tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNot An Accident Ch. 01

Not An Accident Ch. 01


As a young boy I had sneaked peeks at my older brother's porn magazines, looking at the pictures and reading some of the stories. I had read a few about male exhibitionists and the idea of exposing myself to women excited me. I didn't want to run into trouble with the law though so I looked for situations where I could be "accidentally" exposed to women.

Some time ago, I used to live in a small apartment complex with a pool surrounded on four sides by two floors of apartments. My unit was on the first floor with a kitchen that overlooked the pool. The living room would have faced the pool as well except there was freestanding privacy wall that was about six feet high that blocked a direct view in from the pool. I could still access the pool area from my patio though. The wall left a three foot path between the wall of the apartment and the privacy wall. The sliding glass doors that led to the patio area were inset by about a four foot concrete pad that gave some shelter under all circumstances. My apartment was on the end of one row but another row ran perpendicular to mine. The first floor units had similar privacy panels but the upper units had balconies with simple, wrought iron railings. If I stood next to my privacy wall I was blocked from being seen at the pool but the upper unit on the other corner was in clear view. It's probably more important to note that I would be in full view of anyone on that balcony if I stood on my patio next to the privacy wall but I was sheltered from the pool and all other apartments.

There was a young woman, Karen, who lived with her boyfriend in that upper unit. She was a student and was often home in the afternoon. Sometimes she would swim and other times she would sun herself in a lounge chair on her balcony. That particular summer I was out of work as the general contractor I worked for was injured and we suspended all of our projects for three months while he healed. It was hard on me financially but I loved having the time off and I spent much of that summer in the pool. I chatted with this girl from time to time when we were both swimming but I wouldn't have called us friends. We largely had the pool to ourselves on weekdays as everyone else was off at work.

I saw an opportunity so I began to set things up. After a swim, I would strip off on my patio where I couldn't be seen but then take the few steps out to the privacy wall and toss my suit and my towel on top of the wall to dry off. Nobody in the pool area could see me nude but they'd certainly see the swimsuit and towel come flipping up to rest on top of the wall. While nobody in the pool could see me, I was, however briefly, in full view of anyone on Karen's balcony. Over a couple weeks it became a normal pattern for me to do this and sometimes Karen was in the pool when I did this so she knew my routine but likely thought nothing of it...just a guy drying off his swim gear after a dip.

One afternoon during my swim she came out on her balcony to get some sun. She kicked back in the lounge chair wearing a swimsuit and sunglasses and began to read a magazine. After a short time I decided to seize the opportunity. I climbed out of the pool and retreated to my patio where I stripped off and took a deep breath before I walked back out into the light to toss my suit and towel on top of the wall knowing that if Karen looked up from her magazine she would see me completely naked. I was churning inside but tried to act nonchalant. As I turned to head back to the cover of the patio I glanced up to her balcony to see if she was watching. With the magazine and sunglasses hiding her eyes, I really couldn't tell. I tried to think of a way to extend my time in the sun without being obvious but came up with nothing so back to the patio I went. It then occurred to me that I could act like I'd forgotten something in one of the pockets of my shorts. Back out next to the wall and into full view of the balcony I went. I was very thorough going through each of the pockets a couple of times all the while facing her balcony but keeping my head down. I desperately wanted to look but didn't dare. Finally I shrugged my shoulder, my pocket search fruitless, and placed the shorts back up on the top of the wall. I took one more, quick glance as I headed in but still couldn't tell if Karen had seen the show. I rushed into the bathroom and jerked off like there was no tomorrow.

The next day she was out at the pool when I stepped from behind the privacy wall and out to the pool area. I greeted her and she returned my greeting while I tried to determine from her face if she'd seen me the day before. I thought there was a faint hint of a smile that was out of the ordinary but convinced myself that it was probably just my imagination. Damn. The rest of the swim was uneventful but I enjoyed watching her swim around while I imagined myself swimming naked beside her. I couldn't take it anymore and wanted to retreat to my room to jerk off again. I got out of the pool and said goodbye, indicating that I had some things I needed to tend to.

She said, "I understand, you probably want to get out of your wet clothes".

I couldn't say anything more than, "Uh, yeah," and beat a quick retreat around the corner of my privacy wall.

I had a raging hard-on that sprang free as soon as I stripped off my shorts knowing I was hidden from Karen's view on the patio. Out of habit, I took the short steps to the privacy wall to hang my shorts up. It dawned on me that in my hurry to exit the pool area I'd left my towel there. That's when I looked up and saw Karen standing there grinning with my towel in her hand.

"It appears you forgot something," she said.

I made some unintelligible noise as I scrambled to take some cover behind the bbq on my patio. I wanted her to see me and all but this surprised the hell out of me. She laughed at my mad dash in search of cover. The bbq was not much cover. She could clearly see a bare hip and the top of my pubic area. My erection was hidden from view as I pressed myself against the bbq and I was enormously grateful that I wasn't cooking at the time. That would have been painful.

I stammered an apology and thanked her for returning my towel. I reached for it while trying to maintain my cover but she just took a step back. Surprised that she didn't hand me the towel I asked what the deal was.

She replied, "Come here and get it".

I countered, "But then you would see me naked."

She merely said, "So...it wouldn't be the first time".

"What do you mean?" I asked, but knew the truth.

"I caught your matinee show yesterday", she finally said. "I was up on the balcony when you stripped off but you must not have seen me. It was quite a show."

Two things became clear: She didn't mind seeing me and didn't know that I'd done it on purpose.

"God, I'm embarrassed," was the safest thing I could think of to say.

She replied, "You shouldn't be, I don't think, but at that distance I can't be sure. Why don't you step out from behind that bbq and let me see if I'm right".

I was regaining my composure, after all this was what I wanted, but it was hard to believe I was having a conversation with a woman in a bikini while I was naked. I wasn't sure if I wanted to try to delay in hopes that my erection would subside somewhat or if I should just throw caution to the wind.

I decided to test the water a bit. "I guess I'm okay being naked but I've got something of an erection. I don't want to alarm you."

Her reply was classic: "So much the better! Trot it on out here and let me have a look at you in all your glory."

This was an unusual gal and I started to dream about where this might lead. I stepped out from behind the bbq and my prick was sticking straight out. I looked at her for a reaction.

She leaned back slightly, cocked her head to one side and drank it in. She then looked up at me and smiled. "That looks uncomfortable. It seems you have some unfinished business to attend to."

She tossed me my towel and turned on her heel. As she walked away she said "See you another time".

I was a bit disappointed that it ended so abruptly but I got over it quickly as I hurried inside to take care of business. I had a thundering orgasm and settled back with a smile. I wondered what she meant by see you another time...

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