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Not Exactly My Mother In Law


(Only a fantasy, though multiple elements are quite real, particularly all of the ones involving my wife and the pictures.)

My wife's father second wife used to run a small boutique selling women's clothes. Her interest in sex was obvious from our first meeting, a shared recognition, an awareness of just how flexible we each were in our pleasures. Clearly, her potential sluttiness was a major part of the attraction between the pair, including picture taking. The results of which they were never shy about leaving around, even when we visited.

Over the years, there has been a variety of styles and scenes. One showing her topless on a boat with another couple, her large breasts and wide aerola proudly displayed in a framed picture presented by that couple on her birthday. Or several pictures taken under a table, displaying her pantyless spread legs, and above the table, showing off her breasts, braless, in a deep cut shirt, her nipples provocatively crinkled, though the day was clearly warm.

Or the series with another mutual friend's then girlfriend at a beach cottage, my technically mother in law pulling off the other girl's towel before embracing and kissing her, skillfully turning on a woman easily 20 years younger than her in front of two men. Seeing how their nipples hardened as they rubbed, kissing each other deeply through several shots was quite erotic,.

We even have a few pictures of both of them naked with us at Hossegor, on the plage naturiste across from their beach house. All of us nude at the time, the snapshots discrete (partially due to the fact that photography is not allowed, though obviously not a problem among consenting adults). While technically discrete, it is not possible to concealing the reality that my father in law's second wife is never shy about displaying her ample charms for anyone to see.

Which does lead to family disputes, to the extent that my wife sees her father's second wife as family. During a couple of summer visits, throughout the entire visit, her mother in law remained naked, after showering or getting out of bed, with the obvious approval of her second husband. This did lead to fights between them, where it must be said, I do not exactly support my wife's perspective. Though there is no question that a host has an obligation to a guest, if there is one place anyone is entitled to be naked, it is their own house.

And yes, I have also been a guest when she came out of the shower, naked, drinking wine. Another memorable time was when she was only wearing a thin man's style cotton shirt, just a couple of buttons fastened, her breasts hanging, providing a clear view from the side. Her pussy revealed, the tails of the shirt ending just around her ass. The curly hairs around and above her pussy could be seen in the light from the window, showing she hadn't shaved for a while, something that met with my full approval. She noticed me looking at her bush, smiled, then bent down a bit. It was a wonderful down the blouse view, and I could see how she measured my growing cock, both of us growing a bit distracted.

Her large tits were nicely displayed, the way her shirt hung allowing a wonderful view, its braless thinness making her nipples quite obvious. When she offered me a glass of wine, I accepted quite eagerly, as I'm sure she knew I would. Her down the blouse view was spectacular for someone almost two decades older than I, and she knew exactly the effect it was having, glancing down at my jeans covered erection before handing me the glass of white wine, which came from her family's vines, as part of the region's wine collective.

Nonetheless, temptation so plainly on view, my resolve not to complicate family affairs remained firm. Even after she lightly brushed against me, with a definite sense of well practiced sensuality. A very simple and direct indication, though a deniable invitation. Keeping my eyes fixed on her then, not moving in response while watching her hand stray between her legs briefly, possible to restrain myself then from anything more overt. But this provided memories that have spurred cumming numerous times.

This weekend, taking a chance to enjoy riding in the warm fall weather, I stopped by unannounced. They live about an hour from where my wife and I do; the highway ride is a good way to keep the bike's battery fresh. My mother in law was home, alone - my wife's father was at a soccer game that Saturday afternoon. The wine bottle on the table was about half empty, noticeable after she invited me in, her hand soft in mine as she pulled me near, leaning close for a hug and brief kiss on the cheek.

'Would you like a glass?' she asked cheerily as I took off my jacket and put the helmet on the table, noticing that she was again braless, wearing a fairly short skirt and barefoot, her nails bright red. 'I've already had a couple - join me' she said while getting a second glass.

