tagBDSMNot a Beautiful Woman Ch. 07

Not a Beautiful Woman Ch. 07


For once, she was glad that is was a "no sex Sunday." Sunday was the day that Daddy insisted upon resting from all but the most absolutely necessary activity. He firmly believed a rest from all normal activities was beneficial. She mostly agreed. After her "work" activity on Saturday morning and afternoon, it was good for her that Daddy was exhausted on Saturday night, usually, and needed Sunday to fully recuperate.

It would be easier for her to totally agree if Daddy would lay in bed with her and snuggle, and talk, and kiss, and just gaze into her eyes. Why did he have to get up an hour before her and start reading that damn thick textbook? Calming herself, she remembered that Daddy didn't like to bother anybody. So he rarely asked for things and just assumed that everybody was like him. But whenever she did ask for something, he would move heaven and earth to get it done. So, it appeared that a request would be harmless enough.


He answered, "Yes my delicious Slut," without looking up.

"I need you in bed, please Daddy."

That got his attention. "I thought that we agreed to no sex on Sunday?"

"Daddy, I said I wanted you in bed. I didn't say I wanted us to fuck. Now, Daddy, even though I love to suck your beautiful cock and have you kiss my sweet pussy and fuck you 'til neither of us can walk, I don't want sex now. I want you in bed, please Daddy?"

With a perplexed look on his face, he arose from his seat at the table, turned, and was about to leave his book when she said, "No, Daddy. Bring your book. Isn't that Shakespeare? Please bring it and read some Shakespeare to me."

"Are you all right?"

She thought, "Why do men think there's something wrong when you're just being a girl? Do I really love him that much? Of course I do." She said aloud, "Now Daddy, if I had on my stockings and sexy shoes, crooked my finger and said, 'Come give me your sweet cock, Daddy,' you wouldn't ask any questions. Well, treat this with the same urgency. We'll just have a different result."

He quit being perplexed and started laughing hard. He sometimes got tickled and couldn't stop laughing and this looked to be one of those times. Still without the big heavy book, he staggered over to the bed, pulled back the covers and fell to tickling her ribs. She yelled, started giggling and tried to fight back, but he was too quick. He grabbed her left foot and started tickling it, which made her struggle a lot harder and start crying "No, no, that tickles!"

He said, "No shit," as he paused. And then "No mercy," and started on her ribs again. As she struggled, his hand brushed against her breast and he felt her nipple. He stopped and looked into her blue eyes and saw hazel flecks in them. He leaned down to kiss her and she gently sucked his tongue into her mouth and massaged it with her own, as if it were his cock. The tongue trick never failed. They were naked almost instantly.

It seemed like he took a week kissing her neck and her ears. Putting his tongue in her ear had the same effect on her that her tongue trick had on him. His cock was throbbing and her pussy was streaming. As he caressed her body, his hand sought her thigh and he could feel the wetness already there. "You've got it bad, don't you Slut," he whispered hoarsely.

She responded with, "I've got you, and that's the best."

He stopped, and looked into her eyes again. Lust was there, surely, as it nearly always was, but so was the softness of love. He'd lost sight of love as they rutted like animals every day, but he realized now that could be a transient and hollow pleasure. What he saw in her eyes was permanent and belonged only to him. He stroked her cheek and said "I love you," for the first time since he didn't remember when.

"I'll always be yours," she breathed into his mouth has she arched her neck to renew their kiss.

There was no elaborate fucking. She straddled him because that was a very comfortable position for both of them. But instead of grinding while he stimulated several of her erogenous zones at once, she wrapped her arms around his neck and gently rocked back and forth while he caressed her back and whispered, "My darling," into her ear. As usual, he put off his orgasm until she came gently with a soft gasp in his ear and a whispered, "I'm yours forever." And then it was his turn. Afterward, they lay in each others' arms, each one gently stroking the other.

"So," he started, "I guess the master/slave thing is over?"

"Absolutely not on my account," she said a little strongly. "Do you think my sex drive is lower or something?"

A little bewildered, he answered, "I don't know what to think. I just want us to be happy."

"Then you just better believe that I'm still your Slut. I want to wear hyper-slutty clothes and suck your cock and fuck and fuck and fuck as often as we can. Just because I need a little tenderness occasionally doesn't mean I've changed. Now all this I'm your property business and stuff, I don't know. We don't seem to be doing it anyway. But the sex stuff, oh yeah. Dominate me, torment me, whatever, but say I'm still your Slut, Daddy, please?"

