tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersNot Always As They Appear Ch. 02

Not Always As They Appear Ch. 02


This is the second part of I am not sure how many. Part One introduces the main characters and provides helpful, but not necessary background. Thank you for your kind comments, and when possible I will always try to send my personal appreciation. I am just grateful that anyone would read my work.


I was learning to really enjoy the South. The mornings are so lovely. The pace of life is one that allows enjoyment and promotes savoring -- much different than the life I knew in Southern California where things always seemed to move at a frantic pace. At this stage of my life, the South suited me very well.

Dinner with Alex the night before turned out to be very surprising for me. Alex, the designer I had contracted to remodel a house, and I went to dinner where I discovered he embraced his feminine nature. So much so that I know began to think of him as a woman. I know that may sound strange, but if you could see Alex, you would understand. It was not one thing about Alex that brought out femininity, it came from the heart and mind. At work in his design studio, he showed the world a basically masculine side. In private, away from work and the eyes of the public, he -- no, she -- let he guard down and reflected what was in her heart -- a lovely woman.

Alex is in her early-40's and looks mid-30's, 5'7", slim with long, thick hair that is kept tied back in a pony tail at work.

The meeting at the house went well in the morning. From all of the horror stories I heard about remodeling, I had expected the absolute worse. However, this job was going very, very well. The contractor was doing exactly what he said he would do and I didn't have any changes. What's that saying about prior planning?

As I went through my morning work out I kept thinking about Alex and the 'revelations' of last night. I had been surprised that Alex had such a strong feminine side, but as the evening wore on, I came to understand it -- even embrace it. I knew that I was seeing the real Alex, and felt honored. The fact that she, which is how I now thought of Alex, had been able to arouse me was very surprising.

I am in my mid-50's. My wife of almost three decades had died a couple of years ago. We married young and I had never known another woman intimately. She was the one and only. Even through her long illness, there was no question of my fidelity. During the last six months I decided it was time to move on with my life which resulted in my purchase of a home near the beach outside of Charleston, South Carolina. A purchase that was going to require a move across country after the remodeling was completed.

Alex and I had made a date for dinner tonight -- she offered to make me dinner. In the light of day I found I was confused about my reaction to her. In my mind I knew Alex was a guy, but in my heart I saw her as a woman. Now, that's not confusing, is it? And, to think that she was able to arouse me -- something that had not happened for years...but Alex was a guy! Well, not really -- not if you saw how lovely she was. No confusion at all -- yeah, right.

I gave serious consideration to canceling dinner, but didn't think it was polite or respectful. So, at 7:30 I was knocking on her front door with flowers in hand. And, when the door opened -- all confusion left. She was breathtaking. The smile on her lips was like sunshine -- bright, sincere and so genuine. Her eyes danced with delight. A ribbon held her hair back, but I noticed she had taken the time to curl it -- it was so soft, full and feminine. I was standing there a bit dumbstruck. Smiling, almost laughing -- she reached out for my arm and brought me into her home and closed the door.

It was then I saw that she had on an emerald green silk blouse with navy blue slacks that hugged her hips. Alex complimented her outfit with low heels, a pearl necklace, ear rings...I am not sure what else, except to say she looked perfect. Her nails were a dark shade of red -- matching her lipstick.

"Breathe," she said smiling.

"What?" I was caught off-guard.

"Breathe. You know. In and out. In and out." She was almost laughing and I was a little embarrassed. I took a deep breath and just smiled.

"I didn't know what flowers you liked, and picked these up." Handing her the bouquet of white roses I got at a florist.

She took the flowers from me. Smelled their fragrance and began to tear. Was she allergic? Did I do something wrong? It had been so long since I had been to a woman's home for dinner -- it just seemed like I should bring something.

"Did I do something wrong?"

Still holding the flowers close to her -- almost hugging them, she shook her head softly. "No. No. Not at all. It's just that nobody has ever brought me flowers."

"Oh, come on. Really? You aren't hanging out with the right people," I said with a smile.

"No, Jack, I guess not." Alex just looked at me for a moment and then the spell seemed to be broken. "I better get these into some water. Follow me into the kitchen and then I will give you the nickel tour."

