Not Normal


"I am not really... normal," I said, blushing with embarrassment.

"Who's truly 'normal?'" she countered. "For that matter, what's 'normal' anymore?"

We sat on a bench near the small lake at the edge of campus, the faint sound of a bass emanating from a nearby dorm. The student who was playing was definitely good, although hearing the same segment of music over and over was starting to pull at my nerves during what was already a nervous and stressful and worrisome situation.

My hand upon her thigh helped to calm me, to anchor me. After all, this was the woman I loved, and it was clear that she loved me as well, which was why I wanted - needed - to have this conversation with her.

I took a deep breath. "First of all," I said softly, even though no one was close enough to overhear our conversation, "I've been told that I'm fairly large."

She grinned. "Most guys would be quite proud of that fact," she said. "Most women would quite enjoy it."

"Well, it's not just my cock which is fairly large..."

She seemed to understand my meaning. She shrugged. "So you're unique in that way. It's no big deal."

"Okay." I hesitated. "I'm also quite copious."

"Good," she responded, placing a hand upon mine.

That was the end of the conversation, for we simply sat in silence for a long time, alternately gazing out across the lake and deep into each other's eyes. The conversation had changed nothing between us, fortunately, but there was still a very significant step ahead for us.


Following the end of the semester, we headed to the forest near where she had grown up: just us, a tent, a pair of sleeping bags, food, some basic supplies, and Nature for three days. We were both eagerly anticipating the time away from the university, away from our studies, away from the city. We had last been camping together some two years earlier with a few other friends, back before we had begun dating, but this would be our first time camping alone.

She led the way to a spot she enjoyed, about an hour's hike from where she parked the truck. It was a warm afternoon, although the forest floor seemed dim and gloomy given the overcast sky. The lack of clear vision, however, only added to the togetherness she and I felt as we meandered, hand-in-hand, along the blazed trail, the smells of the forest quite refreshing, the sounds of the birds rather relaxing, and the sight of a lone doe and a pair of rabbits very endearing.

When we finally arrived at her chosen location, I knew instantly why she liked it. It was a small clearing surrounded by thick underbrush through which we had to hack. The trees around the clearing had a wide canopy of leaves high in the air, and while light could clearly reach the grassy ground, direct sunlight should be thwarted most of the day, keeping the temperature nice and comfortable most of the time. It was also well off the blazed trail, so that the chance of being disturbed was quite minimal. I was not at all surprised when she admitted that she liked to come here when she had a lot on her mind, and I felt quite honored that she had chosen to share such a special place with me.

Camp setup was fairly quick, and we gathered wood for a small fire for that evening. Soon we were cooking in the fire ring she had built here as a teenager, and as she related more of her stories of camping, canoeing, hiking, and skiing, I kept wondering how I was so lucky to have her in my life. As we boiled cleaning water on the backpacking stove, we spooned lovingly, talking quietly, the chatter giving way to a comfortable silence as I touched her, kissed her, and genuinely adored her.

The rustling of the leaves above us and the calls of the area birds provided a nice backdrop to the whimper which escaped her lips. As my arousal became more and more prominent, I gently rubbed against her as I touched her, and she was soon moving against me as well, sighing contentedly. Eventually, however, we returned to the campfire ring to clean the dinner dishes, allowing one final mundane intrusion into what would be an evening of discovery.

Soon, with the dishes put away and the bear bag hung high in the trees, we walked, hand-in-hand, a little further down the blazed trail to a small lookout area. From the outcropping of rock, we could see through a clearing and across the vast valley far below as farmers ended their day, families reunited for a late dinner, and friends went out for entertainment. As the daylight faded, we returned to her special location, the underbrush scraping at our legs and hips despite the jeans we both wore.

Together, we built a small campfire and slipped off our shoes and socks to feel the fresh grass between our toes, then I stretched out upon the ground, laying on my back to watch the stars emerge as daylight exited the sky. She came to lay upon me, her back to my chest, and we watched the sky together as I held her lovingly.