"You are still my Slut and you will obey the 4 Rules."

"Just not on Sunday, Daddy. On Sunday, please love just me and forget about my body."

"You're right. Would it disappoint you if I call you Baby on Sunday?"

"I'd like that, Daddy. On Sunday I'm your sweet baby, but on every other day, I'm your delicious, cock hungry Slut."

"Well," he said, "that's a deal only a fool would turn down and I'm no common fool."

They lay there in each other's arms and dozed off.

Sometime later, the phone rang. Daddy jumped up and answered it. She could only hear one side of the conversation, but she could tell that Daddy wasn't happy. When he hung up he looked at her and said, "Bad news. I've got to go back home."

She said, "You mean to your parents' house? But I thought you didn't speak to them."

"Well, it's more complicated than that. My father's been in a bad wreck and he's not expected to live. My mother's a weepy idiot and a bully. She'll abuse my sister if I don't step in. I have to go and protect my sis and try hold things together for a little while. I'll write letters to my professors and Charles at the store. Can I rely on you to hand deliver them tomorrow? I have to pack and leave right away."

"Ok. Is there anything else I can do?"

"No. Please don't sit by the phone. If you get lonely, call Kim or something. I may be gone for a couple of weeks, maybe more. If it's more, I'll scute up here and get the bills paid and then go back. If I do call, it'll be in the evening."

He was already gathering his stuff, just a few changes of clothes, his books, and his shaving kit. Because he always traveled light, he could pack quick. He was packed to leave in less than 30 minutes, but it took another 30 to hastily write the five letters.

He paused in front of her before picking up his baggage and heading to the door. He placed his hand under her chin and lifted it for a goodbye kiss. Speaking lowly he said, "I love you. Thank you for reminding me just how much. I'll be back as quick as I can, baby."

She threw her arms around him and whispered into his ear, "Please be careful. My life won't be worth living without you."

And he was gone.

She sat and pondered her situation. Daddy's departure provided her a chance to evaluate several things. Her top priority had been to determine if he still loved her. She had thought that he did, but now it had been re-established as a fact. She could do nothing about his situation and he had told her not to try. So, she gave her mind over to other important things, primarily, her business with Eli.

Yesterday, after the wedding party had left E&M, she got cleaned up and ready for Eli's special time. Usually, she just stayed naked for him because they were always a little rushed, but yesterday was different. The afternoon session had ended early so they had some extra time; not enough to fix her hair, but she did shower, douche, re-apply her makeup, slip on some fresh stockings, put her shoes back on, and slipped into a transparent black nylon robe. She heard him in the kitchen, which meant that he'd finished cleaning up the bedroom.

She opened the door and strutted out with a gait sure to make her tits bounce. Eli heard and turned to look. His eyes opened wide as he involuntarily ran his tongue over her lips. "Baby girl, you are food. Get yo' sweet ass over here to Eli."

She stopped and said, "Can we talk a little first?"

"So that's how it is, hummm? Welllll, if it was any other woman but you, I'd say no, but you know wha' I think abou' you."

That got her every time. She quickly came up and hugged him, making sure to press her body tightly against his, and said, "I'm not trying to weedle you. I wanted to give you a treat. But, please, can we talk a little first. You know how much I think of you."

"Sure, baby girl. Well I got some things to talk abou' too. Where you wanna sit?"

"Right here is good enough for me," she said, and gracefully lowered her naked bottom to a kitchen chair and crossed her legs in a most provocative manner.

"Damn, sugah, how is a man supposed to think when yo' legs are in the same room with his brain? Now jus' answer me that."

"Eli, you've seen my legs plenty."

"Yeah, baby but they're like money, cain' never git too much."

They laughed together. Of all the people in the world, she loved talking to Eli best. His humor was nonstop, on point, and nearly always shot through with common sense, so long as you could stop laughing long enough to decipher it.

"Eli, why aren't you married?" She hadn't meant to blurt out the question, though she had often wondered about it. This wasn't what she really wanted to talk about, but that's how it was with Eli. You laughed until you revealed what was on your mind, like some damn Jedi mind trick.

"Sheeeeeet! Now dahlin' why would I deprive the women of the world like that? That ain' no way for me to act. If I was to marry, they'd be all kinda moanin' and hollerin' in every town south of Memphis. Why you ax me that? You proposin'?"

