tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNot My Brother! Ch. 02

Not My Brother! Ch. 02


Eva was curled into a tight ball in the backseat with her eyes squeezed shut, her pussy clinching despite her best efforts to force her body under control. How could she have cum with her brother fucking her?

But she had.

As soon as he'd asked her to cum for him the strongest orgasm she had ever experienced washed over and through her. Moaning in pleasure, she'd rocked against him, her pussy gripping and milking him of every drop of his spunk.

Redneck had long been gone so she couldn't even blame him.

Afterward, she 'd crumbled to the ground weak and trembling. She'd heard the sound of Jeff's zipper and panicked thinking he was going to take her again but quickly realized he was fastening his jeans.

He'd bent down on one knee and when their gazes met, he looked shocked and confused. Her mother had left the family when Eva was five and as far back as she could remember she'd taken care of Jeff, but there was no way she could've have comforted him in that moment.

Eva's breathing became hectic, erratic. The sound swelled in her ears like the waves of an ocean. What she would give to be back at the beach with Devon!

When were they going to get home?

Eva must have blacked out or dozed off but she knew the moment they entered their neighborhood. It wasn't the best area in town but she'd always felt safe. Her daddy was the best a girl could ask for.

Eva felt the car slow and turn left into the driveway. Jeff cut the engine but neither of them moved to exit the vehicle.

She heard a shuffling sound and then Jeff said, "Sissy—?"

The sound of Jeff's voice made her skin crawl. In one swift movement Eva leaped up, opened the door, and jumped out. She took off running for the house with Jeff's calls dogging her.

Eva snatched her keys from her purse as she ran. She had to jab at the small keyhole several times before the key finally slipped inside. Unlocking the door, she hurried inside and headed straight for the stairs. She wanted to get beneath a hot shower and wash this whole day away.

Daddy emerged from the office, and she nearly jumped out of her skin. He usually spent his evenings in the den watching movies.

"Hey, honey. You and Jeff made good time. I wasn't expecting you for another hour."

"Hi, daddy." She didn't kiss him as she normally did, afraid she reeked of cum and cream. Her father's left eyebrow rose and he seemed disappointed as she eased toward the stairs.

The door opened and Jeff bolted inside. His eyes were wild and desperate and when their gazes met she flushed with humiliation.

"I'm going to take a shower, daddy," Eva said into the awkward silence. "I'll be down in a bit."

Eva almost ran up the steps. She could hear Jeff and daddy talking but couldn't make out what they were saying until daddy laughed. "You two at it again, huh? She likes to ride you hard but that's just because she loves you."

Eva almost tripped up the steps. What did he mean by that?

Dinner was probably going to be awkward, Eva admitted to herself. A scalding shower had left her skin raw but still burning with shame. She didn't want to be in the same room with Jeff, let alone across from him at their small kitchen table.

Neither of the men was around as she slipped downstairs and into the kitchen. Given the late hour, Eva decided to cook pepper steak with rice and salad. Her father had insisted she take home economics in middle school and once she'd learned how to cook, he'd told her it was her responsibility to cook and serve the men.

She hadn't argued and had actually come to enjoy cooking. She also washed their clothes and generally took care of the house. When Jeff had turned twelve he'd told her he could clean his own room but daddy was always pleased when he came home to a clean house and bedroom.

The aroma must have drawn the two men because they came in together. Daddy looked happy and relaxed while Jeff appeared agitated. He didn't look at her as he claimed his usual chair.

Eva prepared daddy's plate, and then her own.

As she started to sit down, daddy frowned at her. "Aren't you going to fix your brother's plate?"

"I can do—"

"He's old enough—"

She and Jeff spoke at the same time and both broke off at their father's frown. Sighing, Eva handed Jeff her plate and then filled a third plate with less food than she normally did. Suddenly her stomach was beginning to churn.

"What's going on between you two?" daddy demanded.

Eva jumped at his booming voice. "Nothing daddy. It was a long drive and I'm pretty tired. Is it okay if I eat in my room?"

"We're family, Eva. We eat together."

"Sorry, daddy," she murmured.

