tagRomanceNot My Type: Felicity Ch. 06

Not My Type: Felicity Ch. 06


One of Matt's hands framed the side of my face while the other on my upper arm held me still. As if I'd dare leave now. I couldn't peel my gaze from his as he lowered his head, nor could I move when I felt the first touch of his lips against mine. The moment was as sweet as I'd dreamed it would be but nothing prepared me for when Matt lifted his head and whispered, "Felicity."

Not 'oi' or 'hey you'. Not Flick. Felicity. It almost too incredible to bear. I shivered as he rested his forehead against mine.

"You're cold," Matt whispered a hairsbreadth from my lips.

I shook my head.

"Liar. You have goose bumps." He smiled and rubbed my arm, making the predicament worse.

"It's not because I'm cold," I confessed with a low laugh.

Even in the semi-darkness I noticed the second Matt's sapphire eyes light up. He'd suddenly become the Matt I'd fantasized about with a slow, flirtatious smile just for me, those beautiful eyes heavy-lidded with want.

Lilly had urged me to kiss him, so I rose on my tiptoes. I leaned into him, my hands clutching the lapels of his jacket. He wrapped his arms around me and enveloped me completely in his breadth. I'd never felt as small as I did in his embrace.

His mouth slid against mine and when my tongue flicked against his teeth he groaned and granted me entrance. Our first kiss had been gentle. The second one certainly wasn't.

Matt kissed me as I'd never been kissed, so completely I felt wrapped up in sensation. Every thought spun around him. All I needed was whatever air he shared with me.

"Felicity," he groaned as we broke apart, both breathing hard. "What just happened?"

I was about to answer with something glib and flirtatious when I heard a rustling in the trees behind us. A giggle followed. Matt took me by the hand and pulled me into the shadow of a large pine near the bluff's edge. At first I thought he had hidden me out of shame, but he pinned me against the tree and whispered in my ear, "Someone else stole my idea."

I bit back a laugh. "It is terribly romantic out here tonight. Must be something in the air at weddings."

Matt chuckled near my nape, sending tingles down my body. "Must be. Should we retreat and give them their moment of privacy?"

"Let's see who it is!"

"Minx," Matt muttered. "Who'd have thought it of you?"

We peeked around the tree to the small clearing where Matt and I had been only moments before. A tall, blond couple were engaged in a heated kiss.

"Oh, my!" I gasped. My cheeks flamed as I watched. Adele's head was thrown back while Nate rained kisses along her jaw line, down her neck, across her collarbone and into her décolletage. Her hands gripped his forearms and it looked like she was holding on for dear life.

I felt Matt's silent laughter. "Go, Reverend Nate."

"He doesn't kiss like a Minister."

"How do you know what a Minister kisses like?" Matt teased in a hushed tone.

"I don't." I shot him an exasperated glance as I gestured towards the clearing. "But I doubt they kiss like that."

"Tsk...tsk," was Matt's response. His small exhale of breath danced over my bare shoulder. I trembled again, this time partly from the cold.

"I should get you someplace warm and let those two have their stolen moment. I doubt they get many of them." Matt took hold of my hand again and led me through the trees. He knew every twist and turn in a way only someone raised amongst those trees would know. I followed him as we bypassed the crowded, well-lit lawn and emerged at the back of the house.

Matt's car was parked by the kitchen door.

"Let me take you home," he offered as he eased off of his tux jacket and slung it over my shoulders. It hung lower than my dress, skimming across my cold thighs.

"I don't want to go home." The night had been so magical I didn't want it to end. But I didn't exactly want to rejoin the party either.

Matt brushed a callused finger against my cheek. He studied me then asked, "Well then what do you want to do?"

I stood poised on the edge of my chance to grab happiness; to take what everyone else saw but the two of us, apparently. He wouldn't say no if I asked him, I knew that now. What the consequences might be, I didn't know, but the risk would be worth it no matter the cost.

"Take me to your place,"

Matt didn't move, didn't speak. I watched as he swallowed.

"A-are you sure?"

I nodded. I'd never been more sure of anything in my life.

He pulled keys from his pant pocket and unlocked the passenger side of his car. He held the door for me as I slid in. I buckled my seat belt with shaking fingers, knowing everything would change after this.