Slightly nonplussed for a moment, she'd been around Eli long enough to pick up some of his habits, a primary one of which was the quick retort. She said, "If not for Daddy, I'd make you marry me, sure, and you know I could do it easy," this last addressing the incredulity on his face. "You're a little hard to train, but you love this 'primo white pussy' (always said in a lower octave imitating him) too much to let it go permanently. So, if you had to choose, I know which way you'd go and so do you."

After a long 5 seconds, the shock on his face dissipated, the broad grin returned, and then the cackle. "Baby doll, you are a trip. Cain' nobody git nothin' over on you, not even ole Eli." Sobering up, he continued, "But all this talk about that marriage bullshit is enough to take the lead out of my pencil. If we gonna have time to fuck, we need to git through the talk. Now, you done?"

"No, I'm sorry. I didn't really mean to start all of that. What I want to know is what you meant earlier when you said nobody had crossed you in five years? You sounded as if you'd had to hurt somebody pretty bad. Did it have something to do with you being in the service? Which branch were you in? What did you do?"

"Whoa, sweet thing! You want me to answer yo' question or you want to jus' keep on axin' new ones? And women wonder why men try not to talk to 'em much. Sheeeeet!"

"All right, smart ass, answer my questions and don't be cagey. Remember, I'm not just any woman. 'I be yo primo white pussy'."

"Ok. Well, maybe you done noticed that not many niggas fuck around with Eli. Actually, ain' none at all. See, back in 'Nam I was in the Co' in a Special Forces outfit."

She stopped him, "What's the 'Co?;"

"The Marine Co', baby. I was in what they call Force Recon. Now the Co' don' care shit abou' havin' fighters. They only need killers, and Force Recon are the best killers they got. You heard about the Booger Main? Well it was Force Recon done put that muthafuka down. I was in Force Recon in 'Nam from 65 'til 72. That's a long time, baby girl. Made it up to Sergeant once, but that shit didn't last long."

"What happened? You do something wrong?"

"Wrong? Hell no, wasn't nothin' wrong. Some muthafukin' lieutenant called me 'boy' in front my men and I shut his mouth fo' him, that's all. Right as rain. Course, them muthafukas on the court martial didn't see it way. 'Strikin' a superior officer' my ass. I stood up and told 'em, 'Ain' nothin' superior about that muthafuka at all. He called me 'boy' in front my men and I whupped his ass. 'Nuff said.' My lawyer liked to have shit a brick. Judge beatin' the table with his li'l hammer and yellin' 'order, order.' Come to find out, they was about to put my black ass in muthafukin' Levenworth. Fo' 12 years! Man, niggas around here think they tough cuz they git sent to the county farm fo' 1 year fo' stealin' a car. Sheeeet!"

"Oh my God. Did they send you to prison?"

"Naw. See, the colonel that ran Force Recon was in that courtroom and he knew me pretty good. I done some jobs fo' him in some tight places and I guess he figured that the Co' better off with me back in the bush killin' gooks then bustin' rocks in muthafuking Kansas. I seen him talk to the judge, and the judge motion my lawyer and that other muthafuka what tryin' to put me away, and then it was all done. I got busted back to private and sent out the next day. That lieutenant got busted too. By me. That muthafuka's jaw wired shut fo' six months and they shipped his ass back to the States. Way I see it, I done him a favor."

"Well he had it coming, I guess. So you know how to fight real good?" she asked.

"Naw, sugah, I know how to KILL. Fightin' is jus' the thing you do to git to the killin'. Now when I got back home, around November '72, shit was bad fo' niggas. Not much work and all that. So I got me a job bouncin' fo' a club in Jackson. Naturally, lots of drunks wanna try they luck with somebody like me, don't know why, but they do, so I busted a few heads. But that place closed down. Money trouble. Ain' it always? So I drifted around, doin' a li'l bit of ths and that.

"Now over yonder in town, I was workin' behind the bar in another joint, not the one we met in. Heard a ruckus outside and I went to see what from what. They was three niggas had a woman trapped in the parkin' lot. The woman was screamin' and I seen one of the niggas pull out a switchblade, like he some badass gangsta from the movies. Now call me old fashioned, but I jus' cain' tolerate no muthafuka tryin' to hurt a woman, especially 3 on 1 and then pull a knife? Nigga, please. So I went over there and explained the situation to 'em."

"What do you mean explain?"

