tagErotic CouplingsNot Going Out Tonight

Not Going Out Tonight


You come to my house to pick me up, but I am not ready yet. I peek through the peephole to see that it is you before opening the door. I see that it is, and that you have something behind your back. Hmmm, I wonder… I open the door, but I am behind it as you enter, for I am not completely dressed. I have a short silky black robe on and I have my nylons and black heels on. You can’t tell if they are those thigh high stockings that drive you so crazy, but I know that you are hopeful. You come in all the way and I close the door behind you. I tell you I need about ten more minutes and then I will be ready. I give you a quick peck on the lips and then head off to the bathroom. Before I can get there, you take my hand in yours and just stare at me a moment. You tell me that you have something for me and then you bring from behind your back a dozen beautiful coral colored roses and hand them to me. I gasp at the beauty of them and I tell you how amazing you are. You reply with a simple statement of how they pale to the woman that holds them now. I kiss you again, a much more intimate kiss this time. You bring your hand to my face as we kiss and I tremble from the touch.

I go and put the roses into a vase with water and then shuffle off to the bathroom...only leaning the door closed. You wander around my apartment a bit. Looking at all the things I have collected over the years and think of the time we have spent together so far. You wander down the hall towards the bathroom where I am finishing getting ready. You look through the crack between the door and it’s frame and see me fixing my hair. My robe has fallen open, and you can see that yes, indeed I am wearing the thigh high stockings, a pair of black silk panties and a black lace bra. You are not at a good angle to tell what type of panties they are, but you think of how perfect it would be if it was the thong you bought me. You are silently watching me as I continue to fix my hair. I am putting it up because I know how you love easy access to kiss and nibble on my neck while we are out. I get done with my hair and turn to make sure it looks how I want.

You do catch a glimpse and see that they are the thong panties you bought for me. You start to move and push the door open. I notice you there now and make as if to move my robe back around me. You quickly move to me and place one hand on my waist, the other on my neck. You tell me not to hide myself from you, for you find me irresistible. I blush slightly at this and as you kiss me again, there is much passion behind it. The hand at my neck moves down along my neck to my robe and it slips it away to reveal my bare shoulder. You kiss along the path your hand has just taken and then bring your other hand up to remove my robe completely. I start to speak, but before I can get any words out, you have your fingers pressed to my lips. I kiss your fingertips and allow my tongue to venture out for a quick lick.

Your hands begin to move down towards my hips again, all the while you are kissing my neck and taking a small bite from time to time. Your hands get to their destination, and they begin pulling at my panties. Again, I start to say something and this time you bring your mouth to my lips to stop the words. You kiss me for a long time, allowing me to taste you. I melt at the touch of our tongues, yours direct and mine lingering, but always with that piece of steel through it. You continue to pull down my panties and as you bend down to get them off completely, you kiss my breasts, my stomach and then you take small nibbles at my sides. You look up at me and smile as they first slide down. You are pleased that I have shaved myself bare for you tonight. You get my panties all the way off and as you stand back upright, you tell me how you want me to go out without them tonight because you want me to be your naughty gurlie.

I look at you with that look you love, the one that says I want you to take me, and then I kiss you again. Your back is to the mirror and I can see you moving to kiss and bite my neck again. As you move along my neck and towards my shoulder, biting me, I bring my hands up to your neck where I start running them along your hairline, brushing my nails along it. I watch as you move, appreciating the view I have of you. I press against you and can feel that you are getting hard. As I stand before you, mostly naked, I can feel your hands as they begin to move again. One is at my neck, slowly moving into my hair. The other is moving down, towards my stomach and then to between my legs. You can feel that I have begun to get wet as you slowly pass over my lips.

You have not gone in yet, as you are waiting for the right moment and you want to tease me a little first. You know that all I can think of is your hands on me, but you also know I love the thrill of a good tease. You are kissing me as your fingers find their way between my lips. You are surprised at the degree of my wetness. You move your fingers slowly up and down, allowing them to become covered in my juices. You push a little harder until you have two fingers inside of me, rubbing at my clit as well as you push into me. You are still kissing me and your other hand is in my hair. I am leaning into you, pushing you against the counter. I start to remove your shirt, as I want to see how your back moves in the mirror as you are touching me. You allow me to do so, although it does mean that you must remove your hands from their locations.

