Not Her Type


She really wanted to see him again too, she realized. And kiss him again. The thought that had been running through her mind since her last two short lived relationships ended came to the forefront and Jasmin took a deep breath, looking up at him and considering. He would do for what she wanted at the moment, she finally decided. So she said "We could have an ... 'arrangement'?"

He looked amused, instead of outraged as she had feared. "And what are the details of this ... 'arrangement?'" He stroked the small of her back.

She shrugged her arms around his neck. "We could hang out and do stuff together ... and we could be friends ... but nothing serious. Nothing emotional."


Her look told him exactly what she meant. "Stuff. No expectations. No commitments."

He was silent for a long moment looking at her, and after a moment Jasmin lowered her eyes, resigning herself to not seeing him again. He was a nice guy and quite frankly, she could not see why he should continue to waste his time with a woman who was not completely in the market. Suddenly, he grinned. "Okay. Do I still get cake?"

She smiled radiantly at him, elated. "Oh, I insist!"

"Can I get another kiss?"

She smiled even wider and nodded before he bent and kissed her again. Soft and quick, but she still moaned against his mouth as he stroked her bare hips, turning her on again. Then they parted and continued the walk to her apartment, his hand locked in hers possessively, Jasmin still stunned that he had accepted her 'conditions.' Jasmin knew her nipples were poking through her shirt on a warm night, and she imagined that everyone who passed them, especially those who had seen them kissing, could not help noticing the swollen buds of flesh on her breasts, but she again simply did not care. So long as Mark noticed them and knew they were hard for him.

She still was only going to feed him ice cream and kiss him, she told herself. Nothing had to happen tonight. He was not going to carry her around her apartment impaled and writhing on his cock. He was not going to be inside her tonight. He was not.

"I know a short cut." she said as they came by the narrow alleyway that bent at the end. After two more twists, it opened into a small park and from there it was a short dark walk - which she knew to be safe by experience, the lighted street was just a few yards away - to her street just a minute or two from her apartment block. She caught only a glance of the predatory gleam that entered his eyes, but it was enough to set her heart pounding as he pulled her into the alley way.

They had only taken the first turn when he pushed her up against the wall and began to kiss her roughly, hungrily. Jasmin could only kiss him back as he grabbed hold of her full breasts and traced circles around her nipples with his fingers. He began to kiss the smooth skin of her neck and she threw her arms around his neck, licking at his ear. She realized that her shirt was halfway open and he had his lips locked around the swollen bud of a nipple through her tube top before she pushed him away, gently, but away, breathing hard. Her pussy was a raging and wet inferno.

"You're not going to fuck me tonight, Mr. Archer." she said out loud, feeling the heat rising on her cheeks.

He grinned. "We'll see."

She turned and began to walk ahead of him, feeling the hairs rise at the back of her neck as she heard him follow her. Knowing he was watching, she put a certain feminine sway in her walk. She was only going to kiss him, she told herself. He was not going to fuck her from behind, holding her breasts as they hung down into his hands and jiggled with each hard thrust of his dick in her aching pussy. He was not.

He grabbed her waist from behind when they were past the second turn and pulled her back against him until she could feel his hard dick against her ass. She grunted as one hand reached up to cup a breast, the fingers pinching the stiff and erect nipple through the lycra of her tube top. His other arm wrapped itself around her waist, fingers stroking the skin of her stomach. She threw her head back, eyes closed and moaning deep in her throat as he started licking at her earlobe. She writhed in his arms, reaching with one hand behind her to hold the back of his neck, holding him in place. When he released her ear from his mouth, she turned her lips up for his, only vaguely aware of the hand around her waist pushing under and past the waist band of her capris. His tongue plunged into her mouth as he cupped her breast through her tube top, squeezing, and she grunted hard, arching her back against him. That was when the fingers on her mound swiftly pushed aside the wet and filmy lace of her panties and a finger stroked into her cunt.

Jasmin went rigid in his arms, gasping against his mouth. Then her hips started to buck against his fingers. Jasmin's knees went weak and the kiss broke. That was when she realized that he had freed one boob from her tube top and that he had added another finger inside her pussy. She was still bucking her hips against him, unconsciously, but she pushed herself free of him. She hurriedly pulled her tube top up and adjusted the waist band of her pants, frowning accusingly at him, breathing hard.

