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Not All Errors are Bad


Several years ago while I was attending graduate school at the University of Kentucky, I took my new girlfriend Agnes back to Atlanta over a holiday weekend to meet my parents. The visit had gone well, and Agnes seemed to even be accepted by my younger sister Val, a senior at Georgia Tech who was usually jealous when shw was not the center of attention.

When we were loading the car to head back to Lexington, my mother asked if I would stop outside Chattanooga to drop off some dishes at my Aunt Linda's house. She wanted her younger sister to have some of the items which had been passed down to her after the recent death of a distant relative. Mother thought it would be nice for me to see Aunt Linda, who was thirty-six, and a successful lawyer in the city. She was often alone at home as her husband was a pilot with a major airline, and she complained often to my mother that she grew tired of being by herself in the big, new house they had purchased.

Since it was on the way, and I had always been close to her, I thought it would be a pleasant way to break up the trip. She could also meet Agnes, who was just beginning to play a major role in my life.

The trip from Atlanta took only a few hours on I-75, and we reached her exit north of the city about dusk. I had not been to the new house, and found their driveway only after some major difficulty. It was just after dark when we finally knocked at the door of the two-story brick home, which was settled back in the woods a few hundred yards off the road.

Aunt Linda answered the door, and kissed me on the cheek. I introduced her to Agnes, and she led us to the kitchen in the back of the house. We were hungry, and she offered us sandwiches and beer, which we ate in the breakfast nook overlooking the swimming pool.

Linda apologized for the way she was dressed, in a wet two-piece bathing suit under a tee shirt. She had been in the pool to retrieve a chair which had blown in the water, and had to rush in quickly to answer the door. While she was explaining, I thought to myself she looked better than any lawyer I had seen recently, with her agile body that had won her swimming competitions in college. She kept herself in shape by swimming and light exercise, and possessed brains as well as a great body.

She said her husband was away in Europe on a flight, but she expected him to call at any time. She was taking some time off from the office, and was apparently unhappy that he had not taken some vacation to spend with her.

When it was time for bed, she showed Agnes to a guest suite on one side of the long, upstairs hallway, and me to one on the other side. She was nothing, if not proper, and I did not tell her I really felt the need to bed down with Agnes that night. After several days of sleeping alone at my parents' house, I was past due for some bedroom games.

I went back down stairs to take a dip in the pool, and Agnes and Aunt Linda went to bed.

After swimming laps to burn off some sexual energy, I took off my swim suit and rinsed off at the outside shower next to the pool. As I stood there nude, letting the warm water run down my body, I saw the curtains part in Agnes' room. She was watching me from the window, and I hoped she was as much in need of loving as me.

I turned off the shower, wrapped a robe around my body, and climbed up the stairs to my bedroom. I waited there until I thought Aunt Linda was asleep, and then peered out into the hallway.

There was no sign of light coming from under Aunt Linda's door, so I crept across the hall and quietly turned the knob to Agnes' room. In the hallway light, I could see her in the bed with her back to me and a sheet covering her body. I stepped inside the room, closed the door, and in the dark dropped the robe to my feet.

I walked naked across the carpet and sat on the edge of the bed, placing my hand lightly on her shoulder so as not to startle her. She was awake, and eased over to allow me room to lay down next to her.

I got into the bed and scooted up against her back, running my hands up under her thin night gown and gently sliding the silk garment up to her waist. Then, I pushed my growing penis up against her buttocks and drew her close to me. She sighed as I brought my right hand to her breast, which felt bigger than normal from the way she was laying on her side. I caressed the nipple and felt it grow hard between my fingers. Her hair was pulled up in a bun, and I kissed the back of her neck as I fondled her breasts. I could hear Agnes sigh, and knew I had guessed right about her desires.

My seven inch prick was trembling as I eased my knee between hers, spreading her legs from the back. As I arched my body toward her, my cock slid between the mounds of her ass and her thighs tightened against it. When I slid my prick between her legs, I could feel the wetness on the inside of her thighs.

With my right hand, I reached down from her breasts to her navel, lightly brushing the tight flesh above her hairline. Gradually, I moved my middle finger to her moist hole, and felt it enter her as I began to massage her clit. Her tight cheeks began to undulate against me as my finger moved faster in her pussy.