I whisper to you how I want you to touch me. Telling you to be gentle and sweet to me now because naughty time will come later. You smile at me after I say this to you and you tell me that yes, you will be gentle…for now. You also tell me you have decided we are not going to be making it out tonight. That tonight, I am yours and yours alone. You replace your hands, one in my hair, and the other with now three fingers inside of my wetness. I am watching your back as you move to bring me pleasure. You begin to kneel before me. The hand that was in my hair trails down along my backside as you do. You kiss my stomach and then lower your mouth a bit to lick the outside of my lips. I have moved my leg up onto the counter for you to get better access and brought my hands to run through your hair. You now start licking my clit as you continue moving your fingers inside of me. You start to speed up, and my breathing increases as well. I grab hold of the towel rack as I can feel my orgasm building inside me and feel that I will need to steady myself.

You continue to lap relentlessly at my clit as your fingers continue their internal motions. As I come, you continue licking at me, tasting all that I have to offer. As my body spasms with the last of my orgasm, you stop and remove your hand. You ask if I enjoyed that I and I tell you I did. You tell me that you did as well. That you love how I taste on your lips. I bring you close to me and I kiss you deeply. You pull away and tell me that now it is time to play naughty. That you have been gentle, and now it is time to play. You lead me to my bedroom. You lie on the bed, still with your pants on. You tell me that I am to do to you anything that I wish. That I am to offer myself to you in any way that I see fit and that will please you. With that, I go to a drawer in my room. I pull out a silky scarf and I ask you to sit up. You do so and I tie the scarf around so that you are unable to see. I then push you back onto the bed and leave you to think a moment about what I may do to you next.

I go back to the drawer and you hear some rustling sounds. Sounds that you are unsure as to what they are. I return to you on the bed and I take one of your hands. I put a soft material around your wrist. It encircles it and then I pull it upwards slightly. I attach it somewhere, but you are unsure of where. The only reason you know this is because as I am doing the same to your other wrist, you try to pull at the first one and find there to be tension. After I have secured you, I leave the room for a moment. This is the fun part for both of us, as you get to wonder what it is that will come next and what it is I am plotting for you. You can’t really hear me moving around the apartment. I return and you sense me next to you on the bed.

I start running my fingernails across your chest, very lightly. You know they are there and the sensation is intense. I move them all over, in circles. Then I make my way to the waist of your pants. I undo them and I give you small kisses on your stomach and to any flesh that I expose as I begin to pull away your pants. I remove the rest of your clothes and look over you, as you lay naked on my bed. You can’t see me admiring you, as I begin running my hands up your legs, feeling every inch of them as I go, one hand on each leg. As I get to the top, I run my hands along each side of your cock, just barely touching. I move up, across your chest and I straddle you. I lean in and kiss your lips. As you kiss me, you realize that my lips do not taste as they normally do. They have a sweet taste, but there is something else. Ah yes, you realize it is vanilla.

We kiss a bit longer and I can feel your hardness beneath me. I move my body along yours and I run my bare breasts across your cock. You can feel each of my breasts on either side of your cock as I press them against it. I lick the tip as I am doing this, sending even more thrills through you. I continue sliding down you and for a moment, I do nothing. Then, you feel my mouth on your cock. But there is more…there is cold with it as well. You realize that the pause was for me to get an ice cube. As I suck your cock, you appreciate the sensations of warm and cold mixed together. From time to time, I allow the ice cube to touch your skin. I pull away and run my tongue along the underside of your cock, the cold metal that is in my mouth sending shivers and causing goose bumps over your body.

There is another pause in my movements on you, but you can sense that I am indeed moving a bit. I bring my finger to your lips and there is something on them. I run my finger over your lips, spreading it’s content and then insert it into your mouth. You can taste the sweetness of my own juices. Before you can remove it all, I assist by licking your lips as well. I kiss you more, as the sweet taste begins to fade. I move away from you and get off of the bed for a moment. You ask if I am leaving you and I do not respond. Out of nowhere, you feel something light and fluffy on your legs, then running up over your cock, up to your stomach and back around again. Then, again out of nowhere, right where the light fluffy feeling had been, you feel a quick, not painful, swat on your thigh. It is quick, and it excites you, but you are unsure of what it is I am doing to you.

I return the soft feeling to the spot that was just whipped and continue moving it about. Again, the soft feeling stops and the quick whip happens in its place. This goes on for a bit longer. You’re very hard and I am very eager to please, torment and consume. I return to your cock and again, I begin licking, sucking and devouring you. As I move on an upward stroke, I suck slightly harder. You moan a bit as I do this. You tell me that I am your naughty gurlie. That you like me being your naughty gurlie. I ask if I am pleasing you and you say that I am doing well so far, but there is more pleasuring to be done. I go back to the business at hand.