Following her; watching her walk; smelling the scent of her perfume in her wake. The way her hair fell down her back. Music. So feminine. So lovely. The way her hips moved with such grace. Clearly I was enamored.

After she put the flowers in water, she poured me a glass of mineral water. "I noticed you only had mineral water last night. Is Pellegrino okay?"

"I hope you didn't go to any trouble. I still drink tap water, but this is wonderful. Thank you."

Our fingers touched as she gave me the cool glass. I could almost feel the heat from her body. For a moment I felt the sharpness of her nails -- and then it hit me. She had to have done her hair, nails, makeup -- everything just for dinner. Call me slow, but I didn't catch on to that moment, and I felt so honored that she would go to such trouble for me.

"Alex, thank you. Thank you for showing me the real you. I...I just don't know what to say."

"Well," she started, stopped, seemed to be a bit flustered. "How about that tour?" With that, she took me by the hand and guided me through her home. Her hand was so soft, that I had to make an effort to concentrate. The home was built in 1879 and located near the edge of Old Charleston. The living room was a bit more formal than I like, but suit the house perfectly. We went upstairs, and I was treated to the sight of her hips swaying as she climbed the stairs in front of me, to see the office and guest bedroom. I was so very happy she wore the slacks! And, then there was the Master -- done in lace, but not too much. Just enough to make it wonderfully feminine, sensual. She walked around the room talking about the various pieces of furniture and then came back to where I was standing. She stopped speaking and I just looked at her. Without thinking, I put my arms around her drew her close and just held her. I didn't want the moment to end. I wanted time to stop.

Her body felt so good in my arms. She turned her face to mine. Our lips touched...and the pressure of the kiss increased. My tongue slipped between her lips -- her creamy lips -- and swirled through her mouth. I felt the pressure of her lips; the sharpness of her teeth. The hunger -- our hunger was almost palpable. My hands tracing her back...feeling her hair...her hips...her rear. Suddenly, I didn't think I could get enough of Alex. The kiss broke, and I took her lower lip between my teeth and pulled softly, hearing her whimper as I did so. Releasing it, I caressed her lips with my tongue..,caressed them, felt them, lingered over them.

Then her head was buried in my shoulder as I held her close.

"I had wondered if last night had been a dream," she whispered. "Clearly, it wasn't."

We just stood there. Holding one another. Letting our breathing slow a bit.

Alex took a deep breath, "Well, dinner is ready. Shall we eat?" Without waiting for a response from me, she turned and headed down the hall to the stairs. All I could do was follow.

Dinner turned out to be wonderful. I won't bore you with the menu. It was simple food prepared well. We chatted through dinner learning more about one another. The more I learned about Alex, the more I liked her. And, I think it's safe to say, she liked me.

After dinner I insisted we clean things up a bit. I did not want her to have to come back and clean the kitchen or get up to a dirty kitchen in the morning. I offered to take care of everything, but she brought out an apron to put on -- she turned her back to me so I could tie the strings. Just as I finished tying the bow, she slide back into my arms. My hands going around her waist automatically, I held her close. The scent of her perfume. Her body close to mine. Her hips swaying against me. It wasn't long before I was becoming aroused -- an arousal she could feel against her soft, perfect rear.

My lips found her neck. Kissing. Softly biting. Her moans were like music to my ears. She felt so very, very good...I had forgotten the feeling of a woman, and Alex as a woman to me, being close. Slowly I let go -- I didn't want to, but had to. Alex turned to me, looking deep into my eyes. Searching for the reason I released her.

"Alex, I'm sorry. I can't..."

"Don't worry, Jack. Don't worry. I understand." Tears were welling into her eyes.

I looked at her. "You don't understand," I whispered. "You don't understand. Alex, I am not the world's greatest lover." I paused not knowing how much I was going to say. But, then continued, "I don't know what kind of a lover I am. I have just never thought much about it. There was my wife. There was me. That was it. I just don't want to be a disappointment to you." There, I said it. How often would I ever admit not being much in bed, so to speak?

She smiled as she looked at me. Her fingers touching my cheek.

"Is that all?" she asked softly.

"Yes...I just don't want to be a disappointment. And -- well, this is all very new to me."

She looked at me. Tried to peer into my soul...my heart. Her soft eyes looking deeply into mine. Her soft, bewitching eyes.

