Nikki's POV

I hurried out of the transportation the airline provided for all in-flight crew members that had to travel back and forth from the airport, and walked quickly to catch my flight. Sometimes being on reserve or on-call was a bitchy thing to be on, especially when I had to wake up to catch a flight that a more senior flight attendant couldn't show up for. But I still loved my job. It had always been my dream so despite the grueling hours and shitty shifts I get handed, I get up, dress up and, tired as I may be, I show up.

It was three in the morning and people of different races and ethnicities were shuffling around like it was already 10 am. I held on tightly to my bag and weave my way expertly through the crowd. I already knew my gate number and was assigned this morning to an international flight. I had three hours to get to the airport from the time they called and since I had an apartment close to the airport I was saved the problem of winding up stuck in traffic, and yes, there was traffic even at three in the morning. Some people just didn't sleep.

As I came closer to my gate number, a familiar face in the crowd grasped my attention. I stopped immediately, forgetting completely I had a flight to catch. I stared hard at the person to be sure I wasn't seeing things and my heart began to race. It was him. Though his head was bowed, I couldn't mistake the beautiful dimensions of his face for anyone else's. He couldn't even hide in a crowd if he tried because of his six foot five inches. His shoulders looked wider and the grey long sleeved Henley he wore, covered his dark chocolate colored arms and clung snuggly to his biceps that looked big and muscular.

My feet, having a mind of their own, started moving in his direction. It was like he had some sort of magnet that drew me to him. Never in a million years had I ever expected to see him again. Not here at Pearson International Airport. The last thing my best friend told me was that he had gotten married and was the new CEO of his father's company. She knew all of that because she worked for him. To her surprise I became very upset and angrily told her I didn't want to hear anything else about him. I wasn't angry at her though, but the truth of the matter is I had allowed my fear to dictate the rest of my life and I was angry with myself. He would have been mines if I had only been brave enough to given it a chance. And seeing him now for the first time in forever, my heart started to ache as I became overwhelmed with nostalgia.

Tears pricked the corners of my eyes the moment I stood only a few feet away from him. He looked nothing like the young boy I used to know, he looked like a man. His entire physique screamed he was a man. I used to always joke and tell him he had a striking resemblance to that self-motivating author Derrick Jaxn. He would always laugh and tell me he was better looking. He would then revert to teasing me and say that I looked just like Amber Rose with long hair. When I started rocking my hair short, everywhere I went people would tell me the same thing. Especially when I had a whole lot of hips and ass to go along with it.

He had no idea someone was watching him. His eyes were intently focused on the cellphone in his hands. My mind told me to leave it alone. Leave him alone and just get to my pre-flight briefing. But my legs wouldn't move and I knew deep down inside I wanted to hear his voice again, see that gorgeous spaced teeth smile again.

"Nicholas?" I said, surprised that my voice didn't crack as I was expecting it to.

Nicholas looked up and his eyes scanned everywhere else but down at me. He then frowned in confusion and then as if sensing there was someone watching him, his eyes finally settled on me. His brows furrowed and I assumed he didn't recognize who I was and disappointment filled me. He looked behind him to be sure it was him I was looking at. I immediately smiled remembering I must've looked different. My hair was cut very short, I had on makeup and I was in my flight attendant uniform. His eyes then widened in recognition and I knew he remembered me.

He made a step towards me and halted, "Nikki?" he said, still unsure.

"Hi, Nicholas." This time my voice cracked.

Nicholas's face broke out into a wide smile. His eyes crinkled at the sides. The small gap between his two front teeth was just as perfect as I remembered.

"Oh my gosh! Nikki, baby, it's you!" He exclaimed. Nicholas closes the small distance between us, wrapped me up in his strong arms, lifted me up and then spun me around. I was so shocked, I had to grab on to his shoulders for support.

I was overwhelmed with happiness that he looked so elated to see me and I giggled like a school girl. Nicholas finally set me back down on my feet, and looked me up and down with admiration. His hands were yet to leave my waist. I didn't think his smile could have gotten any wider.

