tagInterracial LoveNot Giving it Away! Pt. 01

Not Giving it Away! Pt. 01


"So, in other words you are going to give up your husband to another woman?" my friend Angela said to me five years ago. I was kind of stunned when she said that to me, I thought that she would instantly take my side in the matter.

My husband of ten years had, after a lot of hesitating, came out with his fantasy. Now I thought it might be me and another woman; perhaps Angela; or some role-playing, but he had come out and said that he wanted to watch me have sex with other men, other far more endowed men, and specifically black men. He went on to say how he wanted me to tease him and dress up like a slut at that point I could not take it anymore and called him a fucking pervert and threw him out of the bedroom.

"Wait a moment!" Angela added in as I told her how I had barred my husband from sex for the past month, "Not only are you going to put him on the express train into the bed of some office tramp, but weren't you the one who wanted to encourage him to be more open about your dreams and desires after you read that article in one of your magazines?"

"Yes, but..." I tried to reply realizing immediately it was my fault, though my pride would not let me say so.

"Hey! I am on your side but you have to admit that Bill is kind of cute still, and when word gets out that you two are on the outs, not from me of course, but still..."

"He wants to see me get fucked by other men, he has no respect for me, or our marriage!"

"Or he wants to see you get pleasured and gets off on a bit of kink. He is focusing on you, not some other woman!"

I could see her point, but I could not go through with having sex with someone else, and I told her as much.

"Well...if you are clever, you don't have to, and you can please him at the same time. As a matter of fact if you play this right he will only think about you, every second of the fucking day!" she said slyly.

"Well, how could I do that?"

I could almost hear Angela's perverted mental gears click into overdrive. "Well there are sex toys, black sex toys, there is dressing up slutty, telling him stories, and pretending to come back from a date with another guy."

Maybe I was a little bit slow, but I got everything but the last one she said.

"Okay, he wants to see you get banged by a big black cock? And you don't want to do it you racist!"

"Hey! I am not a racist!" I fired back almost from reflex.

"I know, but you could pretend to be going on a date, dressing real sexy. Then you can stay at my place for a few hours. When you come home later, makeup a little smeared, hair a mess, clothes fucked up, maybe a rip in your pantyhose and tell him a story on how your stud fucked the living shit out of you!"

I started to laugh, telling her I could not even get by with the lie about how the car door got dented.

She smiled and said that if I pulled this off right, and she had no doubt that I could, he would not even care if I had wrecked the whole car.

"Now you have to have some ideas of the types of stories you want to tell your husband, you don't want to get stuck with saying 'um' again and again, so you may want to go on line and read some cuckold fiction or go to a cuckold website. Trust me, once you give him a bit of his fantasy you will see how grateful he is."

I thought about it after she left, was I being a prude or just a good wife who believed I was supposed to be faithful to my husband? But then again he wanted me to do it for his pleasure. There was a paradox to resolve. But the thing was maybe Angela was right, maybe a bit of role-play would do our marriage some good.

I went on line to buy some really sexy lingerie and some slutty dresses. Then there were the sex toys, In the past I had bought a vibrator and even a dildo which I had used in front of him once, but now I had to buy a black one.

There were so many, but they all looked so big an intimidating. Some were kind of generic, but here was one, a twelve inch "realistic" one allegedly molded from the cock of an actual porn-star. I thought about it and feeling guilty I bought it and its ten inch "little brother."

Now I knew some guys had bigger cocks than others but I never bought into the story of every black guy having a giant cock. And despite what Angela said I was not racist, or perhaps no more a racist than anyone else. I just preferred dating and marrying someone who was white like me.

Then again Angela would, as an anthropologist, counter that race was a construct. Even white was a concept, a white man from New York might have different cultural ties than a "good-old" boy from the south. Still I felt I had more in common with either one than with a black guy.

I remember my sister had a black boyfriend for exactly two dates until dad found out and that was that, or at least until she began dating in a way that she did not get caught by him.

So I did not know what really made me so upset about my husband's fantasy, was it the race or was it that he wanted me to break my marriage vows? But the key to it all was that it was just a fantasy. I decided, in that vein of thought to click on the "buy" button for the black "realistic dildos."

I decided to keep my husband on lock-out just a bit more but when he came home I promised him Friday I might be in a more forgiving mood.

