tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot a Bad Day’s Work

Not a Bad Day’s Work


"Myra ..." I heard my Dad call from the kitchen.

I knew he wouldn't be able to hear me through my bedroom door, but I shouted anyway, "What?"

"Myra ..." he yelled again.

I didn't really want him coming in my room as I had nothing on but panties. I was lying on my bed trying to study, it was hot and I was letting the girls out for a little air. Donna and Dina, the double D's, liked their freedom and I didn't mind letting them 'hang' while I was studying. But before Dad flung my door open, I decided I'd better see what he wanted.

I dropped my book, rolled off the bed and threw on the first shirt I found, a Dolphin's jersey. It was baggy enough to cover the girls and long enough to cover my ass, so to speak. I opened the door and screamed down the hall, "What Dad?"

"Come here Myra," he yelled back. "I've got a job for you."

As I walked into the kitchen, Dad had just opened a beer and leaning against the kitchen counter was taking that first long cold swig. I stopped in the doorway and just stared at him with a 'what the fuck do you want' look on my face.

Wiping the beer from his lips with the back of his hand he asked, "What are you doing tomorrow?"

"Well, I have Sociology at three; other than that nothing," I responded. I didn't tell him I was planning on going out tonight, sleeping till noon tomorrow and then hanging out with Carlene the rest of the day ... 'Cause it was none of his business anyway.

"Well, I've got a job for you tomorrow."

"Doing what?" I asked, slightly interested.

"Making $250 bucks," he answers. "You need the money don't you?"

"Well, duh," I said. "But what do I have to do?"

There was a long pause as he took another long swig of beer. "It's easy; it's just the final cleaning of a new house for Clearwater Homes. Just grab the vacuum cleaner and all the cleaning supplies you can find around the house, throw them in your car and be there by 7:00 tomorrow morning."

"Seven AM, why in the hell seven AM?" I shouted.

"'Cause he has to get it done tomorrow, and if you get your fat ass in gear you could finish by 1:00, make a fast $250 and be at school on time for your class," he snapped.

Fat ass... I hate it when he calls my ass fat. But I needed the money bad, my car insurance was already late and besides, I was just whining and I knew it. "Okay Daddy-O, what do I do?"

"Like I said, grab the vacuum cleaner and all the cleaning supplies you can find around the house and throw them in your car. The house is in West Field, here is the Superintendant's card, and the address is on the back. He'll meet you there and get you started. All you have to do is gather up all the trash and throw it in the dumpster, clean all the windows, dust all the window sills and counter tops and then vacuum and mop the place real well..."

His voice trailed off. I quit listening somewhere after "the address is on the back." I was just staring at the business card. "Richard Cabasa," I said. "His name is Richard Cabasa... Dick Head... his name is Dick Head?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Dad said trying not to blow beer out his nose. "So he has an unfortunate name. He's got to get that house ready to show this weekend and he's flat ass out of time. Besides, he's willing to pay you $250 cash, so I wouldn't worry too much about his name. Besides, he's a nice guy... Really."

I tried to keep a straight face, but the more I tried, the more I laughed. Of course that got Dad laughing and before long he opened two more beers and we just sat in the kitchen sharing a little quality Father/Daughter time until Mom got home.

Dad is a Journeyman Electrician and frequently takes me out to job sites to help him. Usually it's just to clean up and hand him tools, but he also likes to show me off. I know he gets a huge kick out of me flirting with the other subs on the job. But this was the first time he had ever sent me out alone to one of his worksites. I wasn't worried, just a little curious if there was more to this job than just taking out the trash.

I set my alarm for 5:30, but after hitting the snooze button a couple of times, it was 5:50 before my feet actually hit the floor. I had no idea how long it would take to drive out to West Field, but I figured I'd better leave myself at least an hour. I peed, brushed my teeth and threw on hiking shorts, an old bra and a blue work shirt. And other than flip-flops, I didn't have time for anything else.

I had loaded the car the night before, so I was out of the house and rolling by six, my original plan.

Surprisingly I had no trouble finding the house. It was on a brand new street and was the only house fully completed. Richard's (Dick's) truck was parked at the curb and I saw him standing in the front yard surveying the freshly laid grass and new flower beds that were probably only 12 hours old.

Dick, as I'll call him, was probably in his mid 30's, big chested, broad shoulders, short curly black hair and probably of mixed Cuban ancestry. Kind of typical for South Florida, and overall, he was not a bad looking guy.

I pulled up and parked behind his truck, jumped out and yelled to him, "Richard?"

