tagMatureNot Just Another Tuesday Night Ch. 02

Not Just Another Tuesday Night Ch. 02


I stopped the music playing on the PS3 and navigated to the Video section, loading the content of my external hard drive. The Adult folder was chock full of porn, and ran the gambit of my personal fetishes, some 500 Gigabytes worth. I figured for Kat I would stick with something fairly mainstream, at least mainstream for porn, and maybe even try and find something with a decent story and some production values.

As I scrolled through the folders, I came to movies beginning with the letter P, and I immediately recalled the movie "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge", produced by Digital Playground in 2008, a company known for top-shelf porn stars and carrying the mantle of most expensive porn film shot to date. A million dollars was said to have been spent on "Pirates 2", and they even released an edited R version for the more conservative movie watchers (and to maximize profits). It won a ton of adult film awards, had a good soundtrack and looked like a million bucks, having been shot with HD cameras. I had purchased it on Blu-Ray ($70 bucks and three discs!) and ripped it to the PS3, as I had with most of my physical DVDs and Blu-Rays. Bingo. Time to watch.

"So what did you decide on David?" Katherine asked. I turned her way, grinning a bit, and said "Did you ever see that Johnny Depp movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean"? She smiled and replied "of course...I LOVE Depp!" I said "Well, this is like that movie, only with porn stars. It's actually a pretty decent film called "Pirates II: Stagnetti's Revenge" that has a real story, decent film music and some hot, albeit fairly vanilla, sex scenes. It's A good movie to break you in on the porn angle, girlie girl, without scaring you off." I winked at her and pressed play.

The movie opened like some big budget Hollywood summer blockbuster, with a classic sailing ship in stormy waters being pursued by...you guessed it...a pirate ship. The CGI was amazing for a porno and the movie rolled along in an interesting fashion to its first sex scene.

Now I have this theory that virtually all women have at some point thought about fooling around with another woman. Most will never admit it, but I am never surprised when I talk to a female friend who, in a moment of cathartic conversation, shares with me at some level an interest in some woman at some time in her life. It is like the proverbial rising of the sun and damned near just as predictable.

So after we watched the first fifteen or twenty minutes of the movie, we got to the first "adult" scene. Jesse Jane's character, Jules, entered the Captain's room, and we got a nicely filmed three-way with another hot porn chick pirate. Tongues were eagerly licking wet pussy, the standard fake moans and screams of "fuck me!" rolled out, and then the top-notch porn actor, Evan Stone (hilarious as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek spoof porn film) started slamming his large cock into Jesse Jane. Again, all standard, straight-up porn scripting, but as I glanced over at Kat, I could see she was moving around on the couch some and was mesmerized by what she was seeing. It was definitely getting her turned on.

The scene ended, and Kat glanced over my way. "I gotta be honest David, this movie is getting me really horny" she said quietly. I looked her in the eye and said "my dick is so hard you could use it as a weapon" as I adjusted myself for the umpteenth time.

"I'm thinking I might have to head back to my place and take care of things" Kat said honestly, almost sadly. I hopped up and got a refill for my drink, and as I was walking back said "you know, we're both going to have to take care of business Kat, and I have advised you to not fuck around, but there is no reason why we can't keep watching the movie and...take care of ourselves on the couch as we watch." And there it was. The proposal.

Kat looked at me, a shy smile on her face, and she squirmed again from her horniness. "Well, you do have a good point. I mean, it is a big couch, and it is dark. I guess it would be okay."

I waited to see if she would make the first move to "get more comfortable", and seeing that she was still a bit hesitant, I pulled my shorts off, naked underneath, and then took of my shirt, and sat back down on my side of the couch. I sipped my drink and started rubbing my painful erection. I am not hung like a porn star, but I have a well-formed, eight inch cock that I have been told is just about the most perfect size for most regular women. I had never had any complaints.

Kat kept glancing my way and the itch of her pussy finally overcame her shyness. She slowly pulled her shorts down, and her panties, and kind of covered up with a blanket. I could see one hand sneak its way under the covers, and with the time that had passed, the next sex scene was kicking off. Perfect timing.

As we both watched the fucking on the screen, the sounds of wet pussy and penetrating cock filling the room in glorious 5.1 surround, I began to lay back and jerk my cock with more ferocity. As I looked aside at Kat, I could see that she was really getting into her pussy manipulations as well, and the blanket had fallen off her legs. She was now spread open, and one leg was now propped on the couch. Her shaved pussy was beautiful and wet as hell, and she was now not merely rubbing her clit, but also dipping a few fingers in and out of her hungry hole.

