tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNot An Accident Ch. 03

Not An Accident Ch. 03


This is the third installment of "Not an Accident. Please enjoy the first two stories before launching into this one.

I did my weekly shopping trip on Saturday mornings and I bumped into Karen as I headed out to my car.

I sighed, "I normally live for the weekends but with everyone else home the pool won't be an exclusive playground for us."

"I won't be around this weekend anyway. My family is visiting and I'll be out and about with them seeing sights and a having a girl day at the spa."

I was a bit disappointed but the pool was quite busy on the weekend so I didn't expect a replay of the previous afternoon.

She smiled mischievously and asked me, "Did you take care of your discomfort?"

I probably blushed as I told her, "I certainly did but it took a while." That was a lie. I had been so excited being nude in front of her that a good stiff breeze probably would have gotten me off.

She laughed nervously and said, "I'm sorry I missed that".

This lady wanted to watch me jerk off! That sent a shiver through me. Still I was pretty flustered and didn't know what to do with the conversation at that point. The awkward moment ended when she said that she needed to be off to catch up with her family. She wished me a good weekend and said she'd see me on Monday.

There was certainly more activity around the pool over the weekend but no obvious opportunities to be "accidentally" seen. I did continue to toss my suit on top of my privacy fence but that really felt anti-climactic after the previous week. Still, I was left wondering how to advance things. Karen certainly seemed to be enjoying this and had even hinted she might want to watch me masturbate but I wasn't about to do that out in the pool area. I looked forward to Monday and wondered what path a conversation might take.

It seemed like it took forever for Monday to arrive. I made my way out to the pool and swam around for a while waiting for Karen to show up. As more time passed I figured either she extended time her time with family or she'd thought better of what we'd been doing and decided to cool it. I was very disappointed. I'd almost given up hope when there was a stirring on Karen's balcony. She came outside wearing a new light blue swimsuit. Her hair was a bit lighter than before...she must have had it colored while at the spa. The day at the spa did her good. The break must have been just what she needed. She looked relaxed, rested and even younger than usual. She hardly glanced my way though. What the hell is up with that? She seemed oblivious as she settled in wearing her sunglasses and tiny headphones for her music. She settled in on her lounge, broke out her magazine and proceeded to ignore me. I wasn't sure what to expect after the previous week but this treatment certainly hadn't occurred to me.

I began to consider that maybe she wanted to revisit that first "accidental" scene on my patio. I decided to test this theory so I got out of the pool, gathered up my towel and headed back to my place. Once I got back to the safety of my patio...funny to think of it as safe. Certainly I was blocked from direct view at the pool but Karen had a perfect view down to my patio from her perch fifty feet away. She looked up from her magazine as I draped my towel over the top of the privacy fence. I turned toward her as I reached for the button on my shorts. Her reaction surprised me as I drew the zipper down and stepped out of them. Her magazine fell to her lap and her jaw dropped. I guess she didn't expect this. Seeing me naked was an accident the first time and the second time was as a result of a bet. Maybe doing it this way seemed brazen to her.

I decided to give her more brazen. I pulled the towel back down and very carefully began to dry myself off paying particular attention to the wet area recently exposed by the removal of my wet shorts. Between the rubbing and the knowledge that she was watching, my cock came to attention and was rigid when I straightened up. She continued to watch so I decided to up the ante. She'd all but said she wanted to watch me jerk off on Friday so I figured I'd oblige her now. I started to stroke myself, reveling in the experience. Karen leaned forward in her seat. She was enjoying this too. Part of me wanted to go at it with a fury and have that wonderful release but I also wanted to make it last as long as possible. I brought myself to the brink but stopped short. I stepped out of view long enough to grab some suntan lotion off my patio table. It would serve nicely as a lubricant. I poured some out into my hand and began to rub it around my pelvic area and then rubbed my balls with it before I returned to my cock. I knew I wouldn't be able to last too long as I felt the sperm build up in my balls. I shuddered as I shot my load across the patio. Karen just sat there in shock. I guess she couldn't believe that I'd actually done it. Now that I'd blown my wad my thinking started to clear a bit and I realized I'd just jerked off in front of my neighbor. We hadn't spoken a word through all of this and I couldn't think of what to say now. She had her headphones on anyway so words were useless. I sort of smiled, shrugged and then hurried back into my apartment.

