tagErotic CouplingsNot a Sound Pt. 09 - Final

Not a Sound Pt. 09 - Final


After our brief tryst in the lounge things seemed to escalate between myself and Emma. I could no longer deny that what was happening between us was just sex, because we both knew we felt something. I do worry that perhaps those feelings are entirely based on a young, gorgeous girl being besotted with me, who makes me feel twenty years younger and has made me feel more virile than any time in my life. But then she is smart and funny too, I tell myself, and that's plenty of reason to feel something back.

It's definitely not because she's some kind of nympho.

We start to fuck anywhere we can, meet anywhere we can. Our list, already full of dangerous liaisons that could get us both into a lot of trouble, extends to include the bathroom in a pub, a changing room in a department store and a house party hosted by one of her friends. The latter was the closest we'd come to being found out, as a teacher has no right to be in attendance at these parties and certainly has no right to be vigorously fucking someone half his age on the bed of said friend's parents.

Each time we spend together, each time we have a bit more time around her empty house with our naked bodies entwined, I get closer to telling her how I feel. Or at least how I think I feel. Emma for her part hasn't said 'those three words' again and I suspect it's because she's waiting for me to say it.

I admit to myself I'm scared. If I say it then I feel it changes everything, and I know if I tell her I love her then it will be hard for my marriage to continue. Sex can be stopped, but real feelings? I cannot undo that, or at least it feels like I can't. And after all I've done, doesn't Kate deserve someone far better than me? Would it not be better to start afresh?

My family remain unsuspecting through the next few weeks of intensity, though Kate remains in a state of her own need for me. In the space of time I have been cheating we have fucked more than any other time in the last five years together. It's like the insatiable lust Emma has for me has somehow transferred to my wife, culminating in the best sex of my entire life.

I just wish I could feel less guilty about it when I'm lying awake at night unable to sleep through thinking of the mess I'm making of my life.

Despite all of my wishes being mostly met between the two genies in my life, there is one that still eludes me, and that is to spend the night with Emma. To have her sleep beside me, her slight form tight against my body as I spoon her. It's something that feels impossible to do without drawing attention to how I'm acting to Kate. To be able to do that I will need a miracle, one I don't deserve.

Yet it's one I still get.

It's a month after the time in the lounge and I'm lying in bed reading a book as Kate gets into bed wearing a pink nightie.

"I was thinking we might go down to visit my parents this weekend? The boys haven't seen them for a while, and I spoke to mum earlier and she said how much she's missed them. What do you think?"

The lie forms so quickly I don't even miss a beat. It's the chance I want, the one I've been crying out for.

"Oh hun, I can't this weekend. I've got a study group at the school that I can't miss. You go though."

God I hope I don't sound desperate. Kate's lips form a pout and she leans over to rest her hand on my bare chest, her eyes fluttering at me.

"Can't you ask someone else to cover for you?" she whispers.

"I wish I could but... I just can't. Sorry."

"I understand." she sighs, leaning back to sit on the bed and away from me. "I just hoped that we could recreate our youth. Y'know, sneaking around and being naughty together. I guess I'll just have to remind you now what you'll be missing out on."

I watch as my wife's face disappears under the cover. In a few moments her experienced hands have got me hard and I feel her take me in her mouth, making me grunt as I place a hand into her dirty blonde hair. My other hand has reached for my phone, where I quickly message 'Kevin'.

"This weekend I want you to drop whatever you're doing. You're staying round mine."

I'm lifting my hips up and growling Kate's name when the reply arrives.

"Yes! Do you need me to bring anything?"

"Just yourself and plenty of energy."

"Oh you won't be able to walk straight when I'm done with you."

I place the phone back down as I get close, lifting my hips rapidly to start fucking Kate's mouth. My thoughts are on the weekend ahead, a mental image of Emma taking my cock, when I finally pulse my cum down my wife's throat, which she swallows down dutifully.