"Well, you right, baby doll, I didn' do no talkin'. Them niggas didn' see me come up on 'em until I was right there. Da nigga with the knife tried to stab me, but I broke his arm at the elbow and took the knife away from him. Man, you should've heard that nigga yell. You'd have thought the devil done bit him on the ass. Of course I expect it hurt real bad. You could hear them bones pop all the way across the street.

"One of them other niggas tried to hit me with a piece a concrete from a pot hole and I broke his arm too, though not at elbow so it wasn't near as bad. The last one tried to fight me regular; took a stance and put up his fists and swung. I moved a little and hit his jaw hard. Now jaw bones don' pop or crunch, so I didn' know then that I had done broke his jaw, but he went down and stayed down.

"The nigga with the concrete came back at me with a knife in his good hand. Now that pissed me off. The nigga should've stayed down. So when he tried to stab with his left, I moved a little to my left so he missed the stroke. I caught his knife hand under my right arm, and gave him a uppercut with my left fist that would've knocked out the devil hisself. It done somethin' to the nigga cuz he still in a wheelchair to this day."

"What about the other two?"

"Well now, the first one with a knife, his arm ain' never been right since. It sticks out at a funny angle and cain' no doctor that he can afford to pay can fix it. Fuck him. Let that nigga starve, I says. And the one I broke his jaw? Well, he lost most of his teeth on that side of his head. Gotta live on soup now. And the whole side of his face droops, like it melted. Fuck him too."

"What about the woman you saved?"

"Didn' save her from much. She a hoe. Turns out one of them niggas wanted his money back 'n got his posse to help him. Now, this here hoe, she was one of them kind that take a man's money, but then make him nervous with 'hurry up, I ain' got all night' (in a mocking falsetto) and shit, and lots a men cain' function when a woman do dat. Well, come to find out, that's what she done with 'ole broke arm.' Of course, that's no excuse. That nigga should've jus' been a man about it and moved on. Well, appears that hoe done made one nigga too many uncomfortable, cuz she was found dead in a empty lot behind a motel about a month later."

"That's so sad."

"Well, that's how it go."

Suddenly, a light dawned on her. "Is that why you came up to me the first night? Were you intending to protect me all along?" He couldn't help but give her that look that always touched her, and she knew then that she was right. For all his external nonchalance, he was a "white" knight and she was his lady. Not his "lady love," but the lady whom he had sworn to protect. Of course, she was a whore and a slut, certainly not a lady by the common definition. But she was one in Eli's eyes.

Maggie got up and sat on Eli's lap and for the first time kissed him on the mouth, deeply and fully. When they broke the kiss, Eli said, "I thought you only kissed yo Daddy."

Stroking his cheek gently she said, "Just this once, I thought it proper to reward my shining knight." "Now," she added, reaching for his zipper, "perhaps a little more reward that you'll appreciate better."

He couldn't believe what he was about to do, but he said, "Wait baby girl, we gottta finish talkin' befo' it's time for you to leave."

"But I can't leave you all horny. I never do. It isn't fair."

"Fairness is notice, and I had all the notice I'm owed. I jus' doin' my job, protectin' you. If we finish our talk, we can have a go, ok?"

"Sure," she answered. "What's so important."

"Well two things, and since I got a reason to hurry I will. First is a way to make a lot more money fast. Second is trying to handle the waiting list."

"What waiting list?"

"Fo' all the niggas wants an appointment with you, but you all booked up. You booked solid fo' the next 3 months. If we don't expand yo' work hours, these niggas might jus' give up and start talkin' shit. You never know wha' a nigga will do when he gets pissed."

"Well," she said, "everybody's like that, not just black people."

"I take your word fo' it. But the way I see it, you gonna have to start workin' at least one mo' day in the week."

She said flatly, "No. I can't."

"Why not? Yo man either workin' at the grocery store or be at the library. He don' ever come home unexpected, do he?

"Just because he never has doesn't mean he never will. He's too important to me. I can't chance it. Besides, that's in the day time during the week. Don't these men on the waiting list have jobs? How do they get the money to pay us?"

Eli looked a bit downcast, as if she had thought of something he hadn't. "True dat. Some of 'em do has to work and cain' get away, buts lots of 'em more flexible. I could make arrangements at least to get the flexible ones to make it durin' the day."

She was indecisive. "Let me think about it, please?"

"Ok. I'll let it rest 'til next Saturday. Now, the other thing, I done figured out a way to expand our operation without you workin' mo' to accomplish it. And the funny thing is, it was yo' man wha' give me the idea."

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