Apparently satisfied by her apology, daddy relaxed and smiled. He pretty much carried the conversation as she tried to eat and Jeff stuffed his mouth. Swallowing his glass of water in three quick gulps he jumped up and said, "That was good, Sissy. I'm going to head up, dad. Stretch out a bit after that long drive."

"Sure, son. I'll see you in the morning."

Jeff was gone before daddy could complete his statement.

Eva picked up Jeff's plate and carried both to the sink. Returning to the table, she sat down and waited for her father to finish his meal. He didn't like her to clean the kitchen while he was eating.

"I've asked you once what's going on between you and Jeff, and I won't ask again. I do, however, expect you to make things right."

"Why me?" she demanded, and in the process inadvertently admitted that something was going on.

"You're the oldest Eva. It's your responsibility."

Even shook her head. "I disagree."

"You do not disagree with your father. You do what your father tells you to do. I want you to clean the kitchen, and then I want you to talk to your brother."

Eva released a shaky breath. She had never defied her father before, but he didn't know what he was asking her to do.

"Do you understand me, Eva?"

"Yes, daddy."

Eva stared at the table as daddy took a long time finishing his food and then eating a piece of the apple pie she'd baked before she and Jeff left Friday morning. When daddy finally stood, her stomach began to churn again.

He kissed her on the cheek and said, "Dinner was delicious as always. Thanks."

He left and Eva pushed herself to her feet. As she debated defying her father, she cleaned the entire kitchen, including sweeping and mopping the floor. The latter wasn't a delaying tactic. Daddy required it.

As Eva put the mop and bucket away, she began to fume. She wasn't a kid anymore. She was twenty-one years old. In another year she would graduate from college, get a job, and move into her own apartment. She was grown enough to make her own decisions, and she wasn't going to talk to Jeff. Not tonight. Not ever.

Turning off the light, Eva trudged down the hallway toward the stairs. She could hear the TV in the den. Daddy would probably doze off as he normally did, so he'd never know.

Eva took the stairs two at a time and was rounding the corner when she saw daddy come out of his bedroom.

No! she lamented silently. Why wasn't he downstairs watching a movie?

He tipped his head toward Jeff's door and Eva reluctantly crossed the hallway. She knocked on the door, and then glanced over to see if daddy had gone back in his room.

Of course he hadn't.

"Jeff, could you open the door, please. I'd like to talk to you."

He didn't respond and daddy shrugged his shoulder. "He's probably asleep. Try again tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, daddy."

Eva turned toward her bedroom, relieved that she'd gotten out of that tricky spot. Tomorrow she would tell daddy she'd talked to Jeff and everything was okay.

He'd never know.

Eva woke early the next morning and decided to go for a brisk walk before heading over to the campus. She'd wanted to live on campus but daddy couldn't afford it as a construction foreman, and he hadn't wanted her to work because he thought her grades would suffer.

As she rounded the corner toward the house, she noticed that Jeff's car was gone. Daddy had bought him a used car for his graduation gift. He'd had the diamond from her mother's engagement ring put on a gold necklace for her gift.

She would've preferred a car.

Eva jogged up the porch steps and unlocked the door with her key. As usual, she headed toward the kitchen. A glass of ice water was sitting on the counter and a pool of condensation had settled around it. A damp note lay beside it. Don't forget to talk to Jeff. Enjoy!

Leaving the note and skipping the bribe, Eva headed upstairs to her room. She knew how important family was to her father, but she wasn't backing down again.

Eva grabbed her towel and headed for the bathroom. She only had about an hour before her first class of the day, and she didn't want to be late.

They all shared the one full bath and usually she knocked but since daddy and Jeff were gone, she strolled in without a second thought.

The bathroom was still foggy so Jeff must've just left—"

"Hey, who opened the door? It's cold!"

Jeff pushed the curtain aside as Eva spun to her right. Her gaze shot to his, and then dropped to his feet before shooting back to his crotch. Even as she watched, his body swelled and hardened.

Shaking her head, Eva forced her eyes to the floor and started backing out of the bathroom. "Sorry, Jeff. I thought you and daddy...were gone."

