tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNot Just a Boss Ch. 05

Not Just a Boss Ch. 05


Holy shit. Matt had just said he loved her.

There was no way that this was happening. First they had just been fooling around and having sex a little bit, and now the bachelor man was in love with her? Not that Annie really minded. After all, she was also in love with him. But there was never any hope inside of her that she could get such a sexy, dominating, destructive man to love her. She obviously didn't look like that supermodel. But with all the things standing in their way, it was true that Annie still loved Matt.

"I love you too." she said, as she once again kissed him. They got up from the floor and headed to the sofa, both remaining naked as there was no real need to redress when it was just the two of them.

Annie was shocked but pleased that Matt had opened up to her so willingly. That he had accepted her kinkiness was one thing, most men won't care where they have the sex as long as they have it. But to tell her that he loved her was like hearing bells! She had no idea where this would take them, but she knew that she was tired of being a secret.

"Hey, Matt," she said, "I was wondering about something."

Matt tensed just slightly. The movement was so small someone who wasn't as detail oriented as Annie wouldn't have noticed. "What's that darling?" he asked.

"Well, I was just wondering if maybe we could tell people that we are dating. I mean for God sake we just had sex in the middle of the club. I want to be able to kiss you in public." she said.

Matt laughed and his whole body relaxed. "Oh! Of course! I can't wait for the entire world to know you're mine."

After cuddling on the sofa for the remainder of some nonsensical movie they headed to bed together. Matt's apartment was so beautiful it was no surprise that his bedroom was luxurious. There was a king size bed in the middle of the room, ahead of it a sexy fireplace. It looked like a presidential sweet of some hotel, one Annie surely couldn't afford.

Annie always tried to forget the barrier of money. Wasn't it true that women went out on the town dreaming to find someone as wealthy as Matt? But then why did his extravagant lifestyle make her feel like a pity project? She wished she could be equal, but at the same time she didn't mind the barrier because she still go to be with Matt, and the bed was comfortable.

The next morning as Annie woke up alongside Matt in his gigantic king sized bed, her smile lit up the room. She was more than thrilled, both sexually and emotionally. Matt awoke beside her and made her breakfast in bed before promising that they would go out and do something super fun to enjoy their weekend together.

"That's all fine and dandy," Annie said to him, "But this girl has got to get in the shower."

Lucky for her, Matt had already thought ahead and had called in to get some people to bring in all of the showering essentials, knowing se wouldn't really appreciate smelling like a man the entire day.

"One condition," Matt said teasingly, while his thick cock was already beginning to stir beside her body, "I get to join."

Of course Annie wasn't going to say no, even though she was a little sore down there. She led him into the bathroom,and as they had both fallen asleep naked and satisfied, she didn't have to mess with getting undressed. She opened the shower door and closed the glass in Matt's face, determined to give him a type of show he only had paid to see.

While he was watching from the other side of the glass, she slowly spread her legs apart and bent down to wash her feet. He could see her pussy exposed right underneath her perfect asshole and curves. He was being tortured with the strip tease, which he was sure was the point.

After she was finished washing her feet, she got onto all fours and spread her legs, pushing her clit into the glass of the shower door. Matt started moaning, his cock already throbbing, knowing that he needed her at this very second. He couldn't wait anymore. Annie was the most amazing, sexy, full of fire woman he had ever met. Nobody could ever make his cock rise like her. She backed away from the glass and stood up again turning her stomach towards the class as she pressed her breasts against the door. Matt was only getting more agitated as he watched her, dripping wet, wiggle around his shower. Finally, he couldn't wait anymore and he ripped the door open.

Without warning, Annie was swept off of her feet into Matt's arms, being kissed with a passion she hadn't seen in a long time. He brought her down to the shower bench and she positioned herself so she was straddling him, her warm wet pussy lying on top of his throbbing cock. The sensation was amazing, but Annie was not ready to be done teasing Matt. She kissed her way down his neck and whispered in his ear silly nothings. Then she lined his thick member up with her waiting pussy and sat down, testing the new invader. Slowly Matt started moving inside of her, "Fuck" he whispered under his breath, knowing it drove Annie crazy.

