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Not a White Wedding


Janet rested her arms on Ed's broad muscular shoulders and looked into his warm brown eyes. She'd known him since high school but they hadn't spoken in years before they found themselves at the wedding of a mutual friend. They had lost touch when Ed went first to the Army and then to college while Janet spent four years at a women's nursing school just 40 miles from the town they'd grown up in.

Ed, always a gentleman, smiled playfully at her and swayed to the easy beat of the music. The light airy scent of her perfume wafted over him and he discretely inhaled the pleasant aroma into his lungs. It was a familiar fragrance and even though it was different from what she had worn in high school it took him back to that innocent time. His hands rested on Janet's full hips and he felt the warmth of her body through the thin fabric of her tight, sexy dress. He felt a familiar tingle between his legs and his pulse quickened. He'd been smitten with Janet in high school though they'd never been more than friends. He had wanted to be more but he knew it would never have worked between them.

Janet felt Ed's hands gently squeeze her hips and a rush of adrenaline surged through her. She glanced to her left and saw her husband, Mike, sitting at their table with his leg in a brace and a pair of crutches by his side. Mike wasn't much of a dancer anyway but he'd torn his ACL playing basketball a few weeks earlier and he could hardly walk much less dance with his pretty, outgoing wife. Janet had met Mike shortly after she had graduated from nursing school when he'd come into the hospital where she worked with a different sports related injury. He'd been young, attractive and charming and she had always felt blessed that fate brought them together.

"I had such a crush on you in high school," Ed whispered softly. He'd felt Janet lean in tight when he squeezed her lush hips and her reaction had emboldened him. She had been thin and petite in high school but fifteen years and two kids had put 30 or 40 well placed pounds on her small frame giving her a sexy hour glass figure. She had made a few self conscious remarks at the wedding reception indicating that she wasn't pleased with the way her body had aged but Ed thought she looked even better than she had years earlier as a petite teen. Ed had grown to love curvy women over the years despite what society and the media forced on the public as the definition of feminine beauty.

"Really?" Janet mused. She had never thought of Ed that way when they were in school and she hadn't been physically attracted to black boys at all when she was young. It had been a different time and she was not the kind of girl to push boundaries when she was in high school but times had changed and Ed was certainly a good looking man. He had a thick powerful body, much like Mike's and there was something about his smooth ebony flesh that was very appealing. Plus he had a strong dominant personality mixed with a genuine warmth that drew people to him like moths to a flame. "I never knew that. Why didn't you ever say anything?"

Her hands moved to his taut rippled back and her body inched closer as the music continued to play. She liked the way he felt against her soft body and his hands slipped slightly farther back touching the gentle curve of her ass briefly under the guise of adjusting his hold on her while they danced to another slow song. He had asked her to dance shortly after the Bride and Groom had cut the cake and they had danced steadily for over an hour. Janet was an okay dancer for fast songs and Ed liked being close to her.

"Because I knew that you didn't date black guys," Ed replied casually. He'd known he had no chance with her in high school just like he certain he could have her now if he wanted. Janet had always been friendly but never flirty with him and for four years she'd always had one of the white athletes from school on her arm while she enjoyed the perks of being the head cheerleader.

"That's not fair," Janet said curling her bottom lip into a sexy pout as she looked up at him with a warm sultry gaze. She felt a surge of wetness flood her sex and she pressed a little tighter against her friend's strong body letting her hands rub his strong muscular back. Her hips ground subtly against him and her eyes widened as his cock stiffened against her tummy. Her husband had a nice cock. It was bigger than most of the boys she'd been with before him and it was the perfect thickness to stretch her pussy but it was not so big that it hurt or ripped her tight little pussy. Janet knew in an instant that Ed had a much bigger dick than her husband and she was more than a little intrigued by the prominent and growing bulge in his loose dress slacks.

Ed watched Janet's eyes widen and he felt her gasp when she noticed his semi erect cock. He'd been with enough women to read their signs and he smiled brightly, flashing her his best sheepish grin before he glanced furtively at her husband. Mike seemed like a nice enough guy and he had a great body, even better than Ed's, but they had been married for almost ten years and Janet had dropped a few hints that things had grown stale. Ed saw a glimmer of opportunity and he wasn't going to let her slip through his fingers again.

