tagBDSMNot a Beautiful Woman Ch. 09

Not a Beautiful Woman Ch. 09


The heat of the Deep South summer had passed, along with the near-summer of October. The first cool spell of November had arrived bringing with it a blessed lowering of humidity and temperature to a level of comfort that Maggie could not help but appreciate. The summer had been tumultuous in several ways. Daddy had been called home unexpectedly to help deal with a crisis in his family. The success of E&M together with Daddy's absence had nearly driven Maggie to attempt to take on far more work than was good for her in order to satisfy the increasing demand for her services. The realization of that near folly had caused her and Eli to rethink their business plan.

Their revised solution called for a drastic increase in her rates instead of an equally drastic extension of her work hours. In addition, Eli arranged for her movie making to begin at once and on a much more professional level than had originally been contemplated. The results of this two-pronged attack had been overwhelmingly positive. The wait list had been nearly eliminated, but Maggie's Saturdays remained full, so the income from that aspect of the business had increased without a corresponding workload increase. And the new movie business was a hit. The distributors had sent a steady stream of requests for extra copies of all the existing movies and for Maggie to make new ones, which she did at the rate of one per month. She and Eli were contemplating eliminating the whoring aspect of the business and just concentrating on movies.

With the rate increase, Maggie's monthly income from whoring had risen from about $1300 to just under $2000. However, each first distribution of a new movie netted her about $50,000. So, during the 3 months of August, September, and October, she had accumulated nearly $160,000 in cash. And that didn't count the reissues of past movies. If this continued, she'd be a millionaire by this time next year.

Daddy had returned in time for the Fall semester to begin. His father had died and he had brow-beaten his mother into investing the life insurance proceeds in an annuity that would give her a life-time income. Otherwise he knew that she would have no cash left from it after a year. He had gotten his sister to her college (she was a freshman) and helped her move in and select classes. He had done what he could for them and it was time to turn to his own affairs.

His reunion with his Slut had been momentous; hot sex followed by tender protestations of love and devotion. He wondered at her voracious carnal appetite, but never questioned his good luck. Any young man would give anything to be in his situation.

His Slut had nearly wept with joy when she saw Daddy after such a long absence. Unbeknowst to him, of course, she'd had plenty of cock. However, except for Eli, she'd had no tenderness. Just as Daddy had realized the morning that he got the call that sent him away, she had come to know that fun alone was an empty thrill without love to give it ballast. Now that Daddy was back, she had both and had regained her balance.

Eli understood, but believed that, with so much money rolling in, his Maggie would continue along her current path for at least another year, and, because her path included him, he remained satisfied for the moment. Indeed, he favored Maggie quitting the whoring business and only making one movie a month with the normal crew. That would certainly prevent her tiring too soon.

And so, after discussing it with Maggie, that is what they decided to do: Maggie would wind down and eliminate her whoring by the end of November. Starting in the first week of December, she would only make one movie per month. She would spend Saturdays with Eli when she wasn't filming and they would discuss what to do with the money they were accumulating. Of course, they would also have sex. While Maggie loved Daddy, she also felt something very special for Eli, which he reciprocated. So, their relationship was not platonic, not business, and not romantic; it was all three wrapped into one.

And so it went. For Maggie, she had two men, opposite in many ways but each fulfilling her in his own unique way. She had sufficient nymphomaniac thrills to satisfy her physically and more money than she had ever dreamed she would have. Of course, she couldn't spend it without telling Daddy its origin. So, it accumulated. For Eli, he had as much of Maggie as she could spare him and more money than he ever thought possible. For Daddy, ignorant of his Slut's other activities, he found his life better than ever. His grades remained high, his boss at the grocery store had given him another raise, and he had been accepted into the best law school in the state. His undergraduate work would finally end in May, he would work through the summer at the grocery store, then he would move to the northern part of the state to begin the final phase of his education. It never occurred to him that his Slut would not accompany him, so he never brought the issue up. This very thing was the main topic of conversation between Maggie and Eli on that relatively cool second Saturday in November.

