tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot My Brother! Ch. 01

Not My Brother! Ch. 01


Eva glanced at the rearview mirror and saw her eighteen-year-old pimple-faced brother stretched out in the back of their father's Cadillac, asleep. She and her boyfriend, Devon, had just returned from a weekend at the beach and since his old truck couldn't handle the three-hour drive, she'd needed her father's car and he'd insisted she take her brother, Jeff.

It wasn't that they didn't get along, but she'd wanted some alone time with her boyfriend who traveled extensively as a pharmaceutical salesman. Jeff had put a damper on their sexual exploits, causing Devon to pout a bit.

Eva caught her reflection in the mirror and noticed her flushed cheeks and bright blue eyes. Even though they'd made love just a few hours before she was still horny. Devon was a good guy, but his dick was only about six inches long and not very wide. Plus, he usually finished before she did, leaving her unfulfilled.

Eva brushed her blond locks off her forehead and blasted the air conditioner. She just wanted to get home and take care of her little problem herself. She'd come to enjoy playing with her 32D sized breasts and fucking herself to a mind-blowing orgasm with her nine-inch dildo. Getting hot just thinking about it, Eva decided to stop at the gas station up ahead and grab a bottle of water. Might as well fill the tank, too, she thought.

It was near dark and they were in some redneck part of Florida—having left Devon to catch a flight to California—so the faster they got out of the area the better. Taking a quick left, she sped up to the pump, cutting off a guy in a pickup truck. He pressed on the horn and she threw up a middle finger. Redneck!

Jeff never moved, so she climbed out of the car to pump the gas. She heard a door slam as she swiped her daddy's credit card but didn't pay any attention. Before she could reach the handle, someone grabbed a fistful of her hair and she fell back into a strong muscular chest.

"You didn't think you'd get away with that did you? You city bitches think you're better than us 'rednecks', don't you?"

"Of course not!" Eva stammered, rearing back in pain as his hold tightened. She felt the thick cord of his dick against her back and her belly quivered. Oh, God. Please don't let him hurt me," she prayed.

"Look at you rubbing that ass against my dick, you slut."

Eva realized in horror that her hips were rotating against his crotch. He was much bigger than the dildo she'd bought a year ago and the thought of being taken by something nearly double the size was making her pussy drip with need.

"Well, I don't like no city bitches. Who's that in the car, your boyfriend? Maybe he'd like to take a gander at you. I know I'd enjoy watching."

He pinned her down on the trunk of her daddy's car and held her easily despite her struggle. "No! It's my brother. Please don't let him see me like this!"

"You're brother, eh?" Redneck banged on the back door and seconds later her brother sleepily emerged.

Jeff's eyes nearly bulged in his sockets when he saw the big, dark-haired stranger forcing his sister onto the car. "Hey, mister, you'd better let my sister go."

"I have a better idea." Jeff started to leap toward the guy but he quickly pulled out a pocketknife and held it against Eva's throat. "What were you saying, kid?"

"Could you please let my sister go? We'll give you whatever you want, money, the car. Just let her go."

"I don't want any of those. I just want to teach your sister a little lesson here. You see, she thinks she's better than us here folk, and I'm about to prove her wrong."

Redneck drew the knife down the length of her body to her short barely-covered-her-ass -skirt, and hiked it up a bit. "Like a taste?" he asked Jeff.

"Nah, man! That's disgusting! She's my sister!"

He cut away her panties, which fell to the ground soaked with her pussy juice. Eva noticed the way Jeff's eyes roved over legs. So did Redneck by his sinister chuckle.

"Your sister has an ass that could turn on any man. Take a look."

Redneck pushed her skirt up exposing her to Jeff and anyone else who might happen by. Tears began to leak from Eva's eyes. Was this freak going to make her own brother rape her?

She could see the bulge in Jeff's pants. Three years younger than her, she'd always thought of him as a scrawny kid but his dick was longer and thicker than Devon's.

"You have five seconds to make a decision. Fuck her or I cut her."

Jeff looked at Eva with a mixture of horror, desire, and confusion in his eyes. He didn't know what to do and while she didn't want to die she didn't want her brother to fuck her either.

With one second left, Jeff approached her slowly. He looked like he was about to lunge for Redneck but the guy, anticipating the move, stepped behind the trunk and placed the blade against her throat.

Jeff's shoulders slumped in defeat and he moved toward her. He reached to unzip his jeans but Redneck stopped him. "You either a sissy or a virgin. "

Jeff's cheeks turned bright red. "I ain't no fucking sissy!"

Eva's gaze met his chagrined one. Her brother was still a virgin!

She began to struggle and Redneck slammed her head into the car and she closed her eyes in pain.

