tagLoving WivesNorwegian Wood Ch. 02

Norwegian Wood Ch. 02


Gloria was insatiable when she returned from her little hostess gig in the penthouse. I made a mental note to start getting Viagra in bulk and to shed some weight. If my wife wanted a lot of sex, I should not be an obstacle to her desires. I managed to cum three times that night and Gloria never really seemed to stop with hers. They simply rolled on. I had never seen her so hot, so wet, and so wanting to please. I realized I had stumbled onto something and needed to experiment to see where it would go.

I also wondered if Gloria were different than other women, the same as other women, or was she at least very similar to most other women in her needs and desires? Do many women fantasize about being controlled, used sexually, and exposed? Do most women have a need to be desired and wanted by men, strange men? Do they have a desire to have their tits seen and appreciated? I was determined to be more forceful and demanding of women and then see what the results would be. I was on vacation and no one, except Gloria, would ever see me again.

We never got out of bed in time for breakfast. Noon saw us sitting by the pool, eating a big lunch. As we were eating, Brandy and Tom stopped and sat down with us. Gloria blushed a little when she looked at Tom.

"We just wanted to compliment you on this little slut and her friend," began Brandy. "Tom still has a smile on his face and he practically screwed me to death last night. He turned forty and was hornier than any other time in the 15 years we have been married. I told him about my experiences with you and Jim after the second shagging. He got another boner hearing about it."

"I've always told her she looked great and her tits were plenty big enough," chuckled Tom, "but you two guys did more for her esteem in half an hour than I have in our entire marriage."

Brandy was smiling as Tom spoke. It was obvious she was enjoying the afterglow of a romantic night.

"We want you to come up later and we will show you everything about the penthouse," suggested Brandy. "Can we plan on 3 PM?"

We agreed on the time and I watched Brandy's ass sway when she left.

"You think she is sexier than me?" asked Gloria. "She certainly is younger and prettier.

"We are not going to start that bullshit," I smiled at Gloria. "Did I ask if you like Horse more than you like me? I know the difference between curiosity, desire, excitement, and love and trust. I think you do, too."

"You are right, of course," answered Gloria. "It is just that I constantly need to have it reinforced that I am a desirable woman, even at my age, or especially at my age. I know you love me and we will grow old together."

"That is it, exactly," I agreed. "We both need to feel we still can light a fire, that we are not sorry old shits."

"Well, dearest husband, last night I saw that I could still turn on men, even those much younger than I, and I seem to recall having your undivided attention as well," she laughed. "It really turns you on to see other men lust after me, doesn't it?"

"Yes, I am surprised at how much it does excite me, and excites you. Seeing Jim squeeze your tits and knowing a dozen or more men did the same, or worse, made me want you as badly as I ever have," I admitted. "I know you are my woman and I actually felt no jealousy, just pride and desire. No man wants a wife that other men don't desire."

"You seem so confident lately, Lance. Alice is quite willing to do anything you tell her, and I mean anything!" confided Gloria. "Are you going to fuck her soon?"

I was taken back by the question, but was glad Gloria brought it up.

"I haven't decided yet, Gloria," I responded. "How would you feel about it?"

"I am embarrassed to tell you that it excites me to think about you and Alice," Gloria whispered. "I know that Jim likes me and Alice likes you. I was wondering if you had any plans in that area. Everyone seems to follow your lead."

"So, my little slut wife!" I admonished. "You have been harboring thoughts of infidelity. You would like to have Jim pound that little pussy, wouldn't you?"

"Only if you were okay with it, Lance!" Gloria quickly answered. "We have been so totally faithful and committed to each other for so long. Sometimes I wonder if I am missing anything, and I am sure you think about it, too. Do we want to go to our graves so inexperienced, and wondering what we missed?"

"Gloria, I am quite willing to allow you some new and exciting experiences if you have the faith in me to know that I will be with you to the end and that we are only indulging some dark fantasy in a strange environment."

I continued before she could say anything. "I feel absolute about your feelings about me and know you won't fall for someone else, or do anything behind my back when we get back home. The thing you need to understand is that I feel like I am just learning about women and have a desire to experiment enjoying and controlling them. I worry that you will fear you are losing me, that your faith in my love is not as great."