As always, when he heard her car pull up in the yard of the E&M trailer that they used for all their activities, Eli went to the door, opened it, shot her that cocky grin, and called out, "Mornin', Maggie dahlin'. How's my baby girl?"

And, as always, she uncoiled those luscious legs of hers, bounced her braless breasts at him with her sexy catwalk and responded in a low sultry voice, "Your baby girl needs about 7 inches of black cock. Know where she can get some?"

The answer came, "Might jus' be I do, sweet thing. Yes indeedy do, might jus' be."

Though they spoke on the phone nearly every day, calls always initiated by Maggie for "security reasons" (read, "behind Daddy's back"), it had been a full week since they'd had any physical contact. Even though she and Daddy fucked every day, Monday through Friday (Saturday nights Daddy was too tired from his 10 hour shift at the grocery store on its busiest day and Sunday was a "love and cuddle day") and their sex was hot and satisfying, Maggie was always ready for sex with Eli.

With Daddy, she was the submissive sex toy Slut. Daddy was very handsome, extremely intelligent, and the most articulate person she had ever heard. Just listening to him talk was enough to make her wet. She didn't care that he was fat, but she couldn't deny that it kept him from being rated a "10." Nevertheless, she derived mind numbing pleasure from being his sex slave and obeying the Four Rules. "Oh my God, being forced to beg before cumming sends me into orbit."

Physically, Eli was the very definition of manhood. At 6'2", he was tall and had a build kept mouthwatering by vigorous exercise. While he only had a passing familiarity with the grammatical rules of the Queen's English, he had the most entertaining way of speaking that she had ever heard. All of his stories made her laugh, and a great many told piercing truths, either about himself, the people around him, or life in general. His body was scarred in many places, which, for her, only increased his overpowering manliness. And, during the act of sex, as well as Daddy could use his tongue, Eli could use his cock. And while Eli was not submissive, he did follow her lead in sex, awaiting her request and doing what and how as she teasingly ordered. And so, Maggie/Slut had the delicious twin delights of submitting to the less physically imposing and ordering/guiding the more so.

That second Saturday morning in November, Maggie had arrived already stocking clad in a modest dress with a pleated skirt that had bought that week Its pale blue color, while more appropriate for spring, was one of her favorites. It's color at this time of year had put it onto the clearance rack and she'd picked it up cheap, despite its obvious quality. The fact that she wore no bra was concealed by her wearing a short jacket because of the cooler weather.

She peeled off the jacket slowly while staring into Eli's eyes, a sure sign, along with the hazel flecks in her blue eyes, that she wanted sex. In a hoarse voice she asked, "Do you mind if we skip the dance today? I'm just sooo horny for you."

He widened his eyes, nodded his head, and licked his lips and she unfastened the top of the dress and allowed it to peel down, revealing her breasts. Maintaining eye contact with Eli while she undressed was a game. Would he look at her breasts before she looked at his crotch? Whenever she danced, she won that game. When she didn't, it was 50/50. So, to put the odds more in her favor, before unzipping the back, she ran her hands over her breasts, encircling her areolas with her finger tips before pinching her nipples. He couldn't resist. He glued his eyes to her tits and licked his lips. She smiled wickedly and thought, "Works every time. It really isn't fair, is it? Ha!"

After winning the staring game, she reached back and unzipped the bottom of the dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in nothing but her stockings, sexy "Maggie Standard" high heeled sandals, hard nipples, sultry smile, hazel-flecked blue eyes, and nothing else. Indeed, she needed nothing else. Her physical assets combined with her sexual skills and appetite raised her from mere mortal to fertility goddess.

She turned around, very slowly to give him a good look at every aspect of the body he had seen many times already, but never tired of the sight. After completing one full turn, she continued a bit more until she faced the bedroom and was sideways to Eli. This gave him a side view of her large breasts. Turning her head back to him, she asked playfully, "Do you mind eating in the bedroom, baby?" Without awaiting an answer, she began catwalking toward her destination, knowing full well that this prime specimen of manhood would follow her like a hungry puppy.