Annie started gyrating her hips so that she could remain in control while Matt turned the attentions of his mouth to her hard nipples that were waiting to be played with. He sucked one into his mouth and flicked it with his tongue while she worked away at his cock. Before long, he could feel the tell tale sign that he was going to cum. He pulled out this time and Annie played with his member before getting on her knees and catching everything he had saved for her in her mouth.

They got out of the shower and Matt helped Annie dry off before they spent the day apart running various errands. When Annie got back to Matt's penthouse that night, he was already in bed and she snuck in beside him. He immediately cuddled up into her and whispered he loved her.

The next morning Annie woke up alone. She could faintly remember cuddling throughout the night and Matt murmuring in her sleep. She looked around the room, and was surprised to find she truly was alone. She had thought maybe Matt just stepped into the shower. She sighed loudly and padded out to the kitchen where she found a note that told her he had to run into work and to make herself comfortable. There goes her Saturday. She was certain that Matt was going to take her out on the town again tonight, but she was also excited to be alone in his home. Not to snoop or anything like that, but to live in the lap of luxury without worrying that she didn't fit the bill for once.

She made herself some eggs and after cleaning up headed to the enormous bathroom. The granite countertops made her feel insignificant, but she was realizing she didn't really care when she was alone and there was a bathtub the size of her bedroom back home waiting for her. She started the water and poured in some bubble bath, determined to have a relaxing spa day. After all, she was a tiny bit sore from the weeks activities, as Matt was bigger than the guys she had had before.

When the water was ready, she climbed into the tub and sighed as the hot water surrounded her body. The mix of bubble bath and jets in the tub soothed all of her sore muscles, even the ones that had not been sore for a long time. Annie drifted to sleep with the lullaby of jets and lavender.

Twenty minutes later Annie was awakened to a loud noise in the living room. Annie was afraid, but knew that Matt had the best security team available. It was probably just the butler or someone who was instructed to check on Annie. She dried off and got out of the tub. She dressed quickly, not wanting to leave the serviceman waiting.

When she got into the living room she was shocked to find the woman from yesterday waiting with a devious grin on her face. Annie had just a minute before the woman noticed her, and she sent a quick message to Matt telling him about the intruder and asking him to call 911. The woman had seemed harmless yesterday, but now looked very frightening.

"I've been expecting you." the woman said. Annie willed her body to move forward and walked to the opposing sofa and sat down.

"What do you want? Who are you?" Annie asked.

"That's simple. I thought someone as smart as you would be able to put the pieces together. I'm none other than Matt's first love, and his ex-wife."

Annie was shocked. Matt had told her that there was nothing going on between them anymore, that she wasn't even in his life. If that was true how could she have known about Annie? Except for the little exhibitionist show she had put on for her yesterday, Annie reminded herself.

"Good God woman, get yourself together. Like you think I won't figure things out. When the whole building can hear you fucking like rabbits some people who have my back let me know. Of course I didn't think you were whore enough to continue after I left." the woman said.

That was it. Annie was a lot of things, but she was no whore. Unless of course, Matt was calling her that. Before Annie could respond though, Matt burst through the door with a security team. How he had managed to get there so fast was beyond her, but she assumed that he had a security panel in his apartment that alerted him and the police when his ex-wife showed up.

"Get the HELL out of my house!" He yelled at her. Before she could respond, the police handcuffed her and dragged her away. The woman started yelling obscenities at the both of them, but Annie was no longer worried. Matt was there.

Matt looked extremely concerned for the rest of the day, no matter how many times Annie tried to tell him she was alright. They hadn't even had real time to talk to each other, let alone time for her to hurt Annie. She was fine, she promised.

Matt would need some convincing though. "Matt, I love you. It's fine. She didn't hurt me. In fact I didn't even notice she was here for awhile, I was taking a bath."