"Lance, this conversation has given me an insight into my feelings, and yours. I will gladly follow where you lead and not feel any jealousy. I am excited about the prospect of trying some new things here," she revealed.

"Gloria, I will seem controlling, chauvinistic, sexist, and depraved at times. If you give me the green light, I cannot tell where it will go, but it will be far different than the first 25 years we have spent together," I promised.

Gloria reached for my hand and squeezed it. Her smile was my answer. That and the fact her nipples were trying to poke through the swimsuit she was wearing!

Alice and Jim came to our table as Gloria and I finished our discussion. They were smiling form ear to ear.

"Hey, guys!" greeted Alice. "Was last night as hot for you guys as it was for us? We just pulled ourselves out of bed an hour ago!"

"When we left last night Alice wasn't exactly overdressed, if you recall," chuckled Jim. "We met a couple of her admirers from the party in the elevator. They started mauling her right in front of me! I didn't know if I should be mad, or proud. My dick told me to enjoy the scene. When we got to our floor I practically had to pull her tits out of their hands. She was hotter than a two-dollar pistol by the time I got her in our room."

"It was his fault," laughed Alice. "You saw how he wouldn't let me put that shirt back on. When the door opened to the elevator and I saw those two guys there, I stepped right in. I thought Jim was going to miss it the way he remained rooted in place. I hate to think what would have become of me if he hadn't gotten on. They were quite forward during the time it takes to go down three floors, even with Jim standing there."

"We are going up to the scene of the crime, so to speak, in a few minutes and check our new digs. Do you want to come with us?" I asked.

"We sure do!" Alice blurted. "I don't remember much about it, except it had a great view and all kinds of space. And since these tits helped make the deal, we should get to use that hot tub every night."

"Alice, your tits are going to be rewarded over the next couple weeks. I will see to that," I promised.

Alice gave me a funny look and then glanced at Gloria, who was grinning back. A big smile crossed her face and Jim was laughing.

"You are such a gentleman, Lance," laughed Jim. "I noticed you were rewarding them some last night. How did those pictures come out, anyway?"

"It is hard to believe that I have over a hundred pictures of a couple topless women, make that three counting Brandy, and I haven't even looked at them yet," I groaned. "Am I getting old?"

"Maybe you are just getting accustomed to attractive women showing you their breasts," suggested Gloria. "You will probably being seeing more of that sort of thing, I suspect."

"Gloria, why do you think that?" asked Alice. "What does that sick mind of Lance's have planned?"

"Nothing planned, but from the way things have developed in a couple days here, anything could happen… and probably will!" admitted Gloria.

It was shortly before 3 PM when we stepped off the elevator and knocked on Brandy's door. She gave us a big smile and hugged all of us as she let us in. Tom was standing by a wet bar asking if we wanted any drinks. Soon we were all taking the grand tour with a drink in our hands.

The hot tub was in a corner room with windows and sliders on two sides and the views were impressive. Off to one side was another hotel, a few stories higher than the one we were in. I could see several people standing on balconies. A couple of fellows were scanning the distance with binoculars. I knew they probably used them for views of our hotel more than the views of the area. At least I would, and I consider myself a normal male.

The vertical blinds were pulled open and the sliders were open as well, allowing us access to the balcony and allowing others a view of the room.

"Would you mind Tom, if Alice and Gloria were to try the hot tub right now," I politely requested.

He was surprised but played along with me.

"Not at all, Lance. They should feel free to use it any time," he suggested.

"That would be great, Tom," Alice agreed. "Let's climb in Gloria. This was one place we missed last night."

"Just a minute, Alice!" I interjected. "I don't think you want to get your suits wet and drip all over when we leave."

With that, I reached over and pulled the straps of her one-piece down, revealing her wonderful globes. My face brushed over them as I went to my knees and continued down with suit. Alice quietly stepped out of the suit and I stood and handed it to Jim.

Gloria was grinning by the time I got to her. She wiggled to help me as I pulled hers down over her ass. I tossed her suit on a nearby chair.

"Now, ladies, please enjoy the tub," I said as I bowed and waved it.

