Not Kyle


It was my twenty first birthday and I was celebrating. I had drunk before, but this was my first time to do it legal. My boyfriend Kyle was out of town visiting his family for summer break, so I was out alone. After awhile it started getting late and I was quite intoxicated. I called for a cab to take me home. It picked me up from the bar and took me home. Kyle opened the cab door and I stumbled out. Fortunately he caught me in his strong arms. I giggled. He carried me into the house.

"My hero." I slurred.

"Damn babe, how much have you had to drink? You reek like a brewery." Kyle said.

He was slurring his words too. I giggled again. His babe sounded like he said piss.

"Umm, one or two?" I said, holding up all my fingers.

He carried me into my bedroom and set me down on the bed. He fiddled with the sheets, pulling them back to let me in. I decided to reward him for his gallantry. I reached over and grabbed him.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"Rewarding you." I said, pulling at his pants.

"You can't!" He protested, then said some things I couldn't make sense of so I ignored. I was pretty strong and able to subdue him. I stripped my panties off of me and tossed them aside. Taking his pants and underwear off was a little more difficult, but I managed. I was wearing a frilly skirt, so now nothing stood between my genitalia and his dick.

I held him naked on the bed, and hiked up my skirt. I straddled his struggling form. His cock was rock hard.

"Stop! I'm not Kyle!" He protested.

My room was a little dark, but I knew it was Kyle that carried me in, and his voice was too familiar to be anyone else.

"Kinky. Ok stranger, let me make you feel good." I said.

I covered his mouth with mine, kissing him as I ground my hips against his. His shaft found the space between my folds. I ground against it, coating it generously with the dewy lubrication of my arousal. I worked it a few more times, and then moved to bring it inside me. It easily slid into my cockhungry well. Kyle attempted to protest, really getting into the spirit. I ground and thrust against him, working his shaft. He feigned more resistance, but soon got into it. His hands found my butt and he began to pull me to him. His breathing got heavy. He felt real good. I broke my liplock.

"Your dick feels so good inside me." I told him.

I began to seriously work it, squeezing down, determined to give him an amazing ride. I rhythmically flexed on top of him, rolling my hips and milking his shaft the best I could. The heavy necklace I was wearing tapped against my chest in counter rhythm to my gyrations. The room was silent except for our heavy breathing, the tapping of my necklace against me, and lewd wet scorching as I used Kyle to draw my intimate moisture out into the air. Then he groaned and pulled me on him, holding me tight as he began pumping his essence into my body. I collapsed as he filled me up, passing out on top of him.


My head hurt from a massive hangover. I stretched out. I felt a slight pull at my crotch as dried body fluids tugged at my pubic hair. The air smelled a little of aftersex. It was clear that in my drunken stupor I had sex, but I couldn't remember it. I tried to remember. I vaguely recalled seeing Kyle under me as we fucked. But the boy under me had brown hair. Kyle was a redhead. I couldn't remember much more. I sat up and felt a little wetness between my legs. I looked down and saw milky goo had leaked out of my vagina from my movement. Semen. I remembered being at a bar, and taking a cab home. Was I alone in the cab? Someone carried me in and I had sex. Unprotected sex. I looked around. I was in my room, but alone. Kyle wasn't due back in town for another few weeks. My panties were discarded on the ground. I examined them. There was no residue of cum in them that I could tell.

I was pretty sure the sex I had last night happened here, and the panties confirmed it. Given the fluid leaking from me there would have been cum on them otherwise, or they would be missing. My brother was home and would have prevented someone from taking advantage of me, which meant the sex was consensual. I had cheated on my boyfriend. I wiped the cum off my cunny with my hand. It turned instantly sticky. I wiped my hand off with my underwear, then used them to wipe up a bit better. Kyle was always a perfect gentleman, and never forget to wear a condom. A trait my drunken hookup obviously didn't share. My purse was on the nightstand, and both it and the nightstand had condoms in them. I put my face in my hands. I couldn't believe how stupidly irresponsible drunk me had been. I could get pregnant, or worse, catch a disease. I went into my nightstand and pulled out my emergency contraceptive. Kyle was good, but condoms can break. I kept a package just in case.

