Not On My Car


Thanks once again to Angel Love for help with editing.


There was a party on down the road. It was noisy as usual. Every time the parents went away the kids down the street would have a party. The daughter is a real honey about 18 or 19 and her brother is a bit older. I don't know for sure how old they are. I don't even know their names which is the way I like it, everybody keeping to themselves.

Anyway it was about 1:30am when the dogs started going nuts, I woke Steve and told him to go and see what was wrong. Steve woke up startled, grabbed his hand gun, and charged out the back door dressed in just his boxers. He went through the gate out to the side of the house to our secluded driveway.

There on the bonnet of my car was a girl, legs spread and her boy friend or just some random boy from the party giving her all he had. Steve quietly made his way up the drive and got right along side the lad before pushing the barrel of the gun to the lads temple and quietly asking, "What the fuck are you doing on my wife's car?"

The two youths froze. The girl's eyes opened so wide I thought they were going to pop right out and roll down her beautiful chest onto the bonnet then onto the driveway.

When Steve didn't get a reply he said, "Well, start fucking. I want to watch."

The lad started moving back and forth but his cock had gone completely limp and could no longer penetrate her. The young woman, who we would find out later was named Cindy said, "Fuck this I'm leaving," and started to get up.

Steve pointed the gun straight at her. "Don't fucking move bitch, and start rubbing your clit slut unless you want a dry cunt when I shove this barrel up it."

Cindy slowly started rubbing her pretty little clit which was on view prominently just below the small tuft of hair she had on her pussy. The lad, "Peter" was getting nowhere and his cock just would not go hard. Steve had seen me watching from the shadows and motioned for me to come forward.

"Fondle his balls and try and get this little shit hard for me," he ordered.

I was standing right along side Steve as I reached down and grabbed Peter's balls, rolling them around in his sack slowly increasing my pressure just the way Steve liked it. I squatted and sucked on his ball bag then deep throated his limp cock but the fear in him was overwhelming.

"It's no use," I said, "I think he is frozen."

Steve leaned in close to the lad and said, "If you don't start fucking her right now I am going to and then I am going to fuck you."

Cindy who was slowly growing in confidence as she now vigorously rubbed her clit offered, "Fuck him, don't start on me it's not my fault, fuck his ass, and leave me out of this."

Steve slowed things down and got me to go inside and get some ropes and things. I returned and Steve handed me the gun while first he tied Cindy with her hands together behind her head then with my loop hole sashes put one of her legs to the knee joint in each and then tied them as well behind her head. She was now in the missionary knees up position giving anyone who wanted, access to her pussy.

As he was tying Peter up I thought I would have a quick taste and licked her one long lash from her tight little ass to her tuft of pussy hair. She was delicious!

"Fuck off you old slut," she screamed at me.

I stared her straight in the eyes, then I pushed the barrel of the gun into her cunt as far as it would go. Then rhythmically sliding it in and out asked her, "What did you say honey?"

"Would you please suck my pussy for me?" she replied.

I stroked her head and kissed her hard on the mouth as I replaced the gun with my fist and pushed as hard as I could until my wrist slipped past the outer muscle and firmly held my hand deep in her pussy. My hands are small like the rest of me so when I pushed my hand into her as far as it would go there was only about an inch or two of my forearm left exposed to the elbow.

I leaned over and told her that if she ever called me old again I would reach up and rip her uterus out. I didn't even know if that was possible but it sounded good and scared the shit out of Cindy.

Once Steve had Peter under control he marched him inside and a few minutes later came back for Cindy. I held her under the arm pits and Steve picked her up from the knees. As we carried her inside Steve lifted her right up to his face and had a little taste causing me to nearly drop her. By lifting her up that way all her weight seemed to be put on me.

When we got inside we put Cindy down in a bean bag so Cindy could look at Peter who was bent over our sturdy coffee table with his arms out stretched and tied to the far legs. If he was strong enough he could have stood up and ran away with the table, fortunately he either wasn't or was too scared to think of it.

While I stood over Cindy lowering my pussy so she could lick it. Steve dropped his boxers revealing his completely shaved genital area. I loved it shaved. It made his eight inch cock look huge. It is the thickest cock of any length I have ever seen so with its eight inch length it really is an impressive sight. I stepped away from Cindy so she could see its size. One quick gasp of shock from her and then I sat myself back down on her mouth.

Steve took a bottle of lubricant, shoved the tapered end into Peter's ass and gave it a squeeze. He then lined up his monster at Peter's ass and pushed. I was surprised at how easy Steve had entered him even allowing for the lubricant.

Peter had quiet tears dripping from his eyes as he muttered, "You've torn me you bastard."

Steve slapped him on the ass, looked at me and said, "Honey I don't think I got to take Peter's cherry, someone's been here before."

Steve slowly and strongly started pumping Peter's ass, his monster was shiny as he withdrew from the lube then each time it disappeared Peter bit his lip as his face contorted.

"Honey," that's what Steve usually calls me, "have a look. Peter here likes it."

I looked closer and sure enough Peter had a hard on. There was pre-cum dripping from his dick. I told Cindy to have a look. That her boyfriend was bi and liked having his ass fucked.

"He's not my boyfriend Bitch, I just met him tonight," Cindy seethed at me.

I was pissed, literally, "Don't call me names I told you, you little slut. I will just have to wash your mouth out to teach you to talk to me with respect."

I opened my bladder and pissed all over her; I held her nose and pissed in her mouth until I was spent. "From now on you will either call me Ma'am or Chris if you know what's good for you," I ordered.

Cindy looked across at Peter and said, "That's so hot, I have never seen two blokes fucking before."

I went and got a collar and lead and placed it on Cindy's throat then untied her. It was a slip knot lead so if I pulled hard it would choke her. I tried to explain to her she was still under my control but instead of listening she tried to stand up to run away. I yanked hard and sharp sending her spluttering to the floor.

"You had better behave," I told her, "I could have broke your fucking neck."

Cindy nodded her acknowledgment while regaining her composure. "Now dog, on your knees," I barked.

I led her over to where Peter was getting the reaming of his life as Steve's monster tore his ass apart. "Get under there and suck Peters cock bitch," I commanded.

Cindy rolled onto her back and started sucking Peter's cock. She was rather good at it and was almost deep throating him when I saw his balls contract. He blew the first blast down her throat but she quickly moved her head away but not before getting a good load over her face. I yanked the chain and nodded toward Peter. Cindy understood and returned to his cock and sucked him dry.

Steve was getting up quite a speed when he turned to me and said, "get her ready I am about to cum."

"Quickly, on your knees bitch," I ordered as I picked up the hand gun once more. "If you so much as move in the next two minutes I will blow a hole clean up your ass," I said as I pushed the tiniest amount of the barrel into her ass.

Just as she was ready, Steve withdrew his monster from Peter's ass, grabbed Cindy's head and rammed his shit covered cock completely down her throat and started unloading. Steve's big balls sent jet after jet down her throat until he was finished. He withdrew his cock and Cindy collapsed onto the floor.

She wasn't breathing. I gave her a few breathes into her and then a rush of air filled her lungs and she started breathing again. Peter looked like a wild man.

"Fuck! That was fucking unbelievable!" he ranted. "I thought you had killed her, you sick fucks."

I kicked him hard in the nuts and he too passed out. I looked at my darling and said, "These two both got off on seeing the other humiliated; we sure are going to have some fun with these two."

Steve just smiled at me and started pissing on Peter. "When this little shit wakes up how about we let him fuck your ass while I pound your pussy Honey?" Steve sure is the man for me.

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