tagGroup SexNot In A Million Years Ch. 2

Not In A Million Years Ch. 2

byLee Stam©

India had a look of sexual frenzie, bordering on frustration. It was time for my sweet Lilly and I to bring her some relief. We took our positions on either side of her and sucked her stiff nipples, me on the left and Lilly on the right. Lilly's hand traced its way down her flat stomach, through her silky bush and plunged two fingers into her waiting pussy. I could hear the wetness as Lilly's fingers worked in and out. India pulled my head up to kiss me, her tongue wasting no time finding mine. I knew she could still taste the fresh pussy juice on my mouth and it seemed to excite her even more.

She was moaning into my mouth as her hips gyrated under Lilly's ministrations. "I want more, I need more," she cried as she began to beg us to help her cum. My eyes met Lilly's and she winked, touched my lips with her sticky finger and pointed to India's hot, wet cunt. Her smile said it was ok, so I buried my face into her steaming channel.

We all shifted about and ended up in a sensuous and erotic circle. I was eating India. She was flicking her tongue about Lilly's pussy and Lilly was sucking my stiff, hot cock.

Hands moved all about, body parts blended together and it seemed like the three of us became lost in each other until India's small frame began to tighten and lift off of the bed. First the sound was low and quiet. But it soon became a primal scream as her pussy squirted an incredible load, directly into my face. It was incredible! She was a squirter! I continued to lick and suck relentlessly. Her screams, hot breath and insistent cries into Lilly's pussy set her off as Lilly joined in with her own sounds that complimented the orgasm of her friend.

Both women went limp and they lay back in blissful harmony. India noticed that my cock was still straight and hard, giving it a playful squeeze. Lilly jokingly asked, "does it hurt," with a sly giggle. I said that it was a bit uncomfortable and the ladies suggested that I bring it some relief while they watch.

The lay side by side and both had their legs spread. Lilly's right leg was crossed over India's left leg. On my knees, I straddled their thighs. Their torsos touched, Lilly's right breast and India's left breast rubbed together as their hands moved about each other's bodies.

There I was, on my knees, stroking my cock as I watched these two beauties. The juices were flowing out of the slit in the head of my dick. The sound of my hand beating my hot, wet cock faster and faster was all that could be heard, except for the heavy breathing that filled the room.

I looked farther down and found that both of them were rubbing their clits. Lilly's shaved pussy showed the most beautiful little hard, pink button. India had a clitoris that was more like a miniature penis, slightly protruding from her dark bush as her wet finger traced rapid circles around it.

My cock seemed to grow and become hotter to the touch for a few moments before my balls tightened and began to spray spunk all over the chests and stomachs of my two fantasy girls.

Maybe it was the sight of my cock erupting. Maybe it was the feel of my hot jism landing on their sensitive flesh. India squeezed her little "girl cock" and screamed out in another orgasm. Lilly was right behind her with a shuddering climax of her own. I continued to beat my cock until it was fully spent and flaccid.

We took a few moments to come down from this incredible high. We then realized that we were in desperate need of a shower. We arose and proceeded to the shower where we stepped into the warm, relaxing stream. We proceeded to soap each other and scrub away the traces of lust.

Lilly spread her cheeks and said, "am I clean and shiny down there"? At the site of her sweet ass, I dropped to my knees and buried my tongue into her tight little bud. Since she was bent over, enjoying my attention, she found her mouth perfectly placed to suck on one of India's pert nipples. India immediately started finger fucking her and within minutes, Lilly was in the throes of another climax.

I started to get back to my feet when India coyly said, "I would like some of that." Again, Lilly smiled and pushed my head back down in the direction of India's firm, little ass. At the touch of my tongue to her tight little opening she acted as though a spark had been set off in her. I gently probed her with my tongue until it was sliding in and out. She reached her neck up to kiss Lilly and alternated between her sweet lips and her delectable tits. This time I placed two fingers, then three into her love channel as I tongue fucked her ass. She had such a powerful orgasm that she bit down on Lilly's tit, startling her, and filled my hand. Her pussy, once again shot a stream of hot, sweet liquid.

We finished cleaning up and toweled each other off. Without even bothering to dress we went to the living room, laid on a comforter on the floor and began to talk about our experience.

After a while, India said she was ready for desert. Lilly said she did not think she could face any more food and remarked that she would rather be eaten than eat. My eyes locked onto India's with a knowing smile. We walked into the kitchen and retrieved the berries and whipped cream.

Lilly, in blissful repose opened her eyes with a wide when my first spoon of cold berries landed on her tits. She let out a quick shriek when India traced the slit of her cunt with a generous portion of frigid whipped cream. It was clear at this point that the night was not over.

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