"Man, the best lovin' comes when you think only of your partner's needs. You got to make love to her long before you slip that dick in that hole." Redneck sighed impatiently at Jeff's hesitation. "Rub her ass, guy. Slowly."

Jeff touched her gently at first but his strokes grew bolder as Redneck encouraged him. "Raise her shirt up and look at that nice indention between her back and ass. Nice, aint it?"

Jeff followed the curve of her spine and then trailed his fingers to the spot Redneck had suggested. Eva's skin was hot with shame and desire. She couldn't understand how her little brother could make her body burn with need.

"Touch her tits," Redneck commanded, yanking her up by her hair.

Eva cried out in pain.

"Don't hurt her!" Jeff yelled.

Redneck yanked her hair again to prove he was in control and Jeff quickly cupped his hand around each mound.

"Notice how your sister ain't wearing no bra? That proves she's a slut. I'd bet her nipples are tight. Feel her pussy. See if it's wet."

Jeff slipped his fingers between her pussy lips and the sloshing sound of her juices was mortifying. Her body couldn't be responding to her brother. It had to be the situation. Fear! She'd read in a magazine that a heightened level of fear could be mistaken for arousal.

"It's wet," Jeff confirmed.

Redneck laughed and her body flushed with heat. "That means she likes what you're doing to her. Tell him you like it, bitch."

"I like what you're doing to me, Jeff."

"And?" Redneck prompted.

"I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me."

Eva spoke the words woodenly, refusing to let Redneck know how turned on she was. Her body was only responding to a man's touch, not her brothers, she admitted, giving up her silent argument about fear and arousal. A brother and sister should never have sex. It was a sin.

"Right now she's sayin' want she thinks I want to hear. Pretty soon she'll say it because she wants you. Play with her clit. That always does the trick."

Jeff's touch was no longer tentative or unsure as he scooped up her pussy juice with his finger and began rubbing her clit. The circling motion left her weak and confused as she pressed to meet his touch.

Redneck laughed. "Now just tease her until she begs for it. Rub it. Pinch it. Flick it with the tip of your finger. Back and forth, gently at first and then add pressure. Slowly. Grind her ass. Let her feel how badly you want to fuck her. You do want to fuck your sister right?"

"Yes," Jeff said through his teeth as he pressed his dick against her.

"You've dreamed about this moment, haven't you?"

"Yes," Jeff hissed.

"Had some wet dreams? I bet you've even peeked into her bedroom as she fucked herself off."

Jeff didn't respond and Redneck slid the blade across her throat.

"Yes. Yes," Jeff moaned. He pulled back to release his dick and the sight of the huge, bulging muscle made her mouth water. He kicked her legs apart with his knee and buried himself deep within in one smooth motion.

Gripping her hips with both hands, Jeff fucked her harder than she had ever been fucked. She tumbled over the edge quickly, panting and milking him so hard it hurt. She heard herself moaning with pleasure but couldn't stop. Jeff wasn't done, however, and as he continued to pound into her, another orgasm began to build.

"Man are you two putting on a show! Sure you've never done this before? Okay, now pull out just to the tip and wait for the bitch to beg."

Eva lay against the car trembling, determined to never give Redneck the satisfaction. The southern heat hadn't let up despite the darkening skies and she could feel sweat gathering between her breasts and on her back. Jeff's ragged breathing matched the frantic beat of her heart. His dick was so close. All she had to do was lean back...

"No way, darlin'," Redneck said. "Beg."

Jeff slipped a hand beneath her and began to play with her clit again. Eva bucked against his hand and his dick slipped inside her pussy. He yanked back and before she realized it she was pleading for release. "Please, Jeff. Please fuck me. I need to cum."

Jeff didn't wait for Redneck's approval but again filled her so deeply she could feel his balls slapping against her. Pleasure spread through her body and she didn't care anymore about her pride or her sin. She just wanted to cum.

Jeff was grunting and she could feel sweat from his forehead dropping onto her back. His dick began to pulse and she knew he was about to cum. She relished it and wanted so desperately to feel his seed shoot into her hole.

Suddenly she felt the throbbing in his dick lessen and realized he'd successfully resisted his release. Pressing her hands against the car she leaned up and spread her legs even farther apart. That was when she realized Redneck was gone.

"Jeff! He's gone! You can stop."

Jeff grunted and kept fucking her. She started to resist and he slammed her upper body against the car. He leaned over her and whispered in her ear. "You feel so good, Eva. I like the way your pussy clenches around my dick when you cum. Cum for me Eva," he panted. "Please, Sissy."

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I wish my older brother would fuck me like that

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My pussy is so wet

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