As I drew my hand away to replace my finger with a more important organ, I was jerked away from my pleasure by the ringing of the bedside phone. Agnes moved quickly to answer it, and as I started to tell her not to, I heard the phone leave the cradle and was shocked to hear Aunt Linda's voice say "Hello".

My blood turned cold as I saw my aunt's face, dimly lighted by the dial of the Princess phone. It was her husband calling and she began talking to him in a sleepy voice, as if she had just awakened from a deep slumber.

I started to throw the covers off the bed so I could get up, and I heard her tell the caller "Just a minute, I dropped something."

As I backed away from her, she turned slightly and put her finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. Apparently I had gasped in my surprise, and as she put her mouth back to the phone she grabbed my right hand in hers and pulled it back close to her breast. Holding tightly to my hand, she continued her conversation, listening mostly and answering in short, choppy sentences. My prick had grown soft, and I was nearly panicked about what to do next.

When she returned the phone to the cradle, she switched on the small light by the bed and turned over toward me. She told me she had to change rooms with Agnes because she was expecting the call and the phone in her bedroom was not working. It had been my aunt who watched me as I had showered naked by the pool.

My eyes must have been wide with disbelief as I stared at her, so she laid back on the sheet and faced me. As she moved around in the bed I could see her nipples under the thin silk gown. They were erect and extended, and I realized her breasts had felt bigger, because they were hers and not Agnes'.

She put her finger to my lips and said teasingly, "Cat got your tongue?"

I felt like a schoolboy caught in some dastardly prank, and could only nod my head with the feelings of embarrassment that overcame me.

Moving the covers away from my body, she looked down at my soft prick and said, "Well, what are you going to do now? Has anything changed in the last five minutes?"

I nodded my head, and still could not speak.

"I see," she said. "You were getting ready to screw your girlfriend, and found out it was nothing more than your dried up old aunt. What an awful surprise. That makes me feel terrible!" she pouted.

"No, that's not it." I finally squeaked, when my voice returned.

"What's not it?" she asked. "You weren't going to screw Agnes, or I'm not dried up?"

The covers were down around our knees, and I could see her beautiful thighs, and the dark patch where her muscular legs came together. The gown was pulled up just under her breasts, but I could see the promise of the nipples under the white silk. She had the body of a teenaged athlete, and from my experience a few minutes before it was no secret she was not dried up.

My voice was back, and as my surprise dwindled, my prick began to slowly come to life. Looking at her, I said, "I was going to screw Agnes, and you surely aren't dried up. As a matter of fact, you are taking my breath away."

She inched over close to me and I felt her coarse pubic hair touch my leg. Stretching out her lovely body, she pulled the gown over her head and let it fall to the floor so my eyes could take in her nakedness. Her breasts were high and beautiful, with pink extended nipples which were hard and dark on the very ends. They lightly touched my chest as she moved her head back to look into my eyes.

"Do you like my body?" she asked, gazing at me as she put her arms behind her head and spread her legs apart.

I nodded my head, looking at my aunt in an entirely different fashion than before. She used to babysit my little sister and me when we were children, and had at times almost been a second mother. On one hand I wanted to run from the bedroom, but as I looked at her supple, naked body next to me all thoughts of fleeing left my mind. All I could think of was ramming my cock into her.

"I'm not really dried up, you know. Here, let me show you.

With that, she took her hand and moved it to her cunt, spreading her legs more as she began to massage it and insert a middle finger into it. I watched in utter fascination as she withdrew her hand and pushed the finger into my mouth. It was slick with her juices and the taste of her musky fluids caused my dick to harden. She then inserted it again into her pussy, and brought it to her own mouth and sucked it lightly and licked it clean.

"See! Don't I taste good?"

I tentatively put my hand on her shoulder and stroked her skin. I continued to marvel at her lovely body as my cock grew harder, despite the situation. Her breasts were pointed straight up, and she spread her legs a little more and moved her tight ass on the cotton sheets. Without thinking, I placed my lips on hers and kissed her deeply, my tongue exploring her mouth. Her arms went around my back as she returned the kiss, and I could feel my prick dig into her at the hairline just above her pubic mound.