"Nikki. Oh my gosh, Nikki." He said shaking his head in disbelief. "I never thought I would ever see you again. And here of all places." He gestured around him.

I chuckled. "I know. I never thought I would see you again, either."

"Look at you," he twirled me around. "You cut off your hair, put on a little extra fat from the last time I saw you and I don't mean that in bad way. It looks good on you. Damn girl, you are beautiful."

If I hadn't been caught up in the moment, I would have detected the same hint of nostalgia in his voice but I was mesmerized by the man he had become. Though he had never lacked in the looks department, he was more handsome now. I had forgotten how infectious his smile was and got so caught up in it that I didn't hear the last thing he said.

"Hhhmm? What did you say?"

"I said, what are you doing in Toronto? Business? Pleasure?"

I laughed. "No I'm actually working."

His brows furrowed in confusion again. "You live here?"

I shook my head. "I'm a flight attendant."

He looked down at the airline's company uniform I was wearing and his face broke out into another wider smile again as he recognizes the company's colors.

"Wow! Go Nikki! I'm so proud you went after your dream, baby girl."

No words could explain what I felt after he said that. I was happy now I hadn't quit when everybody else wanted me to. I remembered telling him what I wanted to do and his response was to go after what will made me happy, at all cost. Now I was glad that I did.

"What about you, I'm not the only one that has been keeping it together. I heard you are now the CEO of your father's company."

He blushed and just as he was about to say something a woman almost the same height as me came up to his side and entwined her hands into his. She smiled up at him and said, "Hey baby, I just checked us in, are you ready to go?" Either she didn't see he was talking to someone or she completely ignored the fact that he was.

He gave the woman a small smile and then directed her attention to me.

"Nikeisha, this is my good friend Nikki.

She turned to me with a look of mastered surprised and smiled.

"Oh my goodness! I'm so sorry I didn't see you there."

I gave her back one of my own mastered fake smile. "That's ok. It's nice to meet you."

Shamefully, I felt a bit relieved that he didn't introduce her as his wife but then that was short lived.

"I'm his wife." She simply added.

Both disappointment and sadness instantly filled me but I managed another forced smile and nodded my head.

The silence that followed was awkward and I knew then it was time for me to go. The sadness I felt inside was indescribable knowing this would probably be the last time I would ever see him again. I pretended to look down at my watch, swallowed the lump that formed in my throat and plastered on a big smile. I looked up at him. "I have to go now. It's was really nice to see you again, Nicholas."

The disappointment on his face made me want to throw myself into his arms and cry for the past. This man had been my everything and still was. I let him go because of fear of the unknown. Now I had to watch him walk out of my life again and this time I couldn't do anything about it.

He smiled sadly, "It was good seeing you too, Nikki."

I nodded, picked up my carry-on and walked quickly towards my gate. I was tempted so much to look back but if I did, I would have broken down right there.

Nicholas' POV

I watched helplessly as the only woman I had ever loved walk out of my life again. Never had I thought I would have seen her again. Imagine the shock I had seeing her in front of me in the flesh.

I hadn't even recognized her. She wasn't the skinny little thing I remembered. She gained some weight but it was perfect in all the right places. Her hair was cut short and it suited her just fine. It was her beautiful signature smile that made me realize it was her.

I felt the sudden strongest urge to go after her. I couldn't let her go again. I couldn't spend the rest of my life regretting that I didn't take the chance I should have. I looked down at my wife and knew that the love I had for her was no longer there, not when I had never loved her in the first place.

As a budding young man, I had my heart broken because I had loved too hard. But then Nikki came into my life and I just knew she was the one. The connection we had was undeniable but I was too afraid of falling in love again. Afraid that she would break my heart. I settled with Nikeisha and yet I was still left unhappy. We were back from a trip we took to Seychelles to work things out but nothing could ignite the fire that had long been put out.

How was it a coincidence that we were taking a connecting flight from Pearson to Piarco International Airport and I bounce into Nikki? Nah I couldn't let her go again.