He responded, "You must be Myra."

"Yeah," I said. "My dad said you needed some help."

"Yeah, we're having an open house this weekend and the God damn electrician just finished yesterday."

I knew that he knew my Dad was the electrician so I wasn't sure if he was trying to be funny or was just being a smart ass. I just sort of stared at him and waited for the next line.

Sensing that his joke hadn't gone over very well, he grabbed my hand to shake it and added, "I know your Dad is the electrician, he's absolutely fantastic and when he said you'd be available to help me today I knew I could trust you to do a first rate job."

"Well thanks, Richard," I almost called him Dick. "I've never done this before, so where do I start?"

"Oh wow, a virgin. I don't get those very often. Let me show you," as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder and led me to the house.

I was beginning to feel a little uneasy about this guy now. A virgin, what in the hell does that imply? I'm no virgin, but it's none of his business one way or the other.

Once inside the house he closed the door and started showing me around. He told me pretty much the same thing Dad had said. Pick up all the trash, clean the windows, dust the window sills and countertops and then mop and vacuum like hell. I nodded my understanding and started to head out the door to get my stuff.

"Just one more thing," he said as he grabbed my shoulders and yanked me back to face him. "You said you were a virgin and I'm afraid I can't have any virgins on the job site. It's just a company policy."

He had a huge smile on his face, but somehow he looked totally serious at the same time. "I beg your pardon," I stammered.

"You heard me, no virgins on the job site." There was a long pause. "Do you want the $250 or not?"

"Look Dick, can I call you Dick? I'm no virgin but I'm damn sure not going to fuck you here and now," I spat back at him.

He let go of my shoulders for a second and then grasped them again, tighter than before. "Well, if you won't let me fuck you, then I guess you'll just have to give me a blow job. It's your choice, but I know you need the $250."

A long awkward silence followed as we just stared at each other. Finally he broke the silence with, "Okay, how about $500 and either let me fuck you or a blow job, your choice."

Shit, I needed the money and $500 to suck this asshole's dick couldn't take more than two minutes. That would be the fastest money I'd ever made in my life, and besides I didn't know if my Dad had arranged all of this or not. Sometimes I wouldn't put it past him.

A big smile slowly spread across my face, and as Dick softened his grip on my shoulders, I alluringly sank to my knees.

He had one of those big brass belt buckles that just took me just seconds to unhook and I could easily see that 'big boy' rising as my fingers worked to undo the waistband button on his well-worn 505s. Once past the button I tugged anxiously at the zipper, grabbed his belt loops and yanked those old denims to his knees.

His shorts came down with the jeans and Dick's dick flopped out with such force, it almost hit me in the face. I sort of instinctively flinched as it was already as hard as Chinese arithmetic and I thought it might poke me in the eye. Sensing my startled response, Dick tightened his grip on my shoulders and tried to push my face into his crotch.

Instinctively I reached out for something to stabilize myself and grabbed onto his rock hard cock. Startled, he gasped out a quick breath and relaxed his grip on my shoulders. As it seemed like we were beginning to get comfortable with each other, I wrapped my other hand around his ball sack and brought my lips closer to his bulging purple head.

He was probably six or seven inches, not the biggest pecker wood I'd ever seen, but not bad either. This poor boy apparently hadn't been laid in months and I almost felt a tinge sorry for him. A cute little glistening ooze of pre-cum had already formed on the business end of his one-eyed leviathan. And fearing this expression of anticipation would soon be dripping on the brand new Berber beneath my knees; I opened my mouth and with the tip of my tongue, removed his seepage.

It had that usual musky salty taste, and maybe that was all I needed, because suddenly I felt a strong tingle deep in my groin. Sucking this guy's cock was getting me turned on and I think he sensed it. As I began sucking him into my soaking wet mouth he again tightened his grip on my shoulders and said, "Suck it you bitch... Suck it hard!"

I thought that was a little bold for a man to call me a bitch when I had his nut sack firmly in my grasp, but he was clearly getting aroused, and to be honest, so was I. With the hand I was using to fondle his balls, I moved my middle finger towards his asshole and began massaging his perineum. And with my other hand, I tried mushing down his black and curlies so I could deep throat him without get his pubes up my nose.

As my mouth loosened up, I was able to take in more and more of his engorged manhood. And after about two minutes of hard sucking I could feel his dick head bouncing off my tonsils and the tip of my tongue could finally start licking that sweet spot at the base of his shaft were his dick meets his balls. It wouldn't take long now to get him off and we both knew it.