Neither of us spoke on the drive to the garage. From time to time, I glanced over at Matt and found him wearing a stony expression while he focused on the road ahead. I thought about cracking a joke all the while hoping he'd lighten the mood with his trademark humor. I couldn't get used to this serious, intense version of Matt. It was a side of him I still didn't know what to do with.

The gravel crunched under the car tires as we pulled into Matt's usual parking spot at the side of the building. I slipped out from the car before he had a chance to come around and help me. My legs shook as I climbed the stairs to his second floor apartment, more from anticipation than nerves. Being moments from everything I'd wanted for so long felt so surreal.

I stumbled with only half a dozen stairs to go but Matt scooped me up and finished the climb carrying me in his arms.

"You're going to have to put me down to unlock the door," I pointed out with a breathless little laugh.

"I can't remember if I locked it," Matt confessed as he chuckled. "Hold on."

I threw my arms around his neck but I didn't really need to. Matt held me easily with one arm and reached out the other to test the knob. It didn't turn.

"Or maybe I did." He fished about in his pocket for his keys and then with just one hand, tried to isolate the correct one.

I couldn't help but laugh harder. "Really Matt, you could put me down; preferably before you drop me."

"You don't weigh anything at all," he growled good-naturedly, "but I might drop you if you don't stop wiggling." He managed to unlock the door with a triumphant, "Ah."

I laughed as the door flew open with a bang. Matt carried me into the kitchen and then kicked the poor abused door closed again.

Instead of putting me down, he carried me through the kitchen and livingroom then down the hall. He paused in the doorway of his darkened bedroom.

"You're not changing your mind are you?" When Matt didn't answer right away, I feared that perhaps he had. I dropped a light kiss against his neck, determined to change his mind right back.

He groaned and then still holding me, he kissed me deeply. I was vaguely aware of him taking a few more steps and then without any warning he released me. I squeaked in dismay as I fell, only to bounce on the soft cushion of his bed.

My laughter was swallowed up as Matt covered my body with his and began kissing me in earnest. My sexiest daydreams couldn't have prepared me for Matt at his most passionate. I'd always imagined making love to him would be rife with teasing and laughter and it was, but I never expected the intensity he unleashed upon me in his darkened bedroom.

Matt's hands traveled constantly over my body, pushing back the fabric of his tuxedo jacket, exposing my bare shoulders and neck to his mouth.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered as his kisses led to my ear. He sucked hard enough to make me moan. One work-hardened hand roamed down the curve of my thigh. I was desperate to wrap my legs around him, but the snugness of my dress held me captive.

Matt didn't seem to notice, or maybe he didn't care. He seemed content to do most of the touching. I buried my hands in his thick, soft hair the way I'd always wanted to.

"God," he gasped as his head came up and his eyes met mine in the darkness. "You are tiny," he said as his hands spanned my waist. "I'm so afraid I'm going to hurt you."

His concern was endearing, I kissed the tip of his nose. "I'm a lot tougher than I look."

"I want to see you. Can I turn on a light?"

I nodded just as he leaned down to kiss me. My chin bumped his nose. Matt made a soft little "oof" of pain and we laughed in tandem.

The mood in the room lightened instantly. But feeling the reverberation of Matt's deep chuckle against my body didn't do much to cool the throbbing heat between my legs though. If anything the familiarity of the sound made me more frantic for him.

"The bedside lamp is kind of bright," Matt warned as he dropped kisses across the bridge of my nose. "But there's a candle in the bathroom."

I giggled. "You keep candles in the bathroom? For what - long, hot bubble baths after a tough day at work?"

He bit my shoulder. "Brat! I don't exactly fit in the bathtub. I don't know what it's for, actually. Mom put it there when she helped me move in."

It sounded like something Pat Tanner would do. She probably set up her son with matching fluffy hand towels too. Goodness knows that wasn't something Matt would think to do for himself.

"Well..." I prodded Matt in the side. "Go get it!"

He eased off me with a good-natured grumble. The bed springs creaked in protest as he rose and left the room.

I lay back against the mattress and let out a small huff. My insides wobbled with excitement. From the hallway Matt muttered something about never being able to find the damn matches.

I laughed to myself, and then in a stroke of inspiration, sat up at the foot of the bed. My fingers made quick work of the small buckles on my strappy silver shoes. Then I stood and reached for the zipper of my dress, sighing in satisfaction as I was freed from the tight fabric tube.