This would definitely change things but I wasn't sure how. I kept replaying it in my mind for the rest of the afternoon. I couldn't believe that I'd done it and that Karen just sat there and watched. After dinner I decided to make my way out to the mailbox to see if anything had come other than bills. There was a central spot for all the mailboxes in the complex so the postman didn't have to go to each individual unit. All the tenants had a key for their personal box. I opened mine and was thumbing through the contents of the day's mail when I heard female voices behind me. I turned around and there was Karen...no...there were two Karen's...no...there were definite differences. The faces were virtually identical but one girl appeared a bit younger and her hair was a bit lighter...Oh my God!

At that point Karen waived and said. "Hey, I want you to meet my little sister, Kim."

"Shit!" I stammered.

Kim had no trouble speaking. "We've already met, though I'm not sure I'd have recognized him with his clothes on and without his dick in his hand".

I wanted to crawl into a hole and die.

Karen exclaimed, "What?"

"Yeah, you were in the tub and he climbed out of the pool this afternoon, stripped off on his patio and proceeded to masturbate in front of me while I was sunning myself on your balcony".

Karen turned to me and said, "You jerked off for her?"

Before I knew it I'd replied "I though it was you," as if that would have made it okay.

There were a few moments of silence as everyone's brains whirled.

Kim looked at Karen and asked, "What the hell is going on? Does this guy always do this? Are you cheating on Derek?"

"No!" I jumped in. "Can we have this conversation some place else? I really don't want to do this out in public".

Kim laughed and said, "I see...you'll play with yourself in public but don't want to talk about it out here".

If I hadn't been so mortified I'd have seen the humor in that but all I could think of was to escape back to my apartment. The girls followed and came in behind me before I could close the door or protest. Kim repeated her demand to know what was going on.

I hoped Karen would explain and because of the accusation that she was cheating on her boyfriend, Derek, she was anxious to tell her side of the story. She described the "accident" on the patio and then the bet at the pool. She seemed a bit embarrassed, not so much by her involvement, but by having to explain it to her younger sister.

Kim seemed satisfied with that and Karen visibly relaxed but then Kim turned to me. "That explains Karen but what about you? Do you make a habit of jerking off in front of women?"

My only defense was: "I got the impression that Karen wanted me to".

Kim turned to Karen and asked, "Is that true?"

Now it was Karen's turn to blush. "Well...maybe...yeah...I suppose it is".

Kim thought about it for a moment, then started to laugh. "I guess I caught the show that was meant for you...oh well, no harm done I guess".

"So you won't tell anyone?" I ventured.

Kim replied "There still seems to be a few problems here. Karen wanted to see you get your rocks off. You wanted her to watch and while I enjoyed the show I was a bit far away so..." She left it hanging and both girls looked at me.

"You're not saying...You don't expect me to..."

Kim looked at Karen and smiled. Karen returned the grin and said, "I think you're right. There's really only one solution."

She looked over to me and said, "Get em off."

This would have been something I'd have fantasized about but actually doing it was another matter. My brain was thinking of all the reasons not to do it but I felt that familiar stirring in my groin and rational thought started to leave once again. I took off my shirt and looked at the girls to see if there was any sign of them changing their minds. They just backed over to the couch and sat down, looking at me expectantly. I stood in the middle of the room and slowly removed my pants. I never wear underwear so I was immediately nude. I had an erection from all the discussions and started to reach for it.

Kim called out, "Wait! I think we need drinks. Did you want a beer Karen?"

Karen agreed, "A beer would be nice and all the better from a naked waiter."

I returned with their beers and Karen patted the space on the couch between them and said to have a seat. I couldn't believe this was happening but I leaned back in the middle of my couch and grabbed my cock. The girls never said a word as they watched me stroke myself to an incredible orgasm. My semen spurted out onto my thigh and all over my hand. I felt a bit ashamed as I started to walk to the bathroom to clean it up.

Kim called my name just before I got to the door. When I turned around I could see that she'd taken her cell phone from her purse and snapped a picture of me standing there with half a hard on and a fist full of cum.

She laughed as she turned to Karen and said, "This is going to be fun!"

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