"You're not fucking me tonight, Mark Archer." she said with a sniff.

He grinned again. "We'll see."

Jasmin sniffed again but in the next moment he moved and had her pressed up against the wall. One hand on the wall beside her, he slowly brought his other hand up in front of her face as he stared into her eyes. The middle and index fingers gleamed wetly, and she suddenly could smell what was on them. Jasmin watched, mesmerized, as he licked his index finger clean of her girl cum. Staring into his eyes, she opened her mouth when he brought his middle finger up to her lips and sucked it in. She cleaned it with her tongue, tasting herself on his finger. She was so wet she thought she could feel cum running in rivulets down her thighs. Her nipples were so swollen and hard, they were almost painful.

But as soon as his now clean finger popped out of her mouth, she pushed him away and folded her arms beneath her breasts, frowning. "You are not going to fuck me tonight, Mark. You're not."

He chuckled. "We'll see."

Jasmin stuck her tongue out at him and then quickly pushed past him before he could grab her again. He only just smiled, making no attempt to reach for her. He made no move to grab her at the next turn either, and Jasmin looked back over her shoulder to see him grinning at her. She sniffed at him and continued walking, hips swaying for him. But he only just followed her until they got to where the alley opened into the park.

The park may have been small, but it had very tall and old trees scattered thickly in it along with the little fenced-in flower plots. The lamp posts were few and far between, and with the trees largely blocking out the faint light of the moon, it was very shadowed and largely abandoned at night.

Jasmin had gone swaying past a large birch tree when she found herself being pushed up against its trunk, Mark's lips descending on hers so swiftly she barely had time to gasp her startlement. Hands went up under her shirt to pull her tube top down below her breasts before they settled again on her bare waist and hips. Jasmin had her arms around his neck, kissing him back hungrily as he forced his knee between her legs. She began to grind herself against his thigh, a whimper of delight escaping her as his lips left hers to travel along her jawline and her neck. She was still humping his leg when he bent his head and took her nipple into his mouth. She shook, letting out a small of squeal of delight as his mouth travelled from one breast to the other. Then he went up to kiss her mouth again.

After a blissful minute of his marauding tongue in her mouth, his lips left hers and Jasmin opened her eyes to find her bare breasts cupped in his hands, her tube top down to nearly her waist and her shirt three quarters of the way open - in the middle of a park where anybody could come by and see them. She did not even try to push him away this time. She simply stared helplessly at him, her pussy raging with heat. She was not going to let him fuck her. She was not ...

He leaned forward and kissed her, softly. "I am going to fuck you tonight, Jasmin Marchand." he said, kissing her again. "I'm going to fuck you again tomorrow." he kissed her again, stroking his thumbs across her hard nipples. "And the night after tomorrow." He pinched her nipples and swallowed her gasp with another kiss. "And the night after that." He licked her lips. "And the night after that."

Jasmin was breathing hard, making her breasts rise and fall in his hands, lips parted and staring at him as if she had never seen him before. He tightened the pressure on her nipples again and she arched her back, moaning.

"Say you want me to fuck you tonight, Jasmin." he commanded, his voice a growl.

She could definitely feel the cum running out of her pussy and down her thighs now, "I want you to fuck me tonight, Mark." Jasmin said simply.

"And tomorrow?"


"And the day after that?"

Jasmin nodded, biting her lip at the sensations he was causing as he stroked her breasts and nipples. "For as long as you want."

"Good girl."

He kissed her again, a growl of hunger deep in his throat. Jasmin pulled at him, her arms around his neck, and kissed him just as passionately, matching every thrust of his tongue and suck of his lips. One arm left his neck to reach a hand to the hard rod of flesh between his legs. She felt him shudder as she began to stroke him through his khakis, grinding herself against his leg.

He was the one who broke the kiss, breathing hard, as he backed away from her. Jasmin was weak and trembling with need, staring at him with dazed eyes. Smiling at her, he began to button up her shirt, stopping a button away from fully decent - leaving the shirt open almost to her nipples, a large expanse of breast flesh open for all to see. He had not bothered to pull up her tube top, leaving it around her waist, and her nipples poked freely through the thin cotton of her shirt.

