tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot Just Another Night

Not Just Another Night


Humming I disrobed kicking the soft cotton away and I stepped into the tub filled with water. Tonight was the first night Gabe had left was away for the night and I was going to take full advantage of my boyfriend's absence. I let the warm water engulf my body pulling the wash cloth from it's place above the soap holder. Washing my arms I heard a loud crash come from the kitchen, I jolted up pulling myself from the tub I picked my robe off of the ground wrapping it around my body I rushed into the hallway stopping short in front of the kitchen door.

Peeking past the doorway I saw Marcus, our rot, pawing at the door whining to be let out. A sigh of relief left my mouth as I stood straight up, making my way to the door I opened it making kissing noises as Marc rushed out the back-door. Turning my back I started closing the door behind me feeling the pressure of it stop I turned to see a hand cover my mouth, spinning my body feeling the pressure of my back hit the strong chest of my attacker. I jumped up and started to kick my legs screaming against his hand. "Close the fucking door and grab her legs nigga." The deep voice behind me urged another person, hearing the door slam, he removed his hand and covered my eyes. I was steady kicking as I felt another pair of arms grab my legs.

I felt them move towards a place in the house.

"Let me go... let me go please let me go, my money, my jewelry everything just take it all I don't care just let me go."

I pleaded hearing another door slam I was tossed onto my bed. Rushing to turn around I felt the sting of a hand cross my face, feeling my leg being grabbed flipping me onto my stomach. Holding my face into the soft coolness of my pillow I pleaded with the men again to just leave me alone, the cool nylon rope rounded my wrists tying me to the headboard of my four post bed. I could hear drawers slam shut and the closet open.

"Grab that stuff..."

The man from before said, as I heard the clink of whatever was pulled from my closet pulled out... feeling the coolness wrap between my ankles I could feel my legs pull apart and I sighed as I felt the cool air hit my cunt feeling my robe being pulled up. I felt the softness of the black fuzzy blindfold crossed my face holding it in place I felt a sting on my ass as a hand made contact. I opened my mouth to let out a yelp as an object was shoved in, feeling the rubber against my lips I knew it was my ball gag. I sighed awaiting whatever was going to happen.

I felt my robe being tampered with, hearing scissors come together I felt the robe being pulled off my body shivering as the air hit my entire body. The bottom half of my body was lifted slightly as the pillows were placed under my pelvis, pushing my ass into the air.

A tingle raced into my pussy, the familiar tingle I get when Gabe runs his hands over my body, shame ran through my body as I felt the warm feeling rush to the core of my stomach, I knew what was coming and I hoped it would be over with quickly.

"Ohhh feel this shit; this bitch wants it... don't you mami?"

I heard the voice say as 2 fingers slipped into my pussy as it began to twitch and become wet, I pulled against my restraints trying to get away from the man touching me.

"If your gonna get her man do this shit and get started."

I felt the bed sink as a person joined me on the bed. I felt the heat behind me as a hand was placed on the small of my back feeling the head of a dick push slowly into my opening I bit down on the gag holding back the moan that was stirring in my throat. The thickness was like nothing I had felt, pushing in slowly feeling the ball sack hit against my pussy lips. I cried out into the gag as the entire length was deep into my cunt. I sighed and he pulled out only to be slammed into me again driving himself farther and farther into my body.

"That's it nigga make tha bitch scream..."

I heard the first man say as a hand made contact with my ass, my head jerked back as my hair was grabbed in a clump pulling back with such force driving me crazy with each thrust of his cock ramming itself into me. I pulled back against the rope that were around my wrists pushing back meeting his thrusts, groaning against the gag.

I could feel the gag being removed as I let the scream that had been building up out in a low, long growl.

"FUCK ME!" I shouted pushing back against the man fucking me for all he was worth. I could hear the slapping of our bodies sound into the quiet room.

"AYE! HARDER..." I moaned out clapping my pussy around his dick as he sped up, in a swift movement he pulled out.

"NO!" I yelled as I felt myself almost cumming, my hands hit the bed as I was freed from the posts. I was quickly rolled over my back feeling the person place himself once again between my legs, I tried to take the blindfold off only to have my hands slapped away.

"Just enjoy..." The voice from before said near my ear, I cried out as I felt the hard dick push into my pussy harder and harder then before I moved my hips upward meeting his thrusts pulling at the sheets of my bed tossing my head from side to side as he continued his assault on my cunt.

"OH!! I'M GOING TO CUM!! HARDER! Oh god do it harder... FUCK ME!" I shouted feeling the first wave of warmth consume my body. "I'M CUMMING! HARDER!" I yelled suddenly the blindfold was ripped from my face, I looked up at the man fucking me to discover it was my older brother Angel. My orgasms came with such force pulling from every cell in my body I screamed, arching my back I turned my head to the left and saw Gabe standing next to the bed with a giant smile on his face.

I fell onto the bed groaning feeling Angel pull out, looking down I saw his dick going soft, looking at the juices dripping from his tip. "What are we gonna do with her now..." I looked over shocked as I watched our best friend Sabastian stand in the corner arms crossed over his chest.

To be continued...

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