Nothing was said for a long time. The stars winked at us as if blessing our relationship. The small campfire crackled softly while the gentle breeze wafted the fire's warmth over us. In the shadows, I could barely discern the form of a deer slowly passing by. An owl announced its presence as it flew just above the trees.

She took my hands in hers and moved them from her stomach to her chest. I smiled, smartly taking the hint, and I gently squeezed, fondled, massaged her breasts. Even through t-shirt and bra, I could soon feel her nipples, hardened points attempting to make direct contact with my palms.

Underneath her, I began to harden and lengthen. Subtly, she moved against me, helping my arousal to grow even faster and firmer. Reaching back, she ran her fingers through my hair and gently scratched my scalp with her fingernails. As I continued to manipulate her breasts, I smiled to myself, thanking the stars for this wonderful woman, for this wonderful moment.

"You're making me wet..." she breathed. With her head resting against my shoulder, I kissed her cheek near the ear and gave her breasts a harder squeeze. "Yes..."

I continued, alternating gentle caresses with harder and harder squeezes. The sounds she made spurred me onward, which in turn had her soon writhing seductively upon me, her weight pressing me nicely into the grass as she retracted a hand from my hair and fumbled with the button of her jeans. I chuckled softly as I removed my hands from her chest. "Allow me, Miss," I whispered, able to easily unbutton her jeans with both hands. She then slipped a hand inside as soon as I had lowered the zipper, and I spread the denim aside, placing a large hand upon the front of her panty and feeling her small hand working underneath the thin cotton material.

After a moment, I allowed my hands to gently play over her body. With one hand, she continued to graze my scalp with her fingernails, while her other hand continued to rub and probe inside her panty. "So wet..." My lips found her cheek again, and again, and again, and she ultimately turned her head so I could kiss her forehead, her breath quite warm against my neck and lower jaw.

During the time we had been dating, we had often done this to each other: touching and teasing... but without any clothes being removed. The most which had happened thus far was that I might unbutton and unzip her jeans so she could easily slip a hand inside and masturbate herself, or I would slip a hand up under her shirt and fondle her chest through the cups of her bra.

But this time would be different. Her period having ended a few days beforehand, she was definitely ready, definitely primed, her birth control pills in full effect.

I only hoped that it would be enough.

The way she moved upon me truly enticed me. Her weight upon my thick length felt both wonderful and frustrating - frustrating because I truly wanted to slide into her body for the first time, frustrating because I wanted to feel her yield to me as I joined with her in the most intimate way possible.

And, despite the fact that I had had sex with a few other women - who attended other colleges - before dating her, this was the first time that I felt the primal need to deposit my seed inside someone. In my heart, I wanted to make love to this special woman, but deep in my soul, I desired to inseminate her, and the latter was a very unexpected feeling - almost a need - for me.

Fortunately, the birth control pills she was taking would prevent my seed from actually impregnating her.

...hopefully, for neither of us was truly ready yet to become a parent.

Something about the setting was beginning to affect me. My arms wrapped around her rather tightly as she continued to pleasure herself, her body instinctively writhing upon me. She was moving quite a bit, and that was causing me to leak noticeably beneath her. I could feel it: slightly sticky, rather copious. I recognized its biological purpose: to provide natural lubrication when I was finally inside her.

I so desperately wanted to be inside her.

My hands slid underneath her t-shirt, and the warmth of her bare belly made me want to penetrate her skin with my hands. Briefly, she retracted her hand, snaking it out from underneath my arms to allow me to better touch her, feel her, caress her, and with her arm over mine, she slipped her hand back inside her panty to resume her self-pleasure, the renewed touching causing her to give a soft cry directly into my neck as her other hand continued to scratch at my scalp.

Slowly, my hands glided over her warm flesh, moving up to her lower ribs, exposing her stomach to the air as the base of her t-shirt bunched around my wrists. My fingertips traced along her lower ribs as she shuddered, and I could feel that involuntary act: my fingertips, my arms pressing against her sides, my chest and stomach and especially my throbbing manhood all felt that subtle quiver as if it was an earthquake occurring upon me. Like any rational person enduring an earthquake, I clutched something.