Matt looked offended "You broke in the tub without me?" he mocked her. She wiggled her eyebrows and that was all it took for Matt to scoop her up in his arms and carry her to the bedroom. As they were walking he told her about the security panel and how he was getting new locks and a deadbolt, and everything was going to be safe again. Honestly, Annie didn't care at this point. She was in Matt's arms and he was taking her to his room. All she cared about was making more of her muscles sore.

God! Matt really had turned her into a sex fiend. She could never remember craving sex so much, or so often. It was like once he lit the switch inside of her, she was never going to get it off. This must be what the older folks referred to as that newlywed glow. Of course though, they weren't married, and Annie severely doubted they ever would be as Matt still had commitment issues thanks to that crazy woman.

Annie forced everything out of her mind as Matt passed the bed and headed into the master bathroom. He sat Annie down on the ledge of the tub and started playing with her hair.

"I'm so so glad you're safe Annie. If something would have happened to you I would have never forgiven myself." he said to her, as he started kissing her neck.

Annie was trying to listen to what he was saying, really she was. But she got lost in the sensations that his mouth on her skin brought to her. Already, she could feel dampness between her legs.

Matt started to strip off the shirt she had clumsily thrown on before, and was thrilled to see that there was no bra underneath. He held up her breasts in his hands, testing the weight of them, before popping a nipple into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue. The sound of Annie's moans turned Matt on even more than he already was, and he knew that the foreplay would have to be faster tonight because he was desperate for Annie.

He slowly kissed his way down her body and removed her pants and beautiful red lace thong. He slowed for a second to admire her naked figure, curvy, soft, beautiful. She was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. He locked his lips with hers and started to fill the bath with warm water.

He slowly helped Annie into the deep bathtub and got in himself behind her. He wasn't sure what he was going to do to her in the tub. He knew that bathtub sex was a bit calmer than the other things they had done recently, but he was ready for a quiet round of lovemaking. He wanted to prove to her just how much he cared for her.

He let his fingers slowly find their way to her nipples, and he felt her back push into his toned chest. The way she responded to him was like nothing he had ever seen. It was like she was being touched for the first time every time he put a hand on her. He couldn't get enough of it. Annie was his and he couldn't be happier.

After playing with her nipples for a moment, he let his hands wander into the warm water until he found her aching pussy. He couldn't tell if she was wet or not, with them being in the water and all, but he could tell that she was enjoying herself by her panting and pleasant moans. He caressed her clit for a few seconds before teasing the outside of her warm pussy. He loved to drive her crazy!

Then he took away his fingers, to the whimpering of Annie. He lifted her up slightly in the water, and pulled her down on his stiff penis. She didn't seem to mind the fact that there wasn't much foreplay, as she began to ride him slowly.

She was about to cum already and Matt knew that if they kept going he would burst too. He drained the water and led Annie up by her hand. He quickly toweled her off and then led her to the counter. She put one leg up by the sink while balancing on her other which remained on the floor.

Before Matt entered her, he admired her shining pussy, opened to him like it was his for the taking. And then he made sure it was. He lined his cock up with her entrance and pushed forward, bringing a gasp to Annie's lips.

Suddenly he was going faster and faster, hearing the sound of their lovemaking echo around the tiles and Annie's loud cries fueled him even more. He kept pumping and kissed the back of Annie's neck. She screamed loudly as she came, shuddering through her release. Her twitching pussy was too much for Matt to handle but before he could cum he felt Annie do something with her pussy that felt like a vice grip. He moaned loudly, and Annie released. As she did so, he let loose his cum into her. Annie loved the feeling when he filled her. It made her feel so close to him.

After Matt had cum, he was not ready to be finished yet. He wasn't pleased with Annie's pleasure just yet. He carried her back to the bedroom after she had cleaned herself up and started to finger her slowly, silently praying his erection would come back soon. "Oh Matt," Annie said "Make me yours."


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