"No." he said when she tried to do up one more button. She stopped, instinctively reacting to the command in his voice, looking into his eyes and loving the heat she saw in them, then her hands fell away.

"Let's go." he said, reaching for her hand. She quietly placed her hand in his and they continued the walk to her home. Where she was going to willingly open her legs and watch his penis invade her vagina repeatedly all night. Where she was going to be fucked on the first night.

They did not come across too many people after they got out of the park and unto her street. But Jasmin imagined that each of them noticed her erect nipples, the dark brown tips vividly visible through thin white cotton, and the jiggle of her unconfined breasts as they threatened to fall out of her far-too open shirt with every bounce. She was certain that the woman in the couple that walked past them winked at her! Jasmin imagined that they all could tell that she was on her way to be made hard use of by the man whose hand she was holding. She felt heat rushing to her neck and face but strangely enough ... she still did not care.

He stopped to kiss her more than three times, leaving her breathless and gasping each time, before he continued on their way.

When they came to her apartment building, she took her key card out of her wallet and slid it through, but she had a hard time concentrating on punching the right number sequence to open the glass door because Mark had cupped one of her breasts - out where anyone could see! - and refused to let go, even though she really did not try to get free. She got it right after one false try and the door buzzed and Mark finally let go as she pushed it open, following behind her. Her hips started swaying again as she walked in front of him until they got to the elevator and she pressed the Up button.

The elevator was less than ten seconds in coming, and empty. She took a deep breath, suddenly apprehensive as the predatory gleam returned full-force to his eyes, then she stepped into the elevator, reaching out to tap the button for her floor. He was right behind her, and as soon as the doors closed he was all over her. He yanked open her shirt and his mouth locked around a nipple, sucking deeply as she whimpered and held on. A hand went down to press at the gap between her legs, making her shudder and her knees go weak before he swiftly undid the button of her capris and began pulling at the zip. Jasmin realized that he had her almost completely undressed in the elevator and she started to push his hand away from her zip. His mouth left her breasts for her own mouth, swallowing her protests.

The elevator was almost at her floor when Mark moved away from her, and she frowned accusingly at him as she quickly gathered and held the ends of her shirt under her breasts in some semblance of decency, too distracted to notice that the fly of her very low-riding pants was still halfway down and her tube top was still around her waist. The doors dinged open and Jasmin sighed with relief to see that there was no-one waiting in front of the doors.

In fact, the corridor was empty.

Jasmin saw the gleam in his eyes and knew immediately that she had to get them into her apartment before he had her naked and impaled on his cock in the corridor where anyone of her neighbors could look out and see. She dashed out of the elevator, Mark a step behind her as she ran to her door. She was desperately trying to get her keys out of her pocket when he got to her at a fast walk. He pulled the shirt free of her securing hand, pulling it off her completely and squeezed her breasts from behind, licking her neck. Jasmin threw her head back and moaned, keys held shaking in her hand as he grinded his erection against her ass. His hands smoothly left her breasts and grabbed the elastic waist band of her pants and panties and yanked them both down to her ankles as she fitted the key into the lock. She twisted desperately and the door opened, and she had no choice but to step out of her pants and panties into her apartment wearing only her tube top around her stomach, glasses, pendant, and the sandals on her feet.

He followed her and had her against the wall by the door in the next instant, lips descending hungrily on hers as he hurriedly undid his belt and his pants. He pushed the door shut with one hand as Jasmin helped him yank down his pants and boxers in one go. He stepped out of his pants and boxers with his lips still locked on hers, kicking them away and kicking off his shoes, her bare breasts in his hands. Jasmin felt his hands leave her breasts and cup the roundness off her ass and she put her arms around his shoulders, spreading her legs as he lifted her up and moved forward, bending slightly to align his member with her dripping cunt.