Eva ran into her room and slammed the door behind her. Pressing her fingers into her eyes, she tried to blot of the vision of Jeff's dick. It wasn't as big as she'd imagined yesterday. Of course, she had been scared out of her mind with a knife against her throat.

But she shouldn't be thinking about the size of her brother's dick!

Eva lowered her hands to her sides and waited for her vision to clear. She glanced at the clock and realized she wouldn't have time to take a shower since Jeff was in the bathroom.

She'd just have to clean off as best she could in the half-bath downstairs. Wrapping the towel around her, Eva struggled out of her clothes.

Yesterday, she'd search every inch of this room for a peephole. She didn't know if Jeff had watched her masturbate, or if he'd just said what he thought Redneck wanted to hear. Either way, the thought of her brother jerking off as he watched her made her feel sick.

Her bedroom door swung open and Eva spun around and stumbled as her feet tangled in her shorts and panties. "Jeff! Get out of here. I'm getting undressed."

Jeff didn't move but just stood there with his towel wrapped around his waist, his chest glistening with beads of water. "I just wanted to tell you I was done, the bathroom's all yours."


Eva couldn't help but notice the tent in Jeff's towel. She swallowed, hard.

Jeff moved toward her like a zombie compelled against his will. "Why are you hiding your beautiful body from me?"

"I'm not. I'm getting undressed."

Jeff reached for the towel and Eva gripped the material in both fists. She stumbled again and her towel fell to the floor as she grabbed the bedpost. Somehow she managed to stay upright, but she was completely naked.

Jeff didn't pause as his eyes followed every inch of her curves before meeting her gaze.

She reached for her towel, and he kicked it away.

"Listen, Jeff," she said, trying to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands, and failing miserably. "I'm sorry about yesterday. It was my fault. I made that guy mad but what he made us do...it was wrong. You're my brother, and I'm you're sister. Brothers and sisters don't do that together."

"It didn't feel wrong, Sissy." Jeff cupped her breasts in his hands and brushed his thumbs across her nipples until they hardened. "See, you do like it when I touch you."

"Please, Jeff. Please stop."

Her plea was ragged, desperate. She tried to move but he had her pinned against the bedpost. Jeff sucked on each of her nipples before trailing a blaze of hot, moist kisses up her chest, to her neck, and finally her lips.

Eva kept her lips firmly shut. Devon rarely kissed her, and when he did relent he only gave her a quick peck. After three years, she was convinced she couldn't kiss.

But Jeff was relentless, slow and gentle as he tried to work his way between her lips. His hands were back to kneading her breasts and the double assault was weakening her.

"Kiss me, Sissy," he whispered against her lips.

"It's not right—"

Jeff slipped his tongue into Eva's mouth and deepened the kiss. Sweet sensations overwhelmed her, leaving her unable to think. Part of her wanted to push Jeff away, to run. Another part of her, the stronger part, kept her rooted to the floor.

Eva closed her eyes and gave herself over to those sensations. She heard a moan, and realized it had come from her.

Then she did the unthinkable. She began to kiss Jeff back.

Eva's heart was pounding so hard she couldn't breathe. She felt like she was drowning and grabbed Jeff's shoulders to keep from going under. "Please, Jeff. Please. Stop."

Ignoring her pleas, Jeff gently pushed Eva onto her back. She closed her legs but that didn't stop him. He teased the blond hair lightly covering her apex until her legs trembled open.

Her hips rose to meet his fingers, inviting his touch.

Eva didn't resist as Jeff propped her feet against he the headboard, forcing her legs even farther apart.

Still combing his fingers through her hair, he gently massaged her pussy lips, opening and closing them in a circle motion. She felt his finger glide down the inside of each lip and then back up. He pressed her clit and her body jerked.

He played with her clit for a long time, touching, flicking, pinching. She didn't like being pinched and Jeff appeared to realize that because he didn't do it again. He kissed and licked her clit as if she were trying to figure out what brought her the most pleasure.

She dropped her knees, silently pleading for more, and he didn't disappoint. Devon had never gone down on her, but Jeff couldn't seem to pull away.