...and that something was her. I held her tightly, having a little difficulty breathing as she moved more vigorously upon me, her hand clearly working quickly inside her panty, her head twisting back and forth as the pleasure mounted within her, her sounds increasing in volume. It was a side of her I had never previously witnessed, and I was in awe of this incredible experience.

Underneath her t-shirt, my hands reached her chest, gripping her breasts, squeezing through the cups of her bra.

That was apparently the final element she needed, for her pleasure peaked in an explosion of sound accompanied by even stronger shaking and twisting atop me. For several seconds, her self-lust consumed her, and I would not have been surprised if her cry scared away any of the forest animals in the area. I gripped her breasts throughout her desired ordeal, reveling in their warmth through the cups of her bra even as I reveled in hearing and feeling her powerful climax.

When at last she was limp upon me, her chest heaving beneath my hands as I continued to fondle her breasts, I kissed her cheek near the ear. "My sweet, precious Angel," I whispered as my length throbbed beneath her. I believe she felt it, felt the pulsing within my thick erection, for she grazed her fingernails along my outer thighs and my hips, since that was as close as her hands could come to the source of the pulsing.

For quite some time, she remained upon me, still at last save for an occasional subtle movement across my sizeable erection. We watched the sky together as my hands roamed her body, caressing her, squeezing her, gently scratching her, sustaining her arousal.

Eventually, I slid a hand inside her jeans, cupping her sex through the moistened panty. Her sigh was soft and melodic, a signal for me to continue, and I gently squeezed, my hand learning the shape of her womanhood. I rubbed gently - up and down, circles, side to side - and drew more of her desire from her body. She moved against my hand, inherently giving me more pleasure as she moved upon my hearty erection.

Soon, however, my need for greater pleasure began to rise anew within me. "Let's get you out of those jeans," I suggested with a whisper into her ear, and she nodded as I retracted my hand. Slowly, she slid off me, laying on her back beside me. Her eyes were riveted with mine as she removed the denim, exposing her legs to the night air. I reached toward her, caressing her cheek before kissing her sweet lips.

Her jeans discarded, she was upon me again. Chest to chest, I could feel her heartbeat synchronizing with my own. Our lips remained fused as she moved upon me, her hair brushing against my cheeks, her fingertips grazing my sides and my arms and my head as my hands roamed her back in a meandering downward trek...

When at last she breathlessly pulled her lips away, I rolled us both so that I was atop her. Naturally, as if she was reading my mind, her legs parted for me, aligning me perfectly with her clitoris. As I lifted myself up with stiffened arms and gazed into her eyes, I slid against her clitoris and felt a tremendous awe as I watched her eyes widen and her jaw subtly quiver. Her soft sound of delight spurred me, and I slid back and forth, practically balancing my weight upon her clitoris, allowing her hands to grip me and help me move upon her.

...yet it still was not enough for me. I knew that I needed to be inside her. I needed to slide into her body, to feel her wet warmth surrounding me, caressing me, milking me. I needed to push into her, deep and often, to bask in the pleasure of her yielding body, to bathe her soul with my copious love...

"I want to be inside you," I whispered. "I need to make love to you..."

"I know," she whispered, caressing my face with a hand, her love evident in her eyes. "I need to feel you in me..."

She pushed me up, just enough so that she could undo my belt with relative ease. The sensation of the leather sliding through my belt loops had never felt so good, for it signaled that what I desired, what I needed, was approaching, and I throbbed in anticipation.

The belt cast aside, she fumbled with the button of my jeans, smiling a little nervously up at me. I dipped down and kissed her, hopefully dispelling her nervousness, and when I stiffened my arms anew, she easily released the button, and the zipper was soon deftly lowered.

Using both hands, she pushed both jeans and underwear down my thighs. It was enough that my hardness was fully exposed to the night air, fully exposed to her view, and I watched her look down the length of my body and gasp with widening eyes.

She touched my erection with cautious fingertips, as if trying to determine that she was indeed seeing what she thought she was seeing. Despite my need to slide into her, embarrassment reddened my cheeks even as my clear desire seeped onto her dainty fingers. When she at last fondled my heavy testicles, I shuddered visibly, the pleasure heightening as I groaned softly in response to her sweet touch.