My lips reached down to her right breast, and as I began to suck the nipple she pulled away from me, easing her head down along my chest, her tongue leaving a damp line as it moved toward my navel. The pink tip darted into my belly as she licked me, gradually moving her face toward my aching cock. As she explored my body with her mouth, she reached behind her head and let her hair fall to its full length, down around my stiff prick.

She pushed me onto my right side, and she lay down on her left, her face close to my aching member. She reached up and grabbed my hands in hers, and drew them down and entwined them in her long hair near her small ears. I could see a small drop of clear fluid on the tip of my cock as she moved her mouth to within an inch of the reddish knob. Clasping my hands tight into her auburn locks, she said in the voice of an adult talking to a child, "Pull on my hair and I'll give you a nice surprise."

My passion was burning as I did exactly as my aunt commanded. I pulled gently on her hair, and my cock slid between her lips until it touched the back of her throat. She moaned aloud, and I thought I had hurt her. I started to release her but she shook her head, so I balled my fists tightly and forcefully pulled my body against her face. As I did, I could feel her hand behind my back as she thrust her cunt moistened-finger into my ass. I started to pull away again, but around my cock I could feel her make the words, "Push harder. Fuck my mouth like you fuck Agnes."

Slowly, at first, I began to fuck her face, using her hair as a handle to move her mouth up and down my prick. As my passion rose, I pushed my body into her and pulled her mouth so hard onto my prick I could feel her pretty nose bruising me as my cock slid back and forth into the bottom of her throat. As I felt my load reach its bursting point, she groaned with pleasure and pushed me far enough away so just the first two inches were in her mouth. She swallowed the fluid leaking from the eye of my prick to keep from gagging, and I pulled hard again on her hair and drove it back into her mouth. I fucked her face as hard as I could, and suddenly my hot cum burst into her throat with the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced. As I shot my load, her finger thrust deep inside my ass, causing my mind to reel with pleasure.

She pushed me away to where just the tip of my prick was between her lips, and she sucked out the white sperm as it continued to spurt. She swallowed with each new contraction so as to gather all my come down into her body, and she moaned in ecstasy around my dick.

As I lay back on the bed she rolled over and smiled at me. Her face was sticky with white flecks of my cum as she took my cock and licked it clean.

She moved up on the bed and faced me. Her lips were crimson and her hair was tangled around her. "See'" she giggled, as she pressed her lips to mine, "I told you I had a nice surprise for you."

"Now, she said "What are you going to do for me?"

It was a question she did not let me answer as she got up and straddled my stomach with her legs. The lips of her vagina were spread apart, and I could see the wetness dripping from her as she pinned my arms with her muscular legs, and scooted up to where her pussy was nearly touching my face. I did not resist as she ground her mound down onto my face and, as she moved back and forth, I pushed my tongue slowly up into her hole, tasting the delicious juices. She rose up and put her hands behind her head as she groaned with pleasure, my tongue working on her clit. She climaxed with another groan, but kept her pussy moving against my face.

As I watched, she moved her hands to just above her own pubic hair and began to massage herself hard with her extended fingers. Only my eyes and the end of my nose were open to the light as she pushed her fingers hard into her lower belly, massaging herself as she held her head down looking into my eyes. As I pushed my tongue deep inside her, I could feel a warm stream of piss rush past my lips, leaving a salty taste as it filled my mouth. As I swallowed to keep from choking, she gasped and shuddered as another orgasm ripped through her naked body. I stuck my tongue against the source of the fluid, but it continued to run around it and fill my mouth. I tried to turn my head, but her legs had my face pinned beneath her gushing cunt, and again I swallowed to keep from choking.

My face and hair were soaked as she suddenly turned around on the bed and faced in the opposite direction. She locked her knees under my shoulders and moved her ass into my face, this time spreading the cheeks until her anus rested on my mouth. She put her hands on my thighs and held me down as I pushed my tongue up into the tight hole, exploring it with darting movements. I could barely breathe as she ground her hole into my face and I sucked it, my tongue inside her body. She reached another orgasm, as I licked and pulled on her lovely hole with my lips.