The song ended and Janet continued to hold onto Ed's big strong body. Her fingers raked down his back and she sighed contently as she waited to hear if the next song would be slow like the previous ones. She could feel Ed's cock growing and she couldn't believe how big it felt. A subtle whiff of her arousal wafted up from between her legs and her cheeks grew warm. She had forgone panties because she loathed panty lines and the tight dress she'd chosen to wear to the wedding would have shown them even if she'd worn her tiniest thong but she was questioning her decision as the scent of her suddenly needy sex danced in her head.

Ed let his hands linger on Janet's ass until the next song began. Eric Clapton's Wonderful Tonight poured from the speakers and Ed pulled her tight. He remembered the song playing at their high school prom and he remembered Janet in a pink prom dress with big hair and a beautiful smile. She had broken up with his friend Tom a week before prom and she went with Lance, a black running back from the football team, as a way to get back at her racist, quarterback ex boyfriend. Lance had been a gentleman and they hadn't even kissed according to them both. Ed had sometimes wondered if he hadn't had a girlfriend at the time if he could have closed the deal with the sexy cheerleader. His lips brushed the top of her head and he inhaled the fresh aroma of her hair into his lungs. He planted a soft kiss on her head and let his hands explore her soft curvy body. He could feel her heart racing and he smelled the faint aroma of what he knew was her arousal, making him smile openly. He glanced at Mike while his hands moved back to cup Janet's big round ass and he saw a familiar look in the other man's eyes.

"We should slip out of here and go upstairs," Ed whispered softly. His knowing fingers gently and openly caressed her thinly clad backside and her heart raced as though she'd just run a marathon. Ed was hot, charismatic and successful and he clearly wanted her. It had been a long time since she'd felt wanted like that and it awakened something inside her. Ed had looked at her with a glimmer in his sexy eyes that made her feel like the most beautiful woman in the room and she had almost forgotten what that was like. Janet had grown uncomfortable in her body in recent years. She had tried several different well known diets with varying degrees of success. Mike often insisted that she was as sexy as ever but she didn't feel sexy and his words always fell on deaf ears.

"I'm married," Janet said quickly as she struggled to hide her elation at her friend's suggestion. She couldn't believe what he'd said and yet the idea intrigued her far more than she'd have ever imagined.

"I'm a single black man," Ed said with quiet confidence. "I've had sex with more married white women than you can imagine." His voice slipped into a deep Barry White like tone and he looked hard into Janet's dazzling eyes. He'd fallen for her fifteen years earlier because of her eyes and he watched them flutter with indecision. Ed had first learned of the cuckold lifestyle when he was a young brash kid just out of the army and in the years since he had been a bull for several, married rich white women.

"My husband is right over there," Janet reasoned her calm exterior masking the butterflies in her belly and the molten mess between her thick shapely thighs. If they had been alone there was little doubt in her mind that she'd have jumped at Ed's offer. She had never cheated on Mike but after eight years together their sex life had become woefully stale and uninspired and the allure of Ed's big dick was a strong pull for her needy sex. She'd only had sex with a handful of boys before she and Mike had gotten married and only one of them had been bigger than Mike but he'd been a lousy quick lay. She had often wondered what a good fuck by a big dick would be like but she'd been content to fantasize about it because sex with Mike had been good for the first half dozen years of their marriage. There was no doubt in her mind that Ed would be a good fuck. The chemistry between them was too good for any other outcome.

"He'll love it," Ed replied assuredly. "He will either want to watch you get fucked or he will want to join in and double team you. Either way you win," Ed whispered with a lighthearted tone. "The fact that he has just watched me feel your ass, and it's a great ass by the way, tells me all I need to know." Ed bent down and kissed Janet lightly on her soft supple lips. His tongue teased her top lip with the promise of a deep wet kiss making her shudder noticeably before his tongue retreated into his mouth. His strong arms wrapped around her thick curvy body and he squeezed her tight letting her feel the outline of his big dick against her belly.