Bringing the glass to where I was standing, she brushed against me lightly as she bent down, her breast sliding along my upper arm. My cock stirred, and when her hip met mine, a rising wave of horniness began to assert control. I've cum many times thinking about her sexiness, including talking with my wife, moaning about what a good fuck her father's second wife undoubtedly was, my cock rigid as I jacked off, her fingers playing around my balls, my left hand sliding over her ass or tits.

Actually feeling an older and more experienced woman's large breast was fantastic, especially after looking down, her shirt pulled to the side, her broad nipple on my skin.

She then moved a bit, still offering what could almost be thought of as an unintentional, and wildly sexy, view of her exposed tit. Not that my still stiffening cock thought there was anything unintentional going on. She finished filling my glass, then refilled hers, bending a bit deeper. Her clingy skirt rode up her broad thighs, to the point where her ass started I decided after concentrating on the matter, my cock now quite hard.

She turned, we clinked glasses, smiling, our attention now directed to the crisp sweetness of the cool wine. Then rapidly wandering again, hers to my crotch, my erect cock outlined against my jeans covered leg, mine to her impressively braless cleavage, shifting to then again noticing how short her skirt was.

'Want to sit outside?,' she asked, grinning, her hand reaching out towards mine, creating a deeply sensual contact as it slid, pulling mine as she began to walk. Swaying, her motion went straight to my cock, another undoubted invitation to explore her charms.

The door to the backyard was open, and we strolled outside. Her skirt was tight against her ass, making it appear to my now quite attentive eye that she was also pantyless. We reached the wood table within the covered part of the porch, vines obscuring its outer side, creating a fairly discrete spot for us to sit intimately.

We slid in, comfortably close together. Taking another couple of sips, I remarked about having to stay a bit before riding home.

'Fine - I don't have to go anywhere after all' was her straightforward reply, taking a deep swallow from her glass, placing her foot up at the end of the bench, making her skirt ride down her thigh.

'Well, I don't have anything planned either,' I answered, considering the fact that an older woman, one I had found sexy for years, now quite likely wearing nothing but a skirt and sexily revealing top planned on getting drunk(er) with me. Both of us enjoying an autumn awareness of the delightful potential of uncomplicated adult sex between two unrelated people.

Or more simply, I was hard and she was wet, something we knew how to enjoy.

She asked about married life, casually noting that my wife was often braless, then asking me 'how are mine?'

'Very nice' I replied, as non-committally as possible, my gaze fixed on the outline of her nipples, seeing alluring globes move as she shifted position, her hand beginning to stroke along the inside of my thigh, very near my covered cock, bulging downwards.

When her finger began to lightly trace its way over my shaft, I decided to simply speak whatever bubbled through my disconnected mind, saying that pictures of her tits were always hot.

Her finger, running along a line under my compressed cock head, created an unrestrained flow of words. 'Hot sex .. pictures .. fuck threesome .. fuck cunt .. hot pictures .. you sexy .. cock fucker.'

She moved closer, whispering 'So, you saw those?'

'Oh fuck yes' I moaned, feeling her lean against me, turning my head to see her hand between her thighs. 'Cocksucking .. hot sucking ..sexy slut.'

'Who borrowed our camera, you?'

'No .. my wife .. didn't want to see .. kinky .. group sex .. father's .. pictures.'

'And you? Did you .. nice .. look .. lower.' Her conversation became a bit disjointed as I ran my hand down, then up her thigh, fingers spread, stroking closer to her pussy. I didn't tease her long, just enough to ensure her willingness, her breathing starting to turn to panting as my fingers slid along her smoothly soft lips, running lightly over her clit, returning to her opening entrance, pushing just a tiny bit deeper on each circuit, feeling her growing wetness.

Fingers beginning fucking her delightfully slippery cunt, I said 'I enjoy .. taking pictures .. it makes me hard .. stroking pictures.' It wasn't clear how much she understood, as near the end, my thumb had started playing with her still only lightly lubricated clit. 'Group sex pictures .. are really hot .. cock to cock.'