My dress slithered to the floor just as Matt entered the room, his hand cupped around the flickering flame of a thick candle. We both froze. I expected I'd have time to dive under sheets before Matt returned; now I stood in front of him in nothing more than the tiniest pair of lace pink panties imaginable.

The candlelight swayed as Matt's hand shook. He set the precarious flame on the dresser just inside the door. The amber glow danced over Matt's hair as he shook his head in disbelief.

"You're quick!" I gasped.

His chuckle was coupled with a hungry expression that made my shyness evaporate. There was no way he could like at me like that and not want me.

"So are you," Matt said huskily. Adam did say that given the chance Matt would eat me up and the predatory grin he wore confirmed it.

"I can put it back on if you prefer," I teased.

Matt moved to stand in front of me much more swiftly than I would have thought possible for a man of his size.

"N-no. It's a lovely dress and it looks phenomenal on you, but I like it where it is - on my bedroom floor."

His broad, strong arms came around me, pinning me against the solid wall of his body. Without saying another word, Matt lowered his head and devoured my mouth. Willingly, I gave it up to him. My nipples chafed against his rumpled shirt as I raised my hands to play with the hair at his nape.

Matt groaned and clutched me closer. His wide hands moved in a circuit over my back and waist, and when the pads of his thumbs brushed the side of my breasts, I moaned so loud Matt raised his head and laughed.

His sapphire eyes turned dark as his fingers grazed the ruched pearl of my nipple. His other hand traveled lazily down my side, over my hip and then across to cup my bottom.

"Wait a minute. Are you wearing a thong?" His shocked expression was priceless.

I tried to look over my shoulder and smirked. "So it would appear."

Matt made a sound in the back of his throat. Then without warning, he dropped to his knees and latched his mouth onto my breast. My head fell back and I cried out with pleasure.

His hands slid over my bare bottom, stroking and caressing before they tangled in with the elastic of my thong. Matt tugged at the skimpy material all the while laughing against my breast. I glanced down to find him watching my face with heavy-lidded eyes.

Without breaking eye contact, Matt's kisses traveled downward, painting a scalding hot trail down my ribcage and over my abdomen. He paused above the triangle of pink lace. His tongue flickered over my skin. Then before I could even draw one shaking breath, Matt hooked his thumbs into the waistband of my panties and drew them down until they were tangled around my feet.

I was gasping for air and shaking; my heart beat so hard it actually hurt. I couldn't tear my eyes away from his face as he hovered over the dark dusting of hair between my legs. His hands moved up to cradle my ass. A slow, mischievous smile bloomed on Matt's face, the sort of smile I'd always dreamed of getting from him.

He winked up at me just as his mouth descended on the wetness and heat between my thighs.

My knees buckled, but Matt held me pinned against his mouth. I drove my hands into his thick hair as his tongue lashed against me.

I never imagined how amazing it would feel. This was magic.

Matt's initial enthusiasm morphed into a patent finesse for the act. The flat of his tongue swept the length of my lips then wiggled in deeper to lap at my core before he moved on with a teasing suckle to my clitoris.

No one had ever, ever made me feel so good.

I pulled at his hair and gasped as my orgasm approached. No man had ever succeeded in making me come this fast before. When one of Matt's long fingers slipped between my legs to probe at the wetness he'd created, I came with a wail, my muscles contracting around Matt's thick finger. My feet left the floor and suddenly I was on the bed. I vaguely registered Matt moving above me. The soft swish of clothing being removed was the only sound in the room.

"That was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen," Matt said as he stretched out beside me. His broad hand rested against my stomach as he nipped the delicate skin below my ear.

My muscles twitched with little aftershocks. Matt's hand flexed against my abdomen and I knew he felt them too. He stayed silent as my body began to relax again. I found him watching me with those remarkable sapphire eyes of his.

I laughed; I couldn't help it.

The release he'd given me had been such a relief. Every cell below my belly button, all the way to my toes, tingled. It had been too long since the last time. Hell, I couldn't even remember the last time and it hadn't felt half this good.

The laughter brought on tears. Moisture rolled down my cheeks even as my giggling continued. Candlelight flickered across the room, allowing me to see Matt's bemused expression just as his dimples creased his cheeks.

"T-that was amazing!" I wiped away the happy tears, rolled onto my side and splayed my hands against Matt's chest.