The rest of the week passes in a blur, my anxiety for the weekend ahead building the closer it approaches. It feels monumental, like the rest of my life can go in one of two directions when this is done depending on how I get along with Emma for the day we're wrapped around one another. I know it won't be an accurate representation of, dare I say it, a life together. But it will be a much better barometer compared to fucking in a garage or a changing room.

Try as I might I can't convince Kate to leave on the Friday night to go to her parents, with her insisting she wants one more night in her own bed before she has to take the sofa when she's staying with them. I can't argue with that, and Emma is understanding enough in our correspondence. I agree that I'll pick her up early in the morning and then return when I know it's safe and the house will be ours.

When morning comes I leave after a quick shower and wish my family a pleasant weekend. The guilt I carry, always there now, weighs on me as I kiss them all goodbye because all I'm thinking about is the obscene amount of sex I'll be having for the next 24 hours and the sounds my lover will make during it all.

I pick her up where I have dropped her off previously, on the road off from the one she lives on. We share a quick kiss when she gets into the passenger side and buckles herself in, and then I quickly check her out and try to hide my disappointment in the loose flannel shirt and tight fitting jeans she's wearing.

"What?" she asks, making it clear my disappointment is fairly obvious.

"Sorry. I... just thought you'd be wearing something a little more risque. Y'know, seeing as we're spending the night together for the first time."

Emma laughs and then pats the rucksack on her lap. "You don't need to look so disappointed Matt. And you don't need to act so worried - I've got something for you."

I take an intake of breath and look at the bag, mind already wandering to what she might have in there and what we have in store for the full day we have together.

Before we can go home, and to give a large enough window for Kate to leave with the boys, I swing by the supermarket to pick up some food because I want to treat Emma to a dinner, to romance her a little.

With all our supplies bought, we drive the short way back to my now empty home in a companionable silence, my free hand resting on her upper leg and her dainty hand resting on top of mine. Those feelings bubble within me again, at the freshness of what I have with Emma.

We park up on my drive and get out of the car, my eyes scanning around the neighbourhood as I bring a young woman into my home. I cannot see anything to make me worried though as I open the door and lead Emma into what will be our little nest for the next twenty-four hours.

Emma goes upstairs to get herself settled and I take the opportunity to put the food I've bought away in the kitchen. I'm quietly whistling to myself, feeling content and excited about what's to come. Such is my preoccupation that I don't hear Emma return downstairs.

"I've gone with a new look. What do you think?"

I turn around and see her standing by the kitchen door looking much the same as she did when she went upstairs - hair tied up, flannel shirt undone to reveal the white vest top underneath...

Below her waist my lover is wearing not a stitch.

She smiles when I notice and slowly sways towards me. Before she can say another word, before she can take control of the situation, I pull her towards me and into a passionate kiss.

For a time we stumble around the kitchen, kissing one another hard and pulling garments off. I manage one shoulder of her shirt and her glasses, and she removes my tee so my naked torso is on display. Emma also manages to undo my jeans and pull my boxers down so my hard cock can spring free.

"Fuck me. Fuck me now." she demands through heavy breathing, and I put her on the edge of the kitchen sink and immediately bury myself inside of her. The teen cries out and wraps her bare legs around me and then hangs on as I slam into her cunt with the fury of a man who has missed this very, very much.

I am more rough than I usually would be with her, biting at her neck and now-exposed shoulder, but if she minds she doesn't say a thing. If anything Emma is even louder than she usually is when we actually have some alone time, practically screaming and begging for me to fuck her senseless. Something I'm more than happy to give her.

Pulling her away from the sink I carry her the short distance to my dining table and place her roughly down on it while keeping my dick firmly placed inside of her pussy. I feel slightly bad when I push aside a drawing my youngest had been working on so that I have no interruptions when I push up Emma's vest and bra, but at this point I'm so far lost in the man I've become it barely registers.

Instead I watch the woman I shouldn't love arch her back and grab her milky white tits as I pound into her, moaning my name over and over until she suddenly can't and words become nothing but a noise as her orgasm threads through her body.