Her hand clamped my cock at that last phrase, opening a path to let another woman know about my kinks, a woman who seemingly shared several of them. 'Cock to cock .. so hot .. I've wanted to fuck .. a sexy woman .. watch her fuck .. then fuck her .. so hard .. slutty cum pussy.'

By now, her pussy was in control, my fingers swimming in her copious juices, knowing that I was merely the latest person to turn her on like this, knowing that she didn't care if it was a man or a woman, her husband or just a couple of men she fucked and sucked while her husband took pictures.

She had settled against me, her head resting on my thigh, skirt pulled up, her right hand covering mine as it moved back and forth, three fingers spreading and filling her. Her big breasts were swaying a bit, and her voice was a surprise.

'Have you .. ever .. gone to a sex club?,' she asked, concentrating a bit as her hand stilled mine.

'No, but it is a fantasy - though not shared by my wife.' I added. She lifted herself a bit, her hand slowly sliding off mine, running lightly over my arm before sinking down over my chest. Her other hand left my cock, and she began to unbutton my jeans, making me gasp when her fingers began to push inside my pants. She laughed a bit, then sighed as my thumb started playing again with her slick clit, now larger and harder.

'My husband loves watching me - especially when he is fucking another woman. Group sex is fantastic, I love having four or five cocks to fuck.' Of course the conversation was not as smoothly flowing as simple text, as both of of us continued to play with the other's hot body. And being so turned on made it easy to dare asking out loud a question with a known answer.

'Do you fuck women too?'

She didn't answer, her pulling hand making clear the desire to move my jeans down to free my rigid shaft before speaking. As her hand lightly grasped my cock, I played with her soft breast, moving it out of her shirt. Being naughty, I pushed my pinkie down between her cheeks, sliding down the slippery path to play with her ass. Her stroking was an obvious guide to our growing pleasure, the thrill of anal play being something we also apparently shared.

Curling the tip of my well lubricated finger past her pulsing ring, I asked again 'Do you fuck women?,' feeling the reaction as she clenched my cock and finger, making me push it deeper while my thumb pressed firmly against her clit, the pressure causing it to slide around between her pubis and my thumb. My other fingers were inside her, making her turn guttural as she became unable to talk.

It had been a while since enjoying such aural fun, as my wife rarely talks and generally remains as quiet as possible, even when cumming. This was not the case now, a sprawled drunk older woman obviously without such restraint moaning in rhythm to my finger fucking, mind clearly overwhelmed by the swampy wetness between her spread legs.

Her exquisitely turned on pussy was having a magnetic effect on me, leading me to talk about my bi-friend, and how she loved getting off with another woman. I also told her about how I fucked my wife after discovering my friend's bisexuality during a hot phone conversation, cumming deep in my wife's tight pussy when telling her about how my friend fucked woman.

At some point during my rambling talking about my sexy friend, I felt a warm slippery wetness flow from her smooth cunt, making it easier to push my fingers deeper into both her holes, causing her to pant as she began to move her ass against my hand, single words understandable - 'fuck .. don't stop .. talk .. hot.'

'You looked so hot sucking and fucking - I get hard looking at them. My wife doesn't know about my copies - especially the ones he took - you are so hot, spread .. oh yesss.' Her mouth had begun to slide over my cockhead, followed by an irresistible flood of saliva over the still growing area of mouth covered cock. My hand squeezed at her nipple, looking down as her head began to reverse its motion, feeling her desire to have me cum.

She shifted position, without ever breaking contact with my engulfed cock head. Leaning down a bit, her breasts hanging down freely, her top pulled down, she enticingly slid my cock out of her skilled mouth, then pressed it against her breast.

I began to cum so good on her tit, fingers still inside her, feeling so kinky at having gotten off this way with an older woman, cock pumping, just the latest in a long line of men to enjoy her shared charms. An older woman married to a man who equally enjoyed sharing her charms, though this may have been just a bit over the line. Not that either of us was thinking deeply about such things at that point.

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