tagNonHumanNot As Naive As You Think Ch. 01

Not As Naive As You Think Ch. 01


Okay, this is the edited version of this story. Thanks to Archangel_M, who will hopefully be editing more of my work, I was able to correct majority of my mistakes. I hope this version is easier to read. Be on the look out for chapter 2, coming out very soon!



"Asena, come on! We need to leave now or we'll miss our flight," Kiara yelled as she passed my room.

"Whatever, Kia. I know what time the plane leaves," I answered as I tossed my bags by the front door.

"Oh come on, you can't still be mad at me," Kiara protested as she followed me into the kitchen.

"Umm... yes I can," I said as I took a few drinks out the refrigerator. "This was supposed to be our annual best friends vacation, and you ruined it with your current boy-toy," I complained as I disposed of all the foods that could spoil while we were away.

"Okay, so what... I was just supposed to tell him 'Hey, I know you said you'd pay for Asena and me to come up to New York and spend our vacation with you, but we've decided it would be way more fun just to go to our usual vacation spot at Virginia Beach than going to New York!'" Kiara said, sarcasm dripping off of every word. "I mean, come on, Sena! I know you have trust issues but he offered to pay for our whole trip. It doesn't get any better than that!" she said, with a little too much excitement.

Kiara and I have been best friends since our freshman year of high school. My family had just moved to the area, and as the new girl starting school in the middle of second semester my life, to put it gently, was hell. With me frantically trying to study and learn all the material for the upcoming finals, I never had time to try and make friends. Well, not until I met Kiara.

Kiara was what everyone would consider a party girl. Always jumping from group to group trying to find out when the next big social event was. Everyone loved her; she was the captain of the dance squad at our school, and she had all the boys chasing after her. Kia would always talk about how she'd hate to be the head cheerleader, because all the boys went for the dancers at our school. So when she found me, she told me I was the ugly duckling she would turn into a beautiful swan. That's Kia for ya.

"Look. I don't care what you do with your guys in your free time, but I don't enjoy being forced into a vacation paid for by one of them, who I know nothing about. He could be a rapist for all I know!" I said as I slammed the garbage closed and headed to the front to load my stuff into the car.

"Okay. Asena, you are just overreacting, as usual. Everything will be fine, now we have to hurry and check in for this flight. Gosh, I can't wait to see that sexy hunk of a boyfriend I have. Yum... let's go!!!" Kiara said while shutting the trunk and hopping in the driver's seat.

Ugh. Wesley, I thought, the guy who is ruining my peaceful vacation time.


On the plane, I was quietly reading my People magazine when Kia turns to me and says, "You need to get laid."

"What?" I raised my voice before I remembering I was on a plane. "What do you mean I need to get laid? I don't see how that's any of your concern," I said a little quietly than before.

"I mean just what I said; you need to get laid. You're so uptight and to yourself. You need a good piece of meat between those curvy legs you have to loosen you up a bit," Kia said with a huge smile on her face.

"Kiara, shut the hell up. I can't believe you just said that; there are children next to you." I glanced at the children real quick to make sure that hadn't heard our conversation.

"Whatever, Sena, you know you want some dick," she said, wiggling her eyebrows up and down.

"I'm taking a nap now. Wake me up when we land," I said, and leaned up against the window.


"Asena, Asena! Wake up, we're here. Come on, we have to go, Wesley's waiting for us, let's go!" Kiara said, yanking me up from my seat.

"Jeez, Kia! You act like you haven't seen him in the past month," I said, straightening out my clothes.

"I basically haven't! He's been gone on business for the past few weeks. So this vacation is perfect timing, come on."

"Alright, alright, let's go."

After grabbing our luggage, we started walking over to where we were to meet Wesley. The next thing I know Kiara dropped everything and started sprinting towards this guy. I guessed that it was Wesley from her description of him earlier.

He was tall about 6'1", give or take an inch. Very lean, enough to where you could tell he stayed active, and to top it off he had dark curly hair, with green eyes. But there was something else about him, something I hadn't seen since I was a child. Something my parents never wanted me to know. And more importantly, something that was a piece to a puzzle I've been trying to put together my whole life.

A puzzle I wasn't planning on solving in the middle of an airport. So I bent down to grab as many bags as I could. It didn't work out so well. I'm sure I looked comical to everyone watching, a 5'5" woman trying to get at least six bags to balance in her arms. Every time I picked up a bag another one would slide off my arm. I was turning in circles like a dog chasing his tail to grab the fallen bags. Kiara and Wesley must've noticed my struggle, since they came over and offered to help. Ten minutes later, we and the luggage were all loaded into Wesley's' brand-spanking-new BMW, heading towards our hotel.


During the ride to the hotel, my mind kept wandering back to Wesley. And no, I'm not that friend that's going to try to sabotage my friend's relationship to get the guy. I have more important things to do with my time. Plus even if I wanted to, which I don't, I wouldn't even stand a chance.

Kiara is tall, standing at 5'9" to my 5'5". Her skin completion is a brownish tan, and she's built like a model, with legs that got on for miles. Her dark brown hair goes right past her shoulders and compliments her light brown eye color, whereas my skin tone is more of a golden brown or caramel. And where Kia is all legs, I'm all curves, not fat curves, believe me I work out to keep my figure and my flat stomach. But I am not at all built like a model whatsoever. My best features are probably my long black hair, well shaped ass and hazel eyes that had a few specks of green within.

But like I was saying, I could never get a guy like Wesley, so I don't see the point in wasting my life wishing for something that will never happen. I just rather be happy for Kia. I happened to look up just in time to catch Wesley looking at me, with a look as if he couldn't figure something out.

So, that brings me back to when I said there was something about him that was out of place. Something I still couldn't figure out. Like there was another side to him. When I first saw him I got this vibe of confidence and also a sense of protection, which is very rare. My mother always told me that I had a good sense of character, she said it was my sixth sense. And what i was sensing from this guy was that he was hiding something, and Kiara didn't even know from the look of things.

"Asena. Asena! Goodness, I could've sworn you were in a totally different world. What I was saying was, Wes said he would like to take us out to this new club, if we're feeling up to it," Kiara said as she turned around to face me from up front.

"Oh yeah, sure, sounds fun," I said as I plastered a fake smile on my face and gave Wesley a look through the mirror that could've only said 'Oh, I'm on to you buddy.'

"Yes! See, I knew you couldn't stay mad at me forever. We're going to have so much fun tonight!" Kiara squealed happily to herself.

Oh, we're going to have loads of fun, I thought as I looked at Wes one more time. Oh yeah, I'm not as naïve as you think,Wes. I smiled to myself as a plan began to formulate in my head.


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