She paused for a second, and then took off her shirt, and then removed her bra, dropping them on the floor. She rubbed her ample breasts and pinched her nipples as she resumed rubbing her pussy. I could now actually hear how wet she was, even over the sounds of the porn. I was eager to see about pushing the line a bit now.

"Hey Kat...do you mind if I get a little closer to you? I am getting hotter watching you fuck yourself than I am this movie." She smiled, with dimmed eyes full of lust, and patted the seat beside her. I moved over and our legs touched as I got positioned right up next to her. I grabbed her left leg gently and placed it over my right thigh, and then started jacking my cock again. Her pussy was now only a few inches away from my throbbing cock, and Kat glanced down to see a load of pre-cum drip out of the tip.

We continued our ministrations for a few minutes more. I could tell that she continued to be getting hotter, as her legs spread even wider, her left one now brushing my balls. Little moans were now escaping from her open mouth and her breathing was labored.

"I hate that I left my damned lube upstairs Kat." I sighed. She looked up at me, questioningly. "I think it would be hot if you let me just kind of rub my cock up and down your wet pussy, to get some natural lube on there so I can finish up. Are you cool with that?" I queried. Her hips bucked noticeably, and she just nodded her affirmation.

I stood up, and then, grabbing both of her legs, adjusted her so that I could glide my cock through the watery folds of her pussy. She still had her hands on her clit, and as my cock made first contact, she sucked in a breath and shivered. I slowly started rubbing my cock up and down through her wetness, and the feeling was incredible. Kat's eyes were now closed, her mouth open and she was moaning loudly, the movie now utterly forgotten.

As my cock would move up over her clit, her hand would somewhat grab it, rub it and then let it go as I moved it back down her pussy channel. We kept this foreplay up for a good ten minutes, slowly basking in the increased sexual tensions in both of us.

Finally, Kat looked up at me imploringly. "I am so fucking horny now David...you have got to fuck me. I can't take this teasing anymore!" she stated. I looked at her sternly, smacked her right ass check with my hand, and slowly started pushing my cock into her pussy. Taking what seemed like hours, I methodically maneuvered my cock to the hilt, filling her with my stony eight inches. I just sat there, with her feeling the throbbing of my member, and she whimpered for more.

I carefully pulled my cock back out, and then I started to fuck Kat in earnest. I could smell the musky sweetness of her pussy and I pushed her legs back even more as I began to fuck her hard. She was holding onto the couch and was now uttering little screams. I could tell that she was close, and after all the lead up to this moment, I was ready to blow a massive wad inside her tight, young pussy.

"Oh God David...I'm going to cum so fucking hard!" she screamed, and I really picked up my pace then. My cock was like a piston flying in and out of her pussy, which was running with wetness now and making loud smacking sounds. I could feel her orgasmic contractions begin, and I saw it on her face as it scrunched up in beautiful ecstasy. "Now David, Now!" she yelled. I let me control go and felt my orgasm quickly build to the boiling point as I too unleashed a torrent of hot cum deep into her thirsty pussy. We both rolled through our powerful orgasms, and then slowly eased ourselves down.

I sat in between her legs as she splayed backwards, looking as if she had passed out. I grabbed my drink from the table, rubbed my forehead with it and then took an eager drink. Finally, Kat sat forward, looked at me at smiled. "Well, so much for boundaries and casual sex!" she laughed. I laughed as well and said "well, sometimes rules are made to be broken, and if I am not wrong, I broke the fuck out of your little pussy!"

She laughed again. "I am going to be SORE as hell tomorrow, but that is the best orgasm I have had in months. You make my boyfriend seem like a newbie, which of course, he kind of is in comparison." She stated.

"Well, I guess now movie night is open to interpretation." I joked. "I do hope we can do this again sometime, but I really do want you to continue being a good girl, because you are. You are just also a very sexy and horny girl!" I said.

"If I am going to be corrupted by an old man, I guess I scored a good one with you David." she joked back.

I stopped the movie, Kat ran to the bathroom, and we met back in the theater room, dressed and she gave me a big hug. "Thanks again David. For everything." she said. "I will text you tomorrow or so and maybe we can do this again sometime soon." And with that, she grabbed her things and headed home.

I was already planning on movie night next Tuesday.

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