I opened the package and saw one pill was already missing. I thanked drunk irresponsible me for having at least a little common sense. I put them away. I looked around the the room. There was no sign of the man. Apparently he had his fun and left. I was grateful to avoid that awkward conversation. I opened my drawer and looked at my clothes. I didn't have anywhere to be, and I really didn't feel emotionally ready to face the world. I grabbed my pajama pants and a matching tank top. I selected my most frumpy panties. I wasn't leaving the house today so i eschewed the bra. I went to the bathroom to take a shower and clean myself up. I usually liked the smell of Kyle on me after sex, and sometimes wouldn't shower. But this other man's scent must have faded, because I could only smell cum. I still washed off good, scrubbing until I was raw. None of it belonged on or in me. Kyle was my man. Once I felt clean I got dressed, tossed my clothes in the hamper, and went out to the living room. My brother Brandon was sitting there, refusing to meet my gaze.

"About last night..." He said.

I sighed.

"Last night was an accident. I got way too drunk. Can't we just forget about it?" I said.

"That will be hard to do." He said.

"How about just not telling Kyle?" I asked.

I was worried. Was he about to blackmail me? Did I leave a public trace of my indiscretion?

"As long as you don't tell Emily." He replied.

I felt relieved. Apparently I caught him cheating too. I wondered if it encouraged me to be so reckless last night.

"It's a deal." I told him.

I sat down and watched tv next to him. Neither of us looked at each other. I liked his girlfriend Emily. She had a good heart. I imagine he probably liked Kyle.

A few hours later I started to feel peckish. I decided to order pizza, but I couldn't find my wallet. I searched all over until I asked my brother.

"It's probably still in my car." He replied.

I went out to his car and got it. It was there. He must have driven me home with the boy I was with. And probably the woman he slept with as well. I wonder how they got home. They must have been friends. I remembered the brown hair. I made a mental list of all my brother's friends who shared his hair color. It wasn't a long list, I was sure I would figure it out eventually.

We had pizza, but things remained awkward between us. Several days later I finally figured out why. Brandon came out of the laundry room. He looked at me.

"Put your own damn clothes away." He said and stormed off.

In the past we had folded each other's clothing. He did one week, me the next. I went into the laundry room and saw he started folding some of my clothes. Where he stopped made me curious. On top of the unfolded pile was a pair of my panties. There were two other pairs already folded. I recognized the unfolded pair as the ones I was wearing a few days ago on my birthday. I wondered why he freaked out about them. They were clean and stain free. Then it hit me. He had probably seen them before, as they were taken off. He had brown hair, and it explained where our other partners went. He had been awkwardly avoiding me, and hadn't been able to meet my eyes. I left the laundry room and knocked on his door.

"Go away." He said.

"Hey Bran, I need to know... On my birthday I got really hammered and don't remember much. Did we... Did we have sex?" I asked through the door.

"Yes." He replied through the door.

I was stunned. I went back to the laundry room and folded my clothes. I put them away, and avoided my brother for the next several days. Then I got another surprise. Emily had come over, and she handed me a box of morning after pills.

"Hey, Me and Branny got a little frisky one night and I had to get into your safety stash. I didn't want there to be bad feelings between us, so I figured I'd give you a whole new box." Emily said.

I went numb. It reminded me of the morning after my birthday. My brother was probably disease free, but I hadn't been as responsible as I thought. I mentally kicked myself for not taking a pill anyway.

"Thank you Em." I managed to say, taking the box.

I went into my bedroom, pulled out the open morning after pills, and took two.


It had been two weeks. More than enough time for my period to come, which it stubbornly refused to do. Kyle had come home and we went out for a delicious meal. On the way back to my house I had him stop off at a gas station. I told him I had to use the bathroom but really I took a pregnancy test while he waited in the car. It was positive. I threw the test away and numbly walked back to the car. Kyle said something, but I didn't really hear it. He drove me home in silence. He followed me into my house, then my room. Once there he shut the door behind us. He started to lead me to bed but I shook him off.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

He had to know. Before we had sex, he had to know what I did. At the very least he needed to know I couldn't be trusted. That I cheated on him. I opened my mouth to tell him, but it wouldn't come out. The moment I did, I would probably lose him forever.

"I can't do this right now..." I said as much to myself as to him.

He looked hurt and I felt my heart breaking. I hugged him.

"I promise we will talk about it tomorrow." I said.

"You better." He replied, showing compassion even though he had been without sex for months.

I escorted him out of my house, and he stole a kiss before departing.