He removed a hand from my shoulder and placing it on my forehead abruptly pushed my head back. I guess he realized that if he didn't slow me down, it would all be over in seconds. "Hey..." he said. "I want to see those tits before I spew all over your pretty face."

I shot him a 'hey I'm working here' look as his dick flopped out of my mouth. I paused for a few seconds, and then slowly stood to unbutton my shirt without breaking the glare I held on him.

"Well, I see the bra bitch, but where's the tits?" He said in an unflattering urban drawl.

Without breaking eye contact, I dropped the shirt to the floor and reaching behind me, unsnapped my bra, and let it fall to the floor. His mouth sort of dropped and his eyes just about popped out of his head. I guess he'd never seen double D's before, or at least not a pair like Donna and Dina. Actually, I'm kind of proud of them and I'm sure a 'proud motherly look' filled my face.

After a moment of gazing and admiration, he said, "Okay, back to work."

I smirked, returned to the kneeling position before him and picked up where I had let off. With one hand firmly around the base of his staff and my nose buried deeply into his curls, I braced myself with my other hand on my thigh. Within less than a minute, his body started to tighten, his balls drew up towards his body and his dick began its final engorgement before the inevitable explosion. This is it, I figured.

But just as he reached that magic point of no return, he stopped me again. "Hey, I like to see a girl diddle herself while she's giving me a blow job."

First of all, I wasn't sure this guy had ever had a blow job before, at least not one as good as mine. But I guessed seeing my hand on my thigh gave him the idea. Besides, I love playing with myself, especially while giving somebody head, so I wasn't really pissed; I just had to act like it.

"I can't; I've got shorts on," I protested after spitting his dick out for a second time.

"Well, take them off, dummy," he said without hesitating.

I was just glad he didn't call me 'bitch' again, so I slowly stood up, wiped the drool from my face and teasingly unbuttoned my hiking shorts. Then with a big smile, a cock of my head and a wink, – I dropped my shorts to the floor and stepped out of them.

His jaw really dropped this time. First, I don't think he thought I would do it, second he had no idea I wasn't wearing panties and third, he really had no idea that I was shaved cleaner than a pool ball. Maybe he'd never seen a shaved kitty before, but the look on his face made it all worthwhile.

He was now speechless, so I returned to my knees and again, resumed where I had left off. Only this time, as my left hand cradled his family jewels and my middle finger diddled his butt hole, my right hand was palming my own crotch and that middle finger was busy diddling me. I knew I was wet before I ever touched myself, but Oh My God; it was a flood down there. I had more drool coming out of my pussy than I did from my mouth, which was now vacuuming his cock like a Hoover.

There was no stopping either of us now, because I was about to cum and if I came, he damn sure was. With one final deep throat I pushed my face all the way to the base of his cock. His pubes filled my nose, but I didn't care. This was it, and with my lips tightly sealed around the base of his cock, I tongue massaged that sweet spot right where his prick meets his balls, back and forth, faster and faster.

Within seconds I felt that unmistakable rumble, both his and mine. I love it when two lovers cum together, especially if I'm one of them. He tried to hold it back, but it was of no use. With the force of a freight train, his howitzer unloaded round after round deep down my throat. And I as felt his warm load running down the back of my throat, my own orgasm hit like a tsunami and the palm of my hand suddenly filled with sweet and pungent juices.

I swallowed hard again and again to keep from spilling his steamy load on the new carpet. Poor Richard gasped for breath as he tried to remain standing. I was pretty busy keeping all of the bodily fluids off the new floor, his as well as mine, but I almost couldn't keep from laughing out loud. Listening to him gasp and groan and wheeze was about the funniest thing I'd ever heard.

When he finally caught his breath and I figured I'd gotten every drop, I let go of my oral suction and licked up any remaining residue. He pulled up his pants and collapsed on the fireplace hearth. I stood slowly and with a huge smile on my face dressed myself seductively in front of him, giving him one last look.

When he was finally able to stand again, he reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet and handed me five crisp $100 bills.

"Thank you," I said. "I guess I'd better get started on the house now."

"No ... No," he said. "I think you've done enough for today. Go on home and I'll finish up here."

"Why thank you, Richard. My dad said you were a nice guy and I guess he was right."

I stuffed the cash into my pants pocket, kissed Richard on the lips, allowing him a quick taste of his own cum, and turned to leave.

"Hey," he said. "Think you may ever want to work for me again?"

"Why sure Richard, you're not the dick I thought you were." I answered as I swung my tail out the door. "Call me anytime."

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