Not For Me


So I got invited to my first munch. This would be my last too. 20 people said that they would attend and only 6 showed up.

What it really was, was 3 dominate ladies looking for serving boys. It was an interview process actually. During the 2 hours I was there. I saw Mistress 1 tug HARD on her slave's hair. She tugged so hard his head jerked back. She also twisted his nipple.

Subbie 1 reminded me of Ned Beatty, you know the guy from Deliverance that was told to "Squeal like a pig boy!"

The other Mistress 2 reminded me of a cat person. Not just one or two cats, but a whole litter of them.

I can imagine that if you went into her house you would find tons of cat hair on everyone and maybe even hair balls throughout the house.

Her boy is tall about 6 feet tall. Long gray hair down to his shoulders. He is one of those super intelligent or so he thinks.

"Let me put this to you in engineering terms!" He started to say where by Mistress 2 pulled on his left ear.

Mistress 3 is a short woman with a strong New York accent. She even says is from Brooklyn. She and Mistress 1 kept bitching about other Dommes.

I think one of the things that freaked me out this night was that Mistress 1's subbie kept talking about his CB. This I knew was in reference to his cock cage. It made me shutter inside.

I had to explore this lifestyle and found out it was not for me.

There was also talk about going to the cross dresser stores to get Subbie 1 his frilly panties. And how hard it was to find panties his size.

Mistress 3 kept talking about finding a boy to rub and massage her feet. I like giving foot massages but this woman just struck me that her feet would be nasty looking and smell bad.

So I let them know I wasn't interested in their lifestyle

I was then invited to a Halloween party. I was told I didn't have to dress up. I hemmed and hawed about it. Finally I put on some Red Sox Gear and went.

Big mistake.

I was basically there to be a serving subbie. I wasn't told that this was required of me. Or someone didn't get the memo.

Mistress 1 and subbie 1 house was very clean.

But upon using the bathroom, there were whips and handcuffs lying on the bed.

Then we were told to go down to the dungeon aka the basement. It wasn't what I expected. They had a stock like the puritan's used. They also have an exam table that had a screen around it.

There were various paddles, floggers, and crops hung on the wall.

There was also a Saint Andrews cross.

Mistress 3 was there with her husband /sub boy.

What I found out is that he also had a Switch of his own. While Mistress 3 was away, his Switch would come over to keep him company. Mistress 3 and her husband even went places with the Switch.

The hubby said that the last time they went to NYC that the Chevy van they rented the seating sucked. The bench seats are so thin, it hurt my ass.

"Get a Ford van or even a dodge van, their seats are better!"

Well Mr. Crabby pants if you want a thicker seat, call and rent the damn thing yourself.

He was also bitching about not having a wet blanket. Someone that went with them before.

Well guy sounds like you are a bit of a wet blanket as well.

Just about that time Mistress 3 aka cat lady came down dressed in a green velvet dress. Something that might be worn to a renaissance fair. But she even said she looked like she was pregnant.

To further get me all bent out of shape was that subbie 2 came down the stairs dressed as Goldilocks. He made one ugly woman.

The Bears would never have wanted to sleep in their beds again.

There was also a subbie there in a white shirt and black pants. He talked sparingly. When he arrived he kneeled in front of Mistress 1 who was dressed in a Shirley Temple sailor suit and red 4 inch heels.

I finally had enough when subbie 1 kept telling me to help serve.

When I saw the chance and no one was around I hit the road.

Way too strange for this guy.

You know how they say go with your gut. Well I didn't and should have

Lifestyle is soooo not for me.

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