tagLoving WivesNot a Proper Young Man Anymore

Not a Proper Young Man Anymore


Alden... such a proper young man, his family was basically aristocratic in every aspect Noelle could imagine. When her doorbell rang and she saw him, she automatically said hi, kissing his cheek and saw his beautiful dark skin flushing.

"Is anything wrong?"

"I found your purse after the party," he explained, "please do believe I wouldn't have opened it otherwise, it was just to see to whom it belonged."

Coming from any other young man, Noelle would've thought his words cheesy or stilted, but he said it so naturally, he could pull off the Darcy speech. So when he opened my purse, it was to whose it was, since I had misplaced it without knowing, I couldn't see the issue with... oh, shit.

Noelle had brought no ID with the tiny clutch, only her phone. And to see whose it was, Alden had had to unlock it, and she had left the phone in a very specific conversation with her husband. If she could remember correctly, she had written something along the lines of "I'm gonna go off and find a young black stud that can fuck me properly", to which she had received a quick "mmm yeah baby" as a response. Of all the people in the world, it had been the prim Alden who had found it. The young man exuded vanilla sex, if one were to think sexually about him, even if he was of legal age.

He stammered a quick, "well, I guess I will be going, Noelle. It was nice seeing you."

"Wait!" Noelle called after him, a plan beginning to form in her head, "could you please come in? I have something to talk to you about."


"So... Mr. Sproule is excited about the thought of you having intercourse. Outside the marriage bonds. With an African-American," he punctuated, "why would he do that?"

"It's a recurring fantasy. Please don't think lowly of him."

"I wouldn't, it's just... why would he want to share such a beautiful woman like you?"

Noelle smiled, "which is why I thought you might be the right one to do it."

She could almost hear Alden's heart beating faster.

"You are trustworthy and I wouldn't fear this getting out of hand, what we do in bed, must stay there. His public image would suffer so..."

"I understand, Noelle,and I'm most flattered, but, wouldn't he hate me?" Alden looked at his expensive watch and checked the buttons on his impeccable shirt, trying to look anywhere but into her eyes.

"Well, since he mentioned he was into... humiliation, and you're such a proper man, I was thinking about building a persona for you. I mean. If you do want to have sex with me."

Noelle was delighted to see Alden struggling with words to say "I'd happily fuck your married pussy" in a proper way.

"Just... be possessive, and treat him poorly. Forget he's the man you know. Forget to treat me with respect," Noelle suspected a man brought up to be so square surely had a nature he had had to confine, and if she could tap into it...

A couple of days later, Alden took Noelle's phone for the fifth time in a row. He was getting better at it and Noelle was so excited about the possibility of actually jumping from fantasy to reality... The first times, Alden had sheepishly touched her butt while he recited his lines. He had held her closer but with a chaste intent.

Then, Noelle had taken his hand and she placed it between her legs, and begged him to finger her. She had cum on his fingers and had driven Alden mad with lust. She could see a change in him. He took the phone a sixth time, his erection evident in his training clothes, his new voice practiced and polished. He hit the record button and, making sure his face couldn't be seen.

"Oh, Mr. Sproule?" Alden made the mockery perfect this time, "just letting you know your wife was looking for a real man. Well, she found me."

Alden pulled her closer, possessive, and continued, "I'm gonna destroy this pussy. Next time you try to fuck her, she won't be feeling your needle dick, you wimp."

Then, he spanked Noelle and grabbed her butt harshly. That wasn't part of the plan, and she moaned in delight, "you hear that, honey?"

They stopped recording and Alden came back to his original self, "I'm so sorry! I-"

""You were perfect! I wouldn't have known it was you, if you hadn't been here with me. Who knows? If your act was convincing enough, I just might be sucking your dick tomorrow..."

Alden groaned, "well, please do call with the resolution."

"You mean I should call you if you're gonna stuff my pussy?"

Another groan. Noelle was delighted. Alden had suggested he should try to sound normal, -which wasn't normal for him-. Getting to imitate a ghetto kid would've been too much for him to try... Noelle looked at him. He seemed to be in the verge of cumming, so she bent the rules a little. Seeing he was changing his clothes back into looking like the Tommy Hilfiger model he resembled, she yanked the underwear down and got his generous dick in her mouth, sucking hard for all she was worth.

"Noelle! Wait! I'm," he tried to find the words, but she knew she had worked him so much he was about to cum. And that, he did. She swallowed every last drop, feeling incredibly naughty. Then, she told him to go home. But she needed to add something.