As the women stepped up to the tub, I pointed to the balcony above us and to our left. Both men with binoculars were focused on the tub. Alice and Gloria turned their heads to see where I was pointing. They both squealed when they realized two strangers were watching them closely.

"Wait, Alice," grinned Gloria. "Let them have a good look before we sit down."

With that, she put her hands on her breasts and held them toward the voyeurs. Alice quickly followed suit as the rest of us laughed. I thought the two guys would be embarrassed enough to look away when it became obvious they were found out, but apparently it was an opportunity neither could resist.

I walked over to Brandy and began to unbutton her blouse. She looked at her husband, but offered no resistance as I removed it. Then I unsnapped her bra and tossed it to Tom. I slowly massaged her tits for a minute or so. I have noticed over the years that Gloria always gives herself a little rub down when she removes her bra. Then I kneeled and pulled Brandy's shorts and panties down together. Her pussy was totally bald and she looked almost child-like.

I then led her over to the tub, stopping where the voyeurs would have the best view. I had her turn slowly and cupped her breasts again before motioning for her to sit with the other two nudes.

"Jesus, Lance!" gulped Jim. "You have to tell me how you get the nerve to do that shit! Tom could have punched you out!"

"Look at Tom," I replied. "He has a boner the size of the Eiffel Tower. He has three naked women in his tub, right before his eyes. I can't imagine him having any hostile feelings at the moment."

Tom laughed and placed a hand over his obvious erection.

"Let me get everyone another drink," was all he said.

While Tom was gone and the women were laughing and talking as only women do, I spoke to Jim on the side.

"Jim, you can see how this is going. It is inevitable that I will be fucking your wife before long. That is if you continue to hang with us," I told him. "You need to know it and stop seeing us if it bothers you. I will understand and respect you for it. On the other hand, if you play along, it is highly likely that you will be tapping Gloria soon. The thing is, I will be making the decision who both women fuck, and when. I will likely involve others. That is just the way it is. Your nature is different than mine and you are a gentleman to the core."

"Alice and I have been talking about that," admitted Jim. "She told me she feels she has to do what you tell her. It excites her and makes her feel alive. Well, it excites me, too. You and I are different and I am having the time of my life. I can play Robin to your Batman as long as everyone is willing. I can't go along with forcing anyone to do anything."

"Jim, we are in perfect agreement. I am just trying to learn what I can get away with and what I can't. This is all pretty new to me," I replied.

Tom came back in and handed us our drinks. Then he took some over for the women in the tub. He seemed to linger there longer than necessary and I smiled as I watched him watch them.

I walked to the other side of the tub, the side toward our fans from across the way.

"Brandy, come over here and show your tits to our friends," I called as I motioned my head toward the other balcony.

She smiled and moved over near where I was and smiled. Slowly, she stood up and turned around, allowing the lookers, and we were all lookers by then, to see all her womanly charms.

"Why don't you kneel by me and give them a sexier show?" I asked her.

Brandy looked at me and then at her husband. She dropped to her knees and reached for my zipper. My heart was pounding as I stood before her. Gloria and Alice sat in stunned silence as she worked my zipper down. Jim was sweating even more than I was, and Tom had a strange, but not angry, look.

Gloria's hand felt like a burning ember as she pulled my hardening cock from my pants. Then she turned and smiled at the men with the binoculars and took me into her mouth. As she worked my cock, I looked into Tom's eyes and saw a combination of lust and pride. Jim was fidgeting as he watched. It appeared he had a big tent going in his pants. Alice's mouth was opened and she was moving her head back and forth, in time with Brandy's mouth on my cock.

Then I looked into Gloria's eyes. I knew her well enough to know she was excited. Her eyes were twinkling and her breathing was rapid. Our eyes were locked as I erupted in Brandy's throat. The only way everyone could know I was cumming was the way Brandy's slurping noises changed to swallowing sounds.

She allowed my soft cock to drop from her mouth and turned to the balcony and smiled. It was them I noticed some cum on the side of her cheek and lips. It appeared to the naked eye that the men on the balconies were fisting themselves, and who could blame them?

Brandy put my cock away and stood up. She walked over to Tom and took his hand in hers and patted his obvious erection.

"I need to have my husband fuck me now," Brandy announced. "Let yourselves out when you are finished. We will be occupied for some time." They disappeared into the master bedroom.