Eli stood in the doorway as Maggie reached the bed, turned, sat, scuted backward a bit, and laid back on her elbows. She slowly raised her knees toward her chest, spread her legs a bit, and revealed the world's most beautiful smoothly shaven pussy. Pink to perfectly match her nipples, a tight, well-formed labia without the hanging skin that was so prevalent among other women, and a clit as big as the end of Eli's little finger. And always, so clean, wet, and sweet tasting. He had never been much of a pussy licker, but Maggie's lovely slit had converted him.

Then she began twirling her beautiful stocking and sandal clad feet in circles indicating that she wanted him to suck her toes first. This was something he'd never considered doing with any other woman, but Maggie's feet, like her pussy, were especially beautiful. It was Junba, on the night of their first gangbang that had done it first. At the time, Maggie had thought it strange but pleasant. As time had gone by, she had begun to enjoy it more and more. Indeed, her toes got sucked in all the movies that she had made. In one, all four men had rotated from right breast to right foot to left foot to left breast. At no moment did she fail to have a mouth simultaneously on all four places. That had gotten her so hot that she had cum. Unique for the porn business, Maggie's orgasms while making her movies were always real, and that instance had been particularly intense. That movie had been her best seller to date. Thus far, they had distributed 10,000 copies.

The physical sensation was pleasant enough, but it was the subservience of the men that made her so hot, particularly when Eli did it. The fact that this paragon of masculinity would serve her in that way on demand made her cunt stream love juice which he would then lap like a thirsty dog at a bowl of water. This never failed to intensify her climax.

As he gently peeled off her shoes and began tongue kissing first one set of toes and then the other while running his hands up and down her smooth, stockinged legs, finally rubbing her clit, she murmured, "Oh baby that's sooo hot. Do you think my feet are pretty? Are they sweet?"

Between licks, Eli responded, "Jus' as sweet and beautiful as the res' of yo' body. You my food. You delicious." Those words helped push her over the edge.

As the spasm of her first orgasm receded, she turned over, stuck her ass up into the air, and spread her cunt lips with her fingers, indicating she wanted to be fucked in her pussy doggy style. Eli complied by inserting his cock gently until he was fully sheathed, and then began pumping her slowly. As he increased his pace, she rubbed her clit and moaned loudly. "Oh, baby, fuck me. Fuck me hard, please?" With that, he started thrusting fast and so hard that her pendulous tits swayed back and forth. Her moans became squeals. She soon lost awareness of her surroundings as another orgasm flooded her body with a wave of ecstasy.

When she had caught her breath, she pulled away from Eli, turned back over and whispered, "Put my shoes back on. I want to watch my legs and feet in the mirror while you fuck me."

He did so. As he reinserted his cock, she wrapped her legs around his hips and began meeting his thrusts as he gyrated inside her. As she moaned and whimpered, she could feel him begin to tense. At just the right moment, she released her grip, and swiftly capped his dick with her mouth while grabbing his hips. He could hold back no longer. With a loud grunt, he released his prodigious load down her throat, causing her to gulp several times as she swallowed his hot cum. When he was empty, she laid back, spread her legs and said, "Finish me, baby." Putting his tongue to her clit, he kissed it vigorously for no more than 30 seconds before she grabbed his head and screamed out yet another orgasm.

As they lay together resting, he said for the thousandth time, "There jus' ain' no other woman in the world like you, baby." She reached her head over and kissed him passionately. She did this with no man other than Daddy, but Eli was special.

Afterward, when they had bathed and dressed, they drank some of Eli's excellent coffee and talked about the future.

She said, "Daddy has been accepted to law school and plans to move about the second week of August. He hasn't mentioned it, but I know he expects me to go along with him."

Eli responded, "I knew that would happen sooner or later. Are you ready to quit all this here?" He was obviously referring to making movies as well as her relationship with Eli.

She hesitated, then said, "I don't really know. I'm torn. I don't want to leave you and I don't want to walk away from all the money that we're making. But I love Daddy and don't want to lose him. Do you have any ideas?"

