. Miller raised her lips from mine to switch things up, I was ready. "Ms. Miller" I breathed, trying to put devotion into my words. "Ms. Miller, I understand now. I know what I have to do." I poured sincerity into my words. I needed to buy time, for her to believe me.

She paused and looked down at me, and I saw her accept what I was doing. Cradled my head in her hands. "Oh Sally!" And kissed me again, but this time thankfully it was short. "I'm so glad you understand, that you can see your purpose here."

I nodded, and tried to look properly reverential. "I do, Ms. Miller. More than ever, I understand. And we can continue - we should continue - but first, can I just say something to show my love for you all?" I pleaded with my eyes, and she smiled and said of course.

I closed my eyes. I thought of all the times I'd used my power, and the best way to word this. And I started to speak.

* * *

So as I watched Miriam Haywood walk to her husband with my seed dripping down her leg, I thought back to that Christmas almost six months ago. The first few moments were rough - I was scared Ms. Miller would realize what was going on and stop me - but eventually I got control, and I had them obeying my orders. And then I set out to undo what Ms. Miller had done.

I didn't fully succeed. I'm not sure why I couldn't fix them entirely, but it seemed like they wouldn't accept me totally contradicting anything Ms. Miller had told them previously, so I couldn't just wipe out her conditioning. But I could change things, adjust them to be better. It took two days, but I got most of it. I'm still their goddess, but they can live their lives now instead of being entirely devoted to me. I check in on them, and occasionally stalk them, and I'm hopeful - I haven't seen any crazy behavior, or felt the not-pressure in my head that would tell me they're starting to use my power on others. And I managed to convince them, after hours and hours of argument, that being my breeding sluts only means I have to knock them up once.

Carly and Kaley (and thank god, she'd turned 18 that November - she just looks super young) were the first, and both got pregnant almost immediately. They're both showing pretty good now, and they go to maternity classes together. Jenny, who turned out to be Ms. Miller's therapist, called me a month ago to let me know that I finally succeeded. She was celebrating with her boyfriend, and I heard him express relief that now he could finally stop using condoms.

Mrs. Haywood - Miriam - is the last holdout, but I'm hopeful. I checked, and she can have kids - it's only Mr. Haywood that's firing blanks - so I think it's just a matter of time. But I want to get as much of this over with as possible, so I'm usually over there every day before school to try and knock her up.

Amanda popped a week ago. A little early, but I was told it's not that abnormal and there was no danger. They thought it was a boy from the ultrasounds, but little Judy is a girl with a cock, just like me. And if I'm a bit ambivalent about the name, and absolutely terrified that she might inherit my power, I still find myself going sappy whenever I see her in Amanda's arms. I spend most of my time over there arguing with Amanda, though. She insists that since she was pregnant before she became one of my breeding sluts, that little Judy doesn't count and I owe her another kid. And despite my best efforts I haven't been able to convince her otherwise. She has me penciled in for a couple of weeks from now, when she says she'll be fully recovered (literally penciled in, on her calender, with little hearts around my name. It's simultaneously cute, disgusting, and arousing).

So I suppose that only leaves Ms. Miller.

* * *

After servicing Mrs. Haywood, I walked back to my room. Judy met me at the door wearing her birthday suit and nothing else, looking at me with need and lust in her eyes.

Out of all the woman, I feel the worst about Judy. She had done horrible things, but only because I'd remade her. The rest, I could mostly fix. I have to knock them up each once, and they'll have that tattoo for the rest of their lives, but other than that they can have a relatively normal life. Do I feel bad? Sure. But I can mostly decide that it's ok, that in the end something bad happened to them but they can get past it.

But Judy was broken differently, directly by me, and I couldn't fix her. I pleaded with her, ordered her to know right from wrong. I ranted and raved, trying to convince her to change, to be... normal again. I tried everything I could think of. And she would just look at me, and smile. Or say, "Goddess, there is no such thing as right or wrong. There's only you." And eventually I despaired, and did the only thing I could think of. I broke her again.

I wonder, sometimes, what would have happened if I was smarter. If maybe I could have fixed all of them, if I could have avoided this. And in my darker moments, I wonder if maybe I am smarter, but I didn't want to fix them. I can't deny that on some level, I like all of this. I love all of this, having them for breeding, to use at my pleasure. And they like it too - even though I convinced them that I only need to get them pregnant once, they've all told me flat out that they'd like me to keep going. The whole situation just flat out does it for me. And that possibility, that I did this on purpose, keeps me up at night.

So Judy is #6. I had to make it so she can't speak or write at all - she's simply too dangerous, with no morals and my power at her fingertips. I'm debating forbidding sign language as well. Of course that leaves her pretty much helpless - she can't hold down a job - so she's living with me. I've made her into a toy, and I can't trust anyone else not to abuse her - I feel guilty as hell, and I still can't resist her, so how could I trust someone else not to do worse?

She can't talk, but she's good at nonverbals, and my cock rose as I saw her in the doorway, her need pouring off of her. I took her to my bed, gently, and made love to her, because I know that the only thing I can give her now is pleasure. And afterwards, as she lay limp and exhausted, curled in my arms, I thought. About control, and superpowers, and minds. About good and evil. Where did my actions lie? Was what I was doing really the right choice? Shouldn't I find someone else to care for Judy? I had destroyed her as a person, made her into a toy for sex and pregnancy, and now I made it worse by fucking her whenever she - or I - got horny?

But deep in my heart, I knew I had no other choice. I'd seen the result when I passed the buck. I'd given Judy control in a naive attempt to stop all of this, and she'd damaged and almost destroyed four lives. And if I hadn't stopped her, she would have done far worse. My power was my responsibility. No matter how much it hurt, no matter the guilt, I had to step up. I had to take and keep control, to watch my words, control my desires and actions to avoid damaging more people. And if Judy was the price of that lesson, then so be it. I would keep her close, and she would be my reminder, my touchstone, a life taken and destroyed with two careless sentences. And I would do what I could to make her feel loved, and comfortable, and happy.

So I curled myself around her and held her tight. One of my hands ended up on her belly, and she grabbed it and pressed it into her. She's just starting to swell.

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