I looked down at Nikeisha and gave her an apologetic look. She shook her head vigorously. "No! Nicholas don't do this to me!"

"You knew it was already over Nikeisha. I'm sorry." I unclasped my hand from hers and ran after Nikki.

Nikeisha shouted hysterically after me but I didn't stop. I didn't care about the consequences of me running after true love.

I spotted Nikki a short distance away and ran as fast I could. "Nikki!" I shouted.

She didn't turn around. "Nikki," I shouted louder. This time she turned around with a confused look. Her eyes scanning the crowd of people bustling around her. Her eyes finally fell on me and they widened in surprise.

I stopped in front of her, a little out of breath.

"Nicholas? What are you doing here? You will miss your flight."

"I--don't--care," I said out of breath.

She now looked confused. With all the noise around us I knew this wasn't the place to explained anything so I knew my only option was to show her. I framed her head with my hands and only saw the shock register on her face before I bent forward. I captured her lips and kissed her passionately. This was something I wanted to do from the very day I first met her. It didn't take her long before she let go of her bags and fisted both her hands in my shirt and kissed me back with the same force and intensity.

At that moment I knew neither of us cared about the flights we had to catch or the fact we were standing in the middle of the airport passionately kissing each other. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight to me, I lift her up so her feet were dangling. Between kissing her sweet lips, I mumbled, "I'm never letting you go again." Her happy sigh told me she felt the same way.

Nikki's body started trembling against me and I tasted something wet and salty on her lips. There was a slight hiccup and when I opened my eyes and her face was wet with tears. I let her down gently and brought my hands up to caress away the tears.

"Sshhh don't cry," I whispered.

"I'm...sorry. I...just...never...thought...I" She whispered through the hiccups and tears. I seize her lips again as that same overwhelming feeling lanced through me.

I finally forced myself to leave her lips alone and hugged her tight to me. People walked around us, many giving us disapproving looks but I didn't give a fuck. We needed to get out of there and I didn't mean her getting on the plane or me going back to Trinidad. My dick was throbbing and probably protruding from my jeans but as I said, I didn't give a fuck.

"We have to get out of here." I muffled in her hair.

She looked up at me, her dark brown eyes twinkling. Her face flushed and her lips swollen from my kisses. "I can't. If I go with you and I miss my flight, I will loose my job." She said with disappointment.

I smiled down at her. "You won't. I'll make sure of it." With my status I knew I had the capability to do anything and get anything I wanted.

"Do you trust me?" I asked her.

She nodded without hesitation and that was all I needed. I took up her bags, grabbed her hand and tugged her gently behind me. When we got outside it was still dark and it was only probably another hour before dawn began spreading its wings across the skies.

I pulled out my cell and made a quick call. The moment I hung up I pulled her to me and began kissing her again. The taste of her lips was like French Vanilla and I couldn't get enough of it. Was this how it felt walking through a desert desperate for water and the moment it touches your lips you just want more and more to quench that thirst?

Nikki's hands came up and wrapped around my neck. I gripped the sides of her uniform and pulled her up to my erection. She moaned against my lips. If the driver hadn't pull up at that very second I would have stripped her of every stitch of clothing and made love to her right there on the cold sidewalk.

I let go long enough of her lips to tell my chauffeur where we were going. "And I don't want any interruptions." Was the last instruction I gave him before pulling Nikki into the limousine behind me.

I press the privacy window button as I let her straddle me. Her chest rose and fell quickly as she waited for me to make the next move. I should have waited till we got to the private villa I owned whenever I came here for business but I knew I wasn't going to last that long. My dick was hard and straining painfully against my pants.

Instead of continuing to devour her, I sat back and savored her beauty. Her complexion was the mixture of creamy vanilla and smooth caramel. I just had to take her in, especially when I never thought I would have seen her again. Her eyes drops shyly under my scrutiny and I lift her chin up with my index finger to look at me. I began trailing the outline of her jaw, down to her neck and above the neckline of her uniform. She tips her head back and then shudders visibly. The perfect column of her neck prompts me to lean forward and trail kisses along it.