Despite myself, I moved against her fingers, and she repositioned her hand so that I could move within her lightly-lubricated fist. Her small hand probably looked incredibly tiny to her as she watched my length sliding between her palm and her fingers. I watched her eyes, fascinated by the wonder they displayed, overjoyed at the depth of her desire, and that caused more of my clear desire to anoint her hand and ease my movement within her fist.

Perhaps most importantly, I had not scared her away. She had seen my size at last, yet she was not scared or sickened. There was definitely concern within her, but it was clearly secondary to her love for me.

With a hand, she grasped the base of my t-shirt and began to pull it up my back. Her intent was clear, and I sat back on my heels, slipping out of the warm confines of her hand, so that I could remove the garment. As soon as I was topless above her, I flattened myself upon her just long enough to kiss the tip of her nose, eliciting a soft playful giggle, before rolling to my back beside her in the grass so that I could remove the rest of my clothing.

Naked in the night, my sizeable arousal prominent upon me, I offered her a hand, and she accepted with a sweet smile, allowing me to pull her atop me, her weight upon my thick manhood giving me additional pleasure as she settled upon me. My arms enveloped her, and our lips sealed for a few moments before she clutched me, breathing into my neck as my hands worked at her panty until her legs were able to perform the rest of the task as she squirmed upon me.

I was naked, and she was bottomless. I tried to fight the urge a little bit longer, to have her fully nude for me, fully exposed to my view.

But I could no longer wait, for my need was just too great, consuming my rational mind.

I rolled us as one so that I was atop her upon the grass. The stars above winked with the knowledge of what was about to take place near the fire in the clearing.

Her thighs parted willingly for me, and as I positioned myself and briefly slid my large tip along her dewy sex, she shuddered, the anticipation plainly imprinted upon her beautiful face.

Carefully, slowly, I pressed forward. The sound which rose from between her clenched teeth was clearly the sound of a woman's body being stretched. Her eyes slowly rolled back in her head, her face displaying a succulent mixture and discomfort and desire. Through multiple efforts, I snaked into her body, her tight fit seizing both my body and my mind as my voice joined with hers. "Oh my god..." she whispered, her eyes returning to focus upon my face as her body squirmed from my uncomfortable entry. Tears formed and pooled between her eyes and the bridge of her nose, and those tears tore at my heart, for I did not wish to hurt her, especially not when attempting to make love to her, but my need remained strong, insistent, propelling me ever deeper into this wonderful woman's body.

"Please..." she whispered, and that was when I realized that although I was hurting her, she was actually crying tears of happiness.

We made love - slowly, sweetly. We kissed and we touched. We gasped and we moaned. She mounted me and I spooned with her. She scratched my back and I pulled her hair.

She climaxed, squeezing me with her natural, wet vice as she screamed without voice. The thrusts became easier, and I could be less cautious, yet the tightness was enthralling, increasing the joy of the mating, of repeatedly probing deep within her.

On her hands and knees, when her pleasure peaked again, a voice accompanied her scream. Laying upon her back, I rode her as I pulled at a breast, my other hand furiously masturbating her, prolonging her milking of my hardened need until, at last, groaning through clenched teeth, I could no longer keep my release at bay.

The heaviness, the tightness, the surge...

I called her name in the night, and she screamed anew as the first powerful volley of love filled her. She seemed to scream for an eternity, my body involuntarily rutting into her as I continued to batter her with my need. I convulsed upon her and within her, oblivious to anything not directly related to this unique moment, my desire so prevalent that much of it was expelled from her tiring body with each rough instinctive thrust. Even once she had collapsed to the grass, I continued to fill her, unable to stop until the heaviness had abated and the tightness had eased at last.

Together we lay: exhausted, sated. The fact that I was upon her as she still wore a sweaty bra and a sweaty t-shirt barely registered with me as I softened inside her, seeing stars dancing upon the inside of my eyelids. The gentle breeze sent a shudder along my spine, and she mewed softly beneath me. Somehow, my hands found hers, allowing us to connect on yet another level.

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