"It's not me?"

"Oh, Alex, how could it be you? It's not you. It's been a long time -- and I am just not so sure of myself. "

"Then we will take it slowly, okay?" As she stopped speaking, she moved close and my arms surrounded her. We melted together. A beautiful woman in my arms -- the most beautiful woman I had ever held -- or seen.

We stood like that for a few minutes, but I became aroused again. If you could see her, you would understand. A slim woman in your arms. A beautiful, sensual woman in your arms. You want to please her, but aren't quite sure. Perhaps we have all felt like that.

She turned in my arms. Her lovely thick hair in front of my lips and nose. Her rear against my body...and began to move against me, again. The swaying of her hips...the slight grinding. It was exquisite. And, I was getting so very hard. Harder than I had been in a long, long time. I heard her soft moan...and a whisper.

"MMMMMMM...you like this, don't you?"

"Yes...yes...yes," stammering as I whispered.

Alex stepped away from me and undid her apron before turning around. She looked down at the bulge in my slacks as clear evidence of my arousal. I was hard. Very hard. But, a bit scared, too -- and it was something I think she could detect. She could see my hesitation was not based on my 'reaction' to her -- it was based on my own feelings.

She reached out and traced the bulge, my hard cock, with her index finger. Oh, God -- it felt so very good. It felt as though only two people existed in the entire world; Alex and I. Cleaning the dinner dishes was completely forgotten. I looked into her eyes. Her soft, clear beautiful eyes. She was so erotic -- and she was enjoying the moment. I kept asking myself if I was ready? Was I ready to be with someone? Was I ready to be with Alex? Sure, there was no denying I was hard. There was no denying my desire. Again, she sensed my hesitation.

"Would you excuse me for a few minutes? I just need to go up and take care of something. Won't take long -- have a seat in the living room?" Her smile...how could I say no? She gestured toward the living room...to a specific chair that had a clear view of the entire room.

"Of course. Take your time." She walked upstairs as I entered the living room, found the chair she indicated and sat down. It was a very comfortable chair. The lights were a bit dim, but good enough for leafing through a magazine I found on a table near the chair. A lingerie magazine from one or another stores -- very expensive lingerie, at that. Gowns, robes, bustiers, teddies -- they were all exquisite, as were the models. I took a closer look at the models and discovered they were all physically males, but the most beautiful women at the same time. The photos in the magazine kept me aroused, as I suspected was her plan.

It wasn't very long until I heard Alex coming down the stairs. Her heels hitting the hardwood of the steps. Slowly. Rhythmically. I could see her hips sway in my mind. I thought I was prepared for anything -- how wrong could I be?

In the time she was gone, Alex had changed. The slacks and blouse had been replaced by a white lace robe that shimmered in the dim light. It was as if diamonds were sewn into the lace. The effect of her dark hair and the lace was astounding...I could never describe it accurately. Just imagine a goddess walking in the room knowing she came for you.

I could barely make out her body beneath the lace -- there were just hints of her slim body and oh so perfect heart shaped ass. Her scent filled the room. A delightful, magical scent. Light, yet spicy. She stopped in front of the candle filled fireplace. The glow from the candles outlined her body...her legs...through the lace. The light from the room fell on her face. Her face was the most beautiful face I had seen. Her eye makeup was a bit heavier making her even more exotic. Her full creamy lips the color of wet crimson.

I was speechless. A bit scared. It had been so long. What if I couldn't please her? What could I do? What would I do? The questions of one who had denied himself for so very long.

"Well, what do you think?" she asked as she slowly turned.

"What do I think? I think you are a goddess. I think that the appearance you give the world hides the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

She smiled -- gently and sincerely for a moment. And, then the smile turned a bit mischievous as she walked toward me...stopping just a foot away. I kind of froze. I know so many guys would jump into action, but not me. I had never been comfortable with that -- and Alex sensed that in me. She took my hand and put it to her hip on the outside of the robe. The lace under my finger tips. I slowly, carefully began to touch the lace caressing her hip just on the other side. Feeling the outline of her garter belt; the thin material of her panties. There are no words to express what I was feeling at that moment as I looked up into her eyes.