Mine follows shortly, my hands gripping her wide hips and holding them tight to my pelvis as I grunt and shoot ropes of hot cum into her young pussy. Spent, I lean down and rest my head on her magnificent rack and feel her hand run into my hair.

She makes a satisfied noise. "I think that was a good start, don't you?" she says, voice almost daydreamy.

"I've just fucked the most amazing woman, of course it's a good start."

There's a slight pause and then I feel a hand on mine, fidgeting slightly as if it's trying to find something. When her fingers stop I lean up, but don't pull my hand away from where it rests on the band of gold that decorates my hand.

"What are you doing?" I ask her, eyes on the fingers that are trying to remove my wedding ring.

"Sorry. Just... just for tonight. Just for tonight be mine. And no one else's."

We share a silent look together while my mind reels. Removing my ring for one evening wouldn't be the most repulsive thing I've done with Emma, but there feels like more of a significance to the act than just fucking. Perhaps that's because of the way I feel about the woman I've just fucked rather than the act itself.

I give a slight nod though, and pull the silent vow from my left hand and place it gently on the table, eyes looking at it for a moment until I feel Emma shift and she leans up to kiss me lightly.

"How about you take me upstairs?"

It's one large step after another. Now it's time to take her to my marriage bed, to spend the remainder of our time together fucking someone who I definitely didn't say solemn vows to. Again I'm silent and again Emma interrupts, this time with soft kisses along my neck and chest.

Everything I've done has lead to this really. There's no turning back now.

Taking her hand, I slowly lead her from the kitchen and up the stairs. I tell myself that this isn't so bad, that this is what I want because if it wasn't then I wouldn't be leading a half-naked woman towards my bedroom.

"You go and get yourself comfortable," she says when we reach the landing. "I want to go and get changed."

"Changed?" I ask and Emma winks.

"I told you I had something nice." she says, moving towards the bathroom. "Go and get yourself comfortable - I won't be long."

I do as instructed and remove my trousers and socks, leaving the boxers on to give some kind of mystery considering what she's apparently doing for me. It's just as I'm about to lie down that the phone rings and I see from the caller ID that it's Kate.

From the time I know she must have just got to her parents. I pause for a moment, wondering what to do, before deciding it's best to answer now rather than be perpetually distracted by calls while me and Emma are enjoying one another. Pressing the green button, the display changes and I place the black rectangle to my face.

"Hey. Get there safe?" I ask, lying flat on the bed with a hand grabbing the base of my cock and my eyes on the door, eagerly awaiting Emma's arrival.

"Hey! Good thanks. Kids weren't too bad this time, and they've got some new toys from mum and dad so they're happy enough now. How's work going?"

"Oh, you know." I reply, just as the bathroom door creaks open and Emma steps out wearing a lacy white bustier that did wonders for her breasts, matching french knickers and sheer white stockings. Even on my wedding night, Kate had worn nothing that looked as... angelic, as this.

"Hello? Matt?"

"Oh yes, sorry. Distracted by a student." I stutter, putting a finger on my lips to indicate that Emma should be silent and she winks and approaches in response, crawling onto the bed so her breasts are hanging enticingly in her lingerie and, without even pausing, leaning down to put my cock into her mouth.

I have to bite my lip hard to refrain from groaning and look up to the ceiling so not to watch the beautiful woman whose lips are slowly sliding up and down my thick shaft. "Yeah," I say, strain in my voice clearly evident to me, if not Kate. "So, what you got planned?"

It's the only question I can think to ask which will give me a few minutes without needing to string more than a few words together. Instead my attention is on the dark haired minx bobbing her head up and down my manhood with such lust and desire that I am sure she wants me to make a noise. In response I slip my hand into her lush locks and thrust up slightly, hearing a slight gag that is followed by slurping that thankfully isn't too loud.