In the meantime I did some research on the whole cuckold fantasy thing. Some of it was just typical interracial sex that was labeled cuckold. But there were also actual sites where there were forums and articles that traded on the fact of how arousing it was for some men to have wives being made love to by other men while they watched. It was a mix of jealousy, pain and eroticism. Some of it was stupid and obviously faked, but some of it was really well thought out. There was a section of the forum for wives like me who wanted to fake the experience. I read up on it all.

Friday came and when he got home after dinner I had him go into the bedroom and get undressed, I came in in a black bra and panties, this simple outfit always turned him on and meant to him that he was going to get some sex.

"Look, I am sorry for the way I reacted, it is just what you said came as a bit of a shock to me," I said getting up on the bed next to him.

I put my hand around his cock, it was already pretty hard to begin with.

"And who knows, maybe with the right persuasion, and given some time I just might just try a big, black cock! If that is what you really want."

"Really? You would?" he said in full fantasy mode, I felt his cock get harder still.

"I have been giving it some thought, but I didn't know how'd you'd react seeing me with another man in bed, like that black guy who is always hitting on me in gym."

"Really? Who?"

"His name is Jim and he is always asking if I'd like to get some coffee after my work out and sometimes I catch him looking me over. He has been with some of the other girls at the gym and they all say that he has the biggest cock they have ever seen and knows how to use it. When he tries to hit on me I tell him I am married."

"Does that deter him?"

"No, he just says that does not matter to him, that a lot of his lover are married women and all. You know, from all your talk I have become kind of curious about black guys, but if I were to do something we'd have to be real careful, we wouldn't want the neighbors to find out or anything like that." He agreed to this condition.

"And then there is you," I added. He asked me what I meant by that, "Well, what if you saw me let's say take a big black cock in my hand and jerk it off, maybe letting him cum all over that sexy blue sweater you like so much, the one that makes my tits look extra big, what happens if you get jealous?"

"I promise not to get jealous," he pleaded. I slowed down rubbing his shaft wanting him to enjoy this for a good long time.

"You might get jealous if you were to see me kiss a black guy, deep and hard, pressing myself against him in public, maybe at a dance club. Or what if I sucked his cock while you watched, how do I know you won't divorce me?" He promised not to.

"And if I decided to take a big black cock into my pussy, how do I know that you won't be sulking afterwards, especially if he can get me to cum like you never could, with that small cock of yours," that last part was something Angela told me was essential to the cuckold experience. That bit of humiliation.

"I would never do that," he paused for a moment and then asked me if I would let the guy cum in me, I decided to throw the script off a bit by telling him that the guy would have to wear a rubber, "Until I got to know him really well."

I let go of my husband's cock telling him to lie on his back and start to jerk off. He asked for a towel and I told him as his first test he'd have to cum all over his own stomach.

"Come on! Pump that cock! Pump that small white cock!" I teased him as I kissed him. "Really! Maybe I should try a big black cock out and see if it would satisfy me. But what do I do if I find out that I like it a bit too much!" At that point my husband came so hard the cum actually splashed the bottom of his chin, I told him to keep pumping until every last drop was done.

He rolled over onto his side and kissed me deeply. I had made him cum like a volcano, so maybe Angela was right, and I did it without cheating or doing anything outside of my marriage vows.

To my surprise within minutes he was hard as steel again. He rolled me onto my stomach and grabbed my hips, pulling my ass up into the air. Then he slammed his cock into me hard and fucked me like I had wished he had done years ago. I stupidly thought for a moment about how big a holiday gift I was going to have to get Angela this year.

"Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy before it gets stretched out by a big black dick! Keep that tiny white cock going. Harder baby!" I egged him on and I actually came from him fucking me. When he was done we laid together in a heap.

Over the next week I had never be so attentive, and basically I did nothing except talk dirty to him. I was going to hold the dildo back for a little bit later.

"He is like my slave!" I told Angela.

"And you..."

"I love it! I just can't believe it."

"Well that is the power of big black cock!" Angela said laughing, "What do you have planned next for him?"

I wasn't sure, but Angela smiled saying she had some ideas, "You could buy some really sexy outfits and go out with him to a club and at the very least flirt with the waiter, or at the bar, or even get on the dance floor with another guy. It will drive him crazy and it is low commitment and risk to you. There is also using the dildo or making up stories, then we can do that "fake" fuck date."

Over coffee we plotted what we would do next for my poor husband and his interracial obsession.

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