That night was very restless for me. I barely got any sleep. In the morning I spent extra effort to look my best. There was no question as to what I would wear. The clothing I wore on my birthday had a stigmata about them. They were tainted like I was. I hadn't been able to bring myself to throw them away. I planned to go to the abortion clinic after I confessed to Kyle. Perhaps purging the abomination growing inside me would remove my taint. Maybe Kyle would come with me, hold my hand through the process, and come to love me again. It was only right to wear as a uniform what I was tainted in. Dressed, I examined myself. The frilly skirt stopped about three inches above my knee. It was slightly flared at the bottom. Red, but encircled with three bands of black lace.

It was designed in such a way that if i were too athletic in my movements a careful observer would catch a glimpse of my lacy pink on pink heart print panties. My top was more bra than shirt. It was a black piece of cloth that cradled my breasts with a plunging neckline. It had spaghetti straps over my shoulders, and lace made up the lower half. The small of my back was exposed, along with my entire midriff. The lace came down along my sides to just above my skirt. I was wearing small dark purple flowerbud studs in my ears and around my neck was a small crystal heart hanging from a black ribbon. I had a vague memory of it beating against my chest as I had sex. I fingered it. I remember how it briefly flared in brilliance, catching the moonlight, and then thumping solidly above my heart. I barely remembered anything from that night, but that memory became clear.

I could see my brother, his eyes closed and lips slightly pursed as he encouraged my thrusts with his hands on my hips. He had reached underneath my skirt, the fabric swirling across his arms as he gripped my bare skin. The sex sounds, the soft swish of the fabric of my skirt, and heavy breathing. But above it all, the dull thump of the small crystal heart beating against my larger heart. Trying to enter me. Trying to bring its tiny spark of life into my body. I took the necklace off. It didn't belong. It was tainted too, but a different kind of taint. It didn't feel of my infidelity, but instead it felt like the future of my unborn child. A future I could not allow. I knew then that if I brought the heart necklace, I wouldn't be able to go through with the abortion. I opened my jewelry box and pushed the crystal heart to the least accessible corner of my least used drawer. It was an emotional time bomb, but no matter what else happened, I couldn't carry a child of incest. I saw a small silver necklace while putting the heart away. I grabbed it. It was a choker Kyle bought me. It wrapped around my neck three times and had a dangly part that went down to my cleavage. I didn't like to wear it, it made me feel uncomfortable, but it seemed appropriate for the circumstances, so I wore it instead. Fully armored in my shame, I drove over to Kyle's place.

Kyle met me at the door, kissing me passionately then ushering me in. He started to pull me to the bedroom, but I stopped him.

"We need to talk." I said to him.

He looked at me guardedly.

"About what?" He asked.

I took a deep breath. It would be like pulling off a bandaid. Better to do it quick.

"I got drunk and cheated on you on my birthday." I said.

"You what?" He asked in a low angry voice.

"There's more." I said.

He looked at me. I sighed.

"I'm pregnant. I am so sorry." I said. "I made a mistake. It was a one time thing! I was really drunk, please, I'll do anything to keep you!"

"Who was it?" He said.

"It doesn't matter. It was one time. I am getting an abortion." I replied.

"No you aren't." He replied.

"What? Yes I am. My body my choice." I said.

"Then your cheating body can find another boyfriend" Kyle said.

"You don't understand..." I said.

"Yes I do. You kill it, we're through. You said you would do anything. Now who is the father? That asshole is going to pay for his mistake. I'll be damned if I am financially put out for another man's bastard." He said.

"I don't know." I replied.

"You got three days to find him then." He said.

"It's not like that..." I said.

"It better be like that. You need to find him, and he needs to acknowledge his child." Kyle said.

"It's not so simple. He can't..." I started to say.

"So you know who it is? No, you better tell me now then. Or we're through." Kyle said.

"I can't" I said.

"Why, would it ruin his position? His marriage? Too bad. He put his dick in you, so he gets the public stain of infidelity you deserve too." Kyle said.

"I can't!" I repeated.

"Fine. Enjoy the single life." Kyle said.

He started pushing me out the door. Kyle was the love of my life. I couldn't lose him.

"It's my brother!" I quickly blurted out.

Kyle stopped pushing me. I blushed deeply, ashamed both for my incestuous act and for blatantly admitting it. I should have let Kyle go. Aborted the shameful thing and forgotten about it. He still might leave me now that he knew, but I hoped he wouldn't.