"Anyway," Kate finishes. "I should let you get back to work. I reckon we'll be back before dinner tomorrow. Don't miss us too much, okay?"


There's a pause which seems to drag on for eternity.

"Is everything alright, Matt?"

"Yeah, sorry." I say firmly. "Something lodged at the back of my throat. You take care, and say hi to your parents."

"And the kids."

"Of course the kids." I say with a chuckle.

"Love you."

I look down, Emma still working my cock with her mouth and my wife seemingly oblivious.

"Love you too. Bye."

I press the red button just as Emma comes up, lower lips pressed against the tip of my cock, breathing coming quickly. I smile down at her and stroke her face for a moment, enjoying this brief pause.

"You're a bad girl, Emma."

She bites her full lower lip and starts to climb up my body, slithering across me like the seductress she is. "What are you going to do about it, sir?" she asks in a deep, husky voice, leaning her body up slowly so I can get a full view of what she has done for me and pulling her panties aside to tease her wet lips against the sensitive tip of my cock.

"Fuck," I breathe. "I'm going to fuck you senseless."


"I'm going to fuck you senseless."

"I said louder Matt!" she shouts.


As the last syllable echoes in the bedroom I share with my wife, Emma sheaths me inside of her with a groan. I reach up and grab her breasts as she starts to ride me with an intense rhythm, as if she's trying to prove something to me. Is it the venue for our latest fuck, or is it the words I'd shared with Kate before ending the call?

She's like a woman possessed, grinding her hips and throwing her hair back in the throws of passion so wild I feel lost. Her fingers drag down my chest and the bed squeaks from the riding she is giving me. There is no need for silence in this room any longer, no need to be quiet and worry about little ears hearing what they shouldn't. All there is is two lovers grunting and moaning, hands everywhere as if this was our very first time together.

I roll her onto her back and yank the straps of her bustier down so her heavy breasts spill out. We kiss sloppily as I position her legs around my waist before I press my hands into the sheets and start to hammer myself into her with everything I have.

As Emma moans beneath me, I glance up and find pictures on the wall and sideboards judging me. My wife, my kids and my own family - they all smile down happily, but their eyes seem to watch me and hate me. I'm about to stop, suddenly unable to do this, when I feel a hand on the nape of my neck that draws my eyeline down to the beauty I'm fucking.

"Look at me... look at me..." she pants.

I nod and concentrate on her again - how she whimpers, how her back arches and how she seems to hold onto me with what little strength she has. She makes me feel wanted and safe and happy.

She is everything. And I am ready to give up everything for it.

"I'm going to..." she gasps.

"I love you Emma."

Her eyes widen - in surprise, I don't know. But then she smiles and mouths the same words back at me just as the orgasm hits and she pulls me into her.

"IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou" she cries into my ear as I collapse on top of her and fire my cum into her pussy, making it my own. I grunt and rotate my hips, thrusting into her quivering sex with each rope that fills her until we both stop, breathless.

There is just heavy breathing for a time after we are done. The realisation of what I have said washes over me, but doesn't fill me with dread as I had anticipated. It had been something bottled that was now free. It cannot be unsaid, those powerful words, and that's ok.

I move off of her and she removes the bustier that had fallen below her breasts before resting her head on my chest and cuddling close to me. My arm wraps around her and we lay in a silence that doesn't feel awkward surprisingly.

"It's funny, isn't it?" she says eventually.

"It is?"

"I was basically just horny. At the campsite that is. And now it's... this. I didn't mean for this, but... I'm glad it is."

I kiss the top of her brow and give her a squeeze, pulling her tighter to my body.

"Me too, Emma. Me too."

Authors Note

So the final part, I think, of this little story I've woven. I'd not intended for it to end up as this multi-part behemoth, but your kind words and positive feedback has kept me going. Thank you to anyone who's read, upvoted, downvoted and commented on any of what I've written - I've been genuinely blown away by your responses. I have something relatively close to being done and then I'll take a short break before starting something new.

Thanks again!


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