Clothed, Matt looked big enough; naked, he was positively huge—his broad, solid chest was almost twice as wide as mine. My hands wouldn't have been able to span his bicep. My eyes shifted downwards, following the trail of ginger-coloured hair, then widened as my focus flew past his belly button.

"I did mention something about you being tiny earlier," he said as I met his teasing gaze. His arms came around me and he dipped his head down to kiss me gently. "And you assured me you were tougher than you look."

"I-I am." I said more for my sake than his.

"I'll be careful, Felicity, I promise."

I nodded. I trusted him. He would never do anything to hurt me. While I didn't doubt we'd fit together perfectly, I couldn't be blamed for being a little skittish about the mechanics of it.

Matt's hand skimmed along my waist, over my hip, and down my thigh. "How could I ever have thought you were all corners?" he teased. He made the return trip back up, his fingers not stopping until they covered my breast. My nipple hardened instantly against his palm.

"You're the perfect little package."

"You're not so bad yourself," I kidded back, allowing my hands to glide freely over the hard plane of his chest. I wiggled closer until we were pressed against each other. We both groaned when his hardness nestled into the softness between my thighs.

"I don't have condoms," Matt said with a mix of frustration and disappointment, "although I'll gladly run out this very second and get a whole case of them." His hand curved around my backside and delved into the wetness between my legs.

"I'm on the Pill," I managed to say through my purr of pleasure. I'd started taking birth control shortly after high school, back in the days when I used to actually date, and I'd never thought to stop, even though it had been years since I really needed to.

"Oh, thank goodness. I don't think I could even stand right now, never mind make the drive to the pharmacy for rubbers."

I laughed—my lips only an inch from his. My hands were trapped between our bodies, but I managed to worm one downwards and wrap my fingers around him. Matt clenched his jaw. His next breath came out as a hiss while I marveled in the feel of him—satin smoothness stretched over steel.

"Felicity," he moaned as my fingers danced over his flesh. "Oh, God."

There was something powerful about having a man as large as Matt helpless beneath my touch. I smirked in triumph until his fingers eased into me.

"That's not fair!" I laughed then whimpered as he teased me back, his fingers slick with the evidence of my desire.

Matt leaned in and kissed me with a frantic, growing need I matched. Then with a growl he rolled over, taking me with him until he had me pinned under his weight. The movement drove his fingers deeper inside of me. I moaned, seeing stars.

"Please," was all I could say as he stroked me. He felt ready, hard and slick between my palms. Matt was panting above me; his own attempts at breathing echoed my laboured gulps for air.

"If I hurt you, tell me and I'll stop," Matt promised as he positioned himself between my thighs.

"You can't hurt me." I knew he wouldn't. Beneath the rock hard exterior Matt was as gentle as could be.

He moved much more slowly than I needed as he gained entrance. The more he pressed into me, the harder I clawed at his upper arms. Halfway, Matt paused and looked down at me.

"You okay?"

I nodded. I was. More than okay actually, I'd never felt more filled, never happier.

"Don't stop now." I dug my heels into his backside and tried to draw him deeper inside me. "Hurry up!"

Matt chuckled. And then he slid home.

"You are so tight," Matt muttered in a thick, strained voice.

I opened my eyes to find him frozen above me. I flexed my muscles around him and delighted in the sound of his groan. He slumped against me, resting his forehead against my own. It took a moment or two before he moved again. I thought I would die from the pleasure of it. He might have weighed twice as much as me, yet my spine from arched off the mattress in pure bliss.

There wasn't an inch of me Matt didn't fill.

We rocked together in a slow, almost lazy rhythm as if we had no reason in the world to hurry. We needed to savour every second of his bare skin rubbing against mine. I grinned up at him, happy beyond words. My hands touched and stroked as I'd always dreamed of doing, reveling in solid muscle beneath my fingertips.

Matt's lips descended to mine, our mouths meshing as I felt my pleasure building to a finish. The higher I climbed, the faster Matt moved, until there was nothing but the constant, wonderful pull and push of him into me. I crested and Matt ripped his lips from mine to watch as I came for him.

He let out a triumphant sound, and as I flexed and pulsed around him, he followed me into bliss.

"Felicity," Matt murmured into my neck as he collapsed over me. His mouth lingered on my skin, kissing away the sweat.

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