As she moved off me, my prick had come to life and was throbbing with the urge to bury it. I rolled her off me roughly and pushed her shoulders back onto the bed. Reaching down, I spread her legs and mounted her, rubbing my hard dick on her lips before thrusting it deep within her pussy. She cried out as I fucked her furiously, and as I reached my deepest stroke, my cum shot inside her like burning lava from a volcano.

We lay side by side, intertwined, our bodies wet and slick. She turned on her side and kissed me deeply, and then rose pulling me toward the shower. As I walked to the bathroom, my legs trembled and my body ached from the rigors of several new experiences

My Aunt Linda turned on the shower and pulled me in with her, reaching for a washcloth. She soaped my body for minutes, and then I rubbed her down with the soap in my hands. As my fingers ran across her smooth muscles, I was startled to see my prick begin to grow again. When she noticed it, she turned off the water and sat me down in the seat on the side of the spa. Kneeling in front of me, she began to suck my cock as I leaned back and watched her. When she had sucked herself to exhaustion without any result on my part she smiled at me and told me to close my eyes, telling me she knew a family trick.

With my cock in her hand she looked up at me and said, "Don't worry, its all in the family and you're not finished yet." She looked down, and taking my cock into her mouth again, she sucked with renewed vigor while running her tongue along the bottom of my prick. This time, my senses had come alive to the erotic stimulus, and as her cheeks deflated with the motion, I shot another load of sperm into her mouth. This time she let it run out onto her extended tongue so I could watch her swallow each succeeding spurt. She spent several minutes licking it clean.

I got out of the large tub and walked to the toilet, raising the lid against the tank. She walked over by me, watching as I pointed my prick toward the bowl. Quickly, she stepped in front of me and sat down on the commode. I had to go badly, and looked down at her, wondering what she was doing.

She reached out and took my cock in her hand, and slid back on the seat. Pointing it down to the water, she said softly, "Go ahead and see if you can piss between my legs. I want to see how good your aim is."

I could wait no longer and let the stream go, between her thighs where it hit the water and splashed up on her legs. She slid forward, and the stream hit her in the belly and on the breasts, tiny rivulets dripping off each hardened nipple. As I watched, she bent her head and let it run into her hair.

Suddenly, she raised her face and grabbed my penis, directing the stream into her open mouth. She raised her chin, and let her mouth fill before she swallowed, then pulled my soft cock into her mouth as it continued to flow. It was as if she was drinking from a water pipe, her lips wrapped around it and letting no moisture escape. She did not remove it until I had finished. Then, we washed off again in the shower and dried each other's bodies.

We went back into the the bedroom and she pulled off the linens and put them in the tub. Then she changed the sheets, and we lay naked on the bed with two cold beers from the bedroom refrigerator. We lay there and talked for over an hour, drinking and looking at one another as we spoke of her unfulfilled needs. She told me I was always her favorite nephew, but never had such thoughts as tonight until she saw me nude at the pool. When I had snuck into the room she was going to play a little trick on me, and ask me what I was doing when I got into the bed. But as my prick came in contact with her buttocks, she decided she was going to at least give me a blowjob, something she had never done for her husband.

As I stood to head back to the bathroom, she grabbed my hand and pulled me back next to the bed. When I protested, she told me I could get rid of the beer right there. I did not need to waste time walking to the bathroom when I had her there on the bed. She sat up on the edge of the bed, and pulled my member again to her mouth. This time, she took it inside her lips, and whispered around it, "Go ahead."

I let my muscles relax, and as the stream erupted from my penis her lips closed tightly around it. I could hear her swallowing as it ran down her throat. She did not miss a drop, and we were both completely dry when I had relieved myself in her mouth.

I must have dozed off for at least an hour, and when I came to consciousness, Aunt Linda was cradled in my arms, the sheet covering our bodies. I could feel her warm breasts pressed against my chest, and listened to the sound of her breathing. Her hair was flowing over the sheets, and she looked peaceful in the low light of the bedside lamp. My emotions were confused at this turn of events, but the sight of her lying there beside me began to awaken my penis again. Although my aunt had been the subject of fantasies during my adolescence, I had never dreamed this situation would occur.

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