"What?" He asked me.

"It's my brother's. That's why I have to get an abortion." I said in a small voice.

He put his hand to his face, rubbing his eye sockets and bridge of his nose for a moment. Finally he pulled his hand away.

"Yea. He can't take responsibility. This is going to cost you greatly. Do you really mean anything?" Kyle said.

I gulped. The cat was out of the bag. Not only could I lose him, but I also opened my big mouth. He could destroy me. But I did it to keep him. I confessed to incest to keep him. How much worse could it be?

"Yes." I said in a meek tone.

"You are birthing it. You are doing it without painkillers too. You will experience the full consequences for your indiscretions. In fact, your body my choice now. Every aspect. Don't expect condoms anymore. You didn't use them when it mattered, so I am not giving you that freedom anymore. And I'm not raising your brother's bastard without having one of my own. So you can expect me to impregnate you myself in the near future. At my discretion. It's only fair, since I'll need to claim ownership of your current mistake." Kyle said.

"But it's inbred" I replied.

"And you can remember that as it rips it's way out of you. That's the price for nine months of growing another man's child, I hope it hurts like hell when it comes out. I hope you beg for painkillers and I get to tell the doctor as it passes that it's your brother's brat, and not mine. You want to keep me, you will pay the price." He said.

"Okay. I will do as you demand. Please, just don't leave me." I sobbed.

He came over and held me.

"As long as you pay for your actions, I will never leave you."

He held me for a little while while I calmed down. Then suddenly he pushed me away and looked at me.

"Now, suck my dick. Use my new body and suck my dick until I cum. But don't swallow. Hold it in your mouth, against your tongue, until I say otherwise." He said.

I knelt down. I was eager to physically show him I meant it. I unfastened his pants and pulled them down. Then brought down his underwear. He was semi flaccid. I grabbed him with my hand and guided him into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around his penis inside my mouth, applied vacuum, and bobbed lightly. First making him erect, then rock hard, and then brought him to orgasm in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock until it came in my mouth. The idea always made me feel uncomfortable. He peed out of it, what if he peed in my mouth? That was why I didn't do blowjobs in general. I guess it was his right to now. At least if I wanted to keep him, which I did. Him cumming into my mouth was an interesting new experience. It blasted into my mouth in several pulses. It tasted like a gelatinous sweat, but a little fruity. Like nothing I ever tasted before. Not really unpleasant, just unique. It felt hot, but colder than any hot liquid I ever drank. As it moved in my mouth it left a coating where it went, unlike any gelatinous thing I ever ate. I looked up at Kyle. He pulled his cock out of my mouth, pulled his clothing up, and looked at me.

"Show me." He told me.

I opened my mouth.

"Good. Now close your mouth and keep it in there for awhile. Keep kneeling on the floor there as well." He said.

I did as he commanded. He took a seat in a chair and pulled out his phone. I sat there for a good twenty minutes while he played on it. My throat felt dry while the slime in my mouth seemed to get runny.

"Show me." Kyle said suddenly.

I opened my mouth and showed him again.

"Good. Close up, but do not swallow." He said.

I did as ordered again. I repeated the process multiple times for over an hour.

"Take off your clothes and get on your hands and knees." Kyle said.

I did as instructed. He stood up and took off his pants. He walked around and then roughly shoved his cock into my unprepared cunt. It hurt as he shoved it in dry. I almost swallowed, but managed to control myself. My throat was absolutely parched and there was no tenderness in the fucking he gave me. He roughly shoved it in and out dry. Just as I was starting to get wet, he dumped his semen inside me. He then pulled out, slapping my ass with his satisfied cock.

"Stay put." He said.

I did as he told. He walked over to the other side of the room then came back. He touched a cold pointy object to the small of my back and moved it along my skin. Then he painfully shoved his four fingers into my abused fuckhole and swirled them around. He pulled them out and slapped me where he touched me with the object. Then I felt him doing the same to my left shin, once again slapping me with fingers fresh from stirring my insides. Then the same to my right shin. Then I saw him bring what looked like a marker up to my arm. He wrote something, then he went back and once again violated me with his hand. Then he did my other arm. I felt the moisture in each slap. His writing covered in a mix of his cum, with a tiny bit of my essence tossed in.

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