Jasmin whimpered, spasming as the warm mass of flesh slowly pushed its way past her entrance and up inside her, her vaginal walls stretching to accomodate the welcome intruder. She spread her legs wider and wrapped one around his waist, never more glad for ballet class and what was left of the flexibility it had given her body. Her pussy was so wet and slick with her cum that she sank unto his shaft with no trouble or pause until he was fully inside her cunt. Full to the brim, Jasmin moaned with a pleasure so intense she was beyond speech. He was a snug fit inside her, her pussy tight around his member. She began to buck her hips, but his hands on her ass held her still.

"Open your eyes." he growled.

Jasmin opened her eyes. Like her, he still had his glasses on, but the desire in his eyes more than mirrored her own. Staring into her eyes, he leaned forward and licked her lips. She licked his back. He licked her lips again and she dragged his head down and licked hard at his lips with a growl of her own before she swallowed his mouth in a kiss.

He began to fuck her then, not too fast or too slow, but with deep long strokes that had her squealing with each thrust. She wrapped her other leg around his waist and held on for dear life as he plunged into her pussy again and again. She felt her cum flowing out to coat his pistoning shaft and she began to fuck him back, meeting him thrust for thrust moaning and gasping against his mouth. When his lips left hers and locked around a nipple, she shuddered and cried out, going rigid and holding the back of his head as she came in a blinding rush. He did not let go of her nipple though, in fact he gave it a gentle nip and Jasmin's mouth opened in a silent shriek as it sent another wave of pleasure on top of the ocean that was her orgasm. Neither did Mark stop his long strokes into her cunt and Jasmin found herself coming to another orgasm on his cock almost immediately after her first was over. This time she buried her face on his shoulder to keep from screaming, her cum dripping out of her pussy in a steady stream as his steady deep fucking of her continued without any let-up.

"Fuck ...!" she gasped as she came up for air, helpless in his arms as he held her up, legs spread wide around him, and continued to fuck her against the wall of her apartment. Jasmin could not believe how much pleasure he was giving her each time he pistoned in and out of her. Her eyes closed and she bit her lip as his mouth locked on her nipples again, shuddering, not sure she could take anymore. Then suddenly, she felt him slow down and stop.

She opened her eyes to find him looking at her face.

"Hi" he said, grinning, only the faint quivering of his lip to show he was not really in full control of himself.

She looked at him as if he was crazy. He had his hard dick in her pussy and he had just finished fucking her through two orgasms and was on his way to getting her to a third ... and he stopped to say 'Hi'?

"I hope I'm getting your number after this ..." he added.

Jasmin laughed despite herself at the absurdness of the situation. There was a penis in her vagina, her cum coating her inner thighs and probably his balls and they had not even exchanged phone numbers yet. "0-4-5-9-3-3-2-2-2-6-1-7-7-3" she told him.

"I thought I was going to have to fuck it out of you." he gave her another long thrust and she gasped in pleasure.

She smiled at him "Forget I said anything." She give his lips a long lick of her tongue. "Fuck it out of me." She whispered.

He kissed her, hungrily, before, he gave her another long stroke and in the next moment moved them away from the wall, carrying her impaled and writhing on his dick. Jasmin, still recovering from the surge of pleasure that stroke had given her was reminded that it was one of the things she was definitely not going to let him do. Not that she was complaining. She was thoroughly enjoying the hands kneading the cheeks of her ass and the curve of his penis as her vaginal walls contracted around it. As he walked with her engulfed around him, the little movements of his cock inside her had more cum flowing out of her cunt and Jasmin could smell the familiar scent of her sex that she had licked off his fingers an eternity ago.

Mark carried her across the hardwood floors till they got to the shag carpet in the middle of the living room. Kissing her, he slowly lay her down on her back with him on top of her. Her legs fell open as he lifted up with his dick still inside her, kneeling in front of her spread eagled body, her tube top still bunched around her waist and her glasses still on her nose. He carefully pulled her tube top up her body and over her head and threw it aside. Then he swiftly removed his shirt and T-shirt, his dick still sheathed in her throbbing pussy. Her bush was a low and trim patch of black fuzz, the skin around her slit almost bare of any hair. The sight of their joining was beyond erotic, and his cock pulsed inside her as her pussy continued to contract and expand around him, almost in perfect concert with the heaving of her breasts.

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