Janet's head was spinning, her heart was pounding and she could feel her juices leaking from her hyper excited pussy. She could feel Ed's cock pressing against her tummy and she lost her ability to reason. Her small hand moved discretely up Ed's leg as they continued to dance slow and steady and she closed her fingers around his massive shaft. She could barely touch her fingers together and her decision was made.

"Okay," she sighed. "But you have to convince Mike." She inhaled deeply to quell her rising fear and excitement. She wasn't sure what she was doing. It had been nearly a month since she and Mike had fucked, not because they hadn't wanted to but between injuring his leg, the surgery that followed and the pain meds he'd been on since they'd had no opportunities to be intimate. Her horniness coupled with the significant amount of alcohol she'd imbibed and feeling Ed's huge cock against her needy body had made what would normally have sounded like a terrible idea sound like a perfect solution to the growing fire inside her.

Ed kissed her again, slightly deeper, and his tongue slipped into her mouth toying with hers as he shamelessly ground his cock against her thinly clad pelvis. Her tight dress left little to his imagination and he could feel the heat emanating from her soft, sexy body. He felt her grind back and he squeezed her ass hard before releasing her from his strong arms, adjusting his mammoth cock in his slacks, and leading her to over to Mike as the song wound to a close.

Mike's heart was thumping almost violently. He had been watching his pretty wife dance with her old friend for over an hour. They had started with fast songs and typically corny wedding ditties but when the music slowed Ed had taken Janet in his big powerful arms and pulled her close. Mike wasn't the jealous type and his wife had, theretofore, never shown any interest in other men, much less black guys, though they hit on her constantly. The truth was that whenever a guy hit on his wife Mike felt pride more than anything and on the rare occasions that she had flirted back it had excited him more than just a little.

"How you doing man," Ed said as he sat down beside Mike. He looked into Mike's bright, intelligent, blue eyes and smiled. It was a warm inviting smile which had served Ed well in the past and he lightly patted Mike's good knee as he spoke in comforting, measured tones. Ed had started his career in sales and he prided himself on his ability to sell anything to anyone.

"Not bad considering," Mike replied as he lightly touched his injured leg. The heavy nylon brace kept his leg straight and his knee ached despite the prescription strength pain killers coursing through his veins. "Thanks for keeping Janet busy. She loves to dance and obviously I can't accommodate her in that regard." He looked sheepish and embarrassed and Ed nodded slowly but Mike's expression was merely a mask to hide his growing excitement.

"No problem man," Ed said softly. He held eye contact while a disarming smile danced on his handsome face. He was a good looking man who'd never had trouble getting girls especially after his four years spent in the army had instilled in him a quiet confidence. "They shut off the bar fifteen minutes ago so Janet and I were thinking about going up to my room for a drink. She told me to ask you so I'm asking. Are you up for a drink while she and I do some more catching up?"

Mike listened and nodded slowly. He had watched them dance and he had seen the chemistry between them. He knew they'd been friends in high school and while Janet had said that they had just been friends and she had long insisted she wasn't into black guys Mike thought the lady protested a bit too much. He had seen her prom pictures with Lance and he'd often wondered if she had a touch of jungle fever despite her insistence. Mike was no stranger to the occasional hotwife fantasy and he'd watched plenty of interracial porn. He even occasionally fantasized about having a threesome with his sexy wife and another man but he'd never admitted any of that to his beautiful yet somewhat conservative wife. He knew she'd grown up in a mildly religious home and while she always tried to keep an open mind sexually she often struggled with Catholic guilt.

"I could use a drink," Mike nodded. He knew full well that the reason for them going up to Ed's room was more than to have a drink and he felt his cock begin to swell at the promise, however remote, of a night wild uninhibited sex. Like Janet, Mike had grown frustrated by their stale uninspired sex life and he wondered if a threesome might reignite the fire between them.

Ed helped Mike to his feet and Janet handed him his crutches. Janet couldn't believe how fast Mike had agreed to go to Ed's room and each step she took as they walked towards the elevator she felt the wet swollen lips of her excited pussy slide deliciously together exacerbating her condition. Her nipples hardened and her head continued to spin. She was in a daze and everything around her seemed surreal and dreamlike.