My hands started kneading and rubbing her legs through the stocking material. I grip her ample heart shape backside and squeeze it's softness. The clothes between us was too much so I unzipped her dress and threw it across the limousine floor.

Seeing the plump smooth mound of her breast made my dick jump. I rub her back as I bury my face into her cleavage and inhale her scent. There was a distinctive sweet citrusy scent. My lips move to suckle each tip of her nipples through the lace material of her bra. Nikki hisses and grips my head, she arches her back and then started grinding the wet crotch of her stockings against the hard protrusion of my cock in my pants.

I groaned as each responding nerve in my body sent signals to my cock. I was treading on a thin line. 'Just rip the stocking, pull her panty crotch aside and bury your dick in her man!' My mind screamed but I found the strength to ignore it.

I unbuttoned her bra and her breast bounces out. I fill my mouth with one breast at a time. As much as my mouth can hold. I flick and tickle each tip and her moans grew louder. Her hips grind relentlessly and her wetness soaks through to my cock.

I let go of Nikki long enough to pull off my t-shirt, unbutton my pants, lift her slightly and expertly pull off them off without letting her go. I finally ripped off her stockings and I was grateful her drawers were just a piece of string that I easily pull apart. She gasps and licks her lips when she sees the size of my dick. It jabs against her stomach.

"Look at me", I said. My voice thick with desire. I wanted to see the look on her face as I enter her. Her eyes quickly reverts back to mine.

I wrap one arm around her midriff and lift her up. I bring my mouth back to hers and coax her tongue into mine. I suck on it before she coaxed my tongue into her mouth. I use my other hand to cup her slippery pussy. I rub my index finger gently on her clit and for the first time, she moans my name. I insert my middle finger into her pussy and press on her g-spot. She screamed out and bites down on my lip.


"Please what?" I said gruffly.

"I—I-Unh!" She cries. I press gently and rub vigorously on that same spot and the way her pussy started pulling on my finger told me she was on the verge of cumming.

I rubbed faster and watched as Nikki's face contorts with pleasure before a gush of liquid soaks my hand and dick. She slumps forward, her head resting on my shoulders and I use that moment to ease my dick into her. "Look at me, baby." I said again and she lifts her head and stare into my eyes, hers were glassy. I circle my hips and use short gentle thrusts to work my way into her. With each thrust her mouth forms into an 'O'. Beads of sweat cast her body in a beautiful sheen. My dick was hurting with a combination of both pleasure and pain because I had delayed my ejaculation for far too long but I didn't care, I enjoyed the way Nikki felt as I gave it to her. When I felt her pussy opening wider to accept my girth, my thrusts intensified. But before I could stop myself, I pulled out and slam every single inch into her.

"Fuck," I grunted as I feel some of my cum leave me. I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and also a distant piercing scream. I knew it was Nikki as her nails dug painfully into my shoulders.

How could I have let this beautiful, passionate woman out of my life? How could I have walked away forgetting the hypnotic sweetness of this pussy that made me loose control? I realized, by her actions, that after all this time... she was still a virgin, a real man had never entered and satisfied her.

My hips never stopped thrusting, chasing after that feeling that made my toes curl and my balls tighten. I cover her mouth and swallow her screams. I was sure I had made it past her womb, the way I pounded into her.

"Aaaaahhhh! I shouted as my last thrust made me ease off the limo's seat and fall to my knees with her in my arms. Nikki's screams boil to a whimper as she shuddered and convulse violently against me. Her pussy contracts and throbs around my dick. I held her securely to me as we both catch our breath. She starts planting soft kisses and licks on my face and it is only then I realize tears were streaming down my face.

"I love you," she whispers and I smile with joy.

"I love you too, baby."

Whether Nikeisha went on that flight without me or whether the driver heard us or not, and whether we were just parked outside my villa at the break of dawn, I didn't give a fuck. This beautiful, sensual woman in my arms, who still had her pussy tight for me after all this time, even when she wasn't sure of ever seeing me again - - - was all that I gave a fuck about.

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