"Remember. If you're convincing enough, you get to do anything you want with me," she said, and saw a distinct spark in his eyes that hadn't been there before.

Noelle took the video, cut it, and sent it to her husband, her heart rate sky high. After an eternal couple of minutes, she got an answer. An empty message.

Then, the image loaded. Cum-stained underwear and the legend, "I didn't even have to touch myself! Do it!"

That night, as they made love; she told him, "are you sure? Once I do this, we can't go back to this point in which no man has had me. If he fucks me-"

She was cut off by her husband's intense orgasm. She took it as a yes.

The following night, Noelle arrived at Alden's house unannounced, and slipped into the storage behind the home. Alden had carried a mattress to the room, there was only a couple of things, an old vacuum cleaner and the odd trinket.

"Gimme your phone," Alden's alter ego demanded. Soaking wet, she did, and he asked, "is he home?"


"Good," he said, and started a video call.

"What are you doing? I was supposed to..."

"Shut up and get naked."

Noelle shuddered and obeyed as the phone rang.

"Yes, honey?"

"Mister Sproule," Alden's voice dripped sarcasm, "you ready?"

They could see the man gasp, the image was lost as they heard unzipping, then, he was back in the frame.

"Good, look at this," Alden took the phone and have him a detailed look at her body, "look at it closely, because it's the last time you see it like this."

They heard groaning from the other side. Then, Alden took his cock out and got the phone near it, "this... this is what's gonna fuck her so good, she just might not come back to you."

The Sproules moaned at the same time, Noelle hadn't suspected lust would do that to Alden.

"Ready, Noelle? On all fours."

"I-don't we need a condom or-"



"Do. You. Want. This. Dick?"


"On al fours. I'm gonna fuck you bare so your husband can see a job well done."

The married couple moaned again and Noelle submitted. Alden grabbed his meat in one hand, the phone in the other and focused the video on how the glans teased her vaginal opening. Noelle whimpered.

"What's what?" Alden was suddenly hard of hearing, apparently.

"Do it."

"Do what?"

"Do me."

"Do you want this black dick?"

"Oh, fuck...yes..."

"Say it."

"I want you to fuck me with your black di-nnnh..."

Alden had smoothly gotten every last inch of his unprotected, long cock inside Noelle. She squirmed with pleasure and found herself to be about to cum, even if they had just started.

Alden pulled back until almost all of his dick was outside her, then slid it back in. Noelle began to cum, and Alden fucked her slowly as she did.

"Tell you what," Alden said to the cell camera, "I'm not gonna say anything. Grab your tiny dick and see how it's done."

Alden held the phone with one hand and began to fuck Noelle harder, giving it to her firmly. Then, he rotated the shot so his ebony dick could be seen reaching places Noelle hadn't thought possible. His face never made it to the video, but Mr. Sproule probably never noticed. She whimpered as she was filled over and over... and began to cum again. Alden fucked her harder through her second orgasm.

He then began to slam himself into Noelle, not caring if she came another time, she already had had two orgasms already.

He got to fuck Noelle mercilessly but without saying a word, then, he placed the phone under his chin so the video would show a point of view of him fucking her, but more importantly, so his erratic breathing could be heard clearly enough, announcing his imminent orgasm.

He slid in and out a few times, then switched the place of the phone, he recorded from below, so her pussy lips could be seen... and, as he grunted, he pushed in, but not all the way inside, that way, the video would show the underside of the base of his cock, how it pulsed as he emptied his balls inside the married pussy.

Noelle yelped, then she had a third orgasm, the implications and overall inherent wrongness of another man cumming inside her unprotected pussy sending her over the edge. He moaned in satisfaction and held himself there. After a minute, he pulled out and the video showed his cum seeping out of the worn labia.

"You know, Mr. Sproule? I had a change of heart. This pussy is mine now. And I'm not sharing. I hope you fucked it good the last time, because it was the last time you had it."

On the other side of the line, the lovers could hear what was probably Mr. Sproule's second orgasm. If he had cum before, while watching them fuck, the two of them had been too busy to notice.

Noelle sighed happily, feeling her pussy filled and having heard her husband have probably the strongest orgasm she had witnessed him have.

Once she was back in the house, she was seriously considering pushing his boundaries, denying him sex. After all, if he got that aroused... well, it was all good, her black stud wouldn't back from the challenge.

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