"Shhhhhhh....just enjoy it."

I moved my hand from the outside of the robe to the inside. Running my finger tips along her stockings from her calves to her knees...up her thigh...then feeling where the stocking tops ended and her soft skin began. Leaning forward, my lips touched the tops of her stockings...soft, sensual...I kissed a bit higher. My hand caressed a bit higher and then she took my hands and placed them on her ass -- her perfect ass. Just the thinnest of material between her soft skin and my hands.

"Tonight is for you...relax. Enjoy it. Let yourself go." she told me.

I stood up from the chair...taking her in my arms I kissed her lips. Gently. My tongue caressing them -- just as one would caress the outer lips of a pussy...slowly...carefully...tenderly. Then passion took over as my tongue slid between her lips. She felt and tasted so very good. Moaning into her mouth as our tongues slid and danced.

My hands slid down her back...across her hips and down the outside of her thighs. As I did so, her breathing became a bit ragged -- which was so good for me to hear. My lips went to her neck...kissing the soft skin and feeling her artery beat against them. The warm blood coursing through her body. My hand slid across her tummy -- so flat...and then down the front of her panties. She was so smooth. My lips kissed her shoulder...then a bit lower on her chest through the thin lace of the robe. Opening her robe, I bent my head forward and let my tongue brush across her right nipple, and I was rewarded with a short gasp. My lips closed on her nipple...softly kissing as my fingers slid down the front of her panties...sliding between her legs and then along the most beautiful clitty I have ever felt.

This was all so very new to me, but I did not want to disappoint her. She tried to move, but I began to suck on her nipple a bit more as my fingers slid along her clitty. Slid back and forth...gliding over the smooth material. Feeling her just under the very thin material. She felt so good to me. Gliding and sliding over her clitty. Then, reaching through a bit farther, I found the head of her clitty and rubbed it with my fingertips as I gently bit her nipple. Her moans were music to my ears.

I ran my finger down the slit of her clitty...pressing it just a bit. I must admit I loved the effect I was having on Alex. Kissing her nipples...sucking on them...and stroking her clitty. She couldn't help herself. Her hips began to move...now a bit faster. My lips went to her lips. Her moans filled my mouth as we kissed. Her legs trembled...Moans louder. I could feel her clitty tensing...knowing she was so close. Then...she began to almost scream. Our kiss muffling them, almost, as she began to cream for me...cream and cream for me in her panties. So wonderful...so perfect.

After her last creaming...and a final glide by my fingers, I took her in my arms. Holding her. Waiting for her to stop trembling. And then I realized she was crying. What had I done? I was a little confused. My lips found her ear...

"Alex, are you all right, Sweet?"

She nodded yes.

"Then, why the tears?" It took a minute for her to answer. And, then her voice was so soft, I almost didn't hear her.

"Nobody has ever done that for me."

I was shocked. I didn't know much about technique. But, I have always believed it important to care for another; to care for them and about them. And, I have always thought it important to provide pleasure -- at least that was the way I had treated my wife.

I just held her closer. Let her relax. Then she stepped back, smiling.

"It wasn't supposed to happen like that."

"Do you mind the change in plans?"

Smiling...shaking her head, "No, not at all. And...thank you." Alex was so sincere. "I must look a fright...."

"Not really. You are even more beautiful right now."

"Thank you, but none the less, I need to go clean up -- see what you caused, Naughty boy!" Her smile lit the room as she turned to go upstairs. And, her walk was so very, very erotic.

I took a deep breath and sat back down in the chair. Several minutes went by. It was fifteen minutes before I hear her come back down the stairs. She entered the room -- and again I knew I was in the presence of a goddess. She was beautiful. Exotic. Her hair completely re-done. Her makeup perfect with her eyes even more emphasized. Her lips a deeper crimson. Dressed in a black lace bustier, matching lace panties, black stockings and 4 inch CFM heels. The effect was mesmerizing. Hypnotic. At that moment I would have done anything for Alex. Even her jewelry was erotic...shining and reflecting the light from dangling ear rings and necklace.

"Like it?" she asked as she walked closer to me and turned slowly. I noticed then that her perfume was heavier; more spice and musk. I could only silently nod. Her smile, the smile of a temptress, made my skin tingle.

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