They stepped into the elevator, the two big, strong men flanking Janet's short curvy body making her feel small yet safe. Their proximity and their fresh manly scent made her tingle from head to toe. She could still smell the faint aroma of her arousal and she wondered if they could smell it too. Her hands trembled slightly as she reached out and took their hands in hers. She felt she should say something but she had no idea what so she stayed silent while they rose into the sky of the posh upscale hotel.

The chime of the elevator broke her from her trance and Ed led her by the hand down towards his room. Janet felt giddy, like a school girl, and her ass swayed gently from side to side as she floated on cloud nine. Her breathing was deep and steady and she felt a small stream of vicious juices drip from her labia onto her thigh. Ed pulled out his key card with his free hand and deftly opened the door letting them through the threshold into his hotel suite

Ed wasted no time. He dropped Janet's hand as the door closed behind them and immediately pulled her into a tight embrace. His big dark hands cupped Janet's ass briefly before he lifted her dress up baring her pantiless butt to her husband's wide eyes. She instinctively rose her arms and Ed lifted the dress over her head. He dropped it to the floor and bend down to kiss her while she stood in naked splendor between the two attractive but vastly different men.

Ed's lips were soft and wet and his breath was fresh and warm. Her mouth opened quickly and her tongue leapt into his mouth with verve and purpose as her hands fumbled with his belt and pants. She couldn't believe what she was doing but she ached to see his big hard cock and her sole focus was on freeing the monster from his pants.

Their tongues entwined in a deep wet kiss and the sounds of their kisses filled the room. Janet moaned into Eds hungry mouth and opened his pants while her heart raced and she tingled from head to toe with excitement.

Mike watched spellbound and dumbfounded. He had expected a slow build inside Ed's room, with drinks followed by the suggestion of more, but instead everything had happened in an instant. His heart was racing and his dick hardened in his slacks as his wife kissed the tall muscular black man she'd known since high school.

Janet pushed Ed's pants down past his hips and reached for his dick quickly and decisively. He wore a tiny pair of bikini briefs which only cupped his big balls and his huge black cock hung semi erect out of the waistband dangling in front of him like a small elephant's trunk. She'd seen dicks like his in porn but in real life she'd never seen anything close. It was already bigger than Mike's and he wasn't even close to fully erect. She felt a light shiver pass through her. It was warm in the room but goosebumps appeared all over her naked body as her excitement peaked.

Ed took charge and kissed Janet hard. His full lips mashed against hers and his long tongue slid in and out of her mouth like he was mouth fucking her with it. His left hand cupped her glorious round ass and his right moved up her naked back and held her head steady while their tongues danced a forbidden dance in the enclave of their joined mouths. They twisted and writhed working themselves into a frenzy.

Soft mews spilled from Janet's mouth and she held his huge cock in both hands. She had held a few dicks before she was married but she had never felt anything like Ed's. She needed two hands to handle it and she ached to feel it inside of her. Her head was abuzz and her body throbbed with lewd lascivious desires. Her juices oozed from her pussy soaking her inner thighs with her rich fragrance.

Mike watched in a daze. He pulled off his shirt and flopped back in the big puffy chair in the corner of the room letting his braced leg stick out towards them. He unzipped his pants and freed his meaty cock from his tight boxer briefs as he pushed his pants down until the long nylon brace stopped them from going lower. His eyes were affixed to his wife's beautiful round ass and the contrast between her creamy white skin and Ed's ebony hands was striking. The scent of her arousal wafted over him and his mouth started to water profusely.

Ed pulled Janet's ass cheeks apart and he teased her tight sphincter with the tip of his fingers making her squirm. She had only recently started letting Mike play with her asshole but she loved it. That had started one drunken night when Mike was licking her pussy and after she came she had pushed him away from her hypersensitive clit. Mike kept on licking and when her reached Janet's butt she thought she'd died and gone to heaven. Her body had twisted and writhed uncontrollably then and when Ed pushed the tip of his fat fingers inside her asshole it was even better. She had thought about Mike licking her asshole numerous times in the months that followed and anal play had become an integral part of her fantasy life in the months since.

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