Now, she knew that Eli had very strong feelings for her and so the question wasn't really fair. But he had always advised her well and put her welfare above any other concern. She watched his face closely as he pondered his answer.

"You know, Maggie dahlin', I ain' the marryin' kind. Do you want marriage and kids? And how soon?"

She said, "I used to think that I did. Then I discovered you and experienced all the adventures we've had. I don't think that I'm ready to give all that up just yet. And I had hoped to acquire that million dollars that we've always talked about. But at the current rate, that'll take another year and a half, maybe more. Do you think I should tell Daddy the truth?"

"Welll, I don' know the man. You did say that he got hard as a rock when he listened to yo' first gangbang and again when ya'll listened to the tape the next day, right? Maybe he'll like it; if not at firs' then maybe later, after he thinks about it."

"I know that's possible. But the fact that I've been doing it in secret could make him feel betrayed. Really, I don't see how it could help doing that. I just don't know."

"Tell you what, sweet thing, jus' let it go for a while. Keep on fucking his balls off and whispering how much you love him. Maybe something will happen to help you decide."

"I guess I'll have to do just that. Now that I've said it out loud to you, I don't think I could just come out and confess. Maybe it is better to wait and see how things go. Oh, Eli, no matter what happens, I don't want to lose you, too."

"Now, baby girl, I don' want to lose you either, but we both know, eventually, it's gonna be either me or Daddy. You won't be able to keep us both. And, if you want marriage and family, it'll have to be him. I'll tell you right now, if you don' already know, that'll half kill me. But you gotta do what's right for you."

When she heard that, she couldn't help but get up, sit in his lap, throw her arms around his neck and begin weeping while whispering, "Oh Eli, how can I let you go?"

She left the trailer shortly after that and returned home. Following Eli's advice, she kept to her normal schedule and never passed an opportunity to tell Daddy how much she loved him and to fuck his brains out.

Several months passed and the routines of all involved stayed the same. Maggie's movies continued to sell very well, and her relationships, both with Eli and Daddy, stayed as strong as ever. May came, and, with it, Daddy's graduation with his bachelor's degree. In June, he went to the area around the law school that he would attend to hunt an apartment. He wanted Maggie to come too, but she begged off, saying that she'd be happy with whatever he chose. Never being one to argue much about such things, he let it go. When he returned, he told her what he'd found and she said it seemed to suit the purpose.

Since the previous year, they had acquired the habit of viewing a pornographic movie every Friday night. It helped to keep their sex as hot as possible. However, they seldom tried the things that they saw on the screen. For instance, they both enjoyed watching lesbian movies, but Daddy had never suggested trying to have another woman in bed with them. Slut had thought about suggesting it, but something held her back. She remembered his reaction to her request that he arrange her first gangbang. At that time, he said he couldn't function in that way, meaning group sex. She thought he'd meant group sex involving other men. But she realized that he could've easily meant any kind of group sex. So, she never brought it up.

Also, he'd never but once brought home a movie involving a white woman gangbanging a group of blacks. That movie had seemed to make him uncomfortable in light of her, then, recent "party." So, she'd never worried that he might come across a copy of one of her movies, particularly since the movies weren't distributed in their home state. Thus, she was shocked when, the first Friday in July, Daddy inserted the choice of the week into the video player and she recognized Eli's voice behind a door. As the camera moved around the room and focused on a blond woman with large breasts expressing the hope that at least of her customers like to lick pussy her fear became panic.

She looked over at Daddy and saw that his eyes were glued to the screen and remained there until the movie was over. He then stood up, glared at her and simply said, "Get the fuck out." As she hesitated, saying, "Daddy ... " he barked, "Now, Goddamnit. You got mud in your ears? Get the fuck out, right the fuck NOW."

Shaking and weeping, she hurriedly threw all her clothes and shoes into a couple of thrash bags and staggered to the door. Finally she pleaded, "Please, Daddy, don't. Please listen."

He only opened the door, pushed her out, and slammed it in her face. As she stumbled, still weeping to her car, a car he didn't know she had, she whimpered, "What will I do? Oh, God, what will I do?"

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