I continue to lick and suck, moving my piercing against you as I take you in. I move faster and as I can feel you getting close, I slow and then stop. I remove my mouth and straddle you again. I am facing away from you as I slide myself down onto you. I begin to ride you, not too fast and not too slow. I hear you move as if to try to grab for me, but the restraints will not allow it. I move one of my hands down to your balls, cupping them and playing, and the other I use to rub my clit as I ride your cock. I can feel all the wetness of our connection. I begin to move faster. Again, I can sense when you are close and I slow down. Then I remove myself from you. You let out a small sigh. I tell you not to worry, for I will bring you great pleasure and you will sleep a very satisfied man.

There is a pause with no touch from me. Then, you feel my hands on you once more. They are very warm and feel slick. You realize that I am now rubbing oil into your skin. I move my body against yours as I do. As I slide against you, I rub my clit and pussy against your cock. I slide down again and resume licking and sucking you. This time, as you get ready to orgasm, I quicken my pace and I grab at your chest. I keep moving until I feel you expel your juice into my mouth. I swallow the warmth of you down and continue moving, a bit slower now. When I am done, you ask if you can be let up yet and I tell you no. I tell you that I am not done and that you have not been satisfied nearly enough. I begin to stroke you with my hands now. You have not gone completely soft, but at the touch of my hands, you being to stiffen again. I stroke you until you are rock hard again and then I straddle you once more.

I slowly lower myself, feeling you penetrate me once more. I moan at the pleasure of it and I begin riding you again at a slow pace. I want to make this last as long as I can. I rub my hands on you as I ride and then release one of your hands and bring it to my breast. You play with it a bit and ask if you can have it in your mouth. I lean forward a bit as you attempt to do the same. You lick around my nipple, feeling the hardness of it. I continue to ride, moving faster now as both of our excitement builds. I can feel that you are getting close again and I ride you harder and faster. Feeling your hard cock inside of me as I shift my hips as I move down onto you. I push into you harder and lean forward to bite your neck. I can feel my orgasm coming close as well and I ask you if you want me to come for you, to which you reply yes.

I ride you harder, still biting at your neck. I start to moan, telling you that I am so close, telling you that I want to come for you. As my orgasm takes me, I yell out. You can feel my walls spasming against you as I have my release. The sound of me calling out from my orgasm brings you to yours. You burst inside of me, moaning out and grabbing me with your free hand. I grasp your hand and intertwine my fingers in yours. I grab hard with the power of our combined pleasure. I bite you one last time and they lay myself against your chest. Resting a moment. I move again and then remove your other binding and the blindfold. You bring me to you and kiss me again. You play with my tongue with your own and run your fingers into my hair. You tell me that you have one last task to complete.

With that you flip me onto the bed and demand that I face the headboard and grab hold. You then take the scarf and wrap my eyes. You then begin caressing my back, running your hand down to my ass. You take your hand away and then bring it back with a stinging swat. It’s not enough to truly hurt, but enough to make me jump. You bring yourself against me. I can feel your breath on my back as you lean in and kiss. You move my legs apart while I am still holding onto the headboard. You press your cock between my thighs and into me. You pull me in closer to you. You look into the mirror in the headboard and watch as your cock enters me. In and out you move, watching it as it is penetrating me and knowing that I am feeling extreme pleasure from your touch. You being to move faster and I begin to moan and tell you to fuck me and that I love how it feels when your cock slides into me. You move faster, the headboard slamming against the wall as you thrust into me. You have one hand on my hip and the other is entangled in my hair, pulling my head back slightly as you take me. I am in ecstasy as I push back against you as you fuck me. I am allowing you to go as deep as you can with each motion. You move harder, making me cry out and then I release and am given to the throes of my orgasm.

You continue fucking me hard. You keep a consistent rhythm, our bodies coming together and moving apart. You soon have my coming yet again. Your cock is slippery with all my juices, you can see in the mirror as they drip. You fuck me harder still, listening to me as I cry out over and over how good you feel inside of me. You fill my insides and I can feel it drip down my thighs as you begin to soften. You grunt and press yourself against my back as you finish. You pull out of me and pull me back to rest against your chest. You remove the scarf and hold me in your arms. We are both exhausted and now it is time for sleep.

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