I handed towels to both women and they stood to accept them. I toweled Alice off quickly as Jim watched. I took extra care to get her ass and breasts. Then I moved over to Gloria and dried her. She was smiling. I had forgotten about our fan club, but not Gloria. She was still showing off for them, spinning and spreading her legs as I toweled. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard. She responded and our tongues met.

I grabbed Gloria's suit and Jim had Alice's as we headed for the door.

"Let's get back to the room!" groaned Alice. "I need your cock in me, Jim!"

We herded the naked women onto the elevator and dropped to our floor. I grabbed Alice as the door opened at our floor.

"Jim, I think the ladies should both come with me," I suggested. "What do you think?"

He looked at Alice, and then at Gloria, and finally at me. Then he slowly nodded. I had my arms around both women and had their tits in my hands.

"I will send her down before too long," I told him as we stepped from the elevator and watched the doors close.

Alice and Gloria were both stunned as the doors slid shut. I ran my hands down to their asses and guided them to our room. Luckily, there was no one else in the hall.

Since they were already naked, I just pushed them both down on the bed when we entered the room. I stripped off my clothes and walked over to where Alice lay. I offered her my cock. It was partially hard, but Brandy's blowjob had taken the edge off. She took it into her mouth immediately. As she sucked me, I reached down and pulled on her nipples. Gloria was fingering herself as I twisted and pulled on Alice's nubs. She was moaning and feeding on me like a starving baby. Finally I pulled from her mouth and climbed over her and lay between them.

"Alice, hold my cock up straight. Gloria, slip it inside your cunt and start fucking yourself."

They both moved like they were in some sort of competition! Gloria slid herself onto my erection as Alice pointed it upward.

"Alice, put your hot little pussy on my face so I can eat you," I insisted.

It was only another second or two and Alice was pressing her sex into my face. It was like nothing I could have imagined. Both women worked themselves back and forth on me and I was doing my best to please them with my tongue and cock. My hands were everywhere. I squeezed and pinched Alice's nipples with my left hand while I did the same to Gloria with my right. I found myself applying the same pressure and twist to each. It was easier than trying to concentrate on each tit separately!

Gloria had one hand on my stomach as she rocked back and forth. As I ran my hands over the women I discovered her other hand was on Alice's ass, helping direct her movements on my face. That excited me further. It only took a couple minutes and Alice came. She groaned and trembled and her juices ran across my tongue and face. Hearing her seemed to set Gloria off as she almost screamed as her cunt squeezed my cock. It seemed, from my vantage point, that she was having one of the most intense orgasms of her life. Gradually both women slowed down and then dropped down along side me.

I gave Alice a slow kiss and then slapped her ass.

"You need to make me cum, you little whore," I ordered. "Show some appreciation and suck my cock."

Alice moved down my torso and took my cock into her mouth without hesitation. I turned to Gloria and kissed her.

"You are so hot!" I whispered. "Those guys in the other building were going nuts when you undressed. I think Jim and Tom were quite excited, too. You are a doll!"

Gloria smiled at me. Her hands were running over my chest and circling my nipples.

"Is that slut doing a good job with your cock?" she asked. "I don't want you all frustrated after pleasing me the way you did. She claims to be a good cock sucker, but I doubt she ever had a cock as wonderful as yours before."

I was getting close so I pulled Gloria back to me and gave her a long wet kiss as Alice milked my balls. I groaned into Gloria's mouth as I came and Gloria really began running her tongue around my mouth. I was so turned on I gave Alice an extra big load to swallow. To her credit, she did it. Finally we broke our kiss and Gloria and I watched my flaccid cock drop from Alice's mouth.

"That was pretty good, slut, but I think you will improve with practice," I told Alice as I ran my hand over her tits and ass. "Now give me a kiss goodbye and get down to your room and take care of hubby. I had better hear you satisfied him everyway possible or you will be punished."

She smiled at me as I squeezed her tits. "I promise he won't complain. You made part of his fantasy come true when you took me with you. I just hope next time you will fuck me good and make the rest of it come true," she responded. "Thanks, Gloria, for being so understanding. You are a sweetheart and if I were the type, I would be enjoying some of your sweet little ass right now."

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