Just when Eva didn't think she could take so much concentrated effort on her clit, Jeff moved to her wet hole. He spread her pussy lips wide and seemed to study every part of her. He probed her sensitive spots until she was practically gushing cream.

She wanted to tell Jeff to stop but couldn't form the words.

This was so wrong.

Jeff slid a finger into gaping hole and Eva clenched her body. He used his other hand to massage her and play with her clit until she relaxed. He slipped a second finger inside and Eva found herself rotating her lips in complete ecstasy.

Her breathing grew shallow and a liquid warmth spread throughout her body. Pressure surged through her pussy, a mix of pleasure and pain. The scent of sex filled her nostrils. "I'm almost there, Jeff. I—"

Jeff removed his fingers and Eva cried out. Her body was shaking uncontrollably as she slipped her fingers between her legs. She had to cum. She didn't care who was watching.

Jeff pushed her hand away and Eva tried to hit him. He blocked her pussy with his knee and said, "Take my towel off."


Jeff grabbed her hands and pinned them to the mattress above her head. "The only way you're going to cum is if you take my towel off. You want this, Sissy, and I'm not going to let you tell yourself this is rape. You want me to fuck you."

"I don't."

"Then why are you grinding against my knee?"

Eva's body burned with shame as she realized what she was doing. Was she a slut like Redneck had said? What kind of person wanted to fuck her own brother?

"You don't like it rough like that guy said. You're not a slut."

Jeff moved his knee, and then shifted her wrists into his left hands. He used his right hand to play with her clit until her body began to quiver again.

Jeff skillfully brought her close to an orgasm three more times before she finally gave in. Her body had long given in but her mind had resisted until her thoughts had become a jumbled mess, and she no longer knew right from wrong.

As if Jeff sensed her defeat, he released her hands and straightened up so Eva could remove his towel. His dick was hard and pulsating. As if she were in a trance she raised her hands to touch him. His skin was silky and hot, taut.

Before she realized what she was doing, Eva lowered her mouth to his tip and circled it with her tongue. His dick jerked and she almost loss hold of it. When Jeff didn't stop her, she slowly drew him into her mouth.

His dick was the perfect size and texture. Big, but not too big. Both hard and soft.

Though she'd wanted to, she'd never tasted semen. Jeff's was warm and salty. Eva sucked hard, trying to get more. Suddenly, Jeff groaned and grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her gently, but deeply, until he hit her gag reflex.

Instantly pulling away, Jeff lowered Eva to the bed and climbed on top of her. She thought—hoped?—he'd take her immediately, before she remembered how absolutely wrong this was.

Instead he kissed her.

Eva was beyond resisting now and opened her mouth beneath his. He used his thumbs to massage her temples, and she groaned deep in her throat. He moved into her scalp and down the back of her neck to her shoulders without ever releasing her lips.

Eva was putty in his hands at this point.

Just when she thought this delicious torture would never end, Jeff lifted himself up and looked directly into her eyes as he plunged into her.

Eva came immediately, panting and groaning. "Oh! Mmm. Feels...good. Jeff! Jeff, please. Please!"

"Please what?"


"No, you don't like it hard."

She didn't? she thought confused.

"It'll hurt and you don't like pain. I don't want to hurt you."

Tears began to leak from Eva's eyes. Why wasn't Devon this sensitive to her needs?

Eva had a couple of powerful orgasms and thought with some disappointment that Jeff was about to cum and this intense pleasure would end. Then he raised her legs over his lower back and hit her g-spot. Eva almost screamed at the intense pleasure. Her mind emptied of everything except the pleasure she was experiencing.

Another orgasm hit and Jeff knew just how to touch her to keep her there. It just went on and on until it was beginning to hurt. "Jeff—"

"I know. Relax. I'm not going to hurt you."

Jeff shifted again and began to bring her down. That was when she felt him pulsating in her and heard him moaning. "Are you okay, Sissy?"

"Yeah," she murmured.

Spent, Jeff dropped on top of her. Eva's eyelids grew heavy and she dozed off.

Sometime later, she felt Devon move off of her and then cover her with a light blanket. He kissed her deeply and she sighed